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As a 16 year old teenage girl, I never thought my life would be so violent. I never thought I would have so much power and control.

Never did I think a year ago that I would be where I am now.

I can't go back home and I can't talk to any of my old friends or even some family.

Nothing will go back to normal. This is my new normal.

I'll never leave this Island.

It's so fucked up. I never asked for this but now I can't imagine my life any other way.

My psychiatrist gave me this journal to keep my thoughts in one place. She said people - especially young girls like me - find it hard to transition to the island.

She said since I can't talk to anyone about the island that isn't on the island, this would help me.

Something about venting or whatever.

I think its stupid but apparently I I should log my thoughts about my transition and observations and thoughts about the island here as if I'm talking to someone.

That's what insane people do!

Am I insane? Maybe, I think everyone here is insane. But I then I would be normal? I dunno…

Well I guess I'll start by talking about myself and what the "island" is.

My name is Jasmine and I'm a 16 year old girl. Here in the island I actually have an official visual description just like anyone else.

Here it is I guess:

HEIGHT: 158.3 cm
WEIGHT: 42.2 kg
PIGMENTATION: Type III (Light Brown)

I can't believe how specific that is. They update this every 6 months!

Everyone is gonna know how skinny, flat, and lanky I am. Rude.

I've been living here since I was 15 and I can't stop thinking about my body since! I gotta work out and get some shape!

The island is not a bad place to live. Actually, its nice. Like really nice. Its basically a paradise if you're the right person.

Everyone tells me I'm lucky and that I am who I am and that some people are really unlucky here.

And I totally agree. There's some seriously fucked up shit that goes on here. It took a bit for me to get used to it. And I guess i still am getting used to it.

So the Island is a hidden place in the Bermuda Triangle.

Sounds crazy I know.

There's a reason planes and boats don't come here. It's because the U.S. Government doesn't want any unwarranted people or vehicles approaching this island.

This island holds some shady shit man. We got all the dirt here.

Pedo rings, private military development, money laundering, all that jazz.

Guess what this 16 year old girl is part of? Take a wild guess.

Except there's a bit more to it. More layers and complexity I guess.

One could assume that I am just a 16 girl used by dirty old rich men.

It's not untrue but there's more to it.

This island has a history. A very sexual history.

The historical culture in this island is centered around sexual freedom.

I have friends here that don't even know what virginity is. My best friend in the island, Lily, remembers the only two days in here life when she didn't have sex. And she's only 14!

And whew is she hot stuff. I guess centuries of attractiveness being the only incentive to reproduce resulted in fucking beautiful natives on this island.

But me, I'm no native. My father being some rich politician or something managed to bring our family here.

It's unclear if he wanted to be here or if he had to escape something.

All I know is he fucks my friend lily 10 times more than his wife, and I fucking hate it. Lily won't stop being gross about it.

My mom is the least sexual in the family. But she loves the island and has no issues with it apparently. Not even when lily and my dad get all fucking nasty in front of her.

I wonder if she has one of these journals too…

Nice thing about the island is that I don't have to go to school anymore. I actually have a job. Like a real adult full time job with responsibility and all.

I manage a tourist spot for dirty old men outside of the island who want to do fucked up shit to little girls.

You would think that I would feel unsafe. But I actually feel totally safe and I kinda like the job.

Before I lived on the island I would think only a deranged sociopath could work this job. But I guess you get used to it. Or as my psychiatrist says - desensitized.

Every morning from Monday to Friday I do an inventory of all the girls for the shift. And then I make a schedule for all the girls and then do another inventory of the girls at the end of the day and write a brief status report of the girls that are left.

It's a prefect job for a non native girl like myself. I could never be like Lily, doing her performance art with her high class status and all.

I really like lily. I want to date her. I want her to be my girl friend.

But that's not really a thing here. So at least we're best friends.


Interesting start! I do enjoy a premise that creates a world where all sorts of different stories can happen :-)


When I first arrived upon the island in which no one names.

I actually had a mental breakdown.

I thought nothing was real and my world as I knew it was spinning around me.

I'm no virgin. I had sex with boys and girls in high school.

But man was this island something else.

The island was the first of many for me.

It was the first time I saw death.

It was the first time I was touched sexually by people much older than me, and much younger than me.

