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Sorry there's nothing remotely "guro" in this introduction, other than by implication, but I needed to set the scene. Should get more "interesting" as it progresses ;-)

Pt 1

“Hey! This is new!” Chloe exclaimed to Abi as they rounded the corner of the mall and saw the double store-front with the stylised “F” above the entrance. The window display featured mannequins of girls aged from five or six up to young adult but most seemed to be effigies of girls their own age, albeit the impossibly thin, faceless type common to such stores. All seemed to be dressed in fancy leather clothing, from mini-shirts and crop-tops to slinky cocktail dresses and coats that swept the floor, worn over what could either be a leather bikini or underwear set. “Wanna check it out?”

“I don’t know…” Abi looked uncertainly at the fancy goods in the window. She was pretty sure there was nothing in there a twelve year old girl could afford to buy for herself, not unless she was the daughter of a movie star or something! “Looks expensive.”

“So?” laughed Chloe, “It’s not like we have to actually buy anything. What’s wrong?” she asked, “You never pretended to be rich before?”

“Well, when you put it like that!” Abi chuckled and followed her friend through automatic door. The air inside was pleasantly warm and had the comforting aroma of all leather shops mixed with something else the girls could not quite put their finger on. Sandlewood perhaps?

“Hello, ladies.” A smartly-dressed sales assistant approached them as they came in, her mouth fixed in a customer-service smile that did not extend to her eyes. “Welcome to Falquin’s Fine Leather Emporium. Can I assist you in any way?”

“Oh, no!” Chloe waved her away airily. “We’re just browsing for something to wear to my dad’s next premiere.”

“That’s right.” Abi caught on, enjoying the pretence. “You know how the gossip columns trash you if you’re seen in the same outfit on more than one red carpet!”

“Oh!” The sales assistant’s eyes went a little wide and she seemed to visibly recalibrate her attitude. “Well do feel free to take a look around and ask any questions you may have. Please remember that all our designs can be customised to your personal taste and if you don’t see anything that meets your requirements, Mr Falquin does offer an exclusive design service, creating one-off designs for premium clients such as yourselves.”

“Excellent!” Chloe smiled a little coldly, like someone who was well used to being sucked up to. “Thank you,” she made a show of leaning forward to read the woman’s name badge, “Amanda. We’ll let you know if we need anything.” With a polite nod, the smartly-dressed young woman returned to her station and left them to browse.

“You’re right!” Abi giggled. “This is fun!” The two girls browsed the store, from time to time taking garments from their pegs and, careful not to let their shock at the prices register on their faces, held them up against their bodies and discussed them before making loudly finding some fault and rejecting them.

“Jeez this skirt cost more than my dad makes in a year!” Abi exclaimed quietly, holding a fitted mini-skirt in front of her hips.

“Not in here!” Chloe winked. “In here, your dad makes enough to buy you one of these for each day of the week if you wanted without batting an eyelid! Why don’t you try it on?”

“Do you think I could?” Abi asked, wide-eyed. “Wouldn’t that be taking things too far?”

“Why?” Chloe giggled. “They have a changing room and your dad’s a famous movie star! Or my dad is and your dad works for him, or you’re dating me, or whatever!” She laughed. “Here,” she shoved a top into her friend’s arms, followed by a jacket and a cocktail dress. “Take these too! Might as well make the most of it!” Abi looked at her friend, in awe of her audacity. “I’ll try these!” Chloe selected a leather crop-top, a pair of shorts and what was described on the label as “Poolside lounge-wear” - essentially a bikini but, being leather, not designed to be worn for swimming!

As they passed Amanda’s station the girls noticed she was talking to a tall, handsome and smartly-dressed man in leather trousers and a leather waistcoat over a silk shirt in the same dark purple as the logo above the door. The young sales assistant pointed them out to the man and he looked over with interest.

“Maybe they’re trying to work out who our dads are?” Abi giggled, getting into the spirit of the prank as Chloe pushed open the door to the fitting room.

“Must be!” He friend laughed. The fitting room was a small, circular lounge with a comfy-looking pair of sofas back to back in the middle. Around the edges were roomy cubicals with swing, saloon-style doors and between each cubical was a floor-to-ceiling mirror. The girls could not help notice that all the upholstery, carpers and drapery matched the man’s shirt and the company logo. “What are you going to try on first?” Chloe asked with a grin. “I think I’m going to start with the bikini!”


We are off to a good start! Thank you very much!

P.S: I miss some kinky reference to the origin of the material (nipples, vaginas, faces…) but I guess it has a proper explanation that will be revealed at an appropriate time.

P.P.S: R.I.P. second "a" of my name, you will be missed (but not for long).


Hehe sorry I will include it from now on and edit it when it goes on Pastebin :-)

As for the origin of the leather, I didn't want that to be obvious to the girls just yet ;-)


Don't sweat it too much. The names of Anon are many, and as fickle as the wind. About the rest, I figured that was the case.


Well yeah I was putting an extra R in my own alternate name for a week before I checked! lol. That's the one downside of not actually having accounts here as such! lol


Great start. I can’t wait for the next chapter. Hyde- I really like your style of casual willing (or semi willing) young girl snuff. I’m so happy you are being so proliferative lately.


Thank you :-)


Heh. It's fun that they have no idea what the clothes are made of yet. Looking forward to more.


Reckless girls. I wonder if they will get themselves in trouble?


Do you have plans to finish this story at some point in the future?


Absolutely! Just started a lot at the same time as my head was full of concepts and I wanted to get them started before I forgot. Gradually working through them now :-)

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