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Today, February 15th, the world celebrates the World's First Computer day, so let's not forget all the incredible technology that came a long way since then and lets us today have computing power in our pockets that people back then could not imagine, so that we can now throw birds at pigs and share our fantasies of little girls happily dying. Or not little, or not girls, or not happily, or sometimes not even necessarily dying. But anyway instead of a dichotomic choice of either suppressing our fantasies and driving our psyche into stress or, God forbid, enact them in real life and hurt other people (don't to that at home… or like anywhere), we get to turn them into fiction for each other to enjoy, and thus instead of pain bring joy into the world. Isn't that wonderful?

And so to honor our authors we're holding this Guro Story of the Year 2019 event, hoping it'll become a standing annual tradition and maybe encourage writers to bestow even more great works on us.

Well then, without further ado, let's get to what you're all interested about: the results.

10th place
goes to Andrew Dax Field with Family Massacre >>19262 (1 vote) and Family Purged >>16639 (2 votes)
Don't get discouraged though, remember that having a place at all means you were at least nominated. Because some of us didn't. So even if you're last, you're last among the first, and that's not that bad, you're still among the first. Look, you even got into the top ten!

9th place
goes to JestInPieces & PogueMahone with Quiet Confidence >>16524 (4 votes)
who get their place among the best with quiet confidence

8th place
goes to Greg Thomas with Sarah's Epic Life >>17224 (5 votes)
a close contender with the previous entry which only got ahead of it in the last couple of day in what can be described as an epic move

7th place
is shared among
The Friendly Demon with A Demon's Rise >>18056 (6 votes)
'Ellen with a series of Harry Potter themed stories >>18513 (6 votes)
Ellen again with Just a Job 2 >>17316 (votes)
One of these is not like the rest, isn't it?
If only an author could be nominated with all of their stories as a single entry which didn't have to compete with each other, you know, almost if they were just different aspects of the same person, maybe revealed with some kind of a serum? Not pointing at ednyone in wardticular, just hydepothesizing.
Anyway, by rising onto the same height these works do an important job of letting all of 13 nominees to get into the top 10. What is this, some kind of wizardry?

6th place
goes to Bloodlust with Julie's Jurassic Adventure >>17940 (10 votes)
Just the right kind of sick.

5th place
goes to Dark Monster Town with Dark Monster Town >>15654 (11 votes)
Just in case you didn't catch on it, it's a story about a dark monster town.

4th place
goes to NoPantsRelationship with Xan and Xandria's Snuffing >>15539 (14 votes)
My personal favorite, and I say that about a story with furry and futa which are both things I'd rather avoid, but if you can't help loving something even when you would normally hate it, you know it must be really good stuff. If you somehow missed it, or purposefully avoided it because it had furry and futa, I highly recommend to give this another chance. There's just nothing quite like it.

3rd place
goes to Squunch with Death Factory >>15761 (16 votes)
And here we finally got to the top three, opening with an author who claims to never have done creative writing before and then just went and generated a wall of text which got the third place in this vote. What would then happen once they get some practice?

2nd place
goes to Stillwater with A Rope and Camera and First cut >>17800 (22 votes)
And this is the point where you read about the second place, but think about the first, because by process of elimination you already figured it out, though really you knew it from the beginning, because could that be any doubt that the

1st place
goes to Edward Hyde with a series of stories in the Sidney universe >>19671 (26 votes)
Well, what can be said about those, you have most certainly read them yourself, and that's why you voted for them, but there were so many, that maybe you missed some, so this is your reminder to check those out too. Really, it's almost a cheat to have this many stories (there's actually so many I won't even bother to count) as a single entry, but they do belong to the same universe, and he did write them all within the 2019, and not really just within the 2019, but just within the last months of it, with absolutely crazy productivity, which somehow didn't have any negative effect on the quality of the stories. So cheaty as it may seem, he totally deserves this fine goblet made of human skull, which was taken from a healthy male specimen of about forty years, cleanly decapitated with a tram, marking Edward Hyde as the winner of Guro Story of the Year 2019. Congratulations!


File: 1581763138967.jpg (60.75 KB, 350x228, GCTY.jpg)

Well I genuinely did not expect that! And while I'm sad the story I nominated did not rank higher, it's great to know that people enjoy my work! For those who have not read it yet, here is every finished piece neatly compiled for your reading pleasure!


Congrats for winning. I'm very happy for you, because I know you've put a lot of effort and wrote much more than I have, and are a very present and positive person around here. I think you deserve it.

