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“Come in.” Mrs Thomas smiled at the young girl on the doorstep. “Thank you so much for coming over.”

“Is everything okay?” Beth asked a little nervously, stepping into the large, elegantly-decorated hallway. She had been babysitting for the Thomas family for almost two years. She loved the children – five year old twins Percy and Jennifer, but had always found the parents a little intimidating. In truth they had been nothing but kind and polite to her but they were a fair bit wealthier than her family and she had never seen Mrs Thomas without full makeup and dressed as if she expected to be called to a wedding with only a few minutes notice. She worried they judged her for her more modest background, older clothes and usual lack of makeup.

Beth was fifteen years old, a few months shy of her sixteenth birthday. She was not especially tall but neither was she remarkably short either. She was just average. That’s how she viewed everything about herself really. Her red hair had a natural curl to it but no particular style, her lightly-freckled face was pretty but was unlikely to ever grace a magazine cover. She was actually quite proud of her figure which was trim yet curved in the right places but tended to hide it most of the time behind tom-boy clothing. She did well enough in school but was not top of the class, was a fairly good drawer but nowhere near professional standard and could sing passably but nobody ever suggested a music career for her. Beth was almost aggressively average, and happy that way.

She normally babysat for the Thomas twins two nights a week, Thursday and Friday. Thursday night was the parents’ dance class that they attended together and on Friday they each had their own social clubs they liked to attend. Occasionally she would be asked to watch the children on other nights and was even sometimes invited to the family’s garden parties but more, she realised, as someone to help keep the children occupied than out of any genuine desire for her company.

This was the first time she had been asked to come over on a Saturday, however, and she was a little worried. She had played Friday evening over and over in her head ever since she got the call, trying to think if she had said anything to one of the children, chided them too sharply or perhaps over-indulged them in some way that might have given the parents cause for complaint. Nothing she could remember seemed out of the ordinary. She had given them dinner, put them in the bath but never left them unsupervised and then the three of them had watched a Disney movie on the sofa until it was bed time. The small children had gone to bed without complaint and enjoyed the story she read them – one of their favourites from a book she had ready many times before, and had been asleep when she went back to check on them around twenty minutes later, little more than half an hour before Mrs Thomas had got home, paid her and seen her out with the usual cheery farewell about seeing her next week.

But then the phonecall had come. Mrs Thomas has said there was something they needed to discuss quite urgently and could she come over? Although she had no particular plans for the day, Beth had still not particularly fancied taking time out of her Saturday to call by, especially if she was going to get shouted at. She has asked if it was something they would maybe talk about on the phone but Mrs Thomas had insisted it be face to face and, as if to get round any potential objections she may have, told Beth that the conversation would likely not take any longer than an hour and that she would pay for her time at the usual rate. Figuring that she might as well go and find out and that, if her employer was upset with her, she wouldn’t have offered to pay her to come over and would most likely have driven round to her parents house to have it out with her there, Beth had agreed and told Mrs Thomas she would see her in about half an hour.

Her parents had been in the living room when she went to the door, watching her rather unexpected little brother play with wooden bricks on the carpet and making sure he did not try to shove them too far into his mouth!

“I’m going to the Thomases,” she had told them as she slipped on her short denim jacket, “they want to have a chat about something, do idea what ‘though!”

“We know,” her dad had smiled, “let us know how it goes.” Beth had been half way out the door but, hearing this, she stepped back inside and closed the door. Her mum was looking daggers at her dad who looked a little chagrined.

“You know about this?” Beth asked suspiciously. “What’s it about?”

“Oh, no, we don’t actually know.” her mum lied distinctly unconvincingly. “They just called a few minutes ago and asked if it was okay to ask you over, checking we didn’t have plans.”

“And they didn’t say why?” Beth narrowed her eyes.

“Something about a big favour they had to ask you.” her mum replied, believing that she could deliver a half-truth slightly more convincingly than an outright lie. “But they wouldn’t tell us what. They wanted to talk to you in person.”

“Well, okay.” Beth sighed, realising she was not going to get any useful information out of her parents.

“Just remember that we love you!” Her dad blurted out.

“Yes, and whatever choice you make, we’ll support you and be so proud of you!” Beth’s mum added. The teenager shook her head in bewilderment and stepped outside, closing the door behind her and wandering across the front of the house to the side-passage where her bike normally lived. There was clearly something going on and it was obvious that her parents had a fair idea what but had been sworn to absolute secrecy. Where they going to ask her to stay over and watch the children round the clock while they went on holiday perhaps? Or maybe even to move in and become a live-in nanny like Mary Poppins? How would that work with school, she wondered, and would she be expected to cook and clean too? Fixing more-or-less ready-prepared meals for a pair of easy-going five year olds was one thing but she really wasn’t sure if she was up to cooking properly for a whole family!

On the bike-ride over, she had decided she would simply have to wait and see. Surely if she was in trouble as she feared, her parents would have given her a slight tip-off at least or maybe even offered to come with her. The comments about being proud of her and having a choice to make were strange ‘though. What kind of decision could she possibly be asked to make that they would be proud of her either way?

Arriving at the house, she leaned her bike carefully against the front wall and walked up to the front door. On her first couple of visits she had carefully secured her bike but she very soon realised that it was so nice a neighbourhood that anybody thereabouts would be ashamed to steal her slightly battered, second-hand bike!

Inside, Mrs Thomas ushered Beth over to the open-plan lounge where the children were sat on the sofa, bouncing excitedly and very happy to see her. Mr Thomas was sat in one of the arm-chairs and Mrs Thomas invited Beth to sit in the other, perching herself on the arm of her husband’s chair and fidgeting a little nervously with her hands.

“You’re probably wondering why we asked you to come over today?” Mr Thomas, a highly respected local business-owner and rumoured to be a high-level Freemason asked with a smile. The children leaned forward eagerly as if waiting to find out what present they were getting.

“Well, yeah.” Beth replied, “I hope I didn’t do something wrong last night?”

“Oh, not at all!” Mrs Thomas assured her. “We just had something very important to talk to you about and it really isn’t the sort of thing to discuss on the phone. We thought face to face would be better. Avoid any misunderstandings?” Beth nodded, wishing somebody would get to the point. Mrs Thomas looked at her husband, encouraging him to take the lead.

“Well,” Mr Thomas leant forward, his elbows resting on his knees and his fingers steepled beneath his chin, “you know it’s the twin’s sixth birthday next weekend? Well we wanted to throw them a very special party, whatever they wanted!” Beth smiled. The twins were indeed totally adorable and she understood how hard it must be to deny them anything. “Well they’ve asked for a special barbecue and…” he paused for a moment as if pondering, “I think I’m going to let them ask!”

