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This is my first attempt at writing a short story so please bare with me. I welcome comments and constructive criticism, never can learn to much. Hope everyone enjoys. Hopefully more to come soon.

I stood suspended in the dark. Cries could be heard all around me. The smell of death and bodily fluids permeated the air. I was a slave taken when I was young and grew up in my masters service. By no means ugly but far to plain to be used for any other means than to be worked. I had seen many other girls used viciously and was glad not to have been treated the same. But upon my 19th birthday I ran wanting to taste freedom again. Soon caught and hauled back I now found myself facing a most terrible fate.

I could still feel the wetness on my cheeks where my tears had fallen. I had cried for hours and now there was no more. Though fear still welled up inside me a calm had also taken a hold. I had accepted that soon i was to die. A loud cheer from the crowed above me signaled that i was soon to meet my fate. A couple of large guards Came into my cell and took me down from where i was hanging by the wrists from a beam feet still firmly on the ground. I was half dragged and half walked guided by the guards up a flight of steps to a large arch. I had been standing all day and my legs felt stiff and week.

As i was marched through the arch i was blinded by the bright light of a sunny day. I closed my eyes and turned my head. Soon my eyes adjusted enough to see the large arena surrounded by a huge crowed of people. They erupted into a great din seeing me led out naked as the day i was born. I looked to the instrument of my doom and the great fear returned. I lost all control of my legs and struggled in vain. The guards just dragged me forward. There in the middle of the arena was a wooden chair like device. I was to be garroted.

I was roughly sat down my hand affixed behind he to the post. My feet tied to the t-beam below me. A rope around my neck bound me tight by the windpipe. I stared up at the sky, the lovely blue and light clouds filled my mind. A bird flew past i couldn't help but notice how it dipped and dived around. I was just barely aware the someone was speaking but did not really understand the words. Then the loop around my throat tightened.

Surprised by the pain and the fire spreading through my lungs my body strained with every muscle against my restrains. I could feel my eyes bulging, spasms race though me. I can not describe the pain and fear I felt at that moment. After what seemed like an eternity, mussels aching strained with effort I heard a sicking crunch as the rope crushed my airway. Intense pain and the darkness. Fading i heard the crowd cheer one more time then all faded to black.


Descriptions and nice script, as well as the non-consensual side of the story.
The fatal outcome comes too quickly, in my opinion. Why not, before this one, have it preceded by a humiliating display of her feminine intimacy to the crowd.
And / or, to divert the usual use of traditional instruments like the guillotine, the gallows and the garot, not for its neck but for the breasts of the condemned woman, etc …


Thank you for the advice and your thoughts. I will try to take that into account should I decide to write another story

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