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The Volunteer

A man discovers that his local market is selling a rather unique cut of specialty meat, and that meat has to be coming from somewhere, right?

Tags: Ff/m, Consensual, Penectomy, Castration, mild CBT, Casual, Objectification, implied Cannibalism

He was browsing through the meat section of the market, idly pondering picking up a bit of pork or chicken to have for dinner when he saw it. A set of cock and balls sitting in one of the display cases, right next to the ground beef.

"Wha..?" he exclaimed under his breath, blinking in surprise. "..No way."

The set of clearly erect male organs had been severed neatly, just below a thin metallic band cinched tight around the base. They were a light purplish color, as if they had been taken off only moments after the band had been applied and then somehow preserved. They didn't look frozen, though, but fresh. Very fresh.

"What the hell.." he muttered, shaking his head in disbelief at what he was seeing. Coming across human genitalia was not something he expected to happen while doing his meat shopping.

"Hey, there.." came a chirpy, cheerful feminine voice, breaking past his surprise. "..Finding what you're looking for?"

He glanced up to see a short, pretty young woman looking up at him from the other side of the display case. She was olive skinned, with predominantly Mediterranean features save for a small button nose, and very, very cute. She wore a store uniform, and obviously worked in the meat department.

"Uh.." he responded intelligently, as his brain caught up.

"Did you want some of the hamburger?" she asked, glancing down into the case where he had been looking, her gaze skating past the set of severed male parts that has so caught his attention. "I ground it up myself, just this morning. It's very high quality, and a pretty good price right now too."

"Uh, no." he replied, shaking his head. "..Um."

"Something else then?" she prompted, with a raised eyebrow and a curious smile.

"I have a question, actually.." he finally managed, gulping slightly.

"Of course! What do you want to know?"

"What.. how come.." he stuttered, struggling to put his suddenly scattered thoughts into order. "..why do you have a.. a man's.."

He broke off, unable to finish his sentence, and just gestured weakly at the set of cock and balls within the display.

"Oh! You want to know about our manmeat." the cute store employee (whose name tag read "Hi, I'm Jasmine!") said, nodding her head and smiling in understanding as she looked up at him with wide, guileless eyes.

"Yeah." he replied faintly.

"We'll, the normal price is nineteen ninety-five per pound, but we're having a bit of a sale this week, so it's only fifteen ninety-five a pound. Which is a pretty good deal, I'd say!" she answered happily, glancing into the display case.

Indeed, right in front of the male genitals was a little deli sign, which had the normal price struck through, and excitedly proclaimed the sale price right below it in large, colorful numbers.

"I.. see." he said, now having even more questions. "How.. where do you get it from?"

"Oh, our manmeat is sourced locally, and is very fresh!" Jasmine explained, nodding again. "We get a brand new batch in every morning. We're usually sold out by late afternoon though, so it's best to come in early if you want a larger selection to choose from!"

"Ah.. I see." he replied, not seeing at all. "But.."

"Excuse me.." came a low, pleasant feminine voice from just behind him.

He turned to find another young woman, this one a pale skinned girl with narrow, almost elfin features and light blonde hair, standing behind him and peering around his shoulder.

"Hello!" the girl behind the counter chirped, greeting the newcomer. "Looking for something?"

"Something for a bar-be-Que.." the new girl replied, shooting a slightly apologetic glance over at him for interrupting. "It's a bring-your-own-meat party."

"Sounds fun! Were you hoping for anything in particular? Ground beef is on sale right now, you know!"

He just stood there, having stepped slightly aside, and watched as the two girls casually spoke about bar-be-Que. The fact that there was a man's severed cock and balls on display (and also apparently "ON SALE!") right between them didn't seem to faze them in the slightest. It felt to him like the situation couldn't get any more surreal.

"Actually, I was hoping for some manmeat. It's Friday, so I feel like treating myself a bit." the blonde customer answered a moment later, pointing one slim finger toward the display, right at the set of pale purple male parts. "I wanted something a little more substantial than those, though. Do you have any others available?"

Apparently it could get much more surreal, he realized, listening in on the exchange.

"Sorry, those are all we have left." the sales girl said, sounding genuinely apologetic. "Like I was telling this fellow here, you need to come in earlier in the day if you want a chance at a larger selection."

"Oh, I'm sorry." the blonde said, turning and addressing him. "You were here first, were you going to buy these? I just kind of barged right in front of you."

