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Clarissa sat on the plush couch, her finger nervously twirling a stray bang of her golden blonde hair. The waiting room was minimalist, consisting of plain white walls, ceiling, and floor, and containing only the couch, a small table with a scattering of magazines, and a bottle of water. She reached over and grabbed the bottle, unscrewing the cap and taking a deep gulp of water. It was unseasonably hot, and her sweat stuck to her shirt, causing it to cling tightly to her breasts.

The young single mother grimaced as she thought back to the events that brought her to the room. It started with a letter in her mailbox. The royal stamp was on it, so she had quickly opened it and read the letter. She had been chosen by the king to attend his yearly birthday. The wording implied that it wasn't a voluntary invitation. The king had a reputation for choosing attractive women off the street and taking them to his castle. They were never seen again, although their families were compensated very richly. As expected in a small citystate like San Venizio, rumors ran wild about what exactly happened to these women, but no one knew for sure. Now it seemed like Clarissa was about to find out for herself.

The door swung open, making Clarissa snap out of her reverie, and a prim looking woman in a business suit walked in with a briefcase in hand. Clarissa didn't fail to notice the two large, burly guards flanking the woman, their pistols holstered on their chest plate carriers. "Ms. Clarissa Overmeier, I am the secretary and legal aide for His Majesty", the woman began. As she talked, her fingers unlocked the briefcase and withdrew a single sheet of paper and a pen. "Before we proceed with the ceremony, I'm going to need you to sign this form". Clarissa took the pen and paper, her eyebrows furrowing as she read the form.

"Name: Clarissa Franklin Overmeier. Age: 31. Social Identity number: 4558710". Her eyes wandered down, taking in the small print, and her unease only increased. "By signing this form, I hereby declare myself property of His Majesty, with all human rights afforded to me prior now forfeit. Any attempt at escape or causing bodily and mental harm to His Majesty will lead to severe punishment for the immediate family of the subject."

Her fingers trembled as she signed the last line with her name and initials. The secretary took the sheet and slipped it back into the briefcase. The woman gave a cold smile. "Rest assured, as long as you cooperate, your family will be looked after". She stood up, and motioned for Clarissa to follow. They exited the room, the two guards following behind. Their faces were emotionless, and Clarissa awkwardly looked away.

His Majesty was waiting in his bedroom when Clarissa arrived with the secretary. Clarissa gasped when she saw the room. It was huge, larger than the dingy one bedroom flat she rented. Her shock increased when she saw the sovereign at last. The king was a private person, so private that no one aside from his most trusted advisors and guards even knew what he looked like. Well, now Clarissa knew.

The king was a pale, slender boy, no older than 17, and about the height of her youngest son. He was dressed like any normal teenager, the same kind of clothes that her own children wore to school every day. A hoodie, graphic T-shirt, tight fitting jeans, and sneakers. The king sat on his bed, a laptop on his lap, engrossed in what was happening on screen.

"Your Majesty, I've arrived with the woman", the secretary said, bowing in greeting. The boy looked up, shut the laptop, and slid off his bed, landing on his feet. He looked up at Clarissa, his grey eyes wandering over her soft, curvy body. She shivered. The way the kid looked at her was predatory and hungry. Like someone sizing up a cut of beef at the butcher. "You are gorgeous!", he pronounced firmly. "Anita, you've outdone yourself again". "Thank you, Your Majesty", the secretary accepted the complement demurely.

The king leaned in close to Clarissa and groped her ass. She suppressed a shocked yelp, shaking as she felt the boy's fingers worm their way into her crack and rubbed around her pussy. Despite her fear, she felt a familiar warmth rising in her crotch, and her pulse quickened. His fingers pulled down her extremely skimpy jean shorts, revealing leopard print panties already moistened by his experienced hand. The king pulled his hand away, and motioned at the guards. The two men nodded, and exited the room.


Clarissa got to her knees. She stared at the floor as the king undid the fly on his jeans, and pulled out his cock.

"Anita, come over here."

"Yes, Your Majesty".

Something black went over Clarissa's eyes. A blindfold?
Slender hands grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her back, before securing them together with a plastic ziptie.

"Ah, I've been wanting to test this thing out for a long while". Clarissa felt something cool and metallic touch her neck. It felt like a metal choker, but a fair bit bulkier. There was a click, then an electronic beep.

The king grabbed Clarissa's hair and pulled her face forward, pressing his now erect penis against her soft cheek.

"Suck it", he ordered.

Clarissa obeyed, opening her mouth and stretching her tongue out to lick the pungent smelling cock. She felt like gagging, but buried the thought. She turned her head slightly, and took the cock into her mouth, carefully keeping her teeth clear of the penis. She sucked, her tongue wiggling over the head, then rolling around the shaft, She tasted pre-cum, and prepared herself for the inevitable blast of jizz.

"Okay Anita, press the button!" The king grunted.

The device activated as Anita dutifully pressed the button on the remote control.
A single charged monofilament wire zipped through Clarissa's neck, cleanly separating it from her shoulders. Her eyes shot open underneath the black silk blindfold. His Majesty came, long strings of cum squirting into Clarissa's mouth and down her severed throat pipe. Blood and vomit burst forth from the neck stump of the young mother, her shapely body quivering in mindless shock. Her torso fell forward in a tangle of twitching limbs, splashing blood all over the king's chest and crotch. Urine streamed out of her spasming cunt as her bladder loosened, emptying its contents all over the hardwood floor.

Clarissa's head dropped to the floor, her mouth opening and closing like a gasping fish, blood dripping from her nose and running down her soft, semen stained lips. Panic filled her dying brain. Clarissa knew something was seriously wrong, but what? She tasted the hot metallic copper saltiness of blood in her mouth.

The king exhaled, face flushed and sweaty. He looked down at Clarissa's head, leaned over and picked it up with both hands. Curious, he pulled her blindfold off, staring at her face. Her eyes wandered, unfocused and dull. He slapped her cheek and watched as she briefly looked at him. Her lips moved as she tried to say something, but it proved to be futile. Clarissa finally closed her eyes and slipped away into the eternal darkness.

The boy tossed the head to the floor. "Take the head to the taxidermist, I quite liked that one", he said to Anita. She stepped over the still shivering corpse, the blood spray now reduced to a dribble, and gingerly picked up the severed head, placing it into a plastic bag. Anita left the room, leaving the king alone with Clarissa's headless body. He knelt beside it, and grabbed her left breast, enjoying the pleasantly pliant sensation as her firm brown skin gave way to soft fat. His erection returned, and he lowered his body and breathed in her scent. The faint smell of lavender perfume intermingled with the stronger odors of her bodily secretions and fluids. Grasping her soft thighs, he pulled her legs apart and jammed his hardened cock into her urine soaked slit. As he screwed the corpse, the boy pressed his face against her still-warm chest and sucked her tits. To his surprise, milk trickled out of her nipple. His humping increased, and he finished with another orgasm, dick buried deep in her slowly cooling womb.

Exhausted, he pulled out and rolled over. There really was nothing like being an absolute ruler, was there? He smiled. As long as the nobles and financiers were kept happy, he could get away with anything. He dozed off, resting his head on Clarissa's toned abdomen.

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