“We want to cook you!” Jennifer grinned.

“That’s right!” Percy agreed enthusiastically. “We want you to be our birthday dinner!”

“What?” Beth exclaimed, gripping the arms of the chair in shock. “You want to do what?”

“We want to eat you!” Percy repeated, looking a little sad.

“For our birthday dinner.” Jennifer almost pouted. Clearly this was not how they had imagined the conversation.

“But…” Beth’s head was reeling. The next words out of her mouth sounded shallow and a little foolish even as she was speaking them but it was an accurate expression of how she felt. “I thought you liked me?”

“We do!” Both children ran forward, looking a little horrified. “We love you!” The small twins climbed onto the chair and cuddled close to Beth. “Why would we want to eat someone we don’t like?” Percy asked, with genuine confusion.

“We want you to be part of us for ever and ever!” Jennifer looked up at her, her blue eyes wide and hopeful. Beth really did not know what to think – too many conflicting thoughts were racing through her mind at that moment.

“Umm…” Beth searched for words. “That’s a pretty big decision. Do you mind if I use the bathroom?”

“Of course not, dear.” Mrs Thomas smiled. She knew the children had been sure their friend would agree immediately but she was far more aware of the enormity of what they were asking. She definitely hoped that the young redhead would agree but also respected that she needed a few minutes to order her thoughts. “You know where it is.”

Gratefully, Beth carefully lifted the children onto the floor and stood up, head head still reeling.

“You’re not going to run away, are you?” Jennifer asked, on the verge of tears.

“We thought you’d be happy?” poor Percy seemed genuinely confused. Not wanting her two favourite little people to be upset, Beth knelt down and smiled at them, wiping the tears away from Jennifer’s eyes with the backs of her fingers. The last thing she wanted to do was hurt these children who she loved so much.
“I’m very happy that you think I’d be so tasty,” she assured them with a warm smile, “and that you chose me over all the other, prettier girls you might have picked instead, but I hope you understand it’s a very big decision for me.” She sat back on her haunches, her hands on her knees, and explained her concerns to them as gently as she could.

“You see,” she smiled, “if I say yes to being your birthday dinner, that means I’m not going to have any more birthdays of my own. I’m not going to go to University, not get married or have children. Do you understand?” They nodded quietly. Beth glanced up at their parents to check they were not annoyed at the way she was explaining things to the children but saw that they were not. In fact, these were many of the same things their mum had tried to explain to them when they’d first asked for Beth to be cooked. She had suggested finding someone who had already registered as a volunteer but they were adamant it was their friend they wanted.

“So I have to go and have a little think.” She leant forward and gave each of them a hug. “I won’t take very long, I promise. I just need a few minutes on my own to decide. It would be such a big honour to be your birthday dinner,” she grinned, “but I just have to make up my mind that I want that more than all the things I’d be giving up. I hope you understand?” The twins nodded again and hugged her tightly before releasing her so she could go take some private moments in the bathroom.

Once inside, Beth slid the bold across and sat on the closed lid of the toilet. She did not need to go, just needed somewhere private to think for a few minutes. This really had come totally out of the blue. It was not as if the twins had been talking about eating people in general lately or, as far as she knew, seen any cartoons or TV shows about it. She didn’t even know if the family had cooked and eaten girls in the past. Now here they were asking her to agree to be barbecued for, presumably, a bunch of children she didn’t actually know, along with their parents and any older siblings who happened to also be attending.

Of course, no girl got this far through her teens without even pondering if she might like to be cooked and eaten. It was not exactly common and still considered a rare or even one-off treat for some poorer families but everybody knew that it was something that happened. Every town had at least one girl-meat restaurant and most regular establishments offered at least a small selection of girl-meat dishes. There were also butcher’s shops and delis where those wanting to cook smaller amounts of girl-meat at home could stock up. This was, of course, all aside from the many girls who were cooked at home by their own families or friends at private parties like she was being asked to do.

Beth thought about the girls she knew who had volunteered since coming of eligible age. There had been Sophie who was cooked by her parents in their back yard the day after she turned six, Marie who, at age eight, had provided Christmas dinner for her extended family, Sam and Ellen who had been sold to a local butcher when their dad lost his job, they had been ten and twelve. Then there was Briana who had been sold to her local Sidney’s restaurant and oven-cooked for their public carvery when she was thirteen and, just last year, Sally who had been ordered by a private party and spit-roasted for their dining pleasure. Each time she had heard of another friend becoming food, Beth had pondered her own body and if she would ever agree to let anyone cook and eat her.

Several times over the last ten years she had taken her clothes off and stood in front of the mirror on her wardrobe door, trying to picture her naked body as meat and wondering how different pieces would taste. Recently, she was forced to admit to herself, she had been doing that a little more often. Perhaps it was the wider advertising of girl-meat establishments and products? Maybe the slightly more aggressive approach meat recruiters had been taking with their publications and adverts lately or maybe it was simply the idea of time running out. She had been eligible to cook for almost ten years already. In a little over four years, that door would close. Beth had known at the back of her mind for some time that she would need to make a choice before it was made for her and yet she could never imagine a scenario or group of people she would be happy being cooked for. That was, until now.

Mr and Mrs Thomas were a typical, wealthy, upper middle class couple and she had no strong opinions about them one way or another. They had always seemed kind and had never openly sneered at her more modest background, certainly not in front of her at least. Then there were the children, her little angels! Without a doubt her two favourite people in the world that she was not related to. She loved making them happy, hearing their joyful laughter and their huge, natural smiles. She had to admit she had been worried about how they might change as they got older but, if she agreed to be cooked for them, that was an issue she would never have to deal with. She would get to see them happy and excited as they watched her prepped, showing off to their young pals that she was their special friend, and would die knowing that she was going to make them incredibly happy with her meat. What happened after that or as they entered the awkward tween and teenage years would be none of her concern!

All of a sudden, her mind was made up! It felt as if she had really always known that she would end her days as meat but had never been presented with the right circumstances until now! She would go downstairs and proudly tell the twins that she was more than happy to be their birthday dinner. Seeing a cosy-looking white bath-robe hanging on the inside of the bathroom door, Beth had a cheeky idea. The robe most likely belonged to Mrs Thomas but she was fairly sure she would not resent her borrowing it under the circumstances.