"N-no.." he replied, quickly shaking his head and backing up a step or two. "Go.. go ahead."

"Thanks!" the blonde replied, beaming a radiant grin at him. "I've had my heart set on bringing some manmeat to the bar-be-Que all day. It would have been a shame to have to settle for something else, even if these aren't as big as I'd have liked."

The fact that the blonde girl was being an unrepentant size-queen, in this of all situations, ratcheted up the surrealism for him yet another couple of notches.

"Great, let me package these up for you!" the cheerful sales girl said, bobbing happily. "Did you want to pay here, or up at the front?"

"At the front." the blonde customer replied, licking her lips lightly as the store employee reached in and plucked the meat in question up out of the display case. "I've still got to pick up a few more things.. I don't have any sauce yet."

He watched the two young women debate the merits of various bar-be-Que sauces, even as the sales girl casually weighed and then wrapped up the severed cock and balls in pristine white butcher paper, and then placed a price label on it. The blonde customer accepted the package with a happy thank you and a smile, then tucked her new acquisition into the crook of an arm. She walked away, humming cheerfully, taking the manhood turned meat along with her and obviously looking forward to her bar-be-Que party.

The casualness of the whole transaction was giving his brain fits. The fact that both girls had treated some anonymous man's cock and balls as if they were just another piece of meat was proving to be difficult for him to wrap his mind around.

"So, was there anything else?" the sales girl asked, breaking him from his reverie.

"Uh.." he hesitated, before turning to look at her. "How long have you been selling man.. selling manmeat?"

He had trouble even uttering the words, the idea was so impossible.

"Ages, I suppose. As long as I've been working here, anyway." the girl replied, blinking in surprise at his question. "Heck, I remember my mom buying me some from this store for my birthday almost every year ever since I was a kid. She'd usually even let me pick out the set I wanted, too."

Years.. the store had been selling men's cocks and balls for years. Not even hiding it, but putting it openly and even proudly on display. The sales girl talked about it as if it had been a regular part of her entire life. How had he missed it all this time?

"Who.. who do you get them.. it from?" he finally asked, struggling to phrase the question and almost afraid to hear the answer.

Just where HAD the store been getting male genitals to sell as meat, which they'd apparently been doing for years and years? The answer was not what he dreaded, or expected.

"Oh, volunteers, of course." the sales girl replied with a shrug, as she absently polished the top of the display case with a rag. "We usually have at least a few drop by in the early morning. We harvest the meat and get it cleaned and put out before we open."

"Vol.. volunteers?" he asked, surprised.

"Sure!" the girl said, with a little giggle at his expression. "What'd you think we did, stalk down guys in the dead of the night and drag them back here to steal their meat?"

"Well.." he answered, shrugging helplessly.

"Ha! No need. It seems like there are always more guys lining up each morning, so why bother going to all that trouble when we can just wait for them to bring their meat to us instead?"

"Ah.." he said, unsure how to reply to her statement.

"You're pretty curious about all this.." the sales girl observed, eyeing him appraisingly and glancing down toward his waist. "Were you interested in volunteering? We never say no to more meat."

"Wh-what?!" he sputtered, almost choking in surprise. "No!"

"No? Well, that's too bad." the girl replied, with an absent shrug. "If you change your mind though, just stop by any day in the early morning. There's a door out back for the volunteers, just knock on it."

"I'll.. I'll keep that in mind." he replied, before beating a hasty retreat, scarcely hearing the girl's cheerful parting goodbye.

He wandered the store's aisles for a bit after that, lost in thought, unable to keep himself from dwelling on what he'd just learned. He saw the blonde paying for her purchases as he left the store empty-handed (his appetite for meat had fled) a few minutes later. She'd picked up some disposable plates and cutlery, and a jar of some sort of bar-be-Que sauce to go along with her manmeat. The cashier didn't even blink at ringing up the blonde's items, apparently accustomed to seeing severed bits of male flesh pass through her check line all the time. Crazy.

"Crazy." he muttered, trying to convince himself. "Crazy, crazy, crazy."

The fact that he was leaving the store with an enormous erection was not lost on him. He couldn't help but imagine what the blonde was soon going to be doing to her purchase. Couldn't help but imagine that it wasn't some other anonymous man's cock and balls that she'd purchased, but his own. Cut off and cleaned and packaged up nice and neat for her.

