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The Gift by T Vulture

Carefully balancing the tray load with waffles and blueberry, Kat favorite breakfast, I nudge our bedroom door open. A smile crept across my face as I spied my wife of five years in the nude still asleep. Slowly and quietly I made my way to the bed trying my best not to wake her.

Setting the tray on the cabinet before I crawl back into bed for a special wake up call. It didn’t take long for my skill tongue to slowly caress my sleeping beauty form sleep to mind shattering intense orgasm.

“Hmm, that wonderful way to wake up,” she say stretching. Like most pervert I just stare as she lean one way than the other. Her breast swing back in forth like a magician hypnotic watch. When she leans back to stretch those firm and wonderful abs make me want to grab and kiss her into submission, but I remember and resist my urge. It her birthday after all.

Quickly leaping out bed to the tray with still warm waffles. “Hope you don’t mind the early wakeup.” I pick up the tray. “I know it your birthday and I know you love to sleep in, but I couldn’t wait to give you your present.”

“Oh yea present” cried the overly excite woman. Her eyes quickly spot the wrap box on the tray as I place it in front of her, over her sexy pussy much to my dismay. “What did you get me?”

“Hold on. Why don’t you eat first.” Kat gave me sour look before grabbing the fork and knife. It didn’t take long for her to scarp down waffles. I almost thought she might choke. Lucky she didn’t.

“There done. Now can I open my present?”

I couldn’t say no to that beautiful smile adoring her alluring face. Like the waffles it didn’t take long for her to shred the paper and open the box. She pause when she peer inside then look up to me with a questioning look. “Read the card.”

While she read, I thought about what might happen today. It had been so hard to find a gift for my beloved this year. Student loans screw any chance of buying a something nice, and sadly both of us are busy with our full time jobs leaving us barely enough time together. Any subtle hints and wayward glace at the store were out of the picture. Lucky my sister is also my wife best friend and coworker.

I can still remember our conversation two weeks ago.

“Sis you got help me with Kat birthday present this year. I want to get her a super nice gift.”

“But you’re broke and can’t afford the usual stuff?” I nod. The exciting life of former student” she adds. “Unfortunately I don’t know what she is craving for, so sorry.”

“Damn, you were the only hope.”

“Hmm. I have an ideal! Why don’t you get her I do anything for the day gifts? Their cheap, and I know my boyfriend love it.”

“Yeah that could work. But isn’t that a little risky?”

“Well yeah is a little risk. Jim has been into kinky activity of late.”

“What?! No. I meant aren’t you worry he might harvest you?”

“Oh reply blushing sister. The thought of my pussy on his dinner plate has gone through my mind many times. Shame he to chicken to do it, or is my pussy better around his cock. Hmm?”

“Um, I reply not sure I want to hear this.”

Sister turn red when it occur to her last sentence had been spoken aloud. “What? I’m a big girl and I like my sex life to be exciting. Why do you think I offer myself every year. The risk make it more fun. Of course I tease him for the few days before to make sure he doesn’t but if he does.”

“You be dinner.” My sister nod. “Wow didn’t know you had those feeling.”

“Well that my problem. I don’t understand how it would be risky for you. Unless Kat into backdoor… you know… back seat of a Volkswagen sort of action.”

“I can honestly say Kat is not into that sort of thing. Instead she has a different fantasy I’m not really commit to.”

My sister wearing a large smirk leans in closed. “What is it? I hesitated. Come on tell your sister. Pretty please. I told you mind.”

I cave in. “Okay, Kat has a castration fantasy.”

“Oh is that all.” Reply my sister giggling. “News flash big brother, most girls have that fantasy. Even I want to give my boyfriend the chop sometime. Hell when we grew up I want do you.” Her smile as she envision her fantasy made me uncomfortable.

“Should I be worry when we invite you over,” I ask while closing my legs.

My sister roll her eyes. “Sorry brother but Jim dick look tastier, plus what I had in mind for you was more of revenge type. What I have for Jim is little more enjoyable for the both of us.”

“But you don’t actually want to do it?”

“Well not right now. The sex is way too good. Beside what make you think Kat would do you?”