Quickly, Beth slipped off her outer clothes and looked for a mirror. There was a three-quarter-length one close to the end of the bath which would do very nicely. She admired her surprisingly feminine body in her practical white underwear then, giggling to herself, unhooked her bra and unleashed her perky round boobs which, while not as big as those of some girls her age, were nicely formed and, she had to admit herself, looked very tasty! After pausing to admire her chest for a few moments, she shed her white panties and looked at herself stark naked in the mirror as she had done so many times before when considering whether she wanted to be meat. She was quite glad that she had recently decided to shave her deep orange pubic hair completely before a trip to the pool. She usually kept it neatly trimmed but she had been running late and couldn’t be bothered messing about. Turned out to be a good thing after all, she thought to herself as she gently touched the lips of her puffy vulva, as nobody likes hair in their food!

She knew that, before cooking, she would need to use hair-removal cream all over to make sure her skin was completely smooth and hairless but there was still a week yet before she was going to cook and she had plenty of time to sort such things out. Turning around, she looked over her shoulder at her round, meaty rump and gave it a little wiggle. She had heard plenty of people say that that was where most girls’ best meat could be found and she was sure that hers would be no exception. Retying her somewhat rebellious curls into their loose ponytail, she slipped on the white bath robe and went downstairs.

The teenager’s change of attire was more than enough to signal to Mr and Mrs Thomas what her decision was, they were relieved but not surprised, but the children ran up to her excitedly as soon as she re-emerged into the large living room, anxiously waiting to hear what she had decided.

“So?” Percy bounced up and down on the spot looking as if he were about to burst, “What do you think?”

“Are you going to be our birthday dinner?” Jennifer asked, a pleading look in her pretty blue eyes.

“Well,” Beth began, looking forward to seeing the reactions of the little munchkins when she told them, “I thought a lot about how much you wanted to eat me and whether or not I wanted to be eaten.” She paused, finding the excited frustration on the twins’ faces extremely cute. Her hands went to the tied fluffy belt keeping the robe closed. She glanced over at Mrs Thomas who gave a small, encouraging nod, granting permission. Beth couldn’t help but notice that Mr Thomas leaned forward in his chair somewhat. No matter, there were bound to be plenty of other parents at the party – she might as well get used to the idea of being on show. Beth’s heart was beating fast and there was no denying that she was nervous but she was also excited too. Silently, in her own head, she counted down from three before opening the robe and throwing it back so it slumped off her shoulders and onto the floor.

“I’ll be your birthday dinner!” She grinned. The twins rushed forward to hug their friend who knelt down to put her arms around them too. “I assume you already ran this past my mum and dad?” she asked, looking up at the parents.

“Well, yes.” Mr Thomas admitted a little awkwardly. “We didn’t want you to say yes and for the children to get all excited only for your parents to throw a spanner in the works. Now don’t get me wrong,” he said hurriedly, worried that Beth may form a wrong opinion about the conversation or her parents’ attitude, “they insisted it was entirely your decision to make but did give their blessing if you decided to say yes and accepted the offer we made for your meat, in theory, of course.”

“Well that explains why they were acting so weird before I came out!” Beth laughed, breaking the hug and standing up so that everyone could get a good look at her naked body. The twins had seen her in a swimsuit occasionally when she had taken them swimming and very briefly nude in the family changing room but had never been able to take a good, hard look at her naked form before. They walked slowly around her in a circle to take everything in.

“So?” Beth giggled, “Like what you see? Still think I’m going to be yummy?”

“Oh yes!” Percy patted her bare bottom then squeezed her thigh. From an older boy she’d have found this inappropriate without an invitation but there was clearly no sexual subtext to his behaviour, he was simply testing the meat. “I think I want some of this first!” He rubbed and squeezed her left buttock.

“I want these!” Jennifer reached up and grabbed Beth’s perky round breasts, squeezing a little bit harder than she intended to.

“”Now, sweetheart,” Mrs Thomas put a warning hand on her daughter’s shoulder as she saw Beth wince a little, “be gentle. You know those parts are quite sensitive on bigger girls.” Jennifer nodded and loosened her grip, satisfying herself with simply rubbing them before lightly fingering Beth’s hard, pink nipples.

“I’m going to have some like this when I’m older.” Jennifer informed Beth, “When I’m a big girl like you. That’s why I want to know what they taste like!”

Jennifer’s hands were very warm and soft and the teenager was a little embarrassed how arousing she found the experience. She tried to subtly cover her pussy with her hand in case anyone noticed how damp it had become both from the breast massage and the whole experience of being naked and inspected as meat. Yet the movement of her hand only served to draw focus.

It was Percy who gently pushed her hand aside for a better look then gave her shaved lips an exploratory prod. Jennifer felt on more familiar territory than she had done with the breasts as what was between Beth’s legs did not look too different from hers but Percy was curious. Beth wondered if she should stop him as he ran a finger down her cleft and almost slipped inside when he reached the bottom but he quickly pulled back himself, looking with confusion at the clear, sticky mucus on the tip of his finger.

“Why is it all sticky?” He asked as Beth blushed furiously, her freckled cheeks burning.

“Well,” Mrs Thomas started to explain, seeing the girl’s discomfort and embarrassment, “it’s something a lady’s body does to make it easier to…” she paused, this was not a conversation she had expected to have for another couple of years at least! “It helps the…”

“Spit!” Beth practically yelled in a moment of inspiration. “When a girl knows she’s going to be cooked, her body makes that hole kinda slippery to help the spit go in.” Mrs Thomas looked at her with relief and mouthed the words “thank you” silently, over the heads of the children. Apparently not convinced, Percy actually slid his index finger up inside her, pushing it in and pulling it out several times until he was satisfied then wiped his sticky fingers on his shirt. Beth bit her lip. Percy’s finger may only be tiny but somehow it had been hitting all the right spots as he pulled it in and out. She gave a deep exhale to try to compose herself while the children stepped back to appraise her again. Mr Thomas, she noticed with amusement, was now sitting with his legs crossed, clearly enjoying the show! Beth found herself wondering about the other dads who would be at the party and whether they would find her hot as she was oiled up, spitted and mounted over to coals.

The children proceeded to prod, poke and squeeze various parts of Beth’s young body with intense excitement and curiosity for a few more minutes before Mrs Thomas decided it was time to give her a break, something she would be too sweet to ask the twins for herself.

