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Story contains F-Solo, Consensual Snuff, Explosives

As it turned out, blasting gelatin was not easy to come by. One could not simply walk into a hardware store and ask for several liters of gooey, malleable explosives. Jessica has to do quite some wheeling and dealing to get her eager hands on a drum of the stuff. Apparently, it was ‘excess’ from some mining operation in South America, but she didn’t care if her peculiar proclivities set back some diamond tycoons operations by a few weeks.

All she cared about was the bang.

Jessica almost squealed in delight when she saw that her benefactors had thrown in a detonator and a few cartoon-like sticks of dynamite. Perhaps they thought she was robbing a bank. She snickered at the thought of herself in a striped burglar outfit, cat burglar mask and big bag marked ‘swag’, crouched over the detonator with her ears plugged. Truly, no safe would be… well… safe.

It took some hauling to get the full barrel into the room she had prepared. A large bed with white satin sheets stood in the centre of a checkerboard tile floor. The walls were mirrored, as was the ceiling. A bedside table was, as one might guess, beside the bed. It was surrounded by buckets and held a large soup ladle and a pair of pink swimming goggles. Jessica carefully placed the detonator on the table and, as an afterthought, put a large, smooth, red stick of dynamite next to it. Smiling to herself, she dashed from the room and returned with a black marker pen. Writing “TNT” on the side of the explosive device, she sat back, satisfied at its cartoonish appearance.

And here I was wondering which vibrator to use, she thought.

Her eagerness to jump right into the fun almost took over, but she decided on having a shower first

Must let the anticipation build.

Jessica wandered to her bathroom, and admired herself in the mirror. “Fuck, girl, this is going to be amazing,” she complimented herself. She gave herself a striptease, pouting and gyrating like a pole dancer.

Am I a narcissus? Maybe. But a fucking hot one. She squeezed her breasts and slid a finger between her legs.

A fucking wet one, too. She sucked on the finger, gave her reflection one last coquettish wink, and hopped into the shower.

It didn’t last long, and after drying herself from her long hair to her longer legs, her desire drew her back to the explosive room again. Seeing her apparatus laying out, she dropped her towel in excitement. She walked on tippy-toes over the cold floor, her luxurious naked body reflected a million times in the mirrors. She carefully removed the lid of the barrel of gelatin, and dipped a finger in the highly explosive goo, removing a sticky, pearly white dab of the stuff.

Looks like cum, she pondered. Unable to resist, she licked the coated finger. Bleh! She stuck her tongue out, as if getting it out of her mouth would help with the horrible taste. Does not taste as good. No, sir.

But, I’m not here to eat it… although… The thought of being stuffed full of explosives flashed through her mind and added to her excitement. She toyed with the idea, but ultimately rejected it on the grounds of bad taste.

She began filling up buckets with blasting gelatin, her shoulders rolling as she pulled bucket load after bucket load of cool, explosive jelly out of the barrel. Walking to the other side of the bed, she poured an entire bucket of gelatin on the bed, the white satin sheets going grey beneath the slick jelly. Molding a pile near the bedside table, she attached the wires from the detonator, noting the unnecessary meters of blasting cord provided, obviously to give the detonator a safe distance from the blasting zone.

They really had no idea.

Then she put on the only item of clothing she would wear; the swimming goggles. Can’t possibly see what I look like if I go and get this in my eyes. Eyeing the large cum-like stain of explosive goo on the bed, she wondered why bukkake actresses never wore goggles. Shrugging, she pulled her hair up through the band of the goggles and let it fall down over her shoulders and back. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she eyed the highly explosive buckets.

Where to start?

Tentatively, like a woman slowly getting into a pool, Jessica dipped the tip of her big toe into the goo, giggling at the ticklish sensation. She immersed her whole foot, and then pulled it back out, letting the blasting jelly slide off the top. She wiggled her toes, the milky-white blasting-cum between them making her giggle, then laugh out, tossing her head back. She dipped the foot back in, and lay back, gasping at the cool reminder of the pool of slightly more stable nitroglycerin her. Jessica felt the pressure of the goo spreading out, warming to her body heat. She wondered if she could set it off without the detonator, just by getting herself hot enough…

She lifted her leg, pointing her jelly covered foot straight up, letting the gelatin run down the length of her leg, sliding slickly over her calf and thigh but slowing, getting thicker, just before her wet pussy. She rolled her eyes at the explosives lack of enthusiasm, and ran her middle finger up the inside of her thigh, coating it with oily goo. Carefully, she added it to her own pussy juices, rubbing the jelly that could blast through a rock wall slowly over her lower lips. She sighed, smiling, a warmth building between her legs faster than she’d ever known before.

With warmth came energy, and Jessica hefted a bucket up, pouring it over her breasts with an almost manic grin. It was a cumshot, her own bukkake, a slick, wicked picture of sticky joy. The explosive poured down her body, pooled on her taught tummy around her belly button, flowed over her waist onto the sheets and down over her pussy, quickly warming to her rising body heat. She grabbed another bucket, thoughts of carefully ladling it over herself forgotten to the idea of being coated, now, faster, more. She squealed with delight as she poured it over head, her hair getting slimy, a vision of dangerous, perilous goo cumming down over her swim goggles. The unpleasant taste forgotten, she both spat and swallowed explosives, moaning with gastronomic satisfaction as her mouth filled with liquid dynamite, as it spilt over her chin and onto her breasts. The bucket clattered as it fell to the floor, a used receptacle, a used condom in an orgy of explosive pleasure.

Jessica’s long fingers swirled over her clit, and she massaged her tits, pinching her nipples then grabbing the whole breast as if frustrated that she couldn’t squeeze all the pleasure out at once. Her body glistened with oily explosive as she writhed on the bed, a bed that could now blow a hole in a cliff side. Her breast hand wandered down her body, sliding over her abdomen, down to join the other hand in pleasuring her pussy. Her fingers briefly laced together as her right hand clenched the left in a moment of building ecstasy, then, slick with her own cum and the oily gelignite, she plunged her middle finger deep into herself.

The sudden pleasure of pressure on her g-spot mixed with the pleasure of working her clit like nitro and glycerin. Jessica’s eyes flared and she let out a laugh, a laugh that turned to gasping and then screaming with ecstasy as she fuck… fuck… FUCKED herself. Her legs splayed apart, knocking a bucket of gelignite onto the tiles. Her left hand stopped rubbing her clit as the palm of her right, so oily, so lubricated, took over, abandoning the circular motion of a gentle finger for the fast paced up and down motion of a hard fuck. She didn’t even pause when she slid her ring finger in, past the knuckle, bound up tight in her pussy against her middle finger. Her free hand clutched first at her messy, gooey hair, then at the slick, now dangerous satin sheets. She clenched at the bed as she fucked herself closer and closer.

Jessica’s screams had turned to breathless gasps as she built herself up. Her thighs started to squeeze down on her hand and her head tossed from side to side. She caught a glance of the detonator, the t-shaped plunger tantalizingly close, and she reached out and held it, sliding her hand up and down the middle stick like the hard cock of a favored fuck-buddy. She even laced hand over the top and clenched it, ready to press down, but she had to let go, her left hand automatically darting back down to her clit as she lifted her right hand higher, so she could go deeper, faster.

She came.

It was intense. Explosive. All the forced and power she craved, it was as if it went off inside her. Her back arched, breasts falling back and ribcage stretching the toned muscle from her chest to her waist even tighter. Her legs stretched, her toes pointed. She squeezed her thighs together, her pussy so tight around her fingers. Curled up on her back, she shuddered and shook with waves of pleasure for what felt like forever.

As she came back down from the orgasmic high, she splayed herself out on her bed, sighing happily, her cheeks flushed. She looked at herself in the mirror and giggled almost shyly. As she slowly played with her clit, savoring the tingling, she eyed the detonator. “You almost had me there,” she accused.

She rested for a short while, teasing her clit into another, much smaller orgasm. An aperitif of sorts, one that made her bite down softly on her full lips. And when she tried to sit up, she made an exciting discovery.

Despite the movement and warmth, the gelignite had hardened, making it tricky to get up. Enough of it, and movement would clearly be impossible.

While explosives are definitely my number one fetish, Jessica thought, bondage is definitely up there too.

Excited by this new, unthought-of prospect, she got to work heaping and layering the gelignite to make a slippery, oily pile that would melt over her and set, fixing her to the bed. She positioned the detonator carefully, making sure she would still be able to reach it while stuck. And then she saw her TNT, her shaft of dynamite, and her lust reignited.

Taking the bomb from the table, she strutted over to a mirrored wall, taking in her gelignite covered body, her breasts smooth and gleaming, her legs still dripping with explosive jelly. She took off her goggles and gazed into the mirror, her playfully curling the wick of the dynamite around her fingers. Pouting erotically, she gave the dynamite a soft kiss, and then licked the tip of her tongue from one end to another. It didn’t have a taste like the gelignite, but she wouldn’t care if it did. With a smile, she wrapped her full lips slowly over the end of the bomb.

Jessica’s eyes rolled back and her eyelids fluttered, the feeling of a shaft in her mouth exhilarating her. She remembered past blow jobs; the sucking the cocks of boyfriends, fellating the sex toys of girlfriends. And the thought that this was a bomb, dynamite, TNT, that if she wanted she could light the wick and give herself orgasmic oral sensation until it exploded, until she exploded…

Her eyes closed, deep-throating the TNT, she slowly walked backward to the explosive bed, her feet leaving footprints in the pools of spilt blasting jelly. She lay down, plastic explosive oozing up around her body, holding her down, embracing her, over her ankles, across her tummy, around her neck. She held the dynamite with two hands, still fucking it with her mouth, eager to fuck it with her pussy but reticent to relinquish it from her lips. The long red stick slid in and out, the wick coiled around her ring finger that not long ago had been deep inside her pussy. The sucking sounds got louder, more eager, as she pictured a burning wick getting ever shorter, ever closer, with the bomb deep inside her mouth.

As Jessica vigorously blew the explosive, the gelignite that had layered her like leather bonds stiffened. Her legs could no longer move, though she could still curl her toes and point her feet with pleasure. Her neck was fastened down to the sheet, too heavy with explosives to move. And while she writhed with pleasure, she could not move from the bed.

She was thrilled beyond words at the helplessness. Giving the dynamite one last, long, deep kiss, she moved the stick down to her wet, slick pussy. Slowly rubbing the end of it around her pussy lips, she gave out a gasp as she plunged the bomb deep inside of her. Holding it still, with the wick still wrapped around her finger, she put her other hand on the detonator plunger. She wanted to suck that, too, to fuck the t-shaped bar that would give her such a blast so soon with her mouth, her tongue, and her lips. But she couldn’t lift her head. She could only watch her splayed out, gelignite bound body in the mirror above as she started to roll her hips, her butt sliding on the smooth, oily satin, as she thrust the dynamite in and out.

