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Wow, gurochan! Good to see it again!

I was hoping some of my favorite stories had been reposted here but I don't see them. There were three, I think all by the same author though I could be wrong. They were all novel length/quality

First, I think was entitled "Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars". You might be able to guess why this is hard to search for. It was about a guy slowly murdering another guy. I remember a few details but not much.

Next was about a Nazi doctor and a teenager(?) in nazi Germany

And the third and my favorite was a sci fi with a futuristic/space setting. The dominant was named Oberon and had cool robot eyes.

I remember a bunch of random details from them but nothing that i could use to find them. Hoping someone has copies and/or knows who the author is.


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