It was the first time I understood how rich and powerful my father was.

It was the first time I felt power and control of my own.

It was the first time I met Lily.

It was the first time I killed someone. And enjoyed it.

In high school I had friends and a boyfriend and cheated on him with my girlfriend. Got involved in a love triangle. Decided I need to focus more on my grades, but couldn't because of parties and procrastination.

I was worried about what car I would drive for the first time to impress my less rich friends.

In the island I met my best friend and crush while she was sucking the cock of the 30 year old man issuing paperwork to my dad to sign for our house.

And after the girl straight up drained him she called me cute, introduced herself to me as Lily/Neighbor/best pussy eater and cock sucker in the neighborhood.

And then she proceeded to give me the most intense orgasm I've ever had in my life, with just her mouth!

And then she showed me around town and we went to her job and I never been so shocked, disturbed, aroused, and entertained at the same time.

Lily is a performance artist and the Montview Snuff House.

She gave me free front row seats to a show of hers.

Not the kind of performance art you see outside of the island.

When the show started and Lily walked out on the stage, I was mesmerized by her beauty.

Her clothing made up of black and rose gold straps revealing and exposing her body in the most exotic and artistic expression I've ever seen wouldn't let me take my eyes of her.

And that's when I learned about Lily's genitalia.

She had a DICK!

and it was HUGE.

I don't understand how its so small flaccid, and big when its hard.

I also don't understand with that dick of hers, I'm still 100 times less feminine than her.

And her performance changed my life. It really did, I'm not just saying that to exaggerate.

It made me want to be a part of this island. I went from mental breakdown to curious girl exploring a new city in half a day.

The performance started with some enchanting music and really trippy lights and effects.

I couldn't believe she was a 14 year old girl. So much confidence, and raw sexual energy by herself on the stage.

After some kind of light show music intro thing that I didn't understand finished. A light shined on young girl naked, on her knees, and tied up. She looked just a bit younger than Lily.

A large monitor displayed a live zoomed in visual of the young restrained girls face.

She looked fucked up. Like realllly fucked up on drugs. Huge pupils and she was staring at nothing. Her eyes were focused nothing, she was gone.

After a pause of the crowd silently looking at the subject and artist.

Lily started getting her dick hard and began stroking the hair of the young restrained girl.

The girl began crying. But not a lot, it seemed only crying what her tired body and mind would allow her.

Lily put her cock up to the young girl's lips.

Lily then performed some kind of sleight of hand magic trick and a knife appeared in her hand.

The young girl stopped crying and started shaking.

Shaking of pure fear.

Her eyes were finally focused. Her crazy fucked up eyes followed the suddenly appearing knife.

Lily bent down and began licking the girls tears and kissing her. Basically she was just shoving her tongue down her crying mouth.

She holds the knife very close to the girls eyes. And just as they close shut lily starts massaging the young girls pussy like an absolute pro.

The control lily had over the girls pleasure was insane and made me wet.

She frequently but smoothly changed her pace and motions to bring the girl closer and farther away from orgasm.

The young girls pleasure was in Lily's complete control.

Lily made the young girl grasp for air from pleasure, gave her a few leg shaking orgasms, and whenever the girl would start dripping Lily made her taste the pussy juice ugh I wanted to be the girl in that moment.

I almost forgot about the knife gently touching the girls cheeks, and I think the girl did too.

And just when I thought that, without missing a beat with her hands making pleasure, she shoved the knife in the young girls eye and twisted it around in there creating loads of pain.

The girl let out a scream that made the crowd flinch a little bit but shorty after there was short applause. Just enough applause to show appreciation but not to interrupt.

After this sudden switch in pace things started happening so fast.

I didn't even notice when Lily laid the girl down on her back and stated eating her pussy vigorously.

It reminded me of when she did that to me. Not the eye stabbing, just eating my pussy,

The young girl was stuck in a world of overwhelming pleasure with Lily's top tier munching and overwhelming pain from the knife in her eye.

When Lily made the girl squirt into her mouth Lily slowly spit the girls pussy juices into her own mouth. So fucking sexy I realized everyone around me was masturbating. So I figured I might as well conform to the norm and fit in.

Lily began fucking the young girl in missionary and I've never seen anyone, especially not a 14 year old girl, fuck someone with so much speed, length, and rhythm.

