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Claudia Parker is the bright, beautiful and newest assistant to the brilliant scientist Dr. Nite. 30 years of age, she has reddish-brown hair with some occasional highlights, vivid hazel eyes, and a thin figure with a body that shows she exercises regularly.

The doctor's been enjoying her presence, not only because she's pleasing on the eyes, but also a competent apprentice and a team-player whether the doc needed her to go on a coffee run, or as a participant in one of the doc's various teleportation experiments.

Dr. Nite has all of this in mind as he watches her rush into the lab - a coffee for the doctor in one hand and a pile of notebooks and papers in the other. "A bit tardy, aren't we Miss Parker?" teases the doctor in a lighthearted tone.

"I'm so sorry I'm late Doctor Nite!" replies the exasperated Claudia as she hands the doc his coffee and drops her pile of paperwork on the table with a thud. "Traffic was murder today!" she adds as she takes a few breaths to recover from her run from the parking lot (in which her heels played no help).

"I'll look past it if you can help with another experiment this afternoon," states the doctor.

"But of course!" Claudia bubbly replies, adding a playful accent. While only being with the doc a few weeks in-between semesters at graduate school, she has already been successfully transported by Dr Nite's teleportation device several times, and is almost used to the experience of having all of the atoms in her body scrambled, beamed, and re-arranged from one chamber to another. She might even say she enjoys it!

"Excelsior!" exclaims the doc. "Fair warning," he adds, "it might involve a little bit of nudity again."

Being the good sport she is, she replies with a smirk and a laugh, "Hah, no problem doc! I know it's not for a show - it's for science!" Some of the previous teleport tests had Claudia in her birthday suit, as the doc wanted a pure human specimen without clothing possibly hindering the results, so she is also used to this aspect of testing. While the doctor definitely enjoys watching Claudia in the raw, he tries not to reveal it to his perky subordinate, and quite appreciates her down-to-earth attitude when it comes to science.

A few hours pass as they prepare for the experiment in the afternoon. A small group of VIPs arrive which Claudia greets with a beaming smile. She takes them to the testing chambers to meet Dr. Nite, who is toiling away at a panel in the control room. The room is quite wide, and has large windows that look into 2 smaller chambers - one which is currently empty, and the other containing a full-body but headless female mannequin with a small sign next to it. The mannequin's arms are angled with her hands against her hips, save a tiny space between each plastic hand and hip. Her feet are spread about 1 meter apart, with one leg mostly straight and the other more angled. The sign next to the mannequin reads the name "Jane" - a name Claudia came up with that Dr. Nite cheerfully approved. Jane is currently bare of any clothing.

The doc addresses the group, "Ah gentleman, thank you for joining me today! Claudia, please step inside Chamber 1, we are quite ready to begin!"

"Of course Doctor!" dutifully replies Claudia with a smile. The room is momentarily silent except for the click-clacks of Claudia's heels on the metal floor as she walks of the door to the empty chamber, then opening it and and stepping inside. As she shuts the door behind her and walks toward the middle of the room, it becomes clear that the rooms are sound-proof as her footfalls are no longer audible. She arrives in the center and turns toward the glass - which from her perspective is just a mirror view of herself. She crosses her arms up against her bosom and shifts her weight to one side, popping out one of her heels while gently bending one knee forward and inward in a wonderfully girly posture.

A crackle breaking the silence, Claudia hears the voice of the doctor thru a speaker in the room, "Thank you Claudia, please stand by a moment."

"No problem doctor!", Claudia's voice crackles in the control room, heard by the doc and the group.

"OK gentleman!" The doc addresses the group. This is inaudible to Claudia, as is usual when the doc explains the day's experiment. "Today we will giving you a look at the precise targeting capabilities of my teleportation system. As you can see, my assistant Claudia is wearing a lovely outfit today," he gestures to Miss Parker thru the glass. She is wearing a short-sleeve salmon-colored cardigan with a white shirt underneath, and a light-gray pencil skirt that cuts above her knees. She clad her feet in black closed-toe heels, one foot still popped out the back as she gently rotates her toe and leg in idle, girly fashion. The doc continues, "Using our precision algorithms, the transporter will be able to discern each individual item of clothing, de-materialize them off of our human specimen's body and re-materialize them in Chamber 2 on our mannequin 'Jane'. And please gentleman, let's try to behave!" The group has a short chuckle.