“Two years ago I took her to one of those “auction.” In the end we able to win the special lover package of recently harvest dick and balls and pussy.”

“Oh wow. That must have cost.”

“It did. Which why we’re not doing it this year.”

“As we were eating, Kat told me she secretly wish my cock and balls were on the plate instead.”

“So what” reply my sister rolling her eyes. “Kat probability said that to make you horny.” I just stare at my younger sister in amazement. “Oh come on,” when she notice my stare. “Don’t tell me that you didn’t screw her brain out when you got home.”

My sister just to laugh at my deep blush. “Ha I’m right!”

“Okay, yes we fuck like rabbits. It well known fact sex organ are mood enhancer.” Her laughter told me she didn’t buy it.

Finally she stop laughing. “Don’t worry you should be safe.”

“Except I know Kat receive a banding kit from her mother last Christmas. With a note for when you get hungry.”

“Hmm. You might have a cause to be concern. Still can’t seeing her cutting you.” She glance at me. “I bet you’re getting excite about thinking what your sweet wife might or might not do.” I didn’t want to tell her it did, but my shift in posture told her everything.

My sister glance at her watch. “My lunch is almost over, so I got to go.” Grabbing her purse. “Brother? If you do go through with my ideal and Kat does harvest you; could you please record it for me? I want to add it to my collection.”

“Oh,” say Kat waking me from my day dream. “You’re offering to do anything I want?” I nod my head yes. “And you do it as long it with in the time on this clock,” she hold up a battery power clock with twelve hour count down already program in. All she have do is hit the start button. Again I nod my head.

My wife look back at the clock before looking at me. When I meant me, I referring to my crotch. Kat slowly lick her lips as she stare. Yep I’m going to harvest. It matter of how and when. My dick began to stir.

“I hope you like it?”

“I do,” reply my lovely, sexy wife. Kat chuckle as my dick made a sizable tent in my boxer. “There a lot I been wanting to try, with you.” She then look back at the clock. “Hmm, this doesn’t leave me much time does it?”

“Sorry. The best gift have a time limit,” is what I said. What I thought is the clock will make sure you don’t just harvest me right now. Of course the down side is spending a whole day being play with. Which didn’t give me much hope when I notice her glance at the closet with all out toys. Toys like sex aides, whips, dull knives, and an odd enhancer like a bander.

“Can I freshen up?”

“Yeah sure. The time only start when you hit that button.” I point to a rather large button on top of the clock.

“Great. I’m need a quick shower, and she look at me. Could you lose the short?”

“When you hit the button,” I reply. Kat gave me a scold as she left the room. While she shower I quickly clean the bed of dishes and food. Don’t want to give her ideals.

Returning from the kitchen I saw my wife sitting on the bed in a one of my favorite lingerie. In her right hand is the clock and the other is pair of hand cuffs.

Off to side of the bed sat the ever present camera to record all our fun. Guess my sister will get a video after all.

“Shall we start”, she say pressing the button.

I quickly lost all my clothes. Kat point to the bed. I happily hop on and assume the position. Until I hear the beep of the clock I will be at her mercy for rest of the day, so I just let her do everything she want it. Not that I mind except for…

Amazingly Kat spent most of time going through our normal roleplaying. There were a few difference like no condom, which I rather enjoy, and new props. How you call a miniature guillotine, with a hole big enough for my penis to slide into, a prop. It was scary when Kat place it on night stand in front of the camera.

I couldn’t believe how hard I got when we role play with it. Kat had me cuff and led me to it. Reading off fake charges. I think one of them was squeezing her ass to hard. I couldn’t remember. My mind was more interested in the small sharp looking blade at the top of slide. A small spring on at the top gave the blade more power than gravity would provide unlike the bigger cousin on I saw in the local butcher shop.

Part of the act was me confessing my innocence, which I must have admit, I deliver flawlessly. My mouth dry as my judge and executioner ignore my plead and yang on the cord. To my amazement I came as the blade race to the bottom to the cheers of Kat. After my orgasm recede I notice my penis felt and look intact.

She must have notice my confusion while she checking the video. Apparently the guillotine is real and prop all in one. She then point to the clock on the cabinet with several hours to go. “No need to rush. I have load of games I want to play.” Afterward I fuck her hard until she orgasm loudly.

