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The sound of approaching heels growing louder triggered Brian to look up towards the entrance to the room. In stepped an adorable, petite, young, freckled redhead.

"Hey Ash!" greeted Brian cheerfully. "Thanks for coming down!"

"There you are Brian!" replied Ashley with much relief. "Wow, this place is so massive I thought for sure I'd get lost!"

"You know I wouldn't let that happen to you Ash!" reassured Brian.

"Oh you're always such a good friend Brian!" Ashley replied sweetly, giving him a short, gentle touch on his shoulder.

"Oh.. yeah.." awkwardly replied Brian, a bit fazed by Ashley's response. He smiles and look at her nervously - smitten with her beauty.

Medium-length red hair with slight curls, the back worn in a loose ponytail. Bluish-green eyes. Creamy pale skin. Perky, B-cup size breasts. She wears a short-sleeve, black T-shirt with a small amount of white polka dots, and a plaid mini-skirt with a red background. She wears black, shiny high-heeled boots that are ankle-high.

Adorable. The epitome of the girl-next-door.

An awkward beat goes by as Ashley waits for Brian to continue the conversation, but he never does. Ashley lets out a short nervous laugh to break the silence and asks, "So… you need my picture taken?"

Brian snaps back to reality to respond, "Oh yes! Corporate policy requires us to take photos of all our sub- er, volunteers. Both for company records and for your ID badge so you can access the lab levels where the experimental procedure will be taking place tomorrow."

The words "experimental procedure" prompted Ashley to take a nervous deep breath, exhale, and then reply, "And you're sure this 'experimental procedure' is safe?"

Brian did not hesitate this time. "Oh yes of course!!" he replied reassuringly, "This place is so high tech! There's safeguards and lock-outs for everything! I've never seen or heard of any incidents here since I've been here - safety is a top priority!" Brian genuinely seemed to believe this. "It'll just be like taking a nice, massaging shower! Should be quite pleasant actually!"

Ashley put on a smile and gave a short laugh at Brian's enthusiasm. "Okay okay, you sold me!" she replied, "Anything to get rid of these damn freckles!"

"If you say so Ash!" Brian replied, "I think they make you look gorgeous!"

"Aww you're so sweet!" said Ashley in a friendly tone, "But I've always hated these things since I was a kid! Plus there's this guy at the gym that's really hot, but I heard a rumor isn't into freckles so…" she trailed off.

"Oh, right.." replied Brian with an embarrassed laugh. After another awkward beat, Brian said, "Well let's get this picture taken shall we?"

"You got it boss!" replied Ashley playfully.

Brian directed Ashley to stand on a mark in front of a solid-white, lit backdrop. Standard photography equipment surrounds the space.

Ashley does some playful poses and makes some faces. Brian laughs along at first, then tells her that they have to follow specific guidelines for the photo. He directs her to stand straight at attention and look right at the camera.

"OK you can smile, just no teeth!", directs Brian. Ashley puts on a demure smile. Brian snaps a shot and a flash of light fills the air.

- - - - -

The next day.

Brian and his colleague Kevin are prepping the test chamber for the experimental procedure.

Kevin sits at a terminal, typing various commands. He pulls up the photo of Ashley. Above her photo reads "Subject A778". Always the scientist, Kevin asked, "So you have a former personal relationship with today's specimen?"

Brian scoffs at Kevin's question, "Yes I know today's 'specimen'", adding sarcastic emphasis, "Her name is Ashley Ryan and she's a lovely human being!"

Kevin is not fazed by this. "You are clearly trying to mate with this specimen. I think it's highly inadvisable to form any social bond with our test subjects. I also think it's especially inadvisable to suggest they volunteer themselves for such experimental procedures. There is a reason our Subject Acquisition Department exists after all."

"I'm just trying to help the girl out! She's always hated her freckles, and when I let it slip about the procedure, she got so excited and wouldn't stop asking me about it. And besides, you're acting like there's any danger. I haven't heard of any fatalities happening here, even to our test subjects. We're just giving the girl a damn shower!"

Kevin paused before responding under his breath, "…you clearly haven't worked here long enough."

Not quite certain what Kevin said, Brian starts to respond but is cut off by a knock on the door.

Brian goes to answer it. Upon opening the door he is greeted by the sight of lovely sight of the day's test specimen, Ashley Ryan. Today she wears a light-blue, revealing V-neck blouse with a black pencil skirt, as well as the same boots from the previous day. She wears her ID badge affixed to her blouse above one of her breasts - her face and demure smile staring straight ahead of the badge.

"Hey Bri!" says Ashley, moving in for a nice, platonic hug.