And I'm also so happy that so many people chose to vote for my little stories. To all of the strangers, thank you.



Thank you :-) And yes, the numbers were very close :-D Honestly I love the fact that every nomination received some votes and should be proud :-D Ten and a half months left to work on next year's entries!


Also big thanks to Aoi Hikari for running this poll and for the user who came up with the idea in the first place! I agree this should be an annual tradition but I think each year's winner should automatically be out of the running for the next, if that makes sense? They can always be nominated again the year after!


Well, on one hand, I see where you're coming from, because it's supposed to be Guro Story of the Year, not Edward Hyde of the Year. On the other hand, let's imagine a spherical winner in a vacuum. Would it not be a shame that no matter how good their writing would be in the new year, it could not be nominated? Would it not discourage the writer themselves? Would it not make them feel like they might better wait for the following year to write? And even if we consider the author to not be bothered by such things, it would still be a shame knowing there were works totally deserving to be there among the best, but denied the right to remain in history. If they really keep to be the best in the next year too, why not deny them the right to be named as such. Nothing wrong with it if they deserve it.

Another idea I have though is maybe it should be Guro Author of the Year or Guro Writer of the Year (which sounds better?) instead of Guro Story of the Year. I tried my best coming up with the rules on the go to excuse some authors getting nominated as a single entry and others having different stories as separate ones, but maybe we should just solve this problem at its root and make every author a single entry from the start? It might make it harder to deal with collaborative works like Quiet Confidence, but I'd say they occur much rarer than cases of a single author writing more than one story during the year.


There is an easy fix for that. Like the Oscars, make some categories. That way nobody is the absolute winner, and the recognition of talent is more accurate.


You both make good points! I worry that genres would be too difficult to define in this murky world of ours. I really like the idea of focussing on the author rather than specific stories - I think that would be fairer :-) I also see the potential issue with putting people off writing but then again, there's nothing at stake beyond honour - it's not like there's a cash prize or something. It's all just a bit of fun :-) I guess we can leave it up to individuals but personally I would decline a nomination next time, not because I think my work is so great that it's bound to win on merit but rather that, with the amount I write, law of averages gives me a better chance of being more people's favourite and I don't want people thinking "What's the point in entering? Edward's just gonna win because he writes so much".


What could the categories be though?
The obvious ones seem to be consensual and non-consensual, which I did propose myself, worried that one might end up more popular by itself then the other, but it seems my worries were misplaced seeing how both consensual and non-consensual stories made their way into the top three. Then, just two categories wouldn't really make everyone the winner in their own category. And another problem is some stories might have dubious consent difficult to categorize.

What other categories can there be? Best m/f story, best f/f story, best m/m story, best story about a pair of twins who happen to have their names start with L and R… this way the categories might end up including too few stories each. Besides, okay, let's imagine the best consensual little girl cooking story category… somehow there happen to be many works in that specific one… but that would still have the votes spread among the certain authors' many works, each getting less as if punishing him for the productivity.

Then the categories can be like best character, best world building, best relationship, best narrative, and such, where each work can compete in every category. But then it would require too deep an analysis from the voters. Besides the problem where different works of the same author would compere with each other still stays, because if the author is good in some aspect, they're likely to be good in it in their various stories. So, like one author might actually be better in a certain aspect, but votes for them would be smeared among their works, and another author with a slightly inferior but only single story would win instead.

Actually, no matter how you juggle the categories, it doesn't really help the issue that as long as stories and not authors are competing, there'll be a problem of deciding which sets of stories can or can not be considered a single entry.


I honestly think authors is the way to go as people are going to judge on the over-all body of work even if a single specific story is selected, quite honestly. For example, it is not secret that I nominated a specific Ellen story. Now, there are some of hers I like more than others and the one that others nominated happens to be one of my less-favoured but, had only one nomination per author been allowed, I would have voted for it because I like her work in general :-)


Congrats to Stillwater, for the second place finish when I recommended the stories Still wrote I was unaware that so many others were fans too. Hopefully Stillwater is working on Chapt 3.


Thank you. I honestly wasn't aware so many people liked them either. It made me really happy.

I do have an idea for chapter 3. It should come eventually.

And, honestly, the best prize out of this is just having your work talked about/recommended to others, and that happens even if you don't get first place. It's just a great event all around.


Congratulations to all the winners - a veritable feast of cruelty and depravity! :) A worthy first place, too!

My own special grats to Stillwater, because A Rope and a Camera played so directly to my own tastes in terms of both content/plot and writing style.

Now, about those sequels… :)

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