She was coated with explosive cum, bound with it, full of it. Her pussy was being pleasured by a shaft of dynamite, the full ecstatic enormity of it all mirrored in her excited eyes as she watched herself fuck herself, her eyes growing wide, pressure building so fast, so fast, the big red bomb fucking her, fucking her hard, everything a slippery, gooey mess, a gooey mess that was gonna explode, all at once!

“Oh, my fucking GOD!” she shouted as she worked the dynamite in and out of herself faster and deeper, one hand on the detonator, toes clenching the sheets, hips thrusting up and down within the restraints of the explosive jelly, explosive goo, explosive cum… she clenched the stick of TNT harder and tipped her head back, then to the side, her fingers wrapped around the detonator, the det cord reaching down to her like an eager voyeur and she about to blow… about to explode…

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m FUCKING CUMM-MM-ING!” she moaned rapidly. A million kiloton orgasms blasted over her and she tried to push down the detonator.

Instead, her hands too slippery with explosive slime, the detonator fell to the floor.

“NO!” she howled, still fucking herself, still cumming, unable to stop. She looked about madly, unable to get up, looking for something to light the wick to the dynamite that was deep in and out of her pussy, the bomb that was making her cum.

Another orgasm pulled her away from the useless search, and her whole body tried to lift from the bed, straining against the now-solid explosives around her body. She kept fucking herself, screams of frustration lost to screams of orgasm. Another orgasm, the fourth… fifth?… washed over her, and she slowed, stopped, panting, breathing hard, hand still holding the dynamite, dynamite still filling her, her pussy muscles trying to pull it further in, to keep fucking.

But when Jessica kicked with frustration at her perfect erotic fantasy being spoiled by slippery fingers (never a problem before), she found her leg was free. All the shaking, moving, must have been enough.

Using the ceiling mirror to guide her long, voluptuous leg, she found the detonator on the floor. The unnecessary length of detonation cord proved useful in the end, as it was still attached beside her. Jessica gave herself a smug smile in the mirror above, which turned to laughter as she began fucking herself again, slower this time, like making love.

She tried to move the detonator back to the bed, but it has stuck fast in the gelignite spilled earlier. No matter, she thought, I can press down with my foot when I’m ready to…

Ready to…

“Ready to blow-ow-OHMYGOD!” The slow motion of the stick of dynamite in her pussy had triggered an orgasm so powerful, so unexpected. Jessica couldn’t believe the raw pleasure of the sensation as it took over her body, from deep inside her pussy. She moaned loudly, back arched, fists clenching. Unable to stop it. Not wanting to stop it. Wanting to explode as her legs and feet stretched without her willing it, as the pleasure took over and pushed down the detonator…



Story contains FF, semi-consensual snuff, explosives

You awaken to the gentle sound of waves crashing. It's night, clear and starry. A cool breeze wafts the smell of beach and salt over you. It's warm, and it takes you a moment to realise that somebody has stripped you naked. You try to get up.

The grogginess clears. You're cuffed to the ground, metal shackles around your wrists and ankles. You try to pull an arm free but the metal cuff is staked deep into the sand. You have a cloth in your mouth that you can't spit out.

'Don't… move.' Panic rises. What's going on? Who is this man telling me not to move? Why not? Is there a bug on me? Oh, god, I hope there isn't a bug on me.

Unsure leans down next to you, an apparent look of concern masked by a pair of sunglasses only an asshole would wear this time of night. He's a tall, lanky guy in a garish Hawaiian shirt and board shorts. He's holding a coconut with a straw sticking out of it.

Your questions are muffled, and he raises a hand to shush you any way.

'I don't want to alarm you, Jessica, but you're lying on a highly explosive landmine. It's very important you remain absolutely still.'

You suddenly become aware of a small, cool circle beneath the small of your back. It could either be the trigger for a dangerous explosive device, or a medal for meanest prank to play on a naked girl on the beach. Either way, you suppress your urge to writhe off it, in case Unsure isn't lying.

Besides, if he's telling the truth, such a thing should be savoured…

You push the sudden, masochistic thought out of your mind. But the tingle you get from being anywhere near a bomb is hard to deny.

'Now, I feel I should answer some questions that you would no doubt be asking if I hadn't gagged you. First off… yes, I gagged you. I also chained you down on this lovely private beach on top of an active landmine. So, no, no one is coming to rescue you. You have the place to yourself… sort of.'

Unsure crouches down next to you, taking off the sunglasses. His eyes are intense, like a lunatic.

He takes a sip from the coconut.

'Here's how this particular type of landmine works. It is armed; pushing down the pressure plate triggered it. After an hour it will disarm and no doubt you'll be rescued. But… if you take your weight off it… sit up, or arch your back, for instance… you explode. Enough of an explosion to ruin the scenery and anyone nearby.'

That tingle is back. Just the word “explosion” arouses a dark part of you. You fight it back; it's more important that you get away from this madman than start thinking about bombs, and dynamite, and all that pressure just waiting to go off underneath you…

Stop it, Jessica.

'So, quite simple, really. Lie still for an hour. Don't squirm. Don't writhe. Given you have nothing to writhe against it should be a breeze. Easy.'

He stands up.
'Nothing is ever that easy.'

You hear the soft, light slap of footsteps nearby. You turn your head and your heart starts to race when you see that Unsure brought what will surely be a complication.

'Jessica, meet Last Request.'

Last Request is a petite redhead, probably in her late twenties. She smiles at you, a wicked grin that matches the evil gleam in her shining blue eyes. She's wearing a bright green bikini with a filmy sarong that clashes with her fiery hair and pale, freckled skin.

'Hi, Jess.' Two words, spoken softly with a playful voice. Subtext: I'm going to fuck you, hard.

'Last Request shares a few things in common with you, Jessica. An erotic fixation with explosives, and a passion for bondage, though more on the “D” side than the “S”. When I said I could give her a bomb that she could stimulate into exploding, she just had to find out what I was talking about.'

Last Request kneels down, legs either side of your thigh. She leans forward, her eyes never leaving yours, until her chin almost touches your breast.

'Is it true then?' she asks, addressing Unsure. 'If I can make this gorgeous woman writhe, even a little, we'll both explode?'

Unsure nods.

'Oh, no! That sounds dangerous!' As she lightly places her fingertips on your underarms, she begs you in an exaggerated, mocking plea, 'Please hold still, Jess! We'll blow up if you don't hold still!' She brushes her fingertips over your armpits, down your ribcage. Such a gently touch, and yet it tickles so much.

Don't move, the dark voice reminds you. We could have an hour of fun, here…

You squirm, but keep the small of your back firmly planted on the landmine.

Unsure coughs, getting Last Requests attention, though her fingers don't leave your ribs.

'So, game rules. Last Request will do anything her devious little mind can think of to make you lift your back. If she does, the landmine will emit three beeps and then detonate. If you manage to resist the urge to explode for a whole hour, then you're free to go, and Last Request… I don't know, I'll give her a hand grenade to play with.'

Last Request pouts at this. Her mouth looks so cute when she does. You could just lift your belly to her breasts and see what it looks like with an expression of surprise…

Unsure checks his watch. 'I've got to go. You have an hour starting now. Try to have fun, Firecracker.'

He turns and walks away, leaving you tied up on a landmine with a stunning-but-crazy young lady who is starting to press her crotch against your thigh. She unties the sarong and lets it fall in the sand. Her bikini is so tight, but as she slides her pussy against your thigh it gets stretched downwards, revealing the top of a thin red tuft of hair.

Your attention is fixed on her body and how it feels, having her dry hump your leg, the cool damp swimsuit quickly warming up. She moans, her pace quickening. Her legs squeeze tightly on your thigh. Despite the manacle on your ankle, you lift your leg up to make it easier for her to get off on you.

Why? Why am I helping this psycho bitch?

Maybe if she has her fun, she'll let me go.

She does seem to be ignoring you now, caught up in her own pleasure. She straightens up, putting more weight on your leg, hugging across her breasts with one arm and teasing her fiery red hair with the other. She sucks on her lower lip, the moans start to sound desperate.

You can feel yourself blush. She's just so fucking hot, and this situation is so crazy, and there's a landmine underneath you and there's a girl grinding against you because she wants the two of you to explode and god, dammit, that isn't helping!

'Oh, fuck, Jessie, I'm cumming!' Last Request breathlessly gasps as her pace quickens. 'Please… blow me up. Blow us up! I'm going to fucking explode!' She collapses forward, quivering, orgasming, holding you as she shakes. You don't move, but you can't deny a dark temptation to lift up and give her what she wants.

It feels like minutes pass as her breathing slowly normalises. She looks up at you, the mischief, the chaos back in her eyes. 'Not going to make it easy, are you?'

She pouts, and then that grin creeps across her face. She stands, brushing some of the sand off her legs, then slides the bikini bottom off. She kneels down past your cuffed ankles.

'You know what I think it is about explosions that get me off?' Her hand dances around her belly, teasing closer to her pussy. She brushes the tips of your toes with one hand. It tickles.

'The anticipation. I mean, what I way to go out, right? Full body orgasm. No way of stopping it. No way of holding it back. Just all that build up and… bang.' Her fingernail runs down the arch of your foot, making you kick, as much as you can. She laughs and then growls with lust as she starts to masturbate. 'I can make your feet move. What makes you think I can't make your whole body move?'

She leans forward, still playing with herself. Her eyes roll back; she suddenly shudders, violently. 'That one f-fuck… FUCK. That one fucking crept up on me, Jessie. I guess having a gorgeous woman that's going to blow me up makes me extra horny. I can now completely empathise with your situation.' She winks, bringing a finger up to her lips, sucking on it. 'God, damn, I taste good.' She looks you in the eyes. 'Lie back and relax. I'm have to compare us.'

She lies down on her belly, her right arm underneath her so she can keep finger fucking herself. The sandy soles of her feet playfully kick in the air. She plants kissed on the inside of your thigh, before giving your pussy a long, lingering lick.

All of the pent up desire hits you at once and it's nearly impossible to keep yourself from fucking her face, grinding against her tongue and damning the consequences.

Oh, fuck, I'm going to explode! Part of you is panicking.

Fuck, yes, I'm going to explode. Part of you is excited.