"Hey Ash! Welcome to the lab!" warmly greets Brian, returning the soft hug and releasing, "Ready for your big day?"

Ashley takes a deep breath, releases, and replies, "I think so!" She surveys the room. Several high-tech mainframes and computer terminals line the walls. In the center of the room stands a glass cylindrical shower stall. About 2 meters above the floor of the stall hangs a high-tech looking shower-head with some extra gizmos affixed to and around it. It's angled down and towards the center of the stall. A normal-looking drain sits in the center of the floor of the stall. Several small cameras surround the stall at various angles. "So this is it, huh?"

"Yep, this is where the magic happens!" Brian jovially responds.

Kevin lets out an intentional cough to interrupt, "Can we please proceed with our checklist? I believe a photo of the subject is in order."

Ashley let's out a small laugh of disbelief, having just been referred to as "the subject". Brian excuses his colleagues behavior, "Don't mind Kevin, Ash, he woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Step over here and I'll get your photo one more time."

Brian has Ashley step in front of a small, blank section of the wall, while Kevin moves to another terminal across the room and starts entering calibration settings.

As Brian preps the camera, Ashley whispers, "You're co-worker seems really uptight."

Brian raises the camera and lets out a laugh and jokes, "Yeah he's definitely got a stick up his ass."

This sets Ashley off, letting out a hearty laugh.

Kevin momentarily takes his eyes off the screen to look over at the source of the interruption, and sees the specimen briefly making eye contact with him while producing audible contractions from its diaphragm that only served to annoy him. Returning to his work, he finishes loading the calibration settings for the shower-head emitter.

Brian snaps a shot as Ashley's laugh calms down and she turns back toward the camera. Teeth showing, but "no big deal" he thinks and doubts he would face any punishment for such a mild thing.

Ashley upon realizing Brian took the shot says, "No I hate how I look when I'm laughing! My nostrils-"

Kevin interrupted, "If the subject would please disrobe and step into the stall - we are on a strict schedule and are quite ready to begin."

Before Brian can retort for his colleague's behavior, Ashley responds "Oh, uh, okay. Is there somewhere I can change?"

Brian starts to answer, "Oh, well, yeah you can use the-"

Kevin interrupts again, "That would be a waste of time. All specimens are nude during the procedure, so there is no point in disrobing elsewhere. We're not here to ogle, we're here for science."

Ashley hesitates for a moment, perhaps waiting for Brian to speak up for her. He doesn't. She replies with some unease, "Oh, I suppose you're right."

The specimen begins to disrobe as instructed.

Ashley takes off her new ID badge first.

Ashley sits on a nearby stool and bends up one leg at a time to unzip and remove each of her shiny, high-heel boots - leaving her in her bare feet.

"Don't sniff those!" Ashley jokes at Brian. He laughs nervously in response.

She unzips her pencil skirt, pulls it down her lithe legs, and gently steps out using her nimble tip-toes, and folds it. Her nether regions covered by black no-show panties.

The specimen unbuttons the blue fabric draped across its upper torso. Using its prehensile appendages, the subject pulls the fabric off the back of its torso and down and off of its upper limbs. Two mammary glands appear, supported and covered by a black undergarment.

Ashley, now in her bra and panties, starts to turn around but then realizes the futility in doing so. Taking another deep breath, she ignores her inhibitions and proceeds undressing with confidence.

She reaches around back and unclasps her bra, then lowers it off her shoulders without hesitation, letting her two B-cup size breasts breath with a gentle wiggle.

She then pulls down her black panties down her legs, and gently steps out. "Please make sure my clothes are taken care of!" Ashley politely requests while folding them in a neat pile. She then pulls her hair-band off and shakes her head to let her red curls flow.

The specimen is now fully disrobed. Kevin instructs the subject, "Now step inside the chamber."

Ashley dutifully starts walking over to the stall's opening. Brian can't help but take a long glance to admire her buck naked, nubile, young figure. A part of him always wanted to see her naked. She certainly did work out.

As she grabs the edge of the stall and takes a step in, she catches Brian checking her out. She playfully flirts, "I hope this wasn't all just for you to see me naked, Brian!"

Kevin rolls his eyes and lets out a sigh while Brian stammers. "Can we please just get on with it?" complains Kevin.

"Here goes nothing!" says Ashley as she fully steps in the shower stall. Brian seals the transparent stall hatch shut behind her.

Brian gives her a thumbs up. Ashley gives one back with a jokingly military seriousness in her expression, then laughing and taking her place in the center of the shower stall, directly underneath the emitter pointed at her head, and directly above the drain.