"Crazy." he repeated again and shuddered, at the thought of her holding his helpless manhood in her slim hands, casually brushing sauce over it, and then placing it on a grill to cook. "Crazy."

Maybe if he said it enough times, he'd even believe it.

"What am I doing?" he asked himself, for perhaps the twentieth time.

It was the next morning and he stood behind the market, before a plain white door with the word "DELIVERIES" emblazoned on it in large block letters (and which also had a faded paper sign reading "Volunteers" taped to it). He was fidgeting nervously, having not had a very restful previous night.

It was hard to rest when one's imagination had been unwillingly set to overdrive, not to mention his libido. He'd spent most of the evening pacing, unwilling to give in to the perverse ideas and urges boiling through his mind. Trying to sleep had been fruitless, despite the (very) cold shower that he'd forced upon himself before retiring for the night. His thoughts kept returning relentlessly, no matter what he tried to do to distract himself, to the image of the severed cock and balls he'd seen in the store. And to the slim blonde that had purchased them, then presumably cooked and eaten them. At a party with many others present, even. Some man's cock and balls grilled up like any other piece of meat, probably right next to some burgers and hot dogs.

He'd eventually given in, and spent most of the night in a frenzied haze of aroused fantasizing and vigorous self pleasure. Even now, the thought of what he'd seen the day before made his cock twitch and swell, despite the fact that he'd masturbated himself to a stupendous orgasm in his morning shower not an hour before.

He eyed the door again, a mixture of dread, arousal, and anticipation churning in the pit of his stomach at what might lay beyond. Part of him dared not approach it, while the other half wanted nothing more. Overlaying everything was a perverse curiosity at just what would happen to him, and to his manhood, if he did.

"Volunteers.." he read aloud, huffing out an annoyed breath and irritated at his own indecisiveness. "That means I can change my mind, right? I can just go in and.. see, that's it. I can just see what's behind the door and then leave if I want."

"I don't have to.. to.." he muttered to himself, trailing off.

He shivered at the imagined sensation of his cock and balls laying on a butcher's block, waiting for the chop. It didn't have to come to that. He could just go in, satisfy his curiosity, then leave. Simple, right?

Something in his gut told him it wouldn't be so easy, but he steeled himself and walked up to the door anyway. His knock was a bit hesitant and sounded feeble to him, but before he could repeat it the door opened and a young woman's head popped out.

It was the sales girl from the day before. The short one with the olive skin, dark eyes, and cute little nose.

"Hey, here to volunteer?" she asked, sounding offensively cheerful for such an early hour, before beckoning to him. "You're a little late. We're almost ready to open, but I think we can squeeze you in if we don't dawdle. Come on in!"

"Ah.. okay." he responded, his confidence shaken by her casual earnestness, and the way the energetic girl quickly ushered him inside.

"What.. what do I do?" he asked, squinting around in the bright artificial light of the industrial sized meat locker they had both entered.

Sides of beef and pork hung up in the chilly room, and frozen turkeys and chickens could be seen through a windowed door into the freezer proper. He supposed that it was fitting, him entering through the door that all the rest of the meat was also delivered through, given what he was (maybe, perhaps) here to do.

"Gotta get you cleaned up, first off." the girl commented, as she led him past all the hanging meat.

"I.. I took a shower just a few minutes ago." he supplied.

"That's good too, but that's not exactly what I meant. I mean we've got to scrub your meat down before we harvest it." she said, as she pulled him into another room lined with stainless steel sinks and counters. "Go ahead and strip for me, will you?"

"Uh.. um." he hesitated, gulping at her command and blushing furiously.

"Oh, come on. There's no need to be shy." the girl said, rolling her eyes and snorting slightly. "You haven't got anything I haven't seen or cut off a hundred times before."

Crimson faced, he obeyed, stacking his clothes up in a loose pile on a shelf by the door.

"Great, let's see what you've got to offer!" the girl said, as she eyed his exposed groin critically before reaching casually for his manhood with both hands.

"Hmm, nice size.." she commented as she groped his flesh, ignoring his surprised squeak.

Her manner was businesslike, her grip firm but not unnecessarily rough as she appraised his flesh in the most direct way possible.

"Balls are nice and plump, no unusual lumps or bumps.. good." she continued, squeezing his testicles briskly but thoroughly before moving on to his shaft and head. "And you're already mostly hard for me, perfect!"