“I think you know all about Beth’s body now.” She told them with a smile. “Perhaps we should let her go and get dressed then we can confirm the details for the party. Somewhat reluctantly, the small children agreed and Beth slipped the robe back on before returning back up to the bathroom to find her clothes. It felt strange getting dressed again – down in the living room she had really started to feel like meat and actually felt a little sad that she wasn’t going to be cooked right then and there! Once her clothes were on, she sat on the side of the bath to put on her shoes. What on earth had she just agreed to? In exactly a week’s time, she was going to be cooked and eaten by people she, for the most part, didn’t know and who would view her as nothing more than food as if she were a packet of sausages from the supermarket! She wondered if she would recognise any of the other children or their parents from trips to the park or the swimming pool? Would they expect her to be naked the whole time or just when it was time for the cooking?

Once she was fully dressed, Beth went back downstairs to discuss the practicalities. Jennifer and Percy were sat on the sofa and looked a little disappointed to see that Beth had put her clothes back on but they soon cheered up when she sat down between them and they cuddled up to her, one under each arm like a mother hen and her chicks.

“First of all,” Mrs Thomas smiled warmly, “we want to thank you again for agreeing. I hope you can see how much it means to the children?”

“I love them.” Beth replied with a smile ever bit as warm as her host’s. “I would do anything for them!” She knew that this was an easy thing to say, a platitude thrown around far too readily most of the time, yet under the circumstances she felt she had earned the right to say it. After all, she was giving up her body, future and life for them so that they could have the birthday party them dreamt of! Was there really any more a person could be asked to do for another?

“Now we have already agreed a price with your parents,” Mrs Thomas explained, “but we wanted there to be something in it for you too, otherwise it doesn’t seem entirely fair. So we wanted to give you this.” She reached into her white leather handbag and pulled out a thick envelope which she handed to Beth. The redhead opened it and peeped inside seeing that it was full of money – a thick wad of notes. She could not tell at a glance exactly how much it was but she was pretty sure it was at least the equivalent of three months of babysitting. “This isn’t part of the payment,” Mrs Thomas assured her in case she had felt any reluctance, “your parents will still get every penny we promised them but we wanted you to be able to have a great last week so this is a personal gift. Go out and treat yourself any way you want to. We just respectfully ask that you don’t get any tattoos or piercings or anything else that might compromise the quality of your meat, is that okay?” Beth nodded, slightly numb from the shock of the second big surprise of the day.

“I’ve got all the information I need to file the paperwork for the sale of your meat,” Mr Thomas chimed in from his armchair, “so now that you’ve agreed, I can get that filed online this afternoon. That was you won’t be expected to go to school this week or anything like that and you can have time to enjoy yourself.

“We’re hoping you’ll be willing to babysit as normal on Thursday and Friday?” Mrs Thomas asked. “I know the children would love to have a little more quality time with you before, well, you know.” She smiled a little awkwardly.

“Are you going to ask her, Mummy?” Percy leaned forward excitedly, “Don’t forget!”

“Don’t worry, dear, I’m coming to that!” Mrs Thomas chuckled. Beth wondered what extra favour the twins could possibly want from her? Maybe it was something to do with keeping some of her bones afterwards or making a wig out of her hair or something? If it was anything like that, she really didn’t mind! It was not as if she would need any part of her remains after Saturday!

“The children were wondering,” Mrs Thomas explained delicately, realising that they were already asking so much from the teenager and worried about imposing on her any further, “whether, since the party is on Saturday, you would consider staying with them Friday night for a sleepover? Then you’ll be here Saturday morning and can join in the preparations if you want to, but only if you want to, that is.” This was hardly Mrs Thomas’ first experience with a meat girl and she knew only too well that some wanted to be involved at every stage of the process and would do as much as they could towards preparing themselves for the table whereas others wanted to stay well out of the way until it was their time for the oven or spit.

“I’d love to!” Beth beamed down at the small people snuggled either side of her. She wanted to have a final meal with her parents and spend a bit of time with them before the end but that could be done earlier in the week. After all, she probably wasn’t supposed to eat much or anything at all after breakfast on Friday. She wondered if the Thomases were going to give her instructions for that sort of thing or whether she needed to research for herself? As it was, she could think of nobody else she would rather spend her final night with. “I’m always kinda sad when I have to go home after our play-dates on Fridays,” she knew this is how the children viewed her visits, even ‘though they understood she was being paid to be there, “so it will be lovely not to have to! We can have so much fun!” She hugged them both tightly as they bounced onto her lap excitedly.

“Now steady on!” Mrs Thomas laughed, “Beth’s agreed to be your dinner, not your climbing frame!” The children laughed as Beth tickled them then settled down a little, wondering if there was any more grown-up business to be discussed. “Oh, one more thing!” Mrs Thomas reached into her handbag again, “I nearly forgot this!” She pulled out a glossy booklet with a smiling, naked girl on the front who looked to be around thirteen or fourteen, shown from the waist up and smiling broadly. She reached across and handed it to Beth who studied the cover with interest.

“Be Delicious!” she read out, “A guide for meat-girls aged twelve to sixteen.”

“They do different versions,” Mrs Thomas explained, “for girls of different ages. I know all this stuff is online too but several friends of mine recommended this booklet when I mentioned the party plans to them so I thought you might find it interesting?”

“Thank you!” Beth grinned, starting to flick through while the little ones peered excitedly at the contents. She did ponder for a moment just how many people had known about the plans for the party before she had but it didn’t bother her too much. Although more the size of a promotional brochure than a magazine, the booklet seemed to be a mixture between a text-book and a typical teen mag. There were pictures of naked girls of various ages showing the different stages of development with notes on how this effected the meat, interviews with meat-girls, complete with photos of course, and with people who worked in the girl-meat industry. There was a feature about young celebrities who had volunteered to be eaten and, exactly what Beth had been hoping for, tips from professionals for meat-girls about how to ensure their meat was as delicious as it could possibly be, including advice about what hair-removal products to use, any body-rubs that could enhance the flavour and, most importantly, what to eat and drink! Having a quick flick through, Beth noticed with amusement that there were only two pages out of the twenty or so that did not have at least one picture of a naked girl on and she couldn’t help wondering how many copies were bought not by meat-girls or girls thinking of becoming meat but by boys and men who just wanted to look at the pictures!

“You probably want to go and clear your head then have some fun.” Mr Thomas suggested kindly. “We should let you go now. I promise to get the paperwork submitted this afternoon so there’s no need for you to worry about any of that!” The twins were a little sad that Beth was leaving but knew better than to protest. She gave them each a big hug and kiss on the cheek before standing up.

“Thank you again, dear, for everything!” Mrs Thomas clasped the teenager’s hands and gave her a warm smile of genuine gratitude. “Please do enjoy your week and we’ll see you Thursday?” The whole family stood in the doorway to wave Beth off as she retrieved her bike and began to cycle into town.