Her tongue is magic. She teases your lips apart and flicks across your clit, up and down. Before you can get used to it, she's making circles and threatening to slide her fingers into you. She kisses and sucks on your clit, moaning, still fucking herself. Your mind races, her tongue presses inside you, darting in and out. You can't hold your head up so you stare at the clouds in the sky, wondering how big the explosion will be because you know it's coming, you know she can make you move if she wants to.

Her finger slides inside you, first one, then two. She makes slow come-hither motions with them as she licks you. The pressure is building and you try to rationalise cumming. Justify it.

I just won't move. I'll cum but I'll hold really still when it happens. It'll be good.

It'll be really good.

You can't hold it back any longer. It crashes over you like a wave. Your thighs squeeze together and your toes curl but you manage to keep your back planted on the ground. Last Request moans as you cum, she shudders as your orgasm brings about her own. She climbs you, pressing your bodies together and pulls the cloth from your mouth. You could bite, you could scream for help, but when she kisses you, all you can do is kiss back, tasting her lip gloss and your own pussy.

Her thigh is now against your pussy. You think about the land mine beneath you, wonder how much movement you can get away with. You press up, grind against her, and back down. No beeps. Almost disappointing. You could just blow up but you want to cum again. You want her to cum again. She's humping your thigh again, staring into your eyes with crazed lust. Her head only comes up to your chest so she bites at your neck, sucking hard, kisses down your collarbone, licks and sucks your nipples and then bites them too.

You grind harder, fucking her leg, envisioning powder kegs with hissing fuses and ticking grenades with no pins and this crazy red-headed girl exploding with you and it feels incredible. You want something inside you, but her hands are holding your arms for purchase.

'This… this is it… this is the one. We're going to explode, Jessie. Fuck, I want to explode. I want it!' She's begging now, pleading, but neither of you can control it now, it's going to happen and there's not a thing either of you can do about it.

You both cum. She arches back, letting go of your arms and rubbing her clit. You grind your pussy against her as hard as you can, but her leg lifts away an inch, so you lift your ass up to press against her.


She looks down, momentarily confused, then a look of absolute victory and lust.

Oh, fuck. Oh shit.


She leans forwards and looks you in the eye. 'I fucking told you so.' She kisses you, violently plunging her tongue into your mouth. She keeps rubbing her clit furiously and her legs tighten around yours.


You want to do something, say something, get up and run, fuck until you cum, but there's no time left.



This story contains sex between characters older than 18 years. May also contain sudden, explosive violence. Don't read any more if you disapprove of that sort of thing.

FSolo, FF, F-group, consensual snuff, bombs, explosives, alcohol use… I think that covers it.

Part I: Primed.

Soraya paused at the door to the run down looking nightclub. From the outside it appeared to be abandoned; in fact, the whole district did. But she remembered the letter that came with the vest, word for word, and knew she had the right address.

The vest. While it gave her a thrill to be wearing it (though its appearance gave no immediate clue to its function) she disapproved of how it ruined the line of her suit. She checked herself in a compact mirror; her make-up was tidy, complementing her olive skin. Her long black hair was in a neat ponytail, and her favourite suit looked the height of professionalism. She looked at her smartphone with a dash of regret before casting her constant companion and organiser into a nearby trash can, as per the instructions in the letter.

She opened the door with no further hesitation, shutting it behind her. She strode down the hallway, her high heels making gunshots on the hardwood floor. The next door was thick and solid, with an electronic keypad that looked out of place. She punched in the six digit code she had memorized and let herself in to the Club.

Inside, everything was different. It had the feel of a themed nightclub, like someone had decided that an upper class smoking lounge might be a good place for a rave. There were large lounge seats and sofas along the edges while the centre of the room was reserved for dancing. To the right, what looked to be as classy a stripper pole as you could get, gleaming brass upright on a mahogany stage surrounded by plush seats. There were even bookshelves lining the walls, with laser lights perched between thick volumes. There was a large digital clock showing all zeroes on the wall above the bar. The bar was long, with many large stools along it, but only two were taken.

Soraya made her way over, sizing up the two girls who were nervously watching her, and the bartender who watched her coolly as she polished a glass. She sat next to the petite Indian girl and held out her hand.

'Soraya. Pleasure to meet you.'

'Oh! I'm sorry!' the girl put her glass down and weakly shook Soraya's hand. 'I'm… um… I'm Priya.'

Soraya gave a curt smile, and Priya blushed under her gaze. She was wearing a cocktail dress, and looked as though her hair and make-up had been done professionally. She was quite short and thin, and the tightness of the dress had the shape of one of the vests underneath, same as Soraya. The thought of this petite, almost mousey girl being strapped with one of the vests… Soraya held the thought and turned her attention to the other girl.

'I'm R-Rebecca.' To her benefit, she held out her hand first, though the handshake still didn't match Soraya's grip. She was dressed as though she had come from university; argyle skirt and plaided tights, thick black square rimmed glasses that may have been more for show than function, and her hair was in plaits that Soraya found somewhat juvenile. She was wearing a wool cardigan, despite the warmth of the club, so Soraya could only assume she, too, was wearing a vest.

The bartender, whom Soraya inferred was a Goth by her black hair, pale skin and eyebrow ring, was silently waiting for an order. Soraya looked up at the scotch selection, noting that the shelves were behind thick sliding glass. She checked the woman's name tag: Melanie. Ordering what she knew was the most expensive on offer, she turned her attention back to the Priya. She was about to remark on her dress, when the door behind them opened.

'Hi everyone!' Another young girl in her twenties, and sounded like an American, like Rebecca. Soraya tried not to roll her eyes as the newcomer practically skipped over. She was dressed far more provocatively, with tight denim cut-offs and a skimpy halter top that did nothing to conceal the vest. At least it doesn't look obviously explosive, Soraya thought. The sight of the vest on the fit young girl made her heart leap, though she didn't show it.

'My name is Kai and holy, fuck, Rebecca! Oh my god!' Kai ran over and hugged Rebecca, who looked terrified. 'I had no idea you were into this shit! How crazy is this!' She hugged her again. 'I need a fucking drink!' Grabbing a list from the bar, she ordered a cocktail. As Melanie started putting it together, Kai started talking at a fast pace to the rest of them. Soraya had almost written her off as a ditzy blonde until it became apparent that she and Rebecca went to MIT together, and shared a computer science class. Still, it looked like Kai had the door code written on the back of her hand…

Melanie finished making the drink and Kai thanked her, eyes lingering on her as she turned away. Rebecca turned back to her untouched glass of wine, her defences going back up as Kai started talking at Priya, gushing about her dress, which only seemed to further Priya's embarrassment.

The door opened again, as two more women came in. Soraya felt a bit of relief as she saw they were closer in age to her. She was worried she'd be spending the night talking to the bartender.

'Hi there, everyone! I am Elisabeth, and this is June!' Elisabeth had a big smile and a charming Norwegian accent that made even Soraya forgive the warm hugs she bestowed on everyone there (even going behind the bar to hug Melanie). She was wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and sandals that she kicked off immediately. She had very long brown hair that looked tousled, like she'd just woken up, but her cheerfulness shouted 'morning person'.

June settled for just waving. She was very tall, and slender, with dark brown skin and vivid green eyes. She wore a thin, almost see through shirt over her vest, and had very tight vinyl pants that only accentuated her long legs. Soraya noticed both Priya and Kai seemed to be entranced by those legs… and that Kai's attention on June had made Rebecca withdraw again.

Melanie fixed everyone up with a drink and Elisabeth started complementing Priya's dress, making the poor girl blush again. Kai had started talking at Rebecca again, lifting her cardigan to make sure her friend had a vest too, which she did. June had moved to Soraya's side of the bar and seemed about to broach the subject of the vest they were both wearing when the door opened again.

A curvy, red haired woman, strode into the club, beaming at them all. Like Soraya, she looked to have gone for smart-casual on this occasion that lacked a dress code. However, she had chosen to accessorize a bit more, with a fedora and a large black bag. She hoisted the back onto the bar, dropped her hat onto it, and stood with her hands on her hips. 'Hi there, folks, I'm Felicia! Everyone ready to have a blast?' Elisabeth wasted no time introducing herself, then everyone else, remembering everyone's name perfectly. By the time this was done, June had put the fedora on, giving Felicia a coquettish wave.

'Is it okay if I wear this?'

'Of course, though there are terms of hat rental, my dear…'

The door opened again.

'… Which we will discuss in detail soon. I believe our host is here.'

A tall, dark haired man walked in. He was dressed in a lab coat which appeared to be over a tuxedo, and was holding a clipboard and what looked suspiciously like a vibrator. He also wore goggles.
'Good evening, folks! I'm glad to see everyone found the place okay. Melanie, I need a drink. Something fruity and refreshing. For those of you who haven't met me, I'm the organiser and facilitator of tonight's program, Unsure.'

He paused, as though awkwardly waiting applause. Elisabeth clapped enthusiastically.

'Now, first things first.' He took the drink from Melanie, and drained about half of it. 'Is everyone wearing their bomb?'

The assembled women nodded assent. Priya started blushing again. Felicia popped a few buttons on her blouse to show off her vest, and Rebecca lifted her cardigan. Soraya waited until Unsure was looking at her expectantly before slowly lifting her top enough to show off her vest, and also her flat, gym-worked belly. She noted an approving glance from June, and straightened her suit back out.

'A few things you need to know about the bomb. It's not armed. Yet. In an hour, it will be. From that point on, tampering with the bomb will probably set it off. Taking it off before the hour is up is fine, but considering how much effort you all went to get to this point, well, your loss.'

He downed the other half of the drink. Melanie had already made another.

'As I said, the bomb arms in an hour. Each bomb is randomly designated a time. It could be anything between one second and five hours. At this point, the bomb will explode, killing the wearer and anyone that they happen to be holding on to tightly. Not that I'm telling you how to spend your last few hours, but hey, have fun, right? Now, the catch is, each vest has a visible timer on it. The timer is on the back though, so while everyone can take a good look at how long you have left, I dare say, even with a mirror you'll have trouble reading your own. Besides, the excitement is in the mystery!'

Putting his drink down, Unsure brandished the vibrator-like object. 'I just need to check for bugs and cell phones.' He ran the device over each woman, even the bartender, and appeared satisfied.

'Now, we don't want anyone left holding the cheque, so whoever's vests are the last two left are going to go off at whichever time comes first. Now, I need to get going, appointments to keep. Your pre-arming hour starts now.' He pulled a remote control from his pocket and pushed an almost comical big red button. Soraya's heart skipped a beat as her vest beeped.

She was strapped with explosives.

Tonight, her dark fantasy was going to come true.

She was going to explode.

The massive digital clock above the bar started counting down an hour. By the time they looked back, Unsure had left.

Part II: Armed.