She gave the tip of his rapidly hardening penis a casual little flick with the pad of her index finger, making it bobble up and down.

"You'll do. Let's get you washed up." she stated, looking up at him and smiling.

"Hey, aren't you that guy from yesterday?" she asked, blinking as she seemed to really see him for the first time. "I thought you weren't interested. Changed your mind, huh? I figured you might."

She winked at him and gave him another squeeze, her grin turning into a knowing little smirk.

"You.. you did?" he gasped, his breath short in reaction to her inspection of his manhood.

"Oh yeah. With some guys, you can just tell." she said, with a little laugh. "Come on over to the sink."

She pulled him over to one of the nearby sinks, tugging him into position with a firm grip on his cock.

"Press yourself over it.. there we go." the girl instructed, as she pulled on a pair of thick rubber gloves and ran the hot water. "Try not to squirm too much, okay?"

Then she positioned the faucet over his tumescent cock and hanging balls, bathing them in hot, hot water. He yelped and tried to pull back, but she slapped him on his bare bottom and then leaned against his back, holding him in place.

"I told you not to squirm!" she groused, though she sounded more amused than irritated.

Then she picked up a rough pad, doused it liberally in scentless soap, and proceeded to remorselessly scrub every inch of him down. She pressed particularly strongly against the skin of his scrotum, as she firmly gripped his poor balls in her other hand, making sure to get at it from every possible angle with the scratchy pad.

"Ahh!" he cried out, squirming in place even as the girl thrust her hips against his bottom to try and keep him still as she worked.

Finally, it was done. It felt like she'd taken off the top three layers of skin, and that the hot water had flash boiled the rest, but he (or rather, his manhood) was now cleaned to her satisfaction.

"And.. done!" the girl declared, after she'd rinsed him off one final time and stripped off her gloves. "That looks good. Now let's get you banded."

He gulped at her words. "Getting banded" sounded painful, and given that he still wasn't entirely sure that he wanted to go through with all this, he wasn't eager to experience it.

"Does.. does that hurt?" he asked, as the girl pulled him along (again by his cock) over to a little machine set up on a counter in an out of the way corner of the room.

"Eh, a little." the girl said, throwing her answer absently over her shoulder. "The band is just tight enough to keep the blood inside, so it isn't too bad."

"Keep the blood inside..?" he asked, gulping nervously again. "Inside me.. or inside my cock?"

"Yes." the girl stated, giving him a teasing little smirk as they came to a stop before the machine. "Don't worry, the bander puts two on. One for you, and one for your meat."

"Alright, let's get you as hard as possible." she said, turning back to him and taking his manhood fully in hand once again.

"Wh-why?" he asked, bucking his hips a little as she began stroking his member and kneading his testicles.

"Well, manmeat sells by the pound, just like every other meat." the girl explained, as if surprised he even needed to ask. "So the harder and plumper your cock is before we band it, the more it'll sell for, of course."

"Of.. of course." he replied, shuddering at both the thoughts her words put into his mind, and at the feel of her warm hands on his freshly cleaned flesh.

"I.. I have another question.." he gasped, his eyelids drooping down in pleasure as the cute girl continued to stimulate him.

"Shoot, big boy." she responded, grinning up at him as she hefted his manhood in her hands.

"How.. how can you do it?"

"Do what?"

"Sell a guy's manho.. manmeat?" he asked, looking down at her.

"What do you mean?" she asked, pausing in her ministrations for a moment and tilting her head in puzzlement. "It's not that complicated. We put it out on display, someone comes along and decides they want it, and then we sell it to them."

Her tone very much implied a "Duh, silly." at the end of her statement.

"I.. I mean legally." he clarified. "I mean, wouldn't the FDA look down on something like this?"

He also meant morally. But, given how blase she and the blonde girl had been about the transaction he'd witnessed the day before, and how casually she was now talking about getting the most profit possible out of his cock and balls when (if) she eventually sold them, he figured that she had no issues there and didn't bother to bring it up. That all the manmeat the sales girl harvested and sold apparently came from willing volunteers, who came knowingly to the market to give up their goods of their own accord, just like he (potentially) had.. Well, it was hard to work himself up into a moral outrage about what she was doing when his own current actions were neatly undercutting such a stance.

"Oh.." the girl replied, before resuming her stroking. "Well, the FDA doesn't really care if we sell manmeat. Why would they? As long as everything is clean, hygienic, and safe, we can sell whatever we want."