This is the first time I see Lily receive pleasure.

The way she arches her sexy little teen body in response to stimulation and how her lean toned body flexes in rhythm to the fucking was unbelievable attractive.

Her beautiful pale white skin and blue eyes. The crazy look in her eyes watching her subject take her cock and her "O" face turned me on so much.

Lily ripped the knife out of the girls eye and began stabbing and slashing the girl all over her abdomen and arms and chest like she was fighting her.

She poor restrained girl could do nothing. She began to stop moving and Lily kept the same steady vigorous pace of pussy pounding.

Lily put her hand over the girls neck and began choking. Suddenly the straps around the girl vanished like a magic.

Great showman ship. The crowed gasped, cheered, and then applauded. and Lily smiled.

The moment the straps were gone, the girl began struggling. She was fighting for her life.

But this was no interruption to Lily fucking her fast with the same rhythm. Lily began choking harder and the girls face became strained and red. Her weak cut up bloody arms went towards her neck desperately trying to get under Lily's hand.

Lily used her other hand to punch the girls gut and side.

I realized that Lily was a fucking athlete. 10 minutes of non stop fast hard fucking while maintaining a death grip on her neck and also throwing hard punches?

I fell for this girl she was a cute 14 year old teen with pretty eyes, but I wanted her to dominate me with her cock and toned muscles, but still sexy and feminine I was in love.

My focus returned to Lily when she stopped fucking, punching and choking. The girl was too weak to move.

Lily and the girl were still. The only movement was both of them breathing hard and fast.

Lily was still deep inside the girl.

The big live screen camera zoomed in on the girl and panned across her body. Showing the cuts, the sweat, the bruises.

Then it cut to Lily's gorgeous sweaty panting face.

Strands of her now messy hear stuck to her face and she had a look of satisfaction and pleasure.

I was sure she had cum, but then she contorted her body like some kind of sexy ballerina yoga gymnast. And seamlessly switched her position.

The girl was still on her back but now Lily was facing the other way with her cock resting on the girls face pointing towards her chest.

Lily leaned forward and lifted the girls upper back up and pressed her cock against her mouth.

She began pressing it forward until the it her mouth opened from brute force.

Lily wasted no time getting her cock as deep in as possible.

Lily had to wiggle her hips and move the girl to inch her way into her throat.

The girl gagged and coughed but Lily's face showed undeterred focus on accomplishing one goal.

Getting her entire cock as deep as possible into the young teen girl.

Eventually her cock disappeared into her throat. The girls neck bulged out to the shape of Lily's cock.

Lily groaned in pleasure and began pulling backwards slowly and just enough to make some back and fourth movement.

The girl had no energy to fight but her body made small shakes and movements to try and resist and not suffocate.

Lily started making longer strokes and pushed back in with more force each time.

Her cock was pushing the girls throat out and back in from the bulge.

She began fucking her throat almost as hard has she did the girls pussy.

Lily's face was lost in pleasure and and kept going until she pushed her hips forward and pulled the girl towards her.

She hunched forwards and gasped so hard it looked like she was out of air. Her body jerked as she was clearly cumming having and intense orgasm.

The big screen cut to a zoom in on the girls throat. Lily started cumming because the girl began suffocating and her throat started contracting violently desperate for oxygen.

Lily held her cock there shaking her legs in orgasm for a good moment.

She didn't pull out until the girl was completely still and clearly dead.

And when she did. She did it slowly and sexy. Massaging her cock inside the dead girls throat for a bit to push all the cum out.

She smiled and give the dead girls face a few light love slaps as she finished slowly pulling out.

She leaned forward and began to make out with the girls unresponsive mouth.

Lily then stood up elegantly and dragged the body to the edge of the stage and kicked it off.

The crowd went wild cheering, whistling, and yelling at Lily about how much they love her.

The crowd began surrounding the dead girl through narrow gaps in between the people in front of me I caught a few glimpses of the dead body being used in every sexual way by a group taking turns.

Lily walked to a microphone and claimed her love and appreciation for the crowed and said she would be back next week with her next planned performance and walked away.

And this is when I learned that Lily was famous.

Why would she be so friendly to me?

Why did I get the best seat and view?

Why did she treat me so special?

Am I famous?

Is it my dad?

I have so many questions.

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