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Heather kicked her heels off after a hard day of work. Her white socks which where a size too small clung to her sweaty feet, which shapes could clearly be made out from beneath the socks. She let her red hair fall down to her upper back and let out a soft moan as she sat down on the hotel's chair, her voice almost unnaturally light. She slid out a photo from one of her black dresses hidden pockets. Her full, red lips curled into a smile as her green eyes surveyed the Asian girl who couldn't have been older than seven the picture was off. The girl had made an easy target, and though the assassin hadn’t the slightest idea why anyone would want her dead, she enjoyed doing the job. Though Heather was almost in her forties, she didn’t look a day over twenty-five. Her black, low cut dress hugged her body tightly, emphasizing both her C cup breasts and large firm ass. Her legs were slender and pale, and her arms much the same. Her face was pale and delicate, especially her nose. She stood with another groan as her back popped several times, but suddenly she felt her breath being taken away. Heather yelped as she felt the wire slip around her throat and ganged as it tightened around her. The assassins socked feet stumbled backward as whoever held the wire pulled her, before her attacker finally sat on the hotel's bed, pulling Heather into their lap. And then Heather heard the voice she never expected she would hear in a situation such as that one
“You’re getting sloppy mom” Katlin, the daughter of the assassin said. Heather went wide-eyed as she kicked her socked feet frantically and gripped at the wire. Suddenly she felt a tongue that she could only imagine was her daughters, run across her cheek. “Back when you were training me, you would have beaten me for how pathetic of a job I was doing, hiding from you. I was expecting you to notice me the second you walked in the door, and maybe put up a little fight. But this mom? Jeez, you’re really losing your touch” Katlin said in a mocking tone. Heather felt hot tears run down her cheek as she finally started to grasp the reality of the situation. Her daughter, her own flesh and blood daughter who she raised since she was a baby, was trying to kill her. Not only was she trying, but from the looks of things, she might succeed. She didn’t think she could break Katlin’s grasp of the wire, and she couldn’t find a weapon close enough to grab. She started to elbow her attackers’ side but couldn’t let a hit with much power behind it.

“You can’t imagine how surprised I was when I was scrolling through the dark web, looking for a new contract, and I found that someone had posted a hit for my one and only mom. I almost called to warn you but decided that what the hell might be fun to kill my own mom”. Heather felt her chest begin to burn as her nipples stiffened. She realized that she was really going to die here, that she wasn’t going to make a last-minute escape like she always had. “Don’t worry mom, I won’t waste you. I’m going to play with your perfect body to my heart's content. I’ll take plenty of pictures too. I’ll probably give a few to Billy for our anniversary present, that way I don’t have to spend any of your contract money on him” she said. Heather felt her body start to weaken, her kicks slowed, and everything started to go black. Her body started to spasm, and she gave her daughter an involuntary lap dance. Katlin moaned softly as she blushed. She looked almost exactly like her mom, but instead of looking twenty-five, she looked closer to fourteen but was in fact sixteen. The only other difference between mother and daughter was that Katlin had neck length hair, a face full of freckles, and perky little B-cups.

“I can’t believe that out of all the girls I’ve killed. That my mom is gonna be the best of them” she said. Suddenly Heather found a new burst of strength, she lashed out violently, flailing her small body around, but the strength began to fade as soon as it appeared.
“Woah mom,” Katlin said with a surprised laugh as her mother’s last, desperate attempt to save herself already started to slow down. “Guess you do have some fight in ya,” she said. Once again Heather's vision began to darken. Her ears rang and she began to feel cold. She was vaguely aware of a wet feeling on her crotch and breast, and though she no longer understood it, it filled her with shame. Before her mother could fully pass out however, Katlin grabbed her by the chin and twisted. There was a swift, satisfying snap as the life of Heather Lain, age 39. Was snuffed out. Katlin pushed her mom off her, and Heather crashed into the floor with her legs sprawled out giving her daughter a perfect view of her once white, now yellow panties. Katlin whistled as she jumped to her feet. With her foot, she flipped her dead mom over. Her eyes were rolled to the back of her head, and her tongue was hanging out in a comical fashion, saliva dripping onto the floor. Lipstick was streaked down her chin, and a purple mark lay across her twisted neck. Her slender body still twitched slightly, and wet spots had appeared on her crotch and breasts. She leaned down and started to undo her mother's dress as she pressed her lips against the dead woman’s. With her own tongue, she lifted her mom’s tongue into her mouth, playfully wrestling with it. Finally, the black dress slid off revealing Heather's slender figure. Her little pale body was covered in sweat which she worked up during her final fight, and her white panties and bra were soaked in both that and some other liquid. First, she undid her mother’s bra, exposing her Heathers large breast, their perky pink nipples leaking milk. Katlin smirked.

“Oh, dear mom,” she said leaning down, and lapping the milk from Heather's tits. The milk was both sweet, and salty, the salty probably coming from the sweat. The taste was oddly nostalgic which at first confused Katlin, but she soon remembered that this wasn’t the first time she’d tasted her mothers’ milk. Soon she lowered herself-down the woman’s body and slid her panties off. Katlin grinned at her mother’s piss-soaked red bush and slide her fingers inside. Suddenly more pee leaked out of her pussy, dowsing Katlin’s fingers. She snickered, pulling her fingers out resulting in a squirt of pee. She lifted her moms’ slender leg up and pressed her face against the large socked foot. The smell was wonderful, a mix of sweat and sweet apple soap. She pulled the sock off, and smirked at her mother’s large smooth foot, with her nails painted red. She licked the foot until it was soaked in her saliva before pulling down her own pants, and polka-dotted underwear, exposing her shaved pussy to the open air. She pressed her pussy against her mothers. Katlin moaned as their vaginas met and slowly began rubbing. At first, the pleasure was small, but as she slowly started to increase as she humped her mom faster, till the pleasure was almost explosive. She pulled her mom's foot up to her face once again and started to lick. The pleasure and the taste of her mother's foot soon became overwhelming and with a cry of ecstasy, she squirted all over her mother's piss-soaked crotch. Her breathing slowed as she lifted herself off the naked corpse. She took a few pictures with her phone and started to debate how to get rid of her mother, Heather's corpse.

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