"Really?" he asked, skeptically.

"Of course. If the customer knows what they're buying, then what's the problem? Now, if we tried to get away with selling horse meat as beef, or something like that, then the FDA would probably step in, I suppose." she said, shaking her head. "Heck, we even had an inspection just last week. Passed with flying colors!"

That feeling of surreality, which had been lurking in the back of his mind ever since the day before, returned. Selling men's cocks and balls.. selling manmeat, was A-Okay with the federal government. And somehow, he had never heard of it before yesterday. It almost felt like he had stepped into another world, one with crazily different morals, except that everything else was exactly the same as it always had been.

"Well, I don't think that you're going to get any bigger than this." the girl said, interrupting his musings as she dropped his cock and balls and turned to the banding machine.

She undid a clasp on one side of the device, then flipped the top open along a hinge on the opposite side.

"We just lay your meat across the groove here.." she said, as she guided his reluctant steps forward and laid his furiously erect cock and plump, relaxed balls into place.

She closed the top over his flesh, trapping the base of his manhood within. It looked sort of like an old fashioned set of stocks, only for men's genitals instead of a person's wrists and neck.

"..and make sure that we've got as much of you as possible in the machine.." she continued, ignoring his nervous trembling as she tugged on his manhood, pulling just a little more of it through the hole.

"..and then band you!" she finished, as she pressed a button on the side of the machine, which whirred to life at once.

The process only took a few moments, though it felt much longer to him, as he stared down in unabashed fear at the machine that held his cock and balls captive. Something cold and smooth wrapped around the base of his manhood, then slowly but inexorably began to tighten.

"Gah!" he gasped, as the band squeezed down smaller and smaller, crushing his flesh along with it.

The machine stopped just before the pain transformed into true agony, but it was still very, very unpleasant to have something wrapped so tightly around the bottom of his cock and the top of his ball sac.

"Oww.." he whined, trying but unable to wriggle his hips in a futile attempt to ease the pain.

"Whimp." the girl commented good-naturedly, poking him teasingly in the side as she popped the top of the bander open once more. "It's done. Let me get you out of there."

The something around the base of his manhood turned out to actually be two somethings. Silvery metal bands, each separated by a mere fraction of an inch, squeezed the blood vessels of his cock completely shut, and the swollen, trapped organ was already beginning to turn a light shade of purple.

"Okay, only one more thing to do.." the girl said, as she took hold of his cock again and began leading him forward once more.

"What.. what's that?" he asked, grimacing slightly in pain as she tugged him onward through another door.

"Harvest your meat, of course." the girl said, as if it were the most logical thing in the world. "It'll only take a moment."

Her words struck him deep, and he shivered as his skin prickled up into goosebumps. He still.. still wasn't sure if he could go through with it. The idea of his cock and balls laying in a display case next to all the rest of the meat, just waiting for some girl to come along, pick them out, and then purchase them.. All with the sole intent of eating them as part of some future meal.. Well, it was horribly, wonderfully arousing to him. He had literally spent the entire previous night masturbating to the thought of his manhood being subjected to just such a thing.

But it was permanent. So terribly, unequivocally permanent. If he went through with it, he would never feel another woman's touch on his penis, never have the chance to father children, and never again be able to orgasm. Ever. How could he allow such a thing to be done to himself? Was the momentary thrill for him, and the passing culinary pleasure for whomever eventually bought and ate his manhood, actually worth the price he would spend the rest of his life paying? He couldn't answer that question, not yet.

Still, nothing permanent had been done to him so far, and he had yet to see just how he would (maybe) be losing his cock and balls. Sure, the metal bands hurt, but they could probably be removed with a pair of pliers and some determination. Heck, aside from some minor bruising, he'd probably come out of this just fine. Assuming he didn't go through with it all the way, of course.

He'd see how the girl intended to remove his manhood, then decide. Though he knew which way he was already leaning. Losing everything was just too large a price to pay, even for a thrill as large as this. He promised himself that he would be strong, that he would resist the dangerous allure of his fantasies, no matter what..

..Which was when the girl lead him out of the empty room with the sinks and banding machine, and into a busy workspace crowded with girls preparing for the looming deadline of the store's morning opening. He stopped and stared for a moment, before the girl leading him tightened her grip and yanked harder on his cock, pulling him along behind her with an annoyed huff.

