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Actually, the previous poll is still accessible, but since it ignored the nominations and made you look up the post number of the story you wanted to vote for (and I feel like many wouldn't bother or might get it wrong) and didn't use the proposed 3 points system, I made this new one.

The nominees are:

Death Factory by Squunch >>15761
Has many chapters long enough to be considered their own stories, and I haven't read it to tell how much they are connected to each other, but since all of them are parts of one story AND all of it were written within 2019, it qualifies as a single entry.

All of Edward Hyde within the year 2019 >>19671
Most of his stories happen in the same universe, which kiiinda can be counted as long chapters in a crazy long multi-chapter story and thus qualify as a single entry along with the Death Factory above. I mean, what can I do if he was just nominated as Edward Hyde?

Xan and Xandria's Snuffing by NoPantsRelationship >>15539
This is a part of a long multi-chapter story with each chapter basically being its own story, so you might wonder why doesn't it count the whole series as a single entry as above. The logic is simple: Club Meat Grinder was not written all within the year 2019.

A Rope and Camera and First cut by Stillwater >>17800
Count as one entry because they're chapters in a multi-chapter story and were both written within 2019.

Family Purged by Andrew Dax Fields >>16639
Family Massacre by Andrew Dax Fields >>19262
Count as two entries because not chapters of a multi-chapter story, I guess. Well, they're share a theme, but not a universe, so… well, really, this is just the way they were nominated.

Julie's Jurassic Adventure by Bloodlust >>17940

Just a Job 2 by Ellen >>17316
Harry Potter themed series by Ellen >>18513
Perhaps the first entry should include the first part of Just a Job, seeing how it was written withing the 2019?

Quiet Confidence by JestInPieces & PogueMahone >>16524

A Demon's Rise by The Friendly Demon >>18056

Sarah's Epic Life by Greg Thomas >>17224

Dark Monster Town by Dark Monster Town >>15654

And here's the new form for voting
(It's google forms' official link shortener)

Now, for how long should we collect the votes until declaring the results? Or just see how it goes?


Voted! I say give it until the end of Feb? :-)


Great choice ;-)

Given how the vote happened to start along with the February starting, it was my first thought too that it would also be fitting for it to end along with the month too, but on a second thought isn't it too generous? I'm afraid halfway through we might stop getting any significant amount of votes, especially if this thread drops out of the first page (speaking of which, could the moderators please pin it?), and then it'll be just a boring wait for the vote to be formally closed. But yet again these are just speculations, so maybe for the first time we'll just let it stay for an entire month and then use the gathered statistics to make a more educated decision the next year.


Closing it on Valentine's Day would be funny, and provide 2 whole weeks to vote.


How many votes have been cast so far?


Based on the responses to the poll I made, two weeks is more than enough.

Granted mine was flawed, but I was mostly trying to get something out there since no one else was moving. This is much better.


I'd say Julia's Jurassic adventure


Click on the link then you can officially vote for it :-D

Have we decided what the prize is yet? :-P


Giving it two weeks was my second thought, but I didn't realize it coincided with Valentine's Day.

Right now 20. Of them 8 on 31 of Januray, 8 on 1 of February and 4 on 2 on February, which is not over yet. Thus so far not enough data to conclude how it'll slow up with time.

Why, a skull goblet of course, is't there on the picture. Well, not a real skull goblet, just a picture of one with a somewhat better resolution.
On the other hand, if we conclude the vote on the Valentine's Day, maybe there can be something more appropriate for the date.


The poll page allows you to submit more than one response. I'm assuming it uses IP/cookies etc. to restrict each person to one set of votes, and if you submit another, it just changes your votes, rather than adding more.


So have we settled on Valentine's Day? Next Friday? :-)


Not really so sure from the current data. On one hand there were just 2 votes yesterday, but just the day before there were 6. And the leaders (and probably not only the leaders, but I didn't bother counting votes for all positions) are so close to each other that any single vote can be decisive. Maybe I should just wait for when my favorite candidate is on top ;-) (just kidding, of course)
On the other hand maybe if we have a day (whatever time zone google uses for it… actually, since I created the form, does it mean it uses my time zone?) close without a single vote, then we can consider it done?


Yeah I'd say pick an arbitary time and make that the cut-off :-) Can either do it your local time or one of the "big ones" like GMT or PST :-)


Oh, wait, what date is it today?
In the previous comment I just looked at the date of the last vote and assumed it was today.
So I stand corrected:
there were 6 votes on the 3rd,
2 votes on the 4th
1 vote on the 5th (which was the one I looked at the last time and assumed it meant today was the 5th)
0 votes on the 6th
and 1 vote have just appeared on the 7th (this is today)
It would also seem that the time is indeed counted in my time zone.

So if we go by when there are 0 votes in a day, apparently that already happened without me realizing, lol :-)

But alright, let's give it another week for good measure. So let's say midnight between 14th and 15th of February GMT.


Sounds good to me :-)


Final day or two for voting, everyone!


Last chance for voting! :-D


Just under 15 hours to get your votes in!


Sooo? Who won? :-D


File: 1581754901434.jpg (371.92 KB, 738x635, Hyde.jpg)

Some guy named Edward Hyde. Do you happen to know him? Here, I prepared a picture he can use to react in the results thread.


Your photoshop skills are definitely better than mine! lol. Just always see Ed as John Malkovitch in "Mary Reilly" ;-)

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