This repeat with each new toy. For hours. Kat kept me in total suspense.

Finally with two hours left on the clock.

We were lying in bed with Kat on top. Cover in sweat. My penis half hard lodge in her pussy. Her face next to mine as she sleeps. Couldn’t help admiring her gorgeous red hair pull into a simple pony tail. Her freckle spark under the sweat like ruby as I count them.

My own exhaustion apparent from the countless fucking and role plays. Not sure how she plan on doing it. Most of the role playing involve me being harvest in some manner, yet nothing stood out. Harvest play has been one of the staples of our sex life in last few years. Of course, I thought, Kat didn’t actually say she would only give me hints which could be part of the role play.

Feeling of her wet hot pussy around my penis, like always is wonderful sensation. If I could I would love to stay like this forever. One of the reason I don’t want to be harvested. Yet there is a part of me that wonder if being harvest might be exciting in its own right. Kat had shown me a few of video of men and boy being harvest before for ideas. While she watch for the techne, I’ll always pay attention to boys reaction. A few seem to enjoy the act. Perhaps that what made it exciting? I image watching my meat being pull away from my body. Watching what she does with it afterward. Will she cook it? Or will she stuff it?

Needless to say I’m confuse.

As I ponder my fate, my penis stir to life and awoke sleeping beauty from her nap. I didn’t realize she awoke, nor her eyes secretly watch my expression as I ponder.

“Hey, what you thinking?”

“Um, how beautiful you’re.”

“Hmm, really?”


Kat turn her head to get a good look at the clock still sitting on the cabinet. The second trickle away slowly turning into minutes. Need to say it made me nervous and hard. She must have notice my harden member yet didn’t move or say anything.

“So how do you like your gift?”

“Hmm? Oh, I like it very much. Glad you got me this instead of costly nik-nak we had to sale later. Suck being poor,” she gripe. “I rather play and watch the fun later.”

“I look at the clock. There not much time left. Do you have any other games to play?”

“A few she reply. My pussy is a little sore, so I might just want to stay like this. Except your penis want something more.” Her eyeing me.

“Well you know that thing has a mind of its own.”

“Right it does.” Kat press her pussy further on to my penis. Causing it to get harder quicker. “Like that don’t you.” She purr. I nod my approval. She stop and look at me. “Your gift. You will do whatever I want?” Again I nod my head. Kat pouts. “I want to hear it!”

“Yes, I will do whatever you want.”

“Hmm. You know I’m feeling hungry.” Thrusting her pussy as far it would go on to my penis. I swallow in anticipation of her next game. My penis somehow got harder. Kat giggle in response. She glance at the clock then back to me.

She slowly sit up in to my crotch. Forcing more of my penis in to her small frame. If that were possible. Moving her hips in a slow gyro she hump me for a second before slowly hoping off. “Come I want you to take a shower before the next game.”

“As you wish.” In a mock genie tone.

She make her way for the door and turn back to me. “I want you to wash yourself thoroughly. And take your time. I will come join you in a movement.”

“Shall I shave?” Normally I kept my groin free of hair but since my talk with my sister I had let it go. It had been an attempt to dissuade any harvest ideals. However it seem to have fail.

Kat look down at my crotch while sliding her tongue over her lips. It made me shutter at the possible future. “No, I want to shave you myself.” She slip out the door before I could ask anything else.

In the shower I scrubbing our combine sex juices off my body. Like she command I took my time. Typical shower for me is maybe ten minutes at most, so it felt weird taking longer. Every now and then I hear a clang of metal from what sound from the kitchen. It didn’t help my thoughts impending doom. I look down at my groin with my penis and companying ball dangling underneath. It took surprising little effort to image them gone. To my surprise I got hard at the thought. Harder when I know she would take them.

I half wonder if my sister is waiting for Kat to call with news. Will she be excite and finally do Jim? The thought of that ass getting his brought a smile to my face. Wonder what method my sister would use on him? A knife? Or something more personal.

I fail to notice my sexy nymph sneak into the room with the clock. Nor did I see her put it on the sink. The slamming of the drawer where I store my shaving kit brought me out of my day dream. Kat now completely nude set the kit down and hops into the shower.