"Come on, don't dawdle." she cajoled, tutting at him.

The girls around them were cutting and packaging meat, rendering down whole slabs of beef and pork into prepackaged portions. Stacks and stacks of miscellaneous cuts sitting in styrofoam flats and wrapped in clear plastic showcased how busy they'd already been that morning. He, a completely naked man being led by his bound and purpling penis, should have stuck out like a sore thumb among all this, but it seemed that the butcher girls could scarcely be bothered to take notice of him.

His manhood, though, did draw a few comments as the sales girl and he passed through the throng. Apparently it was notable, even if he was not.

"Hey, nice one you got there, Jaz." one of the butcher girls said, glancing at his banded manhood appraisingly for a moment, before she brought down the cleaver she was wielding against an innocent cut of meat with a loud chop. "Bit late for manmeat though, isn't it?"

"There's still a few minutes." the girl leading him replied, waving aside the other girl's concern. "I can have it snipped off and ready with the others in plenty of time."

His breath began coming in fast gulps. Being dragged through all these young women while naked, all of whom seemed to view him as nothing more than a walking cut of unharvested meat, was playing directly into his arousal and his fantasies. Even through the pain of his bands, he could feel his libido pulsing up from the base of his groin, as if trying to somehow make his member even more impossibly erect than it already was.

"Here we go, then." the girl said, as she came to a stop before a curious tool. "Just slip your meat into the slot, and I can have it off in a jiffy!"

The tool the girl was pointing at was nothing more than a glorified stainless steel paper cutter, with a "U" shaped slot that was obviously meant for his manhood to rest in. He had honestly expected something a little more intimidating and dramatic, but he supposed that the robust looking device was simply the most efficient way of harvesting a man's genitals.

He gulped, trembling, looking at the thing that could spell the end of his sexuality.. if he let the girl (who was tapping her foot somewhat impatiently as she waited on him) use it on his manhood. He could still walk away after all, right now, and have satisfied his curiosity and lost nothing for it.

He almost did it, too. He almost turned away and left with his manhood intact..

..But then he saw the little tray to the side of the cutter. The tray already holding all the rest of the meat the girl beside him had harvested from other volunteers earlier in the morning. Late indeed.

He gasped, his breath hitching in his chest as he saw four sets of men's organs, each cleaned, banded, slightly purple, and neatly trimmed off at the end, laying side by side on the tray. Ready to go into the display case with all the other premium meats the store offered up for its customers' pleasure. Ready for some hungry, anonymous girl to come along and choose them, pay for them, and claim them as her own.

He looked down at his own manhood, so similar to the ones on the tray before him, save for one small, easily remedied difference: it was still attached. His mind went to the pretty blonde girl from the day before, to the delighted expression she had worn as she took her purchase in hand, and the way she'd licked her lips in anticipation of how it would taste. Of how happy the sales girl had been to provide it to her, and the easy, casual small talk they had made about how to best prepare it. The entire scenario would never have happened if some unknown man hadn't volunteered his everything a scant few hours before, making it all possible. Just like four more unknown men already done today, as evidenced by the neat line of severed, cooling male flesh right in front of him. How could he do any less, especially when such a large part of him seemed to desire it just as much as everyone else apparently did?

He made his decision, the only decision really, though the spike of arousal he felt at it was accompanied by a similar spike of immobilizing fear.

"Come on.. that's it.." the girl beside him said, speaking softly to him as he began to hyperventilate at the magnitude of what was about to happen. "You've done so well.. let's go ahead and finish this, alright?"

She was speaking to him like he was a small child or a panicking animal (which he supposed wasn't that far off from the truth), as she guided him forward toward the cutter. It seemed that he wasn't the first man, the first volunteer, to freeze up at the penultimate moment. She obviously had experience in helping the men she harvested meat from take those final few irrevocable steps.

She pulled the heavy scissoring blade up from its closed position, and the noise the gleaming steel made as it rasped slightly against its base made him shudder. It sounded exactly and appropriately like an enormous pair of scissors. The sales girl, who was now his butcher girl, he supposed, hefted his banded genitals and laid them gently in the slot at the center of the cutter.

"There we go.. hold still, okay?" his butcher murmured softly to him, patting him reassuringly on the bottom as she snugged his hips up firmly against the machine.

His breath was coming fast now, so fast that his chest was heaving and his stomach quivering. He watched in horrified, aroused fascination as his butcher girl laid one hand firmly on his imperiled manhood, and one hand on the handle of the cutting blade.

