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Pt 1

“So,” Kerry asked the slightly younger girl next to her in the shower, “do you know who’s going to be eating you?”

“Yeah!” The little girl grinned, “My brother and his wife. It’s their one year anniversary and I was a bridesmaid at the wedding so they’re having me tonight to celebrate!” She grinned up at Kerry as she rinsed the shampoo out of her almost-black hair, clearly very happy with the situation. “What about you?”

“No idea!” Kerry admitted, silently comparing her own thirteen year old body to that of the eight or nine year old beside her, glad that she had waited a little longer before signing up to be meat so that she could at least have an idea of the kind of womanly body hers would have grown into, given time, and had the chance to grow at least the beginnings of breasts – both experiences that this excited little girl would never have. Plus, she could not help reflecting, being a few years older and quite a lot taller meant there would be a lot more of her meat to go around and she hoped she would make a lot of people happy that evening! “I was advertised on the website and somebody chose me. I get to meet them before I cook, I think.”

“Oh wow that’s so cool!” the little girl enthused. “I think I’d have done that in a year or so if my brother hadn’t decided to have me tonight! I’m Emma by the way.”

“Kerry.” the red-haired teen introduced herself with a smile. “Don’t bridesmaids normally get eaten at the wedding? Having you for their anniversary seems a bit unusual?”

“Normally, I guess.” Emma shrugged, stepping out from the shower and squeezing the water from her hair. “But it was a pretty small wedding and the other bridesmaids were these fifteen year old twins with big tits, his wife’s cousins, and the wedding planner figured they’d provide enough food.”

“Ha! Fair enough!” Kerry chuckled. “Were they good at least? I’ve heard big tits are actually pretty bland to eat.”

“I didn’t get any breast-meat,” the younger girl giggled at the memory, “but I did get a slice of backside and that was pretty good! The chefs at the hotel did a good job. Of course I’m going to be much tastier!” She grinned and, as if to illustrate the point, turned and wiggled her admittedly tasty-looking behind in Kerry’s direction.

“Of course!” grinned Kerry, warmed by the little girl’s obvious enthusiasm. “Do you know how you’re going to be cooked?”

“On a big frame, like this!” She demonstrated by standing with her feet apart and her arms above her making herself into an X shape as if she had frozen mid star-jump. “It’s a new thing. It’s going over the heat and turns like a spit but it’s better for smaller girls like me, apparently, so the spit doesn’t tear our meat too much!”

“Ah!” Kerry nodded, “Makes sense! I don’t know how my customers are going to have me cooked by I’m kinda hoping for the spit!” She finished washing her own hair that was much longer and thicker than Emma’s and began to rub the liquid soap onto her arms and chest.

“I bet you’d look great on the spit!” Emma agreed, giving her new friend’s more mature body and appraising look up and down. “But you know however they cook you, you’re going to be delicious!”

“True!” Kerry laughed. “I hope so at least!” More girls were coming into the communal shower now, some alone but many in groups of two or three, friends or siblings who had volunteered together. Most looked to be around nine to eleven but Kerry noticed she was not the oldest meat-girl there – one girl, a slightly chubby, reasonably large-breasted blonde with long, dirty-blonde hair had to be around seventeen and she was accompanied by a much younger girl, no more than five, who looked enough like her to be a little sister. The age gap seemed large but not, Kerry reflected, that unusual since many families chose to have several daughters in order to eat them, or perhaps these two shared one parent but the little one was the result of a second marriage? Not that it really mattered – every naked cutie there, no matter her age, was destined for someone else’s plate and stomach, but Kerry had always been a keen people-watcher and guessing family dynamics was always fun.

“It’s starting to get a bit crowded in here.” She observed, looking around at all the showering girls and noticing at least three more waiting for one of the shower heads to free up. “I think I’m going to see if they’re ready for me in the kitchen!”

“Good idea!” Emma grinned. “I’ll come with you! I can’t wait to start cooking!”


Nice!!! I want to see what will happen to the 5yo girl!


Hmm she was only going to be a background character but now you're giving me ideas and quite possibly making the story far more interesting ;-)


Yes, but Kerry ist also very interesting as a main character. With 13 she has a little different perspektive. I wonder what will happen to her.


lol, you can probably guess, but a busty teenager would be the one i pick off your little menu ;)


So it would appear I have provided something for everyone! ;-)


I was wondering if you planned to have the 5yo used as stuffing for her older sister, Turducken style !

In general, I love your stories, but I think it would be fun if you put more emphasis on the recipes, varying them a little bit (stuffings, vegetables, soups, sashimi, fried, oven cooked, many things come to mind).
It would appear maybe you don't want to put too much focus on the cooking method, which I could understand. But I think it could be a fun thing to explore !

