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They told Lexi they wanted to take photos of her in a bikini. Like the slut she was, she agreed, eager for a chance to let people see her small body and perky tits. She was given the address of a beach resort, and when she showed up, she took off the dress she was wearing to reveal a black two piece swimsuit that fit tight around her cute ass and small breasts. She started posing for the men.

They took photos of her on the beach, but they said they wanted to do some pictures in the hotel room. She agreed, seeing an opportunity to get fucked by several men at once. As they continued, she began to pose like the whore she was, until she started to strip. Eventually, Lexi was naked in a hotel room full of men who wanted to fuck the tiny cumslut. At first, she liked being gangbanged. She had never had more than one cock inside her before. They recorded everything as they used her, fucking her tight pussy, ramming her raw asshole, and violating her soft throat. The men touched every inch of her skin. They groped her tiny body, licked her down and forced her into painful sex positions, bending her slim figure and arching her back so much that Lexi thought she would break. Then they began to fuck her harder. She took the pain like a submissive bitch. They kept going harder. Every orgasm made her scream and quiver with pleasure as they pumped her full of semen. It went on and on for hours until in the middle of the night, Lexi was screaming and crying. She was a cum covered, sweaty mess. They didn't listen to her pained moans. She begged them to stop, but they tied her hands behind her back and destroyed her like a useless fuckdoll. By the time they were done, Lexi was lying on the floor, her small figure completely covered in cum. Her hair was drenched in sperm, and sticky semen was dripping from her pussy and asshole, along with her vaginal juices. Cum and spit leaked from the corner of her gasping mouth, and tears were rolling down her cheeks. Her entire body was shaking and convulsing as she continued to feel the pleasure and pain as she lay broken on the floor. One of the men stepped forward to finish off Lexi for the night. Another man took out the camera again and started filming. They were done fucking her, but he wrapped his hands around her fragile throat and squeezed. She kicked and struggled at first, but as he tightened his grip, her legs kicked softer until they only trembled and shook just like the rest of her tiny body. She made gasping noises that became weaker until her voice died in her cum drenched throat. Only her tongue was left moving outside her soft lips. Her face shuddered and her eyes rolled back. As the rest of her body grew still, Lexi closed her eyes and fell limp. He released her neck to reveal bruises where he strangled her. Her head fell on the carpet with a light thud. She looked like she was dead, but they checked her pulse and found out that the slut was still alive. They tied her legs together and loaded her lifeless body into their van like a piece of meat.

Lexi wasn't seen again by anyone until six months later. Videos and pictures started to come out on the deep web illegal porn circles. First it was the pictures taken of her shoot and the video of her first gang rape. There were over two hundred photos of her getting gradually sluttier. First her poses got more suggestive, then her top came off to reveal her soft tits. Then she took off her panties to show a perfectly shaved tight little pussy. The video showed what happened to the cute, slutty little fuckdoll when she got what she deserved. It was over six hours long, and by the end of it, Lexi was seen as a broken pile of meat on the floor.

That was just the beginning. A week after that, a new video was uploaded. It showed what happened after the men raped her. Lexi was being strangled, her cum covered body shaking, her pretty face gasping for air until she fell limp.

The videos kept coming. It turned out that for two weeks, the men used Lexi as their sex slave. She was fucked repeatedly, degraded and abused. She was kept completely naked in a room, chained to the wall by her ankle. She was fed once a day with a bowl of flour mixed with water. The only other thing she got to eat was sperm pumped into her throat by their throbbing cocks. When she became dirty and wet from all of the cum, spit, and sweat on her body from hours of fucking, they hosed her down and kept going. She barely slept those two weeks, since men came and went to her little room in order to break the little whore.