“Here let me wash you.” She grab the sponge form my hand and begins scrubbing me in earnest. In no time she had my back and limbs clean. Before pausing at my groin. There she took her time scrubbing and examining my organ like one does to a piece of meat. Finally she hose me off.

She pull me out of the shower. She point to a chair she had move closer to the shower. Taking the hint I sat down and spread my legs giving her complete access. It weird watching her shave the peach fuzz from around my organs. Taking the greatest care not to nick or cut my sensitive skin. For my part I try to enjoy the sensation as best I could. It might be my last.

Once done, she direct me back into the shower. Again she hop in, but this time she commands me to wash her body. One of my favorite pastime. Like her I slowly wash her body. Starting at the her hands and work slowly to her sensitive area. Lingering at her pussy. When she force my head into her snatch I knew that succeed in buying a few more minutes, and maybe a final fuck if lucky.

Boy was I lucky.

I fuck once to her orgasm then twice. For someone with a sore pussy she didn’t seem to complain. My balls on the other hand, bitch about the increase in work. Like any dick boss, I told them to shut it and get back to work.

When I attempt to convince for a third fuck she stop me and points out. I hop out of the shower closely follow by Kat. She grab a towel and start to dry herself then me. I guess she didn’t want me to stall any further by doing it herself.

While I wait. I notice the clock and my heart sank. Only forty five minutes pass since we were in the bed. More than enough remain. I’m really going to be harvest. Again my dick leap to attention.

Kat giggle at my dick. She look at me and follow my glaze to the clock. “Little worry about the next game?”

“Not really.” She smirk. “Okay I’m a little nervous.”

“Good boy. It will be over soon.” She said that while patting my penis. My penis got harder. “Look like he eager.”

Kat stop pattering my penis and slowly got to her knee. Again she inspect my meat. Running her hands over the skin making sure no hair remain. She look at me and smile. “It time.” Hoping to her feet she gently grab my penis and pull me out of the bathroom after grabbing the clock.

Through the bed room she pull me. Into the short hall of our two bedroom house. The second room is our make shift office slash dungeon. At first I think she would take me there. However she pull me into the kitchen. Only letting go of my penis in front of the craving board.

“Stay.” She whisper into my ear before darting off. I watch out of boredom and fear. My penis being the idiot it is enjoy the sensation of the cutting board. The rough wood on my soft skin. The groove from the countless slash and chop of countless knifes felt exciting. Kat drop the clock down next to the stove where I could see the minute counting down to my freedom. Fifty minute remain. Yep this is it.

Kat began to place bowls fill with ingredient next to the cutting board. None of the ingredient in the bowl look familiar to me. Perhaps she already mix them. Looking around the room I notice the camera sitting on the tripod with the lens aim at my penis. Form there I look down to the cutting board and to my horror sat Kat Christmas gift. Open. The instruction left out where I could read them.

Easy do it yourself breeding control and late night snack read the big bold letters. Even had a recipe for deep fried penis for one. That explain what look like bread crumb and what appear to be egg wash. I felt annoy my penis will be soon deep fried. I had hope she make a more appetizing meal like the poor boy, two year before. I sigh it is her birthday and I’m the gift.

The clock had countdown to fifty minutes before Kat reappear before me. Wearing an apron over her nude body. It just barely cover her important aspect. My dick got harder yet again. I’m almost wonder if she trying to make it bigger for a better meal.

Kat turn to look at the clock and smile. Just enough time left. She turn to me. Ready for the last game?

“Yes. I’m somewhat ready. Him on the other hand want it to happen, I said pointing to my raging hard on.”

“Funny most dick do that.” She look down and gently caress it. “To you think it know what going to happen?” I shrug my shoulder. She look up at me. “Thanks for letting me full fill my fantasy.”

“You really want to harvest me don’t you?”

“Ever since that first night you fuck me in the club house. I would masturbate for hours every night with that thought until you married me. Then I fuck you with that dream.” She sigh. “I’m going to miss him and these.” She say cupping my aching balls.