Brian takes a seat at his terminal - the file on subject A778 loaded up with Ashley's ID photo along with her vitals. He can't help but stare at her cute face, smitten with her beauty. Kevin states, "Please confirm correct calibration parameters are loaded."

Brian takes a quick glance at the calibration parameters window next to Ashley's photo, then looks back at his naked friend in the glass tube in front of him. Noticing his look, she gives him a smile and a wave.

Brian waves back. "Calibration parameters confirmed," he responds to Kevin.

Kevin declares, "Then we're ready to begin. Please instruct the test subject to assume the correct position for application."

Brian holds down a button and speaks into a mic hooked into his terminal. "OK Ash, here we go! Now just angle your head up and face the shower-head, and close your eyes! It should be quite comfortable!"

Ashley nods, shakes out her nerves one last time, and does exactly as Brian instructed. Eyes closed and head angled up, a slight smirk crossed her lips. Brian thought her expression was statuesque.

Kevin declares, "Commencing startup."

A soft but distinct hum fills the air, rapidly growing in volume and pitch.

Inside the stall, Ashley keeps her pose as instructed, her heart racing faster with every second.

The hum finally starts to plateau as Kevin counts down. "Five… Four… Three…"

Unable to hear the countdown, Ashley waits patiently for the "application" of the solution. She hears the rush of water coming from the shower-head - along with another, unfamiliar, and a little scary sound. Holding her statue-like pose on her face as best she can, she gulps, and internally braces for impact.


Brian watches Ashley eagerly.


Kevin keeps his eyes on his terminal.


There suddenly was a bright flash of light emanating from the shower-head, accompanied by the sound of a loud FWOOSH.

"That doesn't sound right…" mutters Kevin.

In the stall, a beam of blinding, blurry light blasts out from the emitter, striking the face of the specimen directly below.

Upon impact, the specimen's face begins to pulverize. Rapidly.

Having been patiently keeping her eyes shut, Ashley had no idea why she suddenly felt the most intense pain she ever felt.

A image pops up on both Brian and Kevin's terminals - from the cameras set to automatically record the procedure - showing the moment of impact in real-time.

A close-up of Ashley's head shows a blurry mess of talc-like powder, clearly vibrating, in place of her adorable face there a moment ago.

Her innocent, blue-green eyes. Her petite, cute nose. Her adorable, smirking lips. Her sexy, thin, orange-red eyebrows. And of course her freckles. All replaced by a mess of powder vibrating in-and-out of her face-hole violently and rapidly.

The powder from the specimen's face is mostly flesh colored, with hints of the darker colors of the specimen's concentrated melaninized cells.

The colors of her blue-green eyes, red lips, and orange-red eyebrows take color on the vibrating powder in their respective locations.

While only for a flash of a moment, the pain Ashley feels urges her to scream out of her pulverized lips - but the merciful beam of death quickly blasts thru the rest of her head, skull and brain with ease, putting a swift end to her consciousness. Her orange-red hair obligated against the wall of the stall in powdered form for a moment before being washed off by the accompanying water.

Before Brian or Kevin has a chance to react to the sudden chaos happening in the stall, a loud but dull THUD is heard as Ashley's headless body falls forward onto the glass in front. Luckily her breasts cushion the fall, getting smashed against the glass by the full (but rapidly diminishing) weight of her upper torso behind them. The sight of tits-on-glass would usually turn Brian on - but the horror of them being attached to his headless, disintegrating friend put a hold on those thoughts.

Finally having had enough time to react, Brian shouts, "WHAT THE FUCK?!"

Kevin curiously states to himself, "Well this is an interesting development."

The beam had no problem keeping track of the specimen as it moved to its new position and continued its program of organic pulverization down the remaining material of homo sapiens it its path below.

The forces of gravity start bringing her body sliding down against the glass. A sickening SQUEAK emanates from her tits dragging down the glass. Her nipples rise above the rest of her breasts behind her as her body wants to continue collapsing, but the friction is slowing down the effort. Her powdered form showers down her yet-do-be-powdered nubile form.

Upon pulverization of the specimen's shoulders, the upper limbs disconnect from the subject's diminishing torso.

Her arms, having been flung back behind her upon falling against the glass, now fall to the floor of the stall between her two awkwardly collapsing legs, bending inward while trying to support the weight of her remaining upper body.

Brian reaches for the ABORT switch and flips it. A message pops up on his terminal saying "ABORT REQUEST DENIED".

"Why the fuck isn't it aborting?!" shouts Brian.

Kevin coldly questions "Company policy, you should know that. Once vital signs of a specimen cease, any experiment in progress must be carried through to the end for maximum data collection."