She brought the blade slowly down to the base of his manhood, tugging slightly on his genitals to get the little space between the twin bands perfectly aligned with the steel cutting edge. He felt the kiss of cool, sharp metal for just a moment, on that little bit of heated, trapped flesh, and his breath seized in his chest. A single pulse of pure arousal and pleasure thrummed from deep in his groin out to the tip of his doomed cock: the last thing that it would ever feel.

The girl pushed down on the cutter blade, firmly and surely, and snipped his manhood off with a quiet, unceremonious "snik!". His entire sexuality gone, in just the barest fraction of a second. Forever and always.

"G-gah!" he gasped, bucking away from the cutter instinctively, and far, far too late.

"Well, that takes care of that!" his butcher exclaimed, her cheerful, happy tone returning, and at complete odds with his own stunned shock.

"Ha.. Haaagh!" he groaned, as the pain of his sudden emasculation began to make itself known, robbing his legs of strength.

Less than he had honestly expected and feared, but still far more than he could handle, the pain made him curl forward, cupping his hands uselessly over his now empty groin. He would have fallen over, had his butcher not caught him.

"Now, now, none of that." she chided. "It's not that bad, you can stay on your feet."

Easy for her to say, but there was nothing else for it. Slowly, with her help and while gasping and whimpering in pain, he managed to right himself.

"There you go.." she said, beaming at him. "Well, you know the way out. Make sure to pick up your clothes as you leave, right? You'd be surprised at how many guys forget!"

She shot him a wink, while he looked on incredulously. He'd just lost everything that had made him a man at her small hands, and now she expected him to simply leave? Not giving him even a courtesy thank you?

"Oh, and thanks for coming in and volunteering!" she added a moment later as an afterthought, with a cheerful chirp. "Yours is definitely the best of today's batch! Maybe even the best of the week!"

He glanced down at his severed manhood.. no, at the manmeat that now no longer belonged to him, which was still laying in the cutter. His butcher, apparently dismissing him from her mind, turned and scooped it up. She hefted it in her hands for a moment, looking at it critically, before depositing it in the tray with the rest of the day's volunteered meat.

Of course she expected him to leave. He had given up his everything, which was all that she had wanted from him in the first place. Without his manhood, he was just some (former) guy standing around and getting in the way of all the work going on.

The sales girl, his butcher, picked up the meat filled tray and bustled off, out through another door. Leaving him nude and alone, injured and vulnerable, in a room filled with knife wielding butcher girls, some of whom were now glancing up at him speculatively.

"Hey there.." one said, as she approached from one side, eying him appraisingly as she ran her knife back and forth over a sharpener. "Now that Jaz is done with you, have you thought about volunteering anything else?"

"We could always use more meat." she said, with a knowing little smile at his horrified look.

He fled.

Judging by the laughter that had followed him out of the butchering room, the girl had probably been joking with him. Probably. He did remember to collect his clothes, though putting on his pants with his crotch sending waves of agony up through his guts had been quite the challenge.

He left through the "DELIVERIES" door and managed to make his way around to the front of the store just in time to see the sign change from "CLOSED" to "OPEN", and he decided to go in. He needed to go in.

He shuffled through the aisles slowly, taking small steps in order not to aggravate his wound, making his way toward the back of the empty store to where the meat department was. It was morbid, perhaps, but he had to see..

..And there it was, sitting in the display case filled with assorted prime meats, in pride of place at the very front.. His manhood.. his former cock and balls.. on sale, for fifteen dollars and ninety-five cents per pound, with all the rest of the manmeat. His fantasies come true.

His simply stared at what had been his pride and joy for several moments, sitting there lined up in a neat row with four other sets of pale purple male organs, each available for anyone to who came by and decided they wanted them. Would his be the first set of the day purchased? They were the largest after all, and perhaps the most attractive, though he had to admit that he was not in a position to judge that with any amount of impartiality.

Movement out of the corner of his eye distracted him, and he turned to see a pretty girl, with skin nearly as dark as ink and meticulously and beautifully braided hair, walk along the meat displays slowly. She seemed to be browsing idly, somewhat unusually for someone at the market at such an early hour, pausing occasionally to gaze into the cases and tap thoughtfully at her full, pouty bottom lip.