I want to tell her she doesn’t have to, but I remain quiet. It her birthday and my penis is nothing more that meat at this point. She must have known what I thought. “I suppose I could let you go and miss this one time opportunity. The sex is fun and I do enjoy him a lot. Except you clearly been wanting this all morning.” I stun at the actuation. “How you came so hard after each and every harvest play. Even with me laying on your stomach I felt him stir as I watch your face. Fill with a hint of fear, but also desire and lust. Plus the fact you kept watching the clock all day.”

“What now?”

“Now I’m going to hand cuff to make it sexier. Then I going to apply the band and then chopped, while picking up the meat cleaver.”

I gave the knife a worry glance. “You’re not going to use the guillotine?”

“I could. If you want to go that way. The cleaver is more sexy and trilling, and it require lot of skill to make the proper cut on the first swing. The guillotine is boring and doesn’t fit the kitchen aspect of the video pointing to the camera.”

“Oh. It your birthday and he meat.” I say looking down at my soon to be food. “So cleaver it is.”

“Thanks for your understanding. Oh and don’t worry about wasting the guillotine. I think your sister want to use it on Jim. It is her after all.” All I could think of is my sister knew and sold me out.

Kat glance at the clock. “I better get the band or it will be too late. I would hate to have to remove the bands before they finish the job. Don’t you?” I didn’t answer and Kat clearly didn’t want an answer. She pick up the cuff and dart behind me. Grabbing one hand then the other before cuffing them together.

She dart over to the camera to check the recording. Before picking up the bander kit. Walk over to me and kneel on a stool I haven’t notice before. With expert practice she made sure to align herself in frame without blocking the view. She twist me slightly to get better angle. She pick the correct band for my member and set them on the block.

It took me movement to realize. Role playing to the end. It what got us together, so it make sense it what take my dick out of our story.

She stood up and kiss me. “Any last request?”

“A blow job?”

“I’m afraid it little too late for that. Beside your ball must be hurting a lot.” I nodded.

“One question?”


“Why deep frying.”

“Huh?” Kat look at the instruction. “No I’m not using that. You’re right there is frying involve, but I’m not using that recipe. I’m using my mother recipe she taught me last year when I help cut my younger brothers.” I hadn’t know she did that. “We can watch the video later.”

Kat walk out of frame for a second then walk back in. Acting out a cooking show. “Today ladies and well soon to be former boys were going to properly band and cook a man his pride and joy. Common know as dick and balls.”
I haft listen and half watch as Kat kneel. The whole time explaining how to load the common bander. She heft my right testicle then left before loading the machine.

“First you take the correct band. Too large and it won’t stop the bleeding. Too little and it will be hard to slip it over the balls. Next you place it over the clasping mechanism like so.” Kat slowly open the bander. “Make sure it won’t come off premature. Men you know what I mean.” She joke.

With delicate skill she slip the open bander over my balls. First one then the second slip past the band. “Sometime you have to coast them out.” She said looking at the camera. “Lucky for us we don’t have to in this case.”

“The next part is to release the band. This might sting.” I couldn’t tell if she warning me or for the camera. Regardless it did sting. It took all my might not to yell or cry. Just grunt in pain. Kat pat me on the flank. “There a good boy.” My penis got bigger somehow. “It we just leave the band on,” she say to the camera, “his ball will fall off on their own in a day or two. Sadly they won’t be good to eat.”

Kat pick two more bands. “Now my recipe require the whole package otherwise this is a good stopping point. A boy without balls will lose interest in girl, but can masturbate for a month or two maybe longer. For those wanting to control unwanted urges.” Kat place the bander on the table. I wonder what she doing. I soon found out.

“This is a catheter.” Holding up a clear tube to the camera. “Take a swear of grease and gentle slide it into the penis. Take your time. He might enjoy it.” Kat looks up at me. Judging from her smile my express must be of ecstasy.

Kat casually explain how to use the catheter to the camera. With the sensation of being fuck, a new and interesting experience, occupying my thoughts. Suddenly she lean down and kiss then lick my cock. The feeling of both the pleasure of her tongue and the stiff intrusion nearly made me cum. Somehow I didn’t make any sound.