'This is crazy, right? I'm so excited!' Elisabeth had rolled up her t-shirt and was inspecting the explosive vest strapped tightly around her skinny waist. June and Felicia had taken Felicia's black bag to the far end of the bar and were rummaging through it. Soraya conceded the loss of attention from the tall black woman with the very attractive legs and had turned her attention to the younger girls, deciding to appear commanding and respectable while at the same time attractive.

'This is gonna be so amazing!' Kai sipped her cocktail, almost dancing where she stood, she had so much energy. 'Just thinking about this vest, fuck, it gets me wet.' Elisabeth laughed and Priya turned red, looking away.

'I know, right!' Elisabeth agreed. 'Just so much building up, it is too much, yeah?

The conversation briefly steered towards work and life but always came back around to sex. Elisabeth and Kai swapped stories, and even Soraya told a tale of a young woman back in Iran that she had seduced. As the hour ticked down, Mel joined them from the bar. June and Felicia were getting closer, and the rest of the women watched as they kissed, first lightly, smiling and giggling, then deeper. June seemed to melt in Felicia's arms, her crotch pressing up against the older woman's thigh. Elisabeth gave them a cheer and a clap.

Slowly, they all got quieter and attention went to the big digital clock as it approached the first hour. The last minutes approached, then the last seconds. Elisabeth started to count down.

'Five! Four! Three! Two! One!'

Their vests all gave another beep. The air was still and silent as they all looked around. Would something happen right away? What now? What was the protocol in this situation?

Felicia broke the ice. 'Well, I suppose we could check our timers, see if it worked. June, take off your shirt.'

June grinned, her emerald eyes lighting up, and she slowly, seductively slid her top off. 'Do you want me to take off my bra, Felicia?' she asked.

'Just for good measure, yeah. You can leave the hat on, though.'

June unhooked her bra and stood topless, appearing to enjoy the gaze of the other women. She turned around, giving Felicia a view of both her ass and the timer on her back.

'Forty eight minutes. Oh, shit-' Felicia realised that maybe June didn't want to know. But June turned and shrugged, a motion that accentuated her collarbone and shoulders.

'It's cool. So, what do you want me to do to you for forty eight minutes?'

Felicia grinned and unbuttoned her blouse. 'You can start by checking my timer.'

June looked at it. 'Huh. Interesting.'

'What? How long have I got?'

'Not telling.'

'Tell me!'

June held Felicia's shoulders. 'I'll do anything you order me to. Anything at all. But I'm not telling you. Come on, we have at most forty eight minutes. Maybe less, you don't know. Let’s have some fun.'

Elisabeth got up from her bar stool. 'I want to see people's timers, yeah? Is that okay?' Soraya feigned indifference and lifted her top, but almost felt overwhelmed by excitement. I have a timer, she thought. I have a time. That I'm going to explode. And there's nothing I can do about it…

Elisabeth made an approving sound, and turned to Priya. 'Can I see yours?'

'Um… is it cool if… no one does? It's just… I was thinking maybe… it could be a surprise. If that's okay?' Priya looked at her shoes.

'Of course! Oh, you're so sweet!' Elisabeth hugged her, then wandered off to look at Felicia's timer and gloat about knowing.

At the other end of the bar, Kai was sitting on the bar stool next to Rebecca. 'I want you to read mine, Becks. Tell me what it is. I have to plan accordingly.' She winked conspiratorially, and whipped her halter top off, revealing her perky breasts and explosive vest. She laughed at Rebecca's obvious enthralment at her naked upper body and span around on her stool. Rebecca got her focus and checked out Kai's timer.

'Three hours, thirty-nine minutes, twenty seconds.'

Kai groaned. 'That's forever. I want to fucking explode noow.' She snickered. 'Let me see yours.'

Rebecca lifted her cardigan and shirt up a peek. Kai sighed. 'Come on, I need a better view, the top has to come off, Becks.' She grabbed Rebecca's shirt and pulled it upwards, and Rebecca let her strip it off, leaving her in a purple bra. Kai hesitated, and turned Rebecca around.

'Holy shit. Rebecca, you only have, like, thirty seconds!'

'What!?' she almost shrieked.

Kai spun her back around. She looked at Rebecca's eyes and face, and then grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her in for a deep, forceful kiss. Rebecca gave a surprised moan as Kai forced her tongue deep into her mouth.

Kai pulled away. 'You're going to explode, Rebecca!'

Rebecca paused, the idea sinking in, and laughed. 'I'm going to explode, Kai! Oh, fuck…'

Kai went to kiss her again but Rebecca pushed her away. 'You'll explode too. Don't you want to-'

She was cut off by Kai standing and pulling her in tightly. 'I want to blow up with you, Rebecca. I want you. I want to explode with you.' She pulled her friend in and kissed her again. Their bodies tight together, breasts pressed hard against one another, hands and fingers running through hair and over shoulders and arms as they kissed and slid their tongues into each other's mouth and entwined and…


The explosion shook the shelves and startled the other women. They looked at the smoking scorch mark that had once been the two young girls, now victims of their masochistic desire. Priya gasped and squeezed her thighs together as her stomach fluttered, June was stunned, then smiled, and laughed, and Elisabeth gave out a cheer. 'Oh my god! That was awesome, yeah?'


Part III: Ticking

The two exploding uni students gave Felicia a renewed drive as she started unpacking a myriad of sex toys from her black bag. 'I should have something here for everyone, but as Kai and Rebecca have made abundantly clear, we may not have time for being choosy. Help yourselves, folks.' She grabbed a vibrator. 'June, follow me.' The tall, topless women quickly fell in step behind Felicia and they found a comfortable looking sofa.

Elisabeth dragged Priya over to the bag to have a look, leaving Soraya to talk to Mel, the bartender. Mel poured two more scotches and handed one to Soraya, taking a seat next to her.

'Pretty bloody intense,' Mel stated matter-of-factly. Soraya was surprised at her posh British accent.

'You don't seemed fazed by this at all, Melanie. Are you not worried for your safety?'

Melanie raised an eyebrow, and motioned for Soraya to turn around. She did, and felt Melanie lift her shirt. 'Hmm… Should be fine. For a little while anyway.' Her smirk confirmed that Soraya was being teased. 'So, what makes you want to explode, Soraya?'

Soraya laughed. 'I have no fucking clue. I played around with different partners with different kinks. Breath play, fake guillotines, empty guns… the thrill was there but there was something missing. Then I met a girl who played with stopwatches. Now there were time limits, restrictions, urgency. I found myself fantasising about it more and more. And now… I just want to explode. Be blown up. And I want it,' she raised her drink to emphasise her point, 'to be out of my hands. Inevitable.'

Melanie looked thoughtful, and clinked her glass against Soraya's. 'To inevitability.'

A low moan, rising in energy, grabbed their attention. Felicia was naked, but for her vest, on the sofa, June's head between her thighs, one foot on June's shoulder, the other pointing outwards. She held June's hair tightly as June licked her clit, sliding a large pink vibrator slowly into Felicia's pussy. Elisabeth and Priya sat on stools, watching the show. Melanie and Soraya joined them.

June flicked her tongue up and down, teasing Felicia and making her toes curl and stretch. Her ass bucked up and down as she humped the sofa cushion, her tight vinyl pants still reducing the sensation, frustrating her. She pumped the vibrator in deeply and flattened her tongue, massaging Felicia's clit faster and faster. Felicia's leg stretched out, her ankle feeling the cold metal of June's explosive vest, reminding her that this sexy, lithe woman was going to detonate, and soon.

Maybe she was going to explode too. She didn't know. She let out a gasp and squeezed her breast. 'Fuck, June! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum! Oh, fuuuuck!' Her back arched and she squeezed June's head with her thighs as the orgasmic wave built up and rocked her body. As she quivered, June slowed down her licks, before planting a kiss on Felicia's inner thigh. She sat up, attentive, her face covered in Felicia's juices, and she made no move to wipe her face clean.

Elisabeth nudged Soraya. Priya, fascinated by the sight of the two women, was touching herself through her dress, pressing the fabric into her crotch, her other hand fingering the outline of the vest beneath her dress. She was gasping lightly, 'ha! Ha!' She must have felt she was being watched because she glanced at Elisabeth and Soraya and promptly turned red, thrusting her hands to her sides. Elisabeth hugged her with an 'aww.'

Felicia slowly came back to her senses. 'Oh, wow. Sweetie, that was… fuck.' She noticed June seemed to be sitting to attention.

'Am I allowed to cum now, Mistress Felicia?'

'What? Of course you can. Who said you can't?'

There was a bit of a pause, and Soraya interjected. 'You didn't tell her she could, Felicia. She wants you to be her mistress. Give her an order.'

'Like what?'

'Well, she has, what, ten minutes left? What do you want her to do before she blows up?'

'Well,' Felicia thought, 'she's really good with her tongue.'

'Maybe something where June gets to cum?'

'Right. Fair enough. June. I want… to watch you fuck yourself. Get a rubber cock from my bag, get up on the bar, and fuck yourself in front of all of us. Okay? I want to watch you cum.'

June smiled, her green eyes flaring with excitement. 'Yes, Mistress Felicia!'

Felicia checked her vest. 'You have… eleven minutes to cum three times. Go!'

June raced to the bag, grabbed a toy, and got up onto the bar, kneeling. She tilted her head back and planted her full lips on the red plastic penis, her light pink tongue darting out and around the tip. She squeezed her breast, stretching and pinching her puffy brown nipple, then slid her hand down her body. As her hand moved down, she slid the dildo deeper into her mouth. The other women watched, hypnotised, as the red cock slid inch by inch past June's lips and into her throat. Her free hand danced down the explosive vest and came to her crotch. She started rubbing her pussy through the vinyl, and gave out a muffled moan.

The rubbing got faster as she fucked her own throat with the dildo, her hips bucking back and forth as she chased an orgasm, closer and closer, then frustrating and pulling away, then building back up. She thought about everyone watching, watching her last show, watching her fuck herself, watching her about to blow up, getting off on watching her body gyrate and her hands play and her timer tick and she fucking came, bending double and pulling the dildo from her mouth with a gasp as she shook and rubbed and shook and nearly fell.

'That's one, sweetie. Two more!' Felicia encouraged. Priya stared, the anticipation of another orgasm/explosion pushing the environment aside as she couldn't help but rub her pussy through her dress.

June sat back, kicking off her high heels, sliding her tight pants off quicker than they looked like they'd allow. She slid her middle finger into her tight pussy, slowly, getting used to the size, pumping in and out, a second finger inside, her legs splayed and her hair cascading over the bar. She slid her fingers out and quickly slid the dildo in their place, crying out at the larger size but not hesitating. She brought her fingers up to her lips, tasting her own cum, as she fucked herself faster and faster. She switched toy for fingers, fingers for toy, diligently, eagerly cleaning her cum off each time, as she tried to find the sweet spot.