After two weeks, they sold her to an anonymous buyer as a sex slave. For the next six months, Lexi was tortured and raped in a sex dungeon full of devices, toys, and other perverse things all designed to defile the little whore. Videos kept coming. Apart from videos of brutal, prolonged rape sessions, there were some of them that showed her being forced to drink pints of semen. Sometimes it was pumped directly into her throat, or her pussy, where it would explode and gush down her skinny thighs. Other times, she had to drink it by the glass as she cried and sobbed. Tears rolled down her beautiful face while cum trickled down her chin and slender neck down to her tiny breasts. Other videos showed more brutal forms of torture. A few times, she was strapped to a chair and hooked up to a high voltage power source with jumper cables on her nipples and clit. She writhed and screamed and cried, and she regularly convulsed until she fell unconscious from the pain. Sometimes, she was tied up so tight it looked like her back was broken. Her sexy back and slim waist were arched so much that she could see the back of her legs. Other times, she was whipped repeatedly until she fainted, or strapped to a fucking machine where she was left for hours. Particularly popular were the videos of forced orgasm torture, where she was stimulated in her clit, deep in her pussy, and in her nipples. The pleasuring lasted for hours, and by the end of it, she was a shaking mess of broken fuckmeat. These were just a few of the tortures Lexi endured during her time as a rape whore, but even then, she was raped after every session. The videos always ended with Lexi getting fucked hard and turned into a crying, cum covered mess.

The torture began to get more brutal and extreme. They started mutilating her. She was regularly pricked with needles in her clit and tits. Sometimes, the needles would be connected to jumper cables, so the slut would feel the pain of being electrocuted for long periods of time as well as the pain of having a hole punched into her most sensitive parts. The dildos they inserted into her ass and pussy got more dangerous. A few times, they hung her from the ceiling using a spiked hook that was inserted in her anus. Her pussy was subjected to extremely painful penetration, with spiked dildos that would open up inside her, mutilate the inside of her vagina and stretch out her insides. These violent devices often delivered electric shocks to the fresh cuts inside her pussy. She never lasted long during these types of torture sessions, often passing out after thirty minutes of agony. However she would always wake her up before they were done fucking her bloody pussy.

Lexi's last video came about eight months after she disappeared from that beach resort. It was fourteen hours long, and showed the full footage of Lexi being raped, tortured, and killed. For twelve hours, they raped and tortured her brutally. By the eighth hour, she was crying and screaming nonstop, even though she had already endured eight months of abuse and rape. About four more hours later, Lexi was missing her left breast. It had been sliced off slowly as part of her torture. She was strapped to an operating table, struggling and crying, screaming painfully as a man began to cut her pussy open. He carved through her clit and up her labia, until she was opened up. When he was done exposing her uterus and ovaries, Lexi stopped screaming, her voice got weaker, her body stopped struggling against the restraints, and her pretty head fell sideways. Her eyes stared blankly in pain, still wet with tears. Lexi was dead.

The men continued to fuck her dead body. They thrust their hard cocks into her exposed vagina, watching it bulge as they pumped the dead whore. Her throat was also defiled, her head flopped around on the table limply while her eyes no longer flinched as a shaft entered her throat. For two hours, they continued to mutilate and fuck her corpse. Her blood became lube as they put their penises into fresh openings cut into her dead body. In the very last part of the video, Lexi's head was severed from the rest of her body, which was now opened and cut up, her organs on display and her torso being fucked relentlessly. Her pussy and uterus was being used as a cock sleeve. Her ovaries had been squeezed and crushed as he used her once treasured organs to stroke his rock hard shaft. As another man started to fuck the bloody stump of her neck, yet another cock fucked Lexi's severed head. He entered through her sliced off neck, and the tip of his cock peeked through her lips, which were dripping blood. He pleasured himself thrice with Lexi's head as a cock sleeve, each time filling her dead mouth with semen. When he was done, he pulled out his cock, now wet with her blood, and tossed her head on the floor. Before the camera cut to black, the video showed a last look at Lexi's fate. Her severed head covered in cum and blood. Her reward after eight months of rape and torture.

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