She walked past him without seeming to notice him, and stopped briefly by his side, staring into the same display that he had been looking at. She mused on the meat.. on the manmeat available for purchase for a moment, then made a small, dismissive humming noise and moved on. He watched her walk away with somewhat mixed feelings.

He wondered exactly what she had been thinking. Had she just been idly browsing, like he had thought, and had no more interest in buying manmeat than in any of the other meats on display she'd passed by? Or had she been interested, but underwhelmed by the selection available? Had the manmeat in the display case simply been of insufficient quality to measure up to her standards? None of the sets of cocks and balls, including his own, good enough for her? There was precedent for such an opinion. The blonde girl from the day before had been initially disappointed in the last, apparently under-sized piece of manmeat in the display case, after all. Even if she had eventually purchased it anyway.

Or had the girl with the braids simply been dismissive of the idea of manmeat in the first place, perhaps even disgusted by it?

Or maybe, just maybe, she was amused at the thought of some guy letting his cock and balls be cut off, in the possibly vain hope that a girl would wander by and want to buy them. His sacrifice the butt of her own private joke. The idea was so perverse that it was almost appealing, in a way. He supposed that he would never know what her true opinion had been.

No matter, he reflected as he turned to take one last look at his manhood, before beginning to shuffle slowly back out of the store. The thought of the blonde girl's happy smile passed though his mind again, and he was content. His cock and balls, the meat he'd volunteered at such a large cost to himself, would find its buyer sooner or later today. A hundred people might walk past his severed organs and dismiss them or ignore them outright, but it only took one person, one special, hungry girl passing by to stop and see their potential, for it to all be worth it.

As he walked through the store, he saw several more attractive girls moving through the aisles, picking out their purchases with care or with whimsy. He wondered if one of them would be the one to select his former meat, picking it out from among all the other options to be had. He would dearly love to lurk in the market and find out, to see what the girl who chose to purchase and eat his manhood would look like, but his ruined crotch was beginning to scream at him. He had the feeling that if he didn't get home (or to a hospital) soon, he would pass out in the street.

He knew he would probably come to regret what he had done, what he had given up. Hell, he was even regretting it more than a little right now, as his abdomen lit on fire with every small movement he made.. But even the pain couldn't take away the warm little glow inside him, the embers of his arousal, at the thought of his cock and balls laying in that meat display case. Of the knowledge that soon, some girl or woman, one whom he would never know and who would never know him, would be made happy because of his sacrifice. As happy as the slim blonde from the day before had been, as she'd carried the manmeat she'd purchased out of the store.

He would miss his manhood.. but it was now in its proper place, right where it needed to be. And eventually, it would find its way to where it truly belonged: resting in the belly of some happy, satisfied woman. Slowly beginning to break down and digest, even as she enjoyed his manmeat's lingering, hopefully delicious aftertaste.

The thought filled him with no small measure of his own happiness. So much so that he idly wondered, as he made his slow, careful way home, just how serious that one girl had been back in the butchering room..

..He did have a lot more meat that he could volunteer, after all.


Woo, this one just flowed out of me. I got the idea while browsing through my "Beautiful Faces" folder, lingering on one cute blonde in particular and wondering what it would be like to see her walk into a market and casually ask for some manmeat. Thus, the seed of the story was planted, and my imagination ran with it. I cranked this whole thing out in one long binge writing session, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. It's nice to write a fun consensual story every once in awhile, even if most of the rest of my stuff often isn't. I hope you guys like it.

Hey, how about a little informal survey.. just for fun? If you volunteered your meat to the market, who would you want to come and buy it? A spouse? A friend? A family member? Perhaps a certain celebrity? Someone else, someone anonymous? No need for names, just a brief description of what they might look like, who they are to you, and why they want to buy your manmeat. And on the other side of the coin.. if you're the one buying the manmeat instead, who would you want it to have come from? Why are you buying it, and what would you do with it once you have it? I've very curious about your responses!


First off, excellent story! Always a fan of volunteered meat. Specially when it's just so casual of the meatgirls in their harvesting.

This is the sort of role playing scenes I can never find on f-chat. lol

I dunno who I'd want to buy it, maybe some cute famous girl celebrating her 18th birthday. One of those foodie types that takes pictures of everything they eat.


Also, this makes me wish I could draw or had the time for Daz3d stuff. It would make an awesome comic.


Great work! Glad to see you're still posting.


I'd prefer a mach more younger male here.

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