She looked at the group, their gaze, and their looks of fascination. She saw Felicia's encouraging smile, and Priya playing with herself through her dress, and Elisabeth's fingers intertwining with Soraya's, and Mel's hand behind her apron and down her jeans, and all at once it hit her. Her back arched, her toes pointed, her pussy tightened around the rubber cock as she fucked herself and came, and they watched her, her, as she orgasmed and writhed.

Felicia called to her. 'One more, June! Three minutes!'

She gasped.

'You can do it, June!' Elisabeth called out.

She pulled the cock from her pussy, rubbing it up and down her clit. She turned and sat up, giving her audience a better view as she grinded up and down the shaft. She smiled wickedly, taking in their gaze and their fascination.

'Watch me explode, everyone. Watch me cum and watch me explode.' She impaled herself on the cock, giving out a gasp and a laugh, kneeling to she could get deeper and harder. She locked eyes with Felicia. 'Watch me… watch me explode, Mistress Felicia. You're making… making me do this. In front of ev – fuck – everyone.'

'Cum for me, June. I order you, cum for me.' Felicia demanded. 'Cum for me, then explode for me.'

'Y-yes.. yes, Mistress.' Her pumping got faster at the command.

Elisabeth glanced at the clock, 'Oh, shit! She's going to blow! Ten!' She squeezed Soraya's hand.

'Nine!' They counted together. Mel and Felicia joined in, Priya could only gasp the numbers, her self-control gone.



'Six!' 'You can do it!' Elisabeth encouraged.

'Five!' June gasped.


'Three!' June buckled forward screaming and then laughing. Her body shook.



'I'm cumming, I'm fucking cumming, oh fuck-' BOOM!

June exploded as she came, as her audience watched her cum, fascinated. Priya gasped and moaned at the sight while Elisabeth gave her victorious cheer.

Felicia gave a satisfied shudder, the aftershocks of an earlier orgasm brought about by the site of her previous lay fucking herself and exploding. She turned to the others, a thoughtful look on her face. 'So, my previous fuck buddy got blown up. Who wants to be the new one?'

Part IV: Pulsing

As Elisabeth played with Felicia while Soraya offered directions and helpful advice, Priya excused herself to the bathroom. It was overwhelming. The beautiful women, the anticipation, watching them cum, watching them explode. She was getting washed away. She just needed to control it. She stared at herself in the mirror.

The mirror. She could sneak a peek at her timer, know how long she had until she blew up, and gain a bit more… control over it.

Mel sauntered in as she was unzipping the back of her dress.

'I thought you weren't going to look, Priya.'

Priya gasped and zipped the dress back up. 'I… I wasn't… I…'

'It's difficult to watch you, you know.'

'I… sorry?'

'I've been watching you. You want to get fucked but you aren't speaking up.' Mel pushed her against the wall, violently. 'You want to touch yourself but you're denying yourself the pleasure. You want to make the others cum, but you aren't taking charge. And you want to catch everyone by surprise, even yourself, when you explode, but now you're in here, sneaking a peak.'

Mel pushed her thigh between Priya's legs, lifting it enough that there was pressure on the shorter girl's pussy.

'You want to cum, but you aren't doing anything about it. For fuck's sake, Priya, this is your night, to live to the fullest and go out with a bang, and you're missing it.'

'I don't know… I don't know what to do.'

Mel cocked her head to the side. She pushed her apron to one side and lifted her shirt.

Underneath, the shining metal of an explosive vest.

'Oh, my god.' Priya quivered, her legs tightening on Mel's thigh.

'I could blow at any second, Priya. I could explode, and you'd explode with me. How does that make you feel?'


'Just scared?'

Priya looked up into Mel's eyes. 'S-scared and excited…'

'The others don't even know I have one. I could detonate at any moment and they'd not see it coming.'

'Oh, god.' Priya couldn't help but press against the thigh she was now practically straddling.

'What do you want to do about it?'


'I'll make it easy. Push me away and I'll leave you to look at your timer and wreck your last surprise. Or, you could kiss me, and I'll make you cum so hard you'll never forget it as long as you live. Which could be any… fucking… second now.'

Priya looked desperately at Mel, put her hands on the taller woman's shoulders, and stood on tip toes to kiss her. 'Please… hurry…' she whimpered.

Mel lifted Priya onto the bathroom bench. She slid her hand up beneath Priya's skirt, and pulled back with a quizzical expression. 'You're not wearing any underwear, Priya.'

Priya blushed, and smiled. 'I didn't think I'd need to.'

Mel smiled, and kissed her. She moved Priya's hand from her shoulder, down over her breast, lifting her shirt. 'Touch it.'

Priya gasped at the feeling of the warm metal, knowing it was packed with enough explosives to kill them both. Mel slid a single finger up across Priya's pussy lips; the slight touch was enough to make her eyelids flutter. Mel ran her finger up and down either side of Priya's labia, then out along her inner thigh and back again. 'You want it?'

'Mmhmm! Ha!' Priya gasped.

'You know what you have to do.'

Priya's big brown eyes opened. She gazed at Mel's lips, before planting a kiss on them. Her small pink tongue darted into Mel's mouth. In response, Mel slowly flicked up a finger against Priya's clit, which elicited a small squeak. There was a pause, and then Priya darted her tongue into Mel's mouth again, to which Mel replied with another gentle flick. Dart, flick. Dart, flick.

Priya's tongue kept darting into Mel's mouth, faster and faster. Then she grabbed the back of Mel's head, her other hand still rubbing up and down Mel's bomb vest, and she pushed her tongue as deep into Mel's mouth as she could. Mel carefully slid her index finger into Priya's tight pussy, which got her a muffled 'ha!' Priya held tightly on to Mel's head, very still, not daring to move her tongue until she worked up the courage.

She slid out and back in; Mel did the same thing. Out, in, pushing her tongue as deep into Mel's mouth as she could. She licked the back of Mel's top teeth and poked at the roof of Mel's mouth as best she could. Mel smirked, getting the idea, and started making come-hither motions with her finger. Priya wrapped her legs around Mel's back, squeezing her tightly as her hips rocked on the countertop, her hand clasping at the bomb vest.

Mel broke the kiss and whispered in her ear, 'careful with that. You might set it off.'

'Oh, god,' Priya replied. She pulled Mel in, her ankles locked behind Mel's back. 'Make me cum, Melanie! Hurry! Please!'

Mel stroked Priya's clit with her thumb as she kissed her again, passionately, deeply. 'You need to cum, Priya. You need to cum because we're about to explode.'

It was too much for the slender Indian girl. Her body rocked, her eyes rolled back and screamed as she came, squirting cum up the length of Mel's arm. Mel held her head from hitting the mirror as her body spasmed with ecstasy.

Mel gave her a moment, before kissing Priya as she slid her finger out. Priya held Mel's hand, pulling it to her mouth. She licked it tentatively, before sucking on the finger with a sudden enthusiasm. Mel stared, fascinated, as Priya seemed to remember she was there. She blushed, and smiled. 'I always wanted to know…'

Mel winked. 'Let gets back and see who's still with us.' She left the bathroom. A couple of minutes later, Priya collected herself and straightened her beautiful cocktail dress back out, ignoring the white cum stains and not even thinking to look at the timer on her bomb dress. She joined the rest of the women in the club.


Part V: Ticking

Soraya watched as the two women emerged from the bathroom, one after the other. She noted how Priya was quite dishevelled and seemed to be glowing, and gave Mel a congratulatory nod before returning her attention to Felicia and Elisabeth.

Elisabeth was cheerfully fulfilling the curvy red-head's desire to be played with. Felicia seemed tireless, and when Elisabeth lay back to take a break, Felicia kept going, grinding against the denim of Elisabeth's tight jeans.

'How long have I got left, Lissy? Tell me!' Felicia insisted.

'Ha, shush, you! I'm not telling you!' Elisabeth laughed, but the laugh turned to a shriek as Felicia sucked one of her toes. She jerked her foot away, and Felicia pouted. She looked around desperately at Mel and Priya, and noted Priya's dreamy expression.

'No fair! I want to get fucked by the hot British woman!'

Mel laughed, teasingly, and went behind the bar. Felicia scowled.

It was at this point, Soraya stood up. Silence fell as her sheer presence filled the room. Felicia looked up at her.

'Lie down.'

Felicia went from sitting to splayed out subservience immediately at the command. She couldn't help it, as if the sight of the dark, smouldering, suddenly looming woman had drained all the resistance out of her. Mel, Elisabeth and Priya watched, fascinated, as Soraya strode across the room to the prone Felicia.

'You've been a very naughty girl, Felicia. So selfish. So lustful. You want to be fucked? You want to orgasm?'




'Yes what?' Soraya leaned in close. Felicia gasped, her breath getting shallow. Excitement.

'Yes… Mistress?'

'Mistress who?'

'Mistress Soraya!'

Soraya grabbed the nearest sex toy, a glassy vibrator. In her right hand she twisted the base, turning it on, flipped it around, and held it to Felicia's inner thigh. Felicia moaned but still dared not to move. Soraya held Felicia's neck with her left hand, pushing her down. The explosive vest gleamed in the light.

'You're going to cum, Felicia. What can you do about that?'

'N-nothing, Mistress Soraya!'

'You're going to explode, Felicia. Blow up into a thousand pieces. What can you do about that?'

She squirmed. 'Nothing, Mistress Soraya!'

Soraya leaned in, her gaze piercing Felicia's, her hand moving to the back of Felicia's neck, sliding up and grabbing her hair.


She plunged the vibrator into Felicia's pussy. Felicia cried out, grabbing Soraya's shoulders for purchase as Soraya started fucking her, quickly and mercilessly. Her legs stretched out along the sofa, toes clenching at the air.

'Tell everyone how it feels,' Soraya commanded.

Felicia looked up at her, mouth agape. Soraya pulled her hair back violently. 'Tell them how it feels.'

'Oh… fuck… it… good!' The most coherent reply the stricken woman could muster.

'Good girl. Cum for me.'

Felicia whimpered, biting her lip, then bucked wildly as her orgasm picked her up and ravaged her. Soraya held her tightly as she writhed against her hand and the sex toy. It took a minute for her to stop twitching and uncurl, looking into the eyes of this raven haired, olive skinned goddess of sex.

The power of speech slowly returning to her, Felicia stuttered, 'that was incredible, Soraya!'

