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Gun Game

Image Left: Alexa O'Bannon, age 32, Season 5 champion.

Mike cracked open a cold can of beer, leaned back in his chair and hit play on the match highlights. The final season 5 match of "Gun Game", the show about prison convicts, adrenaline junkies, and the desperately destitute throwing their lives on the line for a chance at fame, fortune and freedom had just finished airing. He had thrown a couple bucks on a wager with Robbie, his buddy that the favored champion of the season, Alexa O'Bannon would be defeated by the dark horse, Charlotte Samson, and he had a hunch he would collect. As the theme music played, he took a sip from his can and relaxed in his seat.

Charlotte reached into her vest pocket and grabbed the last magazine, slamming it into her locked open Desert Eagle and slingshotting the slide shut. She stepped over the spread eagled corpse of Rashida Elwood, the ebony queen of the SVD. Now, she was simply another limp body with three .50AE sized holes in between her perky tits, blood and pink froth bubbling out between her glossy, full lips.

Peering out of the doorway, Charlotte scanned the office, and cautiously sidled out into the mess of cubicles and beige PC boxes. The battle arena was quiet now, save for the moans and gurgles of the dying. The busty 23 year old single mother from Boston glanced at her watch. There was only 4 more minutes left before the match ended, and if she didn't kill the last opponent, the explosive charge surgically embedded in her head would be detonated. She wiped her forehead with the sleeve of her combat shirt. Shit, 4 minutes with only a single opponent alive? She'd faced worse odds before.

The first bullet struck Charlotte in the lower back, severing her spinal column and instantly crippling her from the waist down. With a pained cry, she fell to the ground, dropping her gun in the process.


Blood flecked her lips as she sputtered in shock and agony. She felt something hot and wet seep into her shirt, and knew without looking that it was her own life fluid.

Charlotte dragged herself forward, grasping for her gun when a combat boot kicked it out of reach. The paralyzed woman raised her head and looked up at her opponent.

Alexa O'Bannon was a thick, muscular redhead, standing 6'8" and weighing 235lbs. Her weapon of choice was a Marlin lever action chambered in .45-70 Government, which she had outfitted with a chunky silencer. "You're done, kid", she rasped in her deep, husky voice as she stood over her opponent. Her foot stomped hard on Charlottes firm abdomen. The wounded woman vomited. The taste of blood and puke mixed together in Charlottes mouth in a particularly unpleasant mix of acidic sourness and metallic warmth. She knew there was no way out now but in a body bag, her limp corpse to be cleaned out and put on display along with the rest of the season's losers.

Alexa threw her lever action over her shoulder, picked up the Desert Eagle, dropped the magazine and racked the slide to eject the round in the chamber. She got to her knees and grabbed Charlotte by her short cropped platinum blonde hair. The younger woman grimaced in pain.

"I like to give my sponsors a good entertaining finisher", the ginger amazon whispered. Her other hand reached down and unsheathed a karambit. She placed the tip of the curved blade against Charlotte's pulsating throat. Alexa stared into the doomed woman's eyes, drinking in the fear radiating from them. With a theatrical flourish, Alexa ripped open a 3 inch deep gash into her victim's neck.

Charlotte convulsed, her hands shooting up to desperately stem the sudden flow of pressurized blood spraying out onto the office carpet. Alexa held on to Charlotte's head, keeping it raised up for the cameras. Admirably, Charlotte held on to life for two more minutes, progressively growing paler and paler as her blood drained out onto the floor. Finally, her hands dropped from her throat, and her eyes closed.
A final raspy exhalation signaled the end of Charlotte Samson's 23 years of existence.

Alexa released her hold on Charlotte's head, letting it drop to the floor with a thud. She looked at her watch, and smiled. She finished the season with exactly a minute to spare, and now had her whole life, and many millions of dollars ahead of her.

Mike threw his empty can of beer into the garbage bin and cursed. "Dumb ass bitch had zero situational awareness, just wandered out into the open like the retarded bimbo she was. Fuck you!", he vented at the monitor.


Good story! Are there more already written, or in the works?


I might do some more later.

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