Although she had opted to go shopping rather than go home, Beth felt that she should at least let her parents know what she had decided. Part of her was still annoyed that they had discussed it with the Thomases and even agreed a price for her meat without saying anything to her but, on the other hand, they had insisted that it be her choice and the twins had clearly wanted to be the ones to ask her. Turning her bike off the road, Beth headed down an alley way towards the canal – it was a quiet spot where she liked to go when she wanted to think, read quietly or simply be alone. Apart from the occasional dog-walker, nobody ever bothered her down there. Letting her bike fall onto its side as she got off, Beth sat on the low, concrete wall designed to prevent people falling in and took out her phone.

It was her dad who answered but, when Beth asked, he put her on speaker-phone so she wouldn’t need to have the whole conversation twice. Neither parent sounded surprised that she had agreed to be birthday dinner for the twins and her mum kept saying over and over how proud of her she was. Beth couldn’t help but wonder if the money they were being paid for her was somewhat incentivising their enthusiasm but she didn’t like to ask. Since she had agreed to the proposal, it was better that they were in favour rather than against as they could have made things quite awkward and put huge strain on her relationship both with them and with the Thomas family if she had wanted to let them cook her but they had opposed it. She told them about the treat money and, after a promise not to be too late home, she put her phone away and had another leaf through the guide.

The interviews looked interesting and she decided they would make for good bedtime reading but it was the advice column and tips she was really interested in at that moment. If she was going to be meat, she wanted to be the best meat she could possibly be! The tips included drinking lots of fruit juice, eating plenty of grain-based food like bread and wholegrain pasta and a little alcohol (presented with the caveat that you would have to ask your parents for this) as well as fruits like apples and oranges. Another section was entitled “On Your Big Day” and, Beth was pleased to note, gave tips such as how long before cooking you should avoid eating and how much water to drink to make sure your system was properly flushed through.

Upon skimming the article on different cooking methods, Beth realised she had never actually asked how they planned on cooking her. She had assumed that it would be a traditional spit-road barbecue and had talked in those terms without anyone correcting her but it had never actually been explicitly specified. She almost took out her phone to call and ask but figured that could wait until she saw them on Thursday and, in the mean time, the method of cooking didn’t seem to make much difference in terms of what she could do to prepare herself. She rolled up the booklet and slipped it back into the inside pocket of her jacket then took out the envelope and, glancing around to check that nobody was coming, took out the money to count.

It was even more than she had thought – closer to six months’ earnings than three! It would be more than enough to buy the new bike she’d been saving for but, she thought to herself, what would be the point in that? It wouldn’t leave her with all that much to spoil herself with and she would only get to enjoy the bike for a few days, after which her parents would probably sell it anyway and she was sure that they were already getting more than enough. No, she decided, her current bike would do quite well enough until Friday after which she wouldn’t need it any more.

Feeling a little more resolute and clear about her situation, Beth tucked the money away safely, picked up her bike and continued her journey into town. Being Saturday, the shopping streets were quite busy. She chained her bike up in one of the public racks, patted her pockets to make sure she still had phone, money envelope and booklet then began to explore. It was a new feeling to her, knowing that she could pretty much have any product or service her eye fell upon. Her family were not poor exactly but neither were they rich like the Thomases and she had always been taught to be careful with her money, to save for the future. But now here future was a mere few days and she had a pocket stuffed with cash!

Beth fully intended to follow the dietary advice in the booklet from the next morning onwards and even planned to stock up on the food and drinks recommended while she was out shopping but right then and there all she wanted was a massive burger from her favourite fast food place, the biggest and most expensive one they did! Before going in, she remembered the small book shop next door and decided to call in looking for something to read while she enjoyed her meal. First she grabbed a two hardbacks from her favourite sci-fi and horror writers respectively. She had been waiting for them to come out in paperback but it seemed like she wasn’t going to have time for that now, and the potential price difference suddenly seemed very minimal to the newly-flush teenager. Next she found the novelization of a sci-fi movie she’d been interested in. She had missed it at the cinema and it wouldn’t be out on any sort of home media for a couple of months so she was unlikely to get to see it. No matter, she was a fast reader and could enjoy it in book form instead! After all, as she always said, books had way better special effects!

With the three books resting on one arm, she started to browse sections she wouldn’t normally have been that interested in. In the biography section she found a new book about Sidney Roebuck, the American girl who’s tireless campaign in her grandparents time had introduced the world to the idea of eating girls. She vaguely recalled that there had been some scandal eight or nine years ago where someone made claims about Sidney backing out of being butchered and having someone else killed in her place. Laws allowing cannibalism had been suspended for a few months but it had soon got ironed out and things went back to normal. Beth couldn’t remember how the situation had been resolved, she’d been too young to really understand the issues at the time, but wondered if this book might explain it a little. She added the biography with the smiling blonde girl in the rhinestoned cowboy hat on the cover to her pile and continued to browse.

Out of what what might be called professional curiosity, she began to browse the cookery section. At least half the recipe books focussed on girl-meat and she flipped through a few, trying to imagine the taste of some of the mouthwatering recipes. About half way down the shelf, however, she made an interesting discovery. There was the booklet that Mrs Thomas had given her with the naked cover-model, her breasts little more than perky little buds, grinning at the camera, delighted to be meat, but either side of it were the other editions aimed at girls aged 6-11 and 17-20. Beth was curious to see what different advice might be given to the meat-girls in different age brackets so picked up the two she did not have, noting with amusement that the one aimed at pre-teens had the most copies on the shelf and the one for older teens and young women had the least, going a fair way towards confirming her suspicions about who was really buying them and why!

There were other books that looked vaguely interesting, the kind that Beth thought she might have got around to reading “one day” but, she figured, she only had a few days left and, although she was a fast reader and it was probably her favourite passtime, she wanted time for other things too.

Beth took her selection up to the counter. As the kind-faced lady who looked to be around sixty years old scanned the barcodes, she looked at Beth appraisingly.

“Quite an interesting selection you have here!” Beth just smiled in response. “You know,” the lady reached towards the leaflet rack at the end of the rather crowded counter, “there’s a salon just down the road from here that specialises in treatments for meat-girls. Would that be something you’d be interested in?

“Yeah?” Beth replied tentatively.

“Here,” the lady smiled, “I’ll stick the leaflet in the bag for you. I think there’s a bit of a discount if you show the leaflet too.” She told Beth the total and the intrigued girl handed over the money, thinking as she did so that she really needed to transfer some of the cash from the envelope into her normal wallet, partly so she did not keep advertising how much cash she was carrying but also to make it look a little less like she’d just completed a lucrative drug deal or sold a state secret or two! The cashier, however, if she thought the cash-stuffed envelope was unusual, made no comment but simply smiled and handed Beth her change along with the bag of books which now also contained the flyer from the salon. Beth thanked her and went next door to the fast food place.

Before finding a table, Beth slipped into the Ladies toilet, found a vacant cubical and bolted the door shut. This was the second time that day she had used a toilet as a place of refuge, she thought to herself with amusement. She looked at the money in the envelope – how much would she need for what she wanted to do that day and how much could stay hidden? After a few moments pondering, she took out approximately a fifth of the notes and put the envelope carefully back in her inside pocket which she zipped shut. She would just have to be extra vigilant and remember not to leave her jacket anywhere! She then took the small wallet from the pocket of her jeans and stuffed the money in as best she could. It was still far more than she would normally carry unless she was going Christmas shopping or to buy an outfit for a special occasion, but probably not enough to draw the wrong kind of attention.

Out of curiosity, she fished in the bag for the flyer the cashier had given her. It seemed like a fairly standard hair and beauty salon offering various normal treatments but in the middle section of the inside, in a highlighted box, she found what she was looking for. It was indeed a list of treatments targetted at meat-girls including full body-hair removal, tenderising massage and flavour-enhancing rubs! This certainly looked interesting. Beth knew that she would need to need to do a more thorough hair-removal than her usual routine of legs and arm-pits with a Venus razor in the shower, even her fairly freshly-shaved vulva would need proper attention, not to mention her forearms and the fine, downy hair basically every else on her body. She had expected that she would need to buy a cream or something and do it at home in the shower but if there was a salon offering the service, that was sure to be much more enjoyable and would most likely get better results too!

Under the list of individual services was a paragraph explaining that the offered both one-off services and short-term treatment plans to get girls and women ready for their big day. It finished with an invitation to future meat-girls to call in and discuss their requirements. On the back, as the cashier had pointed out, was a voucher offering 15% off all treatments. Beth decided this was exactly the sort of thing her money was for – there was very little point in buying things if she only had a week left to enjoy them but salon treatments like this sounded great and, if they made her meat tastier, that was a very welcome bonus! She decided she would call in for a consultation once she had eaten, but first she wanted her burger!

The burger in question was one of the “specials” that the chain offered on rotation, usually twice a year, and it was Beth’s absolute favourite! Cheese, bacon and a special kind of sauce that was both creamy and peppery. Since budget was no issue and this was to be her last “cheat” meal, she upgraded her fries to wedges and ordered a sharing box of chicken nuggets on the side which she intended to eat all herself! Her normal trick of eating with one hand while holding a book with the other was simply not practical with a burger that large so she had to manage with the open book on the table, (she had decided to start with the sci-fi novel), her elbow holding it open while she used both hands to handle the huge burger, wiping her hand on a napkin to turn the page every couple of minutes.

Despite being relatively petite, Beth had always had an appetite to rival any of the boys she knew and, although it was a little bit of a struggle towards the end, she finished every last bite of what she had ordered, even finding room for an icecream sundae with strawberry syrup afterwards! Nearly an hour after entering and feeling ever so slightly like she might be pregnant, Beth left the fast food outlet and looked for the salon from the flyer.


She found it about ten minutes’ walk up the street. It was an impressive, double-fronted shop with lots of glass, chrome and mirrors. What she could see from the street looked like a normal hairdressers with rows of swivel-chairs in front of brightly-lit mirrors and ladies of a certain age catching up on the latest gossip while their roots were touched up or their split-ends trimmed. Close to the front was a small reception counter which seemed to currently be un-manned. At the back, however, Beth saw a curtained doorway with a counter in front of it where a woman in her mid-thirties with straight black hair and what in nearly any other profession would be considered too much makeup, was sat, frowning slightly at her computer screen. Beth was sure that beyond the curtain must be where the more specialised treatments took place and that the black-haired lady was who she needed to talk to. There was an electronic pinging sound as she pushed open the door.

“With you in a second, darling!” a blonde woman called over her shoulder before saying something to the older lady who’s hair she was working on. Beth waited obediently by the front desk for only a few moments, wondering as she always did what exactly caused that distinct and instantly recognisable “salon smell”, before the hairdresser came over. “Sorry to keep you waiting, darling.” She smiled. “What can I do for you?”

“I.. umm…” Beth felt a little embarrassed and lowered her voice. “I have this leaflet?” she showed it to the woman, “And I was hoping to talk to someone about the meat-girl treatments?”

“Yes, of course!” The woman smiled warmly, putting Beth at her ease. “Go and have a chat to Samantha down the back there and she’ll tell you what we can offer and get something worked out for you. Sam?” She shouted down to the black-haired woman who looked up from her computer and gave a practised, customer-service smile, “Young lady to see you!”

A little tentatively, Beth made her way down the middle of the shop to where the woman, who was apparently called Samantha, was waiting for her, There were two chairs on the customer side of the desk and Samantha invited Beth to sit down.

“So,” Samantha faced her and smiled, “what bring you to see us today?”

“Well, I was given this leaflet,” Beth pushed the glossy flyer that she had been clutching in her hand across the desk, “and I wanted to ask about the meat-girl treatments.”

“Okay, lovely! Is it for yourself?” Samantha asked. Beth nodded nervously. “Lovely!” Samantha exclaimed again, opening up some kind of form on her computer. “I just need to take a few details to get us started, are you happy to go ahead with that?” She ran through the usual questions of name, date of birth, contact details etc. then came to the slightly more specialised questions.

“Now you said you were seeking the treatments for yourself?” Samantha confirmed. “Has your meat been registered?”

“No, I don’t think so.” Beth frowned a little, remembering what Mr Thomas had said, “Well, the registration’s being done online this afternoon, it might have gone in already?”

“But you don’t have a registration number that you know, yet?” Beth shook her head. “Not to worry, a lot of girls don’t when they first come in and some never do register – they just want the treatments to know what it might be like if they ever do decide to volunteer.”

“Oh I’m definitely getting cooked!” Beth chuckled, “I promised, after all!”

“Do you have a processing date?” Samantha asked, still with a smile. Beth looked a little blank, a reaction that Samantha was quite familiar with, so she rephrased the question in the way that most girls found easier to understand. “Do you know the date when you will be cooked? Has it been planned?”

“Oh right, yes!” Beth replied, feeling a little silly. “Next Saturday.” Samantha selected the following Saturday from the drop-down calendar that displayed when she clicked on the relevant box.

“Oh, that’s soon!” Samantha grinned at her, “Congratulations!” Beth smiled a little weakly. She had totally come to terms with the idea of being cooked and eaten and was even, on some level, looking forward to it a little but she wasn’t quite sure how she felt about being congratulated on it as if it were some kind of achievement!

“Nearly done.” Samantha assured her. “Just a couple more questions then we can get to the interesting bit. Do you have any medical conditions such as asthma or diabetes?” Beth shook her head. “Do you have or have you ever experienced an allergic reaction to any cosmetic or food products?”

“Not that I can remember, no.”

“And finally, is there any chance that you could be pregnant?”

“No!” Beth laughed, “Not unless it’s some sort of miracle baby!” Samantha allowed herself a small chuckle as she completed the form setting up Beth as a customer on their system.

“So,” she turned away from the computer, “I see you’ve read our list of treatments. Is there anything particular that caught your eye?”

“Well I definitely want the body-hair removal.” Beth pondered for a moment, “But I also really like the idea of the tenderising massages and the flavour-enhancing body-rub.”

“All great and very popular choices!” Samantha assured her happily. “Now, you said you’re being processed on Saturday. Do you have much in the way of plans for the rest of the week?”

“Well I’m not going to school any more!” Beth laughed, starting to relax a little, “But I am working Thursday and Friday afternoons, then it’s Saturday of course. Not going to be around much after that…” Samantha laughed too, glad that the teen who had looked so nervous when she walked in was starting to feel more at ease.

“It’s really a question of whether you want a one-off treatment,” Samantha explained, “or whether we book you in for a number of sessions during the week?”

“I wouldn’t want to have to spend all day every day here,” Beth mused, hoping she did not come across as rude, “but I don’t mind coming more than once. What did you have in mind?”

“Well most of our treatments work best on completely hairless skin,” Samantha took out a laminated sheet with a lot of similar information to the leaflet only going into more detail, along with prices and typical duration, she pointed to different parts of it as she talked, “so I’d recommend you start with the hair removal but, since there’s nearly a week before your processing, it’s likely it will have started to grow back before then so I’d recommend another treatment as close to then as possible, perhaps around lunch time on Friday?” Beth nodded her agreement. “Great! Well we actually have an open slot this afternoon so, if you wanted to go ahead, I could book you in for initial hair removal, which I promise is actually a much nicer experience than it sounds, and a massage. Would you be interested in manicure and pedicure?” Beth examined her healthy but unadorned nails. She had never really thought about that before.

“Sure!” she grinned, “Why not?” Then she remembered the other thing on the flyer that had caught her attention. “And the flavour-enhancing rub?”

“We can certainly do that!” Samantha smiled, “And if you are not too pressed for time, we have a new treatment you might be interested in that makes your meat extra tender and flavoursome. I must admit,” she gave a little giggle, “I tried it myself just to see what it’s like and I can really recommend it!”

“Oh?” Beth asked, “What is it?”

“It goes with the flavour rub,” explained Samantha, “a sort of extra stage to it really. You get the rub at the end of the massage then we wrap you in towels that are soaked in a more watered-down version. You lay in the small sauna for about an hour and it really soaks in. It’s a bit like being marinated I suppose!”

“Wow that sounds good!” Beth grinned, really starting to look forward to being pampered in a way she never had been before nor had expected to want. “So how many sessions are we talking about, do you think? And for how long?”

Samantha turned back to the computer and made a few mouse clicks, checking the appointment schedules and suggested duration of the various treatments. She scribbled a few notes in pencil on a piece of scrap paper on the desk and made a couple of quick calculations.

“Okay,” she turned her body back towards Beth but kept her eyes on the screen, “How about I book you in for a three hour session, starting in about twenty minutes, which will include hair removal, massage, flavour rub and sauna, then you come back on Monday and Wednesday for ninety minute sessions first thing in the morning so you’ll have the rest of the day to yourself. Then Friday we’ll book you another three hour session for a final hair-removal which doesn’t take as long the second time, a massage, rub and sauna session then your manicure and pedicure. How does that sound?”

“That sounds perfect!” Beth enthused. “What would the total cost be?” Samantha totted up the different treatments then turned the screen so Beth could see before applying the discount from the flyer as well as an additional 10% for having booked multiple sessions in one go. The figure was high but well within the amount Beth had thought to allow. It would still leave her with a fair bit for movies, magazines, a couple of theatre trips and anything else she wanted to try to cram into her final week. She enthusiastically agreed and checked that it was okay to pay in cash.

“Of course it is.” Samantha smiled. “I’ll give you a print out and you can go pay at the front while I let Carolyn know to expect you and what treatments you’re after.” A few minutes later, after paying the blonde woman who had greeted her when she came in and sending a quick message to her parents to let them know what she was doing so they wouldn’t worry if they couldn’t get hold of her, Beth was met by a pretty woman in her early twenties with light-brown hair who introduced herself as Carolyn and ushered through into the back section of the salon beyond the curtain.

Beyond the curtain, Beth found herself in a sort of waiting room with several doors leading off it, presumably to the different treatment rooms. In between the doors were the kind of low-maintenance house-plants common in offices and waiting rooms. In the middle of the room was a three-quarter circle of sofas with a table in the middle on which were two jugs – one filled with water and the other with what looked like orange juice. There were a few magazines scattered around too, and gentle, inoffensive music was playing.

A pretty girl of around ten with long, straight, golden-blonde hair was sat on one of the sofas idly leafing through a music magazine, dressed in a white towelling bath-robe and apparently nothing else. She looked up as Beth came in and gave her a little wave which Beth returned with a smile.

“Here’s a robe for you.” Carolyn handed a fresh one to Beth from a shelf near the doorway. It was neatly folded and very soft. “There’s changing cubicles over there, please take off all clothing and jewellery.” She pointed to the left-hand side of the room where Beth saw a series of curtained-off areas like changing rooms in a clothes shop, next to which were a set of lockers with keypad locks. “You can pop your bag and clothes in one of the lockers. You don’t need a coin or anything, just select a code when you close it but please make sure it’s something you can easily remember,” she chuckled, “otherwise we have to call the manufacturer to send someone out to break back into it and that can take far too long!”

“Has that happened?” Beth asked.

“Far more times that it should!” Carolyn gave an amused sigh. “So please make it memorable!”

“I will!” laughed Beth. All the cubicles were currently empty so she selected one and pulled the curtain across. It felt a little pointless as she was sure she was going to be naked for the treatments, not to mention when she was actually cooked, but she supposed this little courtesy made it easier for the girls and women coming in to adjust. Plus some people didn’t seem to mind being naked but had reservations about being watched getting undressed. It was certainly rarely as glamorous as the movies made it seem, plus she knew some women were self-conscious about wearing mismatched underwear and that sort of thing so she supposed a lot girls and women would be happier to go in dressed and come out naked without anyone seeing what happened in between.

There was a peg on the wall which Beth hung the robe up on and a small built-in bench that she set her bag of book on then sat down to remove her shoes and socks. Then, for the second time that day, Beth took off all her clothes. She did not put the robe on immediately but stood and stretched, liking the feeling of the warm, slightly scented air on her bare skin, then she folded her clothes into a neat pile so that they would fit easily in the locker. She then slipped on the robe which felt like being caressed all over by a cloud, tied it around her waist and pulled back the curtain.

The girl was still sat there but she did not see Carolyn. The available lockers all had their doors hanging slightly open so Beth selected one of the larger ones that could easily accommodate her bag of book too and stashed her belongings safely inside. For her door code, she chose her birthday – easy enough to remember. It gave her a slight pang of sadness to realise that she had experienced her last birthday and hadn’t known to make the most of it at the time. She quickly pushed the thought aside. After all, she may not be getting another birthday but she was about to be pampered and spoilt through the week at the end of which would be a party with her as centre of attention for at least part of it so that more than made up for it.

“Hi.” she smiled at the blonde girl as she sat down on the sofa and picked up one of the magazines, assuming she was supposed to wait for further instructions. “I’m Beth.”

“Maddie.” The girl smiled, “Only don’t let my mum hear you call me that!” She rolled her eyes. “Are you bring processed soon?” She used the same slightly euphemistic term Samantha had used, leading Beth to assume that this was not the girl’s first visit.

“Yeah,” Beth smiled, still getting used to the idea of how normal it all seemed, “I’m going to be cooked for some friends’ birthday party on Saturday.”

“That sounds really nice!” Maddie looked a little wistful. “I think I’d have preferred that. At least it sounds like fun and you know who’s going to be eating you.”

“I’m hoping it will be.” Beth replied, slightly unsure. “What about you? Are you going to a restaurant or something?”

“Some high-class butcher my mum knows.” the pretty little girl sighed. “Pretty sure that’s the only reason she had me in the first place honestly. She even made Sidney my middle name!”

“Wow..” Beth was not quite sure how to respond to this. “That sounds… are you okay with it?”

“Just looking forward to getting it over with, honestly!” replied Maddie. “Oh I don’t mind the getting butchered part, I’d have probably wanted to do that sooner or later anyway.” She gave a little giggled before looking irritated again. “Just wish Mum hadn’t made it into such a project! Seriously, every time she has friends over she makes me come downstairs and take my clothes off so they can see how my meat is coming along! Plus I have to go to the gym three times a week as well as my dance and gymnastic classes. I guess my meat had better be damn delicious!” She laughed.

“Yeah, I really don’t think I’d like that either.” Beth commiserated, pulling a slight face. “But at least you get to come here, right? That’s got to be nice?”

“Yeah it is!” the blonde girl admitted. “I’ve got two more weeks before my appointment with the butcher!”

“Have you met him?” Beth asked, curiously. “You said he was someone your mum knows?”

“Yeah, only a couple of times. Once at one of mum’s parties and then a couple of weeks ago when he came over to inspect my meat and tell my mum what I needed to be eating and what exercises I needed to do before my processing day.”

“Did you have to get naked for him?”

“Yeah but he was very professional.” Maddie shrugged. “I actually didn’t mind it as much as in front of mum’s friends. At least he talked to me as if I was a real person in the room and not like I was some cardigan my mum had knitted or something! Honestly, I don’t really care where my meat ends up.” She leant forward and took a sip of orange juice from the glass in front of her. “Mum’s obsessed with the idea that I have to go somewhere fancy where rich and important people will buy my meat but I don’t see what difference it makes? Honestly, more than once I’ve thought about just running off and volunteering at the kebab shop down the road just to spite her but, knowing my mum, she’d sue them to Kingdom Come and I don’t really want to get anyone else into trouble.”

“Your mum sounds a bit…” Beth began then caught herself, not wanting to be rude about someone she had never met, especially not someone else’s parent. She had learned in her relatively short life that family members often liked to trash each other but would instantly turn on any outsider who said something bad about their parent or sibling.

“Yeah!” Maddie sighed again, “Tell me about it!” There was a click from the opposite side of the room to the cubicals and lockers. Beth looked up, realising for the first time that there was a toilet there. “Here she comes now.” Maddie spoke in hushed, urgent tones, “Don’t say anything, will you?” Beth smiled and mimed zipping up her lips which made the younger girl giggle. A tall woman in expensive clothes and and blonde hair styled in such a way as to give her the permanent appearance of wanting to speak to the manager emerged and sat down next to Maddie.

“They’re always running late, aren’t they?” She muttered to her daughter. “I shall have to have a word! This is simply not acceptable!”

“Mum, my appointment’s not for another five minutes!” She pointed to the elegantly stylish clock on the wall.

“Yes but we arrived half an hour early!” Her mother insisted with the angry determination of someone who has not even considered the possibility that they may not be in the right. “They should know that we’re busy people and have got you in earlier.”

“You know you don’t have to wait for me, right?” Maddie tossed the magazine back onto the table and took another sip from her glass of juice. “You go do whatever it is you need to do and just pick me up afterwards.”

“Oh no!” the woman shook her head indignantly. “Not after that time they cheated us out of time we’d paid for!”

“Mum, I told you that was…”

“I arrived to pick her up three minutes before her appointment was due to finish,” the woman turned to Beth, apparently noticing the red-head for the first time and seeming quite pleased to have a new audience to rant to, “and she was already dressed and waiting for me! They cheated me out of time I’d paid for! I pay good money for Madison to have her treatments here and I expect to get what I pay for!”

“I keep telling you,” Maddie rolled her eyes, “I went in ten minutes early because somebody hadn’t shown up fro their appointment and I could go straight in rather than waiting! We actually got five minutes extra that day!”

“If they take you in early that’s their problem!” the woman, about whom Beth could find nothing likeable at all, insisted. “That shouldn’t be taken off the time at the end of the session!” Maddie did not reply but Beth had to put her hand over her mouth to hide a smile as she saw the young girl mouth “Two more weeks” to herself at least three times like some kind of mantra.

“We’re terribly proud of Madison, did she tell you?” the woman asked before ploughing on without waiting for any kind of response, “we pre-registered her on her sixth birthday and since then we’ve religiously