Soraya leaned in, her full, dark lips coming close to Felicia's. Felicia tried to raise her head to kiss the other woman, but found Soraya was still holding her hair.

'Did I say you could fucking talk?'

Confusion, and then exhilaration as Soraya penetrated her with the vibrator again. The fucking pace started up again as it was, relentless, not giving the poor Felicia a chance to control the sensations that held her and dominated her.

And it felt so… fucking… good…

Mel was leaning on the bar, transfixed at the scene, as was Priya, her skirt again bunched up against her crotch, humping her hand. Elisabeth was watching Soraya, fascinated by her. She tentatively walked over to her, kneeling down. She gently pulled Soraya's face towards her and kissed her, lightly and almost carefully.

The sight overwhelmed Felicia, the dissolution of a woman who was at once holding her hair and violently forcing her to orgasm, at the same time, tenderly kissing another woman like an experimenting teenager. She tried to grab at the couch put couldn't hold on, then felt fingers entwining with hers. Elisabeth had stopped kissing Soraya and now held her hand gently. She leaned forward and gave Felicia the same treatment, chaste, careful kissing with her tongue only occasionally brushing across Felicia's lips. Soraya, on the other hand, only got rougher, using her grip on Felicia's hair to stop her ravishing Elisabeth's mouth with her tongue, while still fucking her with the vibrator, pulsing it in and out as her thumb rubbed Felicia's clit.

Light kissing, hard fucking, gentle lips, rough hands – Felicia shook as she came again, Elisabeth gently pressing her tongue into Felicia's mouth and muffing her cries. The European brunette pulled back and smiled. 'I'm not telling you when, but it's soon, Felicia. You are going to blow up very soon,' she whispered. Felicia's eyes rolled back and she shuddered.

Soraya came back into view. 'If you ask nicely, Felicia, maybe Mistress Elisabeth will make you cum again.'

'She… ff… I…' Felicia was lost for words. Elisabeth smiled. 'Maybe Mistress Elisabeth won't give you a choice, yeah?' Soraya moved back, and Elisabeth gave Felicia a peck on the lips, then the collarbone, down her breasts, lightly biting her nipple, her bushy brown hair making Felicia's skin tingle. She ran her tongue down the silvery metal of the bomb vest, before repositioning herself between Felicia's legs. Her tongue was gentle, massaging Felicia's clit, her finger sliding between her lips carefully, making fluid curling motions.

Soraya grabbed her hair again, firmly, and, using her thumb, drew a line down Felicia's chest to her explosive vest. She lifted Felicia's head, so she could she both Soraya pressing the top of the vest, and Elisabeth's beautiful brown eyes look up at her, her cute nose flaring as she licked Felicia's pussy.

'Unsure said they'd go off if we tampered with them. I could set it off right now, blow up the three of us.' Soraya slid her thumb under the metal of the vest. Elisabeth smiled, her eyes gleaming with excitement. Felicia whimpered, her ankles locking behind Elisabeth's shoulders, eyes pleading with Soraya.

'And why not? Do it now, before Mistress Elisabeth has a chance to make you orgasm, and I die knowing I was the last person to make you cum. And that it was good.' Soraya smiled evilly.

Felicia wanted to beg but didn't know what for. Blow me up, blow us up, fuck me more, make me cum, punish me, rule me, make me explode, tell me when I'm gonna…

Elisabeth giggled, planting a sucking kiss on Felicia's clit. 'But I want to make her explode before she explodes in my face, you know?'

Soraya arched an eyebrow. 'You heard Mistress Elisabeth. You will cum for her. Then maybe you'll get to detonate.' She leaned in and kissed Felicia. Unlike the near-chastity of Elisabeth's kiss, Soraya kissed like she fucked; forceful, dominating. Her tongue invaded Felicia's mouth, pushing her own aside and felt as though it would fill her throat and choke her. Soraya's tongue twisted and pumped, and the two women's faces got messy with saliva. Elisabeth kept her gentle, fluid pace of licking and fingering, favouring using the tip of her tongue in mischievous flicks the grew more regular.

Their audience, Mel and Priya, were both rubbing themselves through their clothes, Priya in a daze, Mel grinning as she touched the explosive vest she kept a secret from the others and watched the three women on the couch and the one masturbating on a bar stool that, like her, could explode at any second. She slapped a hand on the bar to support herself as the thought made her cum, weak at the knees.

Felicia went from moaning into Soraya's mouth to screaming as she was fucked by tongues at both ends, tender and rough. She almost pulled the three of them to the floor as her curvaceous form stretched and twisted orgasmically. Elisabeth sat up and made a show of daintily wiping Felicia's cum from the sides of her mouth before standing and stretching outwards with a satisfied sigh, and bouncing over to the bar. She whispered something to Mel, who whispered to Priya, who blushed. The three watched Felicia intently.

Felicia was in a daze as Soraya pulled back, a sticky trail of saliva bridging their tongues. She glanced at the clock, then leaned her head down next to Felicia.

'You've got ten seconds left, Felicia.' She stood and marched back to the bar, leaving the stricken woman.

Felicia came to her senses what Soraya said sank in. She was too exhausted, too spent, too fucked to do anything. There was nothing she could do anyway; just like orgasms, it was out of her control.

The four remaining women watched, transfixed, as Felicia stretched out on the couch, wiggling her fingers and toes, accepting her fate, and gave a last satisfied sigh.

BOOM! The vest exploded in a small fireball, killing Felicia, its willing victim. Elisabeth clapped and hugged Soraya, then hugged Priya, who was clearly in an afterglow trance. Mel straightened herself up, setting up drinks for the remaining party guests.

Part VI: Unstable.

The four remaining women; Soraya, Elisabeth, Priya and Mel took their drinks over to the stage area. The stage itself had a couple of small stage lights and possibly the classiest stripper pole in existence; well-polished brass on a cool, hardwood floor. More importantly, six plush leather seats surrounded the stage; after Kai and Rebecca exploding had destroyed two bar stools, and Felicia's destruction had similarly demolished a sofa, adequate seating was running short.

Priya curled up on her chair, head on the arm rest, watching Mel who sat next to her. Mel noticed it didn't take long before Priya was gently rubbing herself – it was like a floodgate had been opened and now she couldn't get enough sensation. Soraya carefully sat down next to Mel, smoothing out her skirt, and Elisabeth sat next to her, though it wasn't long before the energetic Norwegian was up and about, inspecting the pole on the stage.

'So, who was your favourite explosion so far?' she asked the others.

Soraya thought about it. 'Either Felicia or June. Kai and Rebecca were so sudden, I scarcely had time to register what was happening.'

'I know, right? But that's a bit kind of awesome, yeah? Out of nowhere, kaboom!' Elisabeth downed her cocktail in one fluid motion. 'Plus, a two at once is hotter!'

'Felicia's demise was intense. A job well done by you both,' Mel gestured to Soraya and Elisabeth with her glass. 'And Rebecca and Kai, well, I overheard them chatting, and I think their infatuation was mutual. The element of romance was, indeed, quite lovely. But June… she got her kicks out of having an audience. I can certainly relate to that.'

'Is that so, Melanie?' Soraya smiled. 'Because you seem to be mainly working in the background. Are you perhaps hiding something?'

Mel raised an eyebrow, and glanced at Priya, who squeaked and blushed, hands suddenly on the armrests. 'I didn't say anything!'

Elisabeth looked at the others, confused. 'What is going on?'

Mel sat in silence for a moment, before standing and drawing a remote control from her apron. As she took the stairs up on the stage, she pushed buttons, dimming the lights, bringing up the stage lights, and turning on music. Soft, raunchy jazz played over hidden speakers. Striptease music.

'If madam would care to take a seat,' Mel gently ushered Elisabeth off the stage and back to her chair, before returning to the pole in the centre.

'Ladies, would you please welcome to the stage…' she undid her ponytail and flicked out her hair, 'amorous and volatile, Miss Melanie Missile!' In one quick motion, the apron came off. Her practical clothing - plain shirt, black jeans, flat-rubber soled shoes – were far from typical exotic dancer clothing, but when she grabbed the pole, flipped upwards and slid back down, it became apparent that she'd done this before.

She sat on the edge of the stage, kicking off her shoes and inviting Elisabeth to peel off her socks. Elisabeth tried to plant a kiss on the top of her bare foot, but Mel gently pulled away, shaking her finger. 'I must remind the audience not to touch the women; they're extremely unstable and could go off at the slightest touch…'

Elisabeth's pout turned into a smile as Mel stood, gyrating around the pole. Mel put on a theatrically thoughtful face. 'Oh, my, I can't seem to get a good grip with my legs all pent up in denim. Should I lose the jeans?'

'Take them off!' Elisabeth cheered.


'Take them off, Mel!'

Mel arched an eyebrow, and popped the button on her fly. Facing away from the others, she slowly peeled the tight denim jeans down her long, pale legs, first revealing a black g-string, then a myriad of tattoos that curled up around her thighs and calves; fire, cards and red-skinned devil girls dancing on her skin. She kicked her jeans out of the way, hiked her leg up on the pole, and lazily span to face her audience.

She popped the top button on her shirt. 'Funny, isn't it? Elisabeth knows that Soraya has plenty of time left before she explodes.' Her posh British accent made it sound like a formal address. She popped another button, revealing her smooth clavicle. Elisabeth smiled at Soraya, her eyes twinkling.

'And Soraya knows how long before Elisabeth will detonate.' Soraya kept her eyes on Mel but held out a hand, which Elisabeth promptly held, entwining her fingers. Mel popped another button, her cleavage pushing it apart, her tight white shirt almost bursting.

'And I know how long both of you have left, though I would never tell. And you both play a dangerous game; dear, sweet Priya could explode at any second, and we'd not have any warning! Standing near her is positively suicidal.' Again, Priya had started touching herself, but though she hesitated at the sudden attention, she didn't stop.

Mel's fingers danced over the next button. 'Just like being next to me…' She ripped shirt open, revealing her breasts in a black bra, and the bomb vest beneath them.

'Woo!' Elisabeth cheered and clapped, looking to the others to see if they'd known. Soraya smiled at her, taking her hand again. 'I think you were the only one still in the dark.'

'I don't care, I like surprises.' They looked at Priya, who had started giving out small gasps, the back at Mel, who had come to the front of the stage. She sat, and leaned forward to Elisabeth, putting her lips to the up to the brunette's ear.