Again, I love your stories !


You're right - I should probably explore the cooking methods a little more :-) My thought is that the sisters will be prepared seperately but that the big sister is there to support her little sister :-)


The age gap between the two blondes seems just large enough for them to actually be mother/daughter, it seemed just too perfect that I pretty much assumed it really was the case until you mentioned them being background characters.


Haha that was indeed an intentional ambiguity! I just hadn't been going to expand on it… I like to hint at other stories going on around the main story so my readers can excercise their imaginations if they feel so inclined ;-)


Evil, little bastard… :-p


You know it :P


Great start!


Thank you :-) Trying to finish some of the nearly-finished ones but too many new ideas keep popping into my head! lol


Pt 2

Despite the number of girls who seemed to be there for cooking, the kitchen was not especially big. Unlike the much larger and better known Sidney’s Family Restaurant chain, Gretel’s franchises tended not to offer a carvery or even have a traditional public dining room. The format had been devised by one of the many British entrepreneurs who spotted an opportunity once British law was brought into line with American, permitting the slaughter and consumption of young girls but the far stricter British monopoly laws had denied Roebuck Inc., the parent company of Sidney’s, an exclusive licence.

The Gretel’s model was designed to operate in far small establishments, some of which had as few as one or two rooms, or to be run within the premises of a larger business such as a pub of guest-house. Girls would volunteer in much the same way as for the larger chain but cooked to order only for private parties. This particular franchise was one of the largest with eight different rooms, some of which could seat as many as fifty diners for parties where three or even four girls would be served. There were also the more intimate rooms for couples on dates or families looking to celebrate a special occasion.

“Ah, hello!” The white-uniformed assistant chef welcomed Kerry as she tentatively entered the kitchen, her new friend following closely behind. “Kerry, isn’t it?” The teenager nodded. “Great! I was just about to come and find you. Your diners have arrived and they’re eager to meet their dinner. Come with me, please!”

“Good luck!” Emma grinned up at her.

“Thanks!” the redhead bit her lower lip. “This is weird but kinda exciting!” She wondered for a moment whether she would rather be in a situation like her new young friend, knowing exactly why was going to be eating her and that they were people who loved her. But she was pretty sure she preferred her own predicament.

There was something incredibly thrilling about the idea that a group of strangers had selected her from a menu for no other reason than they thought she looked tasty and, when she met them in a few moments, would be viewing her as nothing more than meat. Her hobbies and interests, talents, life-experiences, friendships and crushes – none of this would mean anything to them. She was their food and they had ordered her the way they would order a pizza!

“I’ll tell you all about them when I get back.” Kerry promised Emma. “If you’re still here that is!” As she was led away, she saw the large-breasted girl with the little sister emerge from the shower area, the older girl carrying the younger. She wondered how they were going to be cooked and wondered if she would get to see any of it? With the number of girls both in the shower and now making their way into the kitchen, it was clearly going to be a busy evening!

The kitchen area with the communal shower off it was in the basement of the building. At least three different sets of stairs led up from it, each one leading to a number of different rooms. All the food could be delivered by dumb waiters but the staff and live meat-girls had to travel under their own power. Kerry was grateful to find the room where her diners were waiting was only two floors up and the stairs were quite steep – she did not want their first real-life impression of her to be sweaty and out of breath, especially as she had just showered!

Outside the room, the assistant chef knocked and waited politely. Kerry took a few deep breaths to steady her nerve and was suddenly very aware of her own nakedness. Sure, she had been naked in the shower around the other girls and had stripped off for the photos on the website but that had felt different somehow – less exposed as there had only been two other people present at the time and as for the shower and kitchen, there was no shame or embarrassment at being naked if everyone around you was too. Now, on the other hand, she was about to be ushered into a room of she did not know how many strangers, all fully dressed, but a chef who was also fully dressed, and stand in front of them in the nude while they appraised her body with their eyes.

“Come in!” A deep voice from within responded. The chef ushered Kerry in front of her then reached around to turn the door handle. The naked teen took a final deep breath as the door swung open and stepped inside to face the people who would very soon be consuming her delicious young body.


Lovely story. Will we find out how, when and why Kerry decided to cook?


Thank you :-D I'm actually trying a bit of an experiment with this one - getting straight to the "good bit" without really setting the scene so we shall see if any of her backstory slips in :-)


Can't wait to see who is/are the lucky bastard(s) that gets to eat sweet Kerry. ;)


You know, I'm quite excited to find that out too! This is one of those stories that is writing itself ;-)




Ouch! Not so hard! :-P

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