The doctor moves over the microphone, holding down a button to unmute it. "OK Claudia, the test will now start. Please stand still at attention!"

"Of course doctor!" says Claudia as she hastily follows his command, popping her foot back into the heel, standing up straight, placing her arms down to her side, and popping her chest out with some bonus cleavage now showing behind the open cardigan.

The sound of the transporter warming up made Claudia's heart beat faster and harder. This part always got her excited and even, as she admitted to her boyfriend in bed, a bit aroused. However another part of her deep-down found the sound absolutely terrifying, as it almost signified her impending doom in the event of some sort of freak accident. The doctor however re-assured her time and again that he would never put her in a dangerous situation and that everything had some sort of safeguard or backup system - plus he said that she herself would not be transported this time around. Maybe the terror even added to her arousal, as two hard pebbles appear to form behind her white shirt in front of her two globes. Her face starts to flush a shade of red almost matching part of her hair, while she tries to put on a neutral expression in an act of professionalism.

"Here we go gentleman…" the doctor says as he pulls a lever.

As Claudia hears the sound of the transporter activating, she feels a tingling sensation around her nether regions as they suddenly cool and get a sense of release. She blushes even more, having an idea what just happened, but maintains her cool expression.

From the group's perspective, nothing appears to be happening to Claudia in Chamber 1. However over in Chamber 2, a pair of light-pink "no-show" panties with white trim starts to materialize around the hips of Jane the mannequin. One of the VIPs lets out a snorting chuckle as the rest grin at each other, nodding their heads in approval.

"Jane's quite the dresser!" jokes the doctor to some giggling. "OK, continuing on," as he hits a few buttons and then moves the lever again.

Claudia feels her white shirt starts to de-materialize below her, exposing her still rock-hard tits to the spectators thru the glass, since she decided to forego the bra today. She lets out a breath as she jokingly rolls her eyes in a meltingly cute look. Her cardigan drapes over the outer edges of her bare breasts. The speaker crackles to life, "Aww come on honey, don't be a sourpuss! How about a smile?" Being the good sport she is, she obliges, taking a breath and then beaming her white teeth towards her reflection.

Over in Chamber 2, the white shirt materializes perfectly over headless Jane's upper half, changing it's shape slightly from the form-fit against formerly soft flesh of the female human test subject to now hard plastic and fiberglass that made up Jane. The two formerly hard nipple points level out on Jane's flat breasts.

"Let's continue," states the doctor. In Chamber 1, Claudia's gray pencil skirt disappears in a cloud of gray dust, exposing her buck-naked lower half entirely save for the sides of her thighs partially obscured by her draping cardigan. The skirt re-appears in Chamber 2 on Jane in almost exact reverse fashion, conforming around her spread legs.

One of the VIPs lets out a hoot which the others laugh while nodding in approval. "Now now gentleman!" chides the Doctor in a joking tone.

Still trying to maintain her smile while seeing her body in the reflection now on almost full display, Claudia instinctively moves her hands from her sides to cover her shaved private areas. The voice of the doctor comes over the speaker, "Come now sweetheart, don't lose your head in the middle of our test! We're not here to ogle!"

The human subject gasps with a surprised look and immediately retreats her hands back to her sides, again exposing her sexual organs. "Of course doctor! This is for science!" she replies with obedience while trying to regain her composure. Jane remains stoic in Chamber 2, now donning quite an outfit with the addition of the skirt.

In chamber 1, the speaker barks an order to the human female. "Legs apart and hands against your hips tightly - just like Jane! And don't forget to smile!" She obliges, quickly batting her hands around her hips, her fingers hugging the soft cardigan fabric against her flesh beneath, and her face beaming a confident smile once again. She spreads her legs about a meter apart, her heels making a couple of soft clacks on the metal floor, and leans most of her weight on one side.