'Care for a filthy, potentially fatal lap dance?' she breathed. Elisabeth nodded. Soraya leaned forward, trying to catch a glimpse of the timer on Mel's back, but Mel twisted to the other side, sitting gently on Elisabeth's lap. She stretched her legs out, running a toe up Soraya's calf, before swinging her legs around, straddling Elisabeth's thigh. She pushed her chest out and reached behind, unclipping her bra and catching it in one hand. Elisabeth raised a hand, then remembered herself and gripped the chair arm and Soraya's hand intently. Mel flashed her a smile, and took Elisabeth's free hand. She led it first up the surface of the explosive vest, then beneath her unclipped bra. Elisabeth's fingers were cool on her breast, her nipple went hard at the sensation. Elisabeth bit her lip.

'Courting danger, aren't you, Elisabeth? Getting a dance from a woman who could detonate and kill you… any minute… any second…' She'd started grinding against Elisabeth's leg, and let her bra fall to the side so she could grip the chair and lift her feet off the floor.

'That's what's exciting about it. Really turns me on!' Elisabeth squeezed Mel's breast as Soraya squeezed her hand; the olive-skinned Iranian seemed to be losing her strict control, and, like Priya, was gently touching herself through her clothes, ruining the line of her skirt.

'Give me a moment, please, darling.' Mel stood and took her g-string off, then commenced grinding against Elisabeth's leg.

'Should I… losing the jeans, yeah?' Elisabeth asked. Mel, her eyes squeezed shut, shook her head.

'I like the… fuck… of denim… on me…' Her thrusting quickened, she grabbed Elisabeth's hand from her breast and guided it to the button of her own jeans.

'If you're going to… touch yourself, darling, I suh… suggest you do it soon. I feel… like I may…' Her sentence trailed off as she leaned forward. Elisabeth slid her hand into her jeans and started rubbing up and down her labia; her pussy had been slick and throbbing since she toyed with Felicia and it felt so good to touch. Mel cried out, keeling forwards, evoking moans from Priya and Soraya. Her body quivered and she clenched against Elisabeth, humping her leg and nuzzling her neck.

She held still, as the orgasm faded back away, then straightened up, looking around dramatically. 'Still here? Odd, I could have sworn I just blew up. Thanks, darling,' she gave Elisabeth a quick peck on the cheek and stood as though nothing had happened, leaving the taller woman in her chair, pouting, but still masturbating. She turned, giving Elisabeth full view of her ticking timer.

'What do you think? Do I have time to give Soraya a dance? Or am I going to explode halfway through?' She put her hands on her hips, striking a pose. Elisabeth leaned forward to read the timer in the dark.

'Oh, okay! Um…' Her hand down her jeans quickened in pace as she looked at Soraya, then back at Mel. 'I think yes, but… oh… making it very close!'

Mel leaned over Soraya, who quickly put on her look of unfazed resolve. She sat down on Soraya's lap, putting her arm around her neck and a running a finger down her chest. 'What do you think, darling? Would that naughty little girl send me off to explode in your lap, just to get a thrill?'

Soraya looked at Elisabeth, who had slid her jeans past her hips for easier access. 'I think, judging by the blast radius of the last four women, that she'd get blown up as well.'

'I see! And do you think that would make a difference to her?'

Elisabeth's mouth was agape, her fingers deep inside herself and she clenched Soraya's hand. Soraya cocked her head to one side. 'I doubt it.'

Mel quickly leaned in, planting a full, passionate kiss on Soraya's exposed neck, causing her to shiver with delight. 'That would leave Priya' – kiss – 'all on her own' – kiss – 'ghastly thought.'

Mel rolled her ass on Soraya's lap, stretching out her legs. She gyrated around, keeping her back pressed against Soraya so she couldn't see the timer.

'Actually,' Soraya said, resisting the urge to grab the pale woman and fuck her, 'I believe the bombs are designed so no one person is left. Priya would explode with the rest of us.'

Mel grabbed Soraya's hand and guided it to her pussy. Their fingers entwined as they each slid their middle finger inside her, Mel's hand on top. Two middle fingers, working as one, pressing up along Mel's g-spot. Her legs stretched wide out as she arched back along Soraya's body.

'Did you hear that Priya? If I explode, right now, you will too. Chain reaction.' Mel smiled ecstatically at the muffled 'oh my god' coming from the chair further away, thrusting her hips into her and Soraya's hand.

Elisabeth had changed position, bent over the arm of the chair towards Mel and Soraya, reaching behind to fuck herself as she sucked on Soraya's fingers. Her toes curled as she came, pushing back hard on her fingers.

Priya's lust had overcome her shyness and she had pulled her dress up to her hips. Legs akimbo, squeezing her breasts with her free hand, she masturbated furiously, her mind’s eye picturing the timer on the back of Mel's bomb vest ticking down to nothing as she fucked Soraya's hand.

'Oh, fuck, oh, fuck, oh, fuck…' Mel started chanting as she thrust Soraya's fingers in and out of her. Soraya kissed her neck. 'Explode for us, Melanie,' she breathed before plunging her tongue into the bartender's ear.

Mel screamed as she squirted, cum drenching their hands. She gripped Soraya tightly in her hand, holding very still as her flat stomach clenched and unclenched. Staring up at the ceiling, she slowly drew their hands from her pussy, twitching at the sensation.

'Phew. Damn. I thought for sure that time. Thanks, anyway, darling.' She gave Soraya a quick peck on the cheek and stood up, stretching. This gave Soraya full view of Mel's timer.

Barely a minute left before the prim-and-improper British woman detonated.

Elisabeth, pulling her jeans back up, caught Soraya's eye, and winked. 'More pole dancing, Miss Melanie!'

Mel smiled at her, and got back up on the stage. Taking the pole in both hands, she pulled herself up and did the splits. Crossing her ankles, legs outstretched, she swung around and bent backwards, taking in her upside-down audience.

Priya was watching her, transfixed as she gyrated against the pole. Her petite body was convulsing, she looked to be in a daze, one long, drawn out orgasm. Elisabeth was on the edge of her seat, grinning widely.

And sat quietly, a smirk on her lips, one hand holding Elisabeth, the other raised with her fingers splayed. As Mel swung down to the floor, realising the meaning of those fingers, Soraya made a fist, one finger at a time, a silent countdown.




Mel winked at the audience. 'Ladies.'

BLAM! She was torn apart as her vest exploded, denting the pole, scorching the floor and leaving nothing left of the amorous and volatile Miss Melanie Missile. Elisabeth cheered and even Soraya clapped, as Priya arched back, kicking out, eyes rolling, rocked by the culmination of a torturous, drawn out orgasm.

Elisabeth and Soraya patiently watched as Priya came back down to Earth, still gently fucking herself. She brought her fingers to her lips, tasting her cum, before noticing the other two. Too exhausted to blush, she smiled instead.

'Oh, my god, that was -' BOOM! Her thought cut short as her bomb vest detonated. Her petite body exploded outward from her chair as Elisabeth and Soraya jumped, startled. There was a moment of shocked silence, broken by the smoking remain of the leather armchair falling backwards. Elisabeth and Soraya looked at each other, and Elisabeth laughed.

Then she jumped Soraya.

Part VII – Ignition

Soraya had deep, dark, handsome eyes. So stern, and serious, piercing when she wanted them to be. But now they were pleading, desperate, hungry, in a way she hadn’t felt since she was a teenager. Her gaze was transfixed, looking up at Elisabeth. Their clothes had been quickly discarded leaving only the explosive vests beneath their breasts, and the two women now lay on a sofa that had yet to be destroyed.

Elisabeth had expressed an urge to make love, to slow fuck, as she put it.

Her hand brushed Soraya’s cheek and she held her gaze, keeping her hips still. She smiled, teasing the once dominating older woman with a slow, languorous inch sliding in and out. A strap-on was one of many toys Felicia had brought, and no longer needed; Elisabeth was making good use of it.

Soraya bit her lower lip, suppressing a whimper. Elisabeth laughed at her efforts, then rolled her hips suddenly, thrusting the toy deep inside Soraya, and back to the tip. Soraya gasped, losing focus as her eyes closed. When she opened them, Elisabeth was looking down at her, holding the position. Soraya could feel the involuntary clench of her pussy trying to draw Elisabeth back in.

Elisabeth kissed her. ‘You are so beautiful. What do you do?’


Elisabeth swayed her hips, poised to thrust again. ‘What do you do for work?’

‘Um… I’m an analyst.’

Elisabeth made a sound of approval, and thrust deeply. Soraya squeezed Elisabeth tightly, trying not to scream. How is she doing this? This feels so…

‘You must be very smart! Business analyst? Corporate, yeah?’
‘Yes. Corporate. I was a department heaaaAAAH-‘ Cut off by another thrust.

Elisabeth leaned in, her hips rolling rhythmically, slowly. ‘I bet you made all the secretaries blush,’ she whispered, planting kisses from Soraya’s cheek to her lips. Soraya held Elisabeth’s neck, needing to satisfy her lips before Elisabeth did something to tease her like pulling away. Instead, Elisabeth kept kissing, tongue darting in deeper to match the gradually quickening pace of her thrusts.

Soraya felt Elisabeth’s fingers tracing up her arm. She went to clutch the other woman’s hand, but instead Elisabeth moved Soraya’s hand down. She placed Soraya’s fingers first on her own breast, down over her vest, then onto Soraya’s own mound.

‘You can touch yourself, please…’

Soraya smiled. She started to play with her clit, slow circles that she knew would be too much to control, too much to hold back. As she humped against her own hand it forced the toy deeper.

‘Any family, my dear?’ Elisabeth asked.

Soraya shook her head. ‘Only work. Oh, god, don’t stop.’

Elisabeth quickened the pace. Soraya stretched her legs straight up, pointing her toes, letting the young woman go deeper. Elisabeth smiled with excitement as Soraya held still, then crashed against her, wrapping her legs around Elisabeth’s back, burying her face in Elisabeth’s bushy brown hair, squeezing her tightly.

The moment, the orgasmic peak was broken by an alarmed beep from both their vests.

Confusion, then understanding. ‘Unsure said they would go off if played with. I guess you squeeze too tightly, yeah?’

Soraya blushed. She tried to change the subject, to not think about just yanking at Elisabeth’s vest and blowing them both up in one big energy release… ‘What about you, any family?’

‘Haha! I tell you what… you ride me, I tell you.’ Elisabeth slowly slid the toy out. She lay back, massaging the strap-on dildo like it was her own cock. Soraya straddled her, and with a quick kiss, slowly lowered herself onto the toy. Elisabeth held her hip with one hand, guiding her up and down. She played with herself under the harness.

‘I had a sister. Very beautiful. Tall, blonde. Strong woman, like you.’ Elisabeth kissed Soraya’s arm.

‘One day, I get a video movie sent to me. It’s Tania, lying on the sands. She waves at me, then shows me a stick of… a bomb. Dynamite, yeah?’