“There you go.” say Kat patting my penis before pickup pair of cleaver and swinging down on the tube above tip of my penis.
Kat pick up the bander and slip it over my stuff penis. It felt strange as it descend to the base. “You can leave a little stump but I like my boy smooth.” Without warning I felt the pitch of the rubber. She pull the bander up a little and release a second band. It didn’t hurt as bad as the first.

“Okay there you have it. The boy is property band it and waiting for the last step.” Kat giggles before standing up. I turn my head. It didn’t take long to see the reason for the giggle. The clock had twenty minute remaining. This is no hope my organs will survive with the blood chocking band. In fact I could feel the pain of my testicle dulling.

Kat turn me back for the best cutting. Cleans the board of any trash. She lean over and kiss me. “Sorry lover but it time.” I nod my understanding. She pat my aching penis. “Good by my favorite toy. Hello dinner.”

I didn’t listen to her commentary. Instead I watch the cleaver lift up and move over my penis. I swallow as it hangs. Waiting for it to fall. I look to Kat to see what the holdup is. As our eyes met she drop the blade down on to my former penis and her meal. It didn’t hurt at first. She pick up the meat and move it to the side before grabbing my balls. Not even bothering to look she lift and swing the blade onto the sack at the top, just below the band. Like the penis it didn’t hurt at first.

I barely watch my love pick up the sack. She show them to the camera before dumping out the testicle. I stare in shock at the spot where my pride and joy use to reside. It felt weird being a little sad their gone, but I’m actually happy it happen.

Looking up to see the next phase. My darling wife set the sack off to the side and began washing the ball in cold bath before picking up the penis. Pull out the remaining tube. To my amazement she pull the apron aside and shove it in. “Favoring.” She said to the camera. Before running to the camera to pause it.

“How you feel?”

“It sting, but it not as bad as I thought.”

“Good, good. How to you feel about the lost?”

“Actually I feel glad it happen.” I glance at the clock and notice the time. Ten minutes before time is up. “Um, is there anything else you want?”

“Not today. Maybe in a month or two we can go to the butcher.” Kat start to laugh at my sour look. “Just kidding. I like you the way you are.” I felt relieve. “But if you can’t satisfied me with that tongue, who know what might happen.”

I spent rest of the time sitting on bar stool watching Kat prepare and finally cook the harvest meat. The camera record every detail. My sister will so be please. She then set the cook meat to the side and quickly set up a one person seat at the table.

My finally task, as a freebie since the time has long run out, is to carry the plate with my cook, slice, and arrange meat to the table for her consumption. It had been amusing to watch Kat eat the last set at the auction not knowing who had lost. It felt more satisfying to watch her eat my organs.

With a fork she stab the head and bring it up to her mouth. I want to masturbate to her chewing. Slowly the rest of soon follow with the balls remain as a meaty desert. Kat took her time chewing and savoring my manhood. Describing both the texture and favors. One last spoof to the camera and it was done.

Out of curiosity I ask, “how did you like your gift?”

Kat lean back in the chair. She pants her stomach. “Hmm, most satisfying. The meat was so tender and favorable. Better than my brothers. The balls were a little flat. I guess the saying full ball is a taster ball. Is true after all.”

“Oh,” I reply. To fair I want to hear it was the best in the world. It did take me most of life to produce it.

Kat notice my displeasure. “Sorry love. I didn’t know you care so much about flavor of your manhood. To be honest I want to harvest this morning right after our first game, but I figure you it wouldn’t be fair to you. Beside my pussy really love that hard penis sliding in and out. Shame it in here now.” She pat her stomach.

“Still it were much better than the auction, and I meant what I said being better than my brothers.”

Afterwards Kat drag me to the couch. Push me down and rode my face. She scream each time she hit an orgasm, so loud I’m sure the neighbor across the street would complain. No one came. After several orgasm on my tongue, Kat send me back to the kitchen to clean.

The next day my sister came over. Funny how she look with her mouth hung open when I pull my pants off at Kat direction.

“Oh wow! You actually did it.” Kat nod while rubbing her tummy. “Please tell me you recorded it?”

“Of course I did.”

“Can I watch it? Please?”

My wife tilt her head to the side. “I don’t know.” Looking over my sister body. “What do you have to offer?” She ask while licking her lips.


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