Brian starts to tear up at the news, now at a loss of words. He looks at his disintegrating friend in the stall. The friend he got to volunteer for this very safe procedure. Just in time to see the beam blasting through her tits.

The beam pulverizes the specimen's higher mammary gland first, then the following one immediately after. The cameras snap several close-up shots of the event as it occurs.

The beam ravages its way down to Ashley's toned waist - her belly button now being flattened against the glass before being erased. Below, her feet continue to spread apart, both angled awkwardly inward, with both heels raised. Her knees bend inward towards each other with some space between. One ass cheek higher than the other.

Kevin comments to himself, "Wow it really is efficient!"

Multi-colored Ashley powder showers down around her remaining body with hints of red, flesh and freckle. Water also showers down across her remaining body - helping to wash the powder sitting on the floor of the stall down the drain.

Brian can do nothing but continue to helplessly watch his crush break apart in front of him. Why did he convince this poor girl to sign up for this?! What the hell happened?!

"All this high tech gear but they didn't think to have a remote control valve for the drain!" notes Kevin as he notices the sloppy failure of specimen material retention as more of the powdered redhead swirls down the drain. "What a waste of potential data analysis."

The beam continues its ruthless assault thru poor Ashley, having no pity on her scrumptious, sculpted, perfect ass as it ravages through one cheek and the other.

Her trimmed pussy, which would once tingle at the thought of the guy at the gym that wasn't into freckles, is no survivor among the beam's devastation, as it gets pulverized into a thin strip of powdered Ash-snatch.

Only Ash's disembodied legs and fallen arms remain. Her thighs smack together for a moment before each bending back to smack against her two calves, each leg collapsing to the ground entirely.

The beam makes short work of the specimen's remaining limbs. Including all her individual nimble fingers and all her adorable toes.

Finally there is no more human matter present in the target zone left to pulverize - so the beam shuts down.

The water continues until a sensor detects that the stall is fully clean of all particles.

The remaining bits of powdered redhead pours down the drain - whether last in was a bit of wrist or the tip of big toe, or maybe even a lone freckle, no one can be sure. But it all went to the same place - NanoTek's ultra efficient sewage filtration system. After several rounds of incineration and disintegration to remove any trace of DNA, every particle of the doomed volunteer gets filtered through a set of multiple water tanks, branched apart and drained off into long-distance sewer pipes running from the complex to remote regions in all directions. Every trace of her is widely dispersed through the sewage system and eventually back into far reaching parts of the earth and its atmosphere.

Ashley Ryan has been fully and utterly pulverized and erased from existence, at 14:36 on a Friday afternoon at NanoTek Corp.

Brian can do nothing but stare at the empty and clean stall, where the girl of his dreams stepped in, but never stepped out.

Always the scientist, Kevin continues his work with no strong emotion whatsoever concerning the loss of a test subject - just a curiosity at the unexpected turn of events.

Looking over the calibration settings, he spots the error almost immediately. "Ah now here's the problem! This decimal point should have over three places to the left." Kevin punches in a few quick commands, and strikes Enter like a music conductor. "Fixed!" exclaims Kevin with a glee not yet heard today.

Brian fumes at this news. "…Are you kidding me?? She's dead because you put a decimal in the wrong place?!"

Kevin retorts, "Hey I asked you to check it, but I guess you were too distracted by the looks of the test subject. Besides, I'm only human."

Brian storms out.

Kevin notices the specimen's garments, footwear, and ID badge sitting in the corner. With an annoyed sigh, he walks over to pile, grabs them, takes one last look of the face of the former specimen, and tosses it all in a hatch leading directly into an incinerator, and proceeding onto NanoTek's ultra efficient sewage filtration system.

Kevin looks at the empty stall and sighs wistfully this time. "Would've been nice to have some powdered redhead to analyze…"

- - - - -

Subject Name: Ashley Ryan
Specimen: A778
Age: 20
Position: Volunteer
Current Status: Unknown (Subject in powder form most likely disintegrated by NanoTek sewage filtration system)
Est. Chance of Recovery: 0%
-Side effect of pulverization warrants further study.
-Suggest further testing using similar calibration settings and specimens.
-Suggest addition of remote control valve for drain.
-Suggest addition of tank below drain to capture specimen material for further analysis.
-Tech Brian [REDACTED] terminated per security protocol HB72-Alpha
-Recommend promotion of Tech Kevin [REDACTED] for actions leading to further science gathering.

-Reduction of subject's freckles successful*


Another fun misadventure! I was expecting the accident would have happened because she was showing her teeth in the photo which would confuse the machine somehow?



Hah, that's not a bad idea!

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