Soraya nodded, watching as Elisabeth reminisced. Her hand moved faster under the harness as she thought of her sister.

‘So, she kisses the bomb, and she licks it, and she sucks it. She is now touching herself under her swimsuit… fuck…’ Elisabeth gave a shudder, the vibrating movement made Soraya tingle.

‘She pulls off the swimsuit, and she fucks with the bomb. She looks so good, so happy. I am already playing with myself, wondering what will happen to Tania.

‘She cums, so hard. It looks so fun! And then I see she has a lighter. She winks at me and lights the fuse. At beginning she just holds it inside her, and watches it burn. Then she starts to fuck it again. She can’t look away from the fuse burning closer!

‘I am so wet and I have to fuck my pussy as I see her and her bomb and then the fire burns down and she… fuck!’ Elisabeth thrust upward into Soraya, arching her back as she came. Soraya watched in amazement as her skinny body was wracked with pleasure, raising her hips to give her freedom to move and thrust against her slender fingers, her other nails scratching down Soraya’s thigh and clenching at the sofa.

Elisabeth fell back down, panting.

‘So did she?’

Elisabeth nodded. Soraya gave her a minute, but couldn’t help starting to grind again.

‘And are you going to? Explode, that is?’

Elisabeth looked up and smiled. ‘Oh, fuck yeah.’

Soraya glanced at the clock, ticking away over the bar. ‘How long do you think we have? Should we check?’

‘I know how much is left.’ Elisabeth put her hands on Soraya’s waist, below the explosive vest.

Soraya raised an eyebrow. ‘How? I haven’t told you how much time you have. Could be less than me.’

Elisabeth slid her hands upward over the vest, clasping its edge beneath Soraya’s breasts. It gave another warning beep as Elisabeth pulled her down for a kiss.

‘When you cum, we explode. That is how much time.’

Soraya went weak at the thought. She looked into Elisabeth’s eyes to see if she was joking; her excited smile said otherwise. Soraya found herself sliding down onto the strap-on cock like her body was no longer in her control, like her desire was taking over.

‘Are you going to cum, Soraya? That will blow us both up if you do…’ Elisabeth’s teasing was merciless as Soraya’s pace quickened, fucking her harder. She couldn’t stop. Elisabeth laughed with pure joy as Soraya let out a whimper, squeezing her eyes shut.

She felt warmth building inside her. She could feel those teasing fingers clenching the explosive vest that was wrapped tightly around her body. She could hear the slick sounds of the plastic sliding into her wet pussy, and her own breathing, deep and fast. She knew if she opened her eyes and looked at that amazing woman she was riding and fucking and making love to that she couldn’t hold back… and she knew that when she came, they would both detonate.

She couldn’t stop herself. She opened her eyes, looking at Elisabeth’s perfect brown eyes and lips that formed a simple little phrase that would push her over the edge… ‘Explode for me, Soraya!’

She screamed, the feeling of pleasure ripping her apart as Elisabeth laughed and pulled down on the vest and kissed her and they ignored the alarmed beep of a bomb about to be set off as Soraya arched back and convulsed and Elisabeth pulled against her spasms to push the vest beyond its limit…


The explosion ripped them apart, killing the last two women of the party. A recording of their final moments of ecstasy and every second building up to it were to be sent to potential clients to show them the joys of an Unsure demise…


Story contains F/M, consensual snuff, explosives, F/D incest

You wouldn’t lie to your daughter, would you?

She’s laying on her back, trying to catch her breath. Her chest rises and falls heavily, glistening with your seed, or as she calls it, her ‘baby brother batter.’ She slides a finger across her perky breast, her eyes rolling back as she tastes your cum for the millionth time. Her legs still twitch from her sixth orgasm; you always found her little post-coital spasms cute, to her annoyance.

You know it was her sixth because six of the little green lights on her Seven-To-Heaven collar have switched to a dangerous, throbbing red. A gift for her nineteenth birthday, she was thrilled to show the perverted gift off to her friends… though she’d never tell them her own father gave it to her.

“Fuck, Dad! That would have drowned me!” She looks down her athletic body at the pools of pearly white, marvelling at the volume. She hasn’t noticed the spot on her blushing cheek, rolling down to her neck and the explosive collar clasped tightly around it.

“I lost count, Dad… Daddy,” she remembers herself, her teasing-princess voice like music to your ears. “When you were licking me with that tongue, oh, my god, that tongue…I don’t know if the collar counted it once or twice or what…” You look down at her as her fingers dance dangerously close to her clit. Surely she kept count; it made all the difference. Six orgasms, no matter how strong, were perfectly safe, A seventh orgasm, no matter how light… like the kind your masochistic daughter might have the second she touched herself if she knew it would be her last… that would trigger the explosives in the collar and destroy the wearer. “Daddy?” she asks, her innocent eyes looking up at you. “I’m only on five, right? I can have one more? Please?”

Your cock twitches as her fingers start to tease her lower lips, her pussy slick. You wouldn’t lie to your daughter, would you?

That first night, when she was one break from uni and she came into your room in her cheerleading uniform, you told the truth. When she asked if you thought she was pretty, you told her she was beautiful. When she asked if you liked her body, you were honest, telling her how gorgeous her slender form was.

When she stripped off her uniform and asked you if you wanted to fuck her, you told the truth.You told her what a bad idea it was, how if anyone found out you’d be ostracized. You told her that it was wrong for a girl to want to fuck her father, and it was *definitely* wrong for a father to want to fuck his daughter.

And you told her how you wanted nothing more than to pin her down and fill her with cum.
It wasn’t long, not long at all, before her masochistic streak reared its head. Of course, in your day, snuff fetishists didn’t have anything more complex than a guillotine to play with, and you were used to finding creative ways to strangle someone with whatever was on hand.
The fit, energetic girl who always seemed ready for more no matter how much her dad tried to wear her out was turned into a puddle of orgasmic wreckage when you wrapped a belt around her neck and threatened to choke her if she came. She begged for you to snuff her and you almost did, except you came to a realisation.

You wanted your own demise to be synchronised with your daughter.

You swapped ideas, teased each other. She’d suck your cock while you were driving, trying desperately to get you to swerve into oncoming traffic. You’d fuck her over the edge of a secluded building; you kept in shape well enough that if you decided you were going over the edge, she’d be getting splattered on the ground beneath you whether she had cum yet or not.
Then the fashion changed. Just before she turned nineteen,, people stopped taking poison pills and started using bombs to end themselves. A trippy demise was out, an explosive demise was in, and your daughter knew *exactly* what she wanted for her birthday.

The Seven-To-Heaven Collar. Proudly show the world how much you’ve been getting off and how close you are to death. Green light indicators switch to a sultry, throbbing red when the user cums; seven orgasms without taking it off to reset it and it exploded violently.

She wore it proudly, and her sensitivity skyrocketed. Just sitting and watching a movie together, if a sex scene came on she’d give a little gasp and, sure enough, one of her lights would go red. If she wore it while blowing you, even if she kept her hands wrapped around your shaft, by the time she had ‘sucked out her sisters’ (her words, not yours), she would have two, even three lights red that had been green when your throbbing member had first passed her full lips.

It was the closest she’d gotten to dying, and the closest you two had been to having your incestuous relationship discovered, when she wore it to a work picnic. You both sensed that protecting your reputation was getting less and less important so you hadn’t stopped her wearing it in front of your coworkers, acting like an out-of-touch old man who was blissfully unaware of the significance of his daughter’s collar. Except you hadn’t been able to resist bending her over in the relative privacy of the trees and when you got back, her six red lights had quickly become a point of gossip.

Your daughter spent the whole time flushed, eyes unfocused, on the precipice, your cum oozing out of her tight pussy, her dazed expression making your secretary giggle until you finally showed mercy and reset her collar. No longer close to her demise, she was able to regain a little focus… though you’d had to hire a new secretary shortly afterwards after yours, inspired by your daughters antics, blew herself up with a stick of dynamite at a club that very night.

Now she is in that same state. Her fingers getting closer to her g-spot, her toes clenching the sheets, her hips bucking… if she knew she was on six she’d already be cumming and then…
You take her hand, softly, and she whimpers. “Please, Daddy…. I just need one more. Can I have one more?”

You’re already hard again, partly from your beautiful, writhing daughter begging to cum, and party from a primal part of you knowing it will spell your demise if you let her.
You wouldn’t lie to your daughter, would you?

You lean down and kiss her. “I think we can both have just one more.” She smiles, wrapping her long legs around you. She sighs with joy as you slide inside her tight, young pussy. She bites into your shoulder as you slowly drive deeply into her, not wanting to rush this, your daughter’s final orgasm.

“Ha-oh-fah-fuck…” she cries, her fingers clenching your hair.

“Language,” you chastise jokingly. She rolls her eyes, first at the dad-humour, then from the pleasure. She feels incredible; she always does, her movements perfectly in synch with yours.
She probably gets it from you. She starts to whimper and moan.

“Careful, honey. If you explode, they’ll have to bury us both.”

She giggles with ecstasy. “They’ll… fuh… fit us both in… ha… the same shoebox…”
You roll and lift her onto you in one movement. She laughs, and then moans as she impales herself on you.

“Tired already, old man?” “I just wanted to see the look on your pretty face. I love you, princess.” “Aww, I love you, Dad!” Her hips roll with grace and agility as she clenches her perky breasts, her back arching. “You want to see… ah… see the look… when I cum? Big number six?”

You reach up and place a hand on her cheek. “No, the look on your face when you realise.” Your balls are tingling and tightening now, you know if she asks nicely she’ll get a pussy full of cum as her last request. She’s confused for a second, then you turn her face to look in the mirror. “Oh, fuck, daddy…” She sees the solitary green light, and all those throbbing reds, and it’s too much. “Oh, fuck, no, Daddy, I can’t… fuck… I can’t stop…” “Don’t stop for me, babygirl. Explode for your old man.” “Hunh… fuck… Daddy, I’m gonna explode… fill me fill me fill me quickly FILL ME!”

She flops forward, breasts mashing into your chest, her tongue plunging into your mouth. All you can feel is her spasming pussy milking the last orgasm from your cock as she pulls back enough for you to see her biting her lip and looking at you with raw lust as the last green light turns to throbbing red and…



Holy shit. This is AWESOME. (And finally some cons that aren't just cannibalism. Not that it's not great, but - variety!)

I liked the first one best. Hot damn.


Finally, some explosive theme. I like it!


I love all of these, fantastic work! Cons and explosions, could there be a better pairing?


I already saw your stories on thedarkspot and I loved them. Hope to read more like this!

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