Off mic, the doc addresses the group, "The teleportation technology even works under pressure and in tight spaces! Keep an eye on the subject's fingers and the fabric beneath!" he says as he pulls the lever one more time.

Claudia feels the fabric of the cardigan break apart in her fingers, with them quickly moving thru the de-materialzed cloth and onto her bare hips, pressing against her flesh snugly leaving and small indents below her finger-tips. The doctor said hold tightly and she obliged, still beaming a wide smile below her hazel eyes. Staring at her reflection, she is now completely naked except for her two heels cladding her feet partly spread apart. The thought of explaining today's experiment with her and Jane to her boyfriend tonight pops in her head - she does enjoy when he gets jealous.

While Jane starts receiving her lovely new cardigan in Chamber 2, there is some commotion in the control room that remains unbeknownst to both Jane and the bare-skinned human lab rat over in Chamber 1.

Two men in black suits and sunglasses have entered the lab, flashing weaponry and official looking badges. "Everyone except the doctor out! Now!"

Not trying to start anything, the group of VIPs quickly scatter out the door, leaving the doctor at the control board. The black suits could see a sharply dressed mannequin and a naked bimbo in pumps visible thru the glass behind the doctor - probably some dame the doc found in the red light district again.

One black suit moves to a terminal and inserts some sort of jump drive. "What are you doing?" exclaims the doctor. "You weren't supposed to come til later tonight!"

The other suit interrupts "Dr. Nite, we need to record a demonstration of the defense protocol immediately."

In Chamber 2, Jane looks fashionable. In Chamber 1, the female human subject still maintains her pose, hands tightly on hips, feet spread, and smile on her face. She notices her arching brows above her hazel eyes in her reflection, and tries to hide her confusion from lack of communication now that the test is seemingly over. Maybe he's deciding to try teleporting her heels too?

In the control room, the doctor protests, "No! I told you it would not be ready until tonight-"

The suit cuts him off "Our superiors want an update today, no matter the current status."

Before the doc can protest, the other suit at the terminal declares, "Initiating teleportation attack protocol now!"

In Chamber 1, the familiar hum starts again. The subject keeps on her white smile. The hum gets louder. The specimen's hazel eyes dart back and forth, but still keeps on her smile. She starts to feel the familiar tingling around her whole body. She guesses the doctor is doing a human test after all! Maybe she's swapping with Jane in Chamber 2? "Hopefully he teleports me back into my clothes!" she thinks hopefully.

That thought is quickly forgotten when an unfamiliar sound grows in Chamber 1, much more menacing than she's ever heard before. The terror from before is back, and now creeping to full force. Always the obedient apprentice, she still tries to wear a smile, though she could tell in her reflection that her eyes have become much wider and visibly terrified, and her smile is now incredibly forced.

"God dammit you fuckers!" the doctor unleashes as he furiously punches commands into his terminal.

The two suits ignore him as they keep their eyes on the dumb smiling floozie in Chamber 1.

Jane continues to look fashionable and stoic in her new outfit in Chamber 2.

The subject in Chamber 1's heart is visibly pounding between her breasts as they heave with each alarmed breath. The menacing sound is reaching a crescendo.

Claudia utters softly thru her forced, terrified smile, "D-doctor??"

An abrupt silence.

And then pain.

Intense pain.

Unbelievable pain.

From the top of her crimson head to the bottom of her heel-clad toes, all Claudia could feel is the most horrific pain imaginable. She feels as if she's being ripped apart from the inside out - an apt observation from the would-be-scientist-turned-test-subject.

She can't move an inch. While most of her senses are overwhelmed by pain, she could still see her reflection. And she can see that she still is holding her pose from before, legs spread and hands on her hips. Naked except for her heels like some whore. And that forced smile on her face. That god damn fucking smile.

She struggles to scream but all she can muster is some extremely strained moaning thru her smile, barely audible off the speaker in the control room.

She suffers in this hell for what to her is an eternity. Having to stare directly at her own stupid face smiling back at her in horrific yet unshowing pain.

Meanwhile in Chamber 2, Jane is lookin' fly!

As the doctor continues to clack at his terminal furiously, the two suits continue to look on at the dumb-ass, smiling dame in Chamber 1. Suddenly, her brown reddish hair glows a much, much brighter red, finally transforming into a white ball of plasma that dances around like a flame. The top of her head and her forehead begins to warp unnaturally, stretching and retracting in all directions. Finally, the plasma starts to shift downward, towards her hazel eyes and towards her still glowing white smile.

Whether Claudia witnesses any of this herself is unclear, as her mind is probably far-gone at this point.

Jane thinks about nothing in Chamber 2.

"Times up doc," says one of the suits. The doc doesn't seem to hear him.

In Chamber 1, the dancing ball creeps down, consuming the grotesque warping flesh below. The top of the subject's skull begins to de-materialize in a much more violent fashion - with no re-materialization visible in Chamber 2.

The warping effect continues down her head while the flesh is consumed around it. For a moment one of her hazel eyes appear to grow three times their size right out of the top of her open head while the other shrinks to a pinpoint before reverting back again. Both then stretch and thin in different directions, before finally being consumed by the surrounding ball of death. Her ears simultaneously succumb a similar outcome, growing to comically large like a cartoon animal - which elicits a snort from one of the suits - then shrinking, stretching, retracting, and finally de-materializing.

Her cute nose warps size and shape and then suffers the same fate as her eyes and ears.

Still holding her pose, the heel-wearing test subject is now starting to look quite similar to headless Jane in Chamber 2, except for the mouth and jaw that still exists below the hot ball of plasma dancing that has devoured all above out of existence. The smile still wide and facing towards the glass.

Finally, the smile succumbs to the effects of the warp. Her lips vaporize in a red puff, and her teeth all grow and shrink randomly, and clatter into each other like a swarm of flies, before finally and mercifully being disintegrated by the glow above, along with her jaw and the top of her neck.

Now Jane and the human subject look almost identical. Both share the same pose of hands on hips and feet spread, and both headless from the middle of the neck up, except while Jane's neck ends in a smooth, featureless surface, the human female's neck ends in a flat mess of blood, guts, and spinal column that is barely visible behind the dancing plasma flame. But of course the biggest difference is Jane is fully dressed like a lady, while the bimbo in Chamber 1 is completely buck-naked, save her heels.

The wave of destruction continues down poor Claudia's body - though she fortunately cannot witness it with both the lack of her former hazel eyes and a brain to process the image. The rest of her neck sparkles away like a lit fuse.

Upon reaching her collarbone, the effects of the attack protocol spreads out across the width of her frame and simultaneously proceeds down both of her arms and her torso. Her supple shoulders bend and distort before they succumb to disintegration, terminating the connection of slim arms from the rest of her body. While the muscles in her body (and body parts) are still petrified by the active teleportation, including the grip of her fingers around her hips, her slim arms start to bow to the greater force of gravity. Both her elbows start dropping, pulling down her upper arms above as top ends continue to decay into nothing.

However even in her death and destruction, Claudia is ever-obedient, and her hands still maintain a tight grasp on her hips as previously instructed by Dr. Nite. This causes her forearms to pivot around her wrists, thereby swinging her upper arms away from her torso when her wrists reach their maximum rotation like the hands of a clock swinging both clockwise and counter. Her arms straighten out as they both fall towards the floor. They reach their bottom position with audible smacks against her legs (as heard on the control room speaker), thereby applying the full weight of her arms on her grip. One hand caves into the weight and releases its grip, allowing her arm to then free-fall the rest of the way to the floor, followed by a couple of thuds echoing thru the speaker as her (quickly disintegrating) upper-arm, elbow, forearm and hand all tumble onto the floor.

The other hand however still maintains its grip (as if part of Claudia is still following orders), causing that hand's arm to hang against her leg in yet another humiliating display. Mysteriously, the destruction effects halt on this arm at this time - perhaps due to the doctor making some headway in the defense protocol.

Meanwhile at the top of her torso, the attack protocol plasma flame reaches her bosom causing all sorts of effects on her still rock-hard titties from her earlier sexual arousal. In a split second, one breast grows from her modest, natural C size to over quadruple its size. The sudden change causes the nipple on that boob to shoot forward like a bullet, pulling the soft flesh behind it - and with the help of the warping and stretching effects, smack right onto the one-way glass like a frog's tongue.

The suits cannot help but laugh at the sight and sound of her tit on the glass which makes a dull ring. "Holy shit, this poor bitch!" one says as the teat slowly pulls off the glass with a squeak.

Her other breast suffers the opposite fate - literally. Her hard nipple suddenly flips inversely, and pulls the rest of her boob in towards her chest. After a moment it too shoots out like the first, this time however out of her through back towards the chamber's back wall.

Finally both globes revert to their original position, then break down and disintegrate into nothing - much to the disappointment of the watching suits.

The doctor continues toiling away on his defense protocol, having witnessed none of this awfulness as of yet.

The effect continues across her slender belly as the flame disintegrates it from the top down. Her innie belly-button flips to an outie and back, accelerating rapidly until her waist and hips bubble away.

Without her hip to grab onto, her hand finally releases and her remaining arm drops to the floor with a couple of thuds.

Now all that remains of Claudia are her legs, attached to the very short bottom portion of her torso including her shaved pussy and her tight ass - and the dismembered arm on the floor.

Her cunt grows double size and opens wide, stretching horizontally, putting on quite the show for the suits in the control room, before smacking back together and smashing itself out of existence.

Each buttock grows and shrinks in alternating tempo, and then simultaneously flatten along their vertical axis into nothingness.

Only her legs remain at this point - the one she put her (former) weight on mostly upright and the other at an angle.

Finally as if with mercy, the beam stops.

So wrapped up in his work, the doctor slams the Enter key and shouts "Done!" He then looks up into Chamber 1. Just in time to see the two legs of his former assistant, still donning their heels, topple to the floor on top of one another alongside her arms.

"God DAMMIT! I had another test subject lined up for tonight! I didn't want to use my god damn assistant! Now I'll be way behind!" shouts the doc.

One suit replies uncaring, "Quit your crying, when our bosses want an update, we get an update. Besides, I'm sure you could just promote 'Jane' here to fill in for this dumb broad."

"Oh fuck you…" replies the doc.

On their way out, one suit asks the other "Did you remember to hit record this time?"

"I thought you said you were going to!"

A pause.

"Keep your test subject lined up - we'll be back tonight doc…"

Back in Chamber 1, the disembodied toned legs and arms of a naked female human test subject sits on the floor. In Chamber 2, newly-promoted Jane looks sharp in her new outfit.


File: 1582166945160.jpg (150.15 KB, 1280x1600, claudia_and_jane___cover_p….jpg)

Claudia and Jane


File: 1582167107210.jpg (264.89 KB, 1600x2667, claudia_pin_up_by_sarkan29….jpg)

Claudia Pin-up


Another fun story! Given the use of nanobots in this lab, I wonder if every dead girl is "recorded" somehow? I can imagine an experiment gone wrong that accidentally ressurrects them all - I wonder what mood they would be in and how they would greet the scientists??


Ooh! I love that. You should totally do that, Sarkan.




Not a bad idea ;) Will have to chew on it some more.


Considering everything that's been going on here, I feel they should get *creative* in their revenge. Something that will truly be a face worse than death.


I wondered if, since the nanobots have been seen to be self-replicating and they would be recreating the women based on a stored pattern rather than reassembling their original molecules, every scientist they touch might be turned into a clone of the one who touched them with the same memories etc?


Great story. Claudia received an unusual and brutal death. By the way, she looks very good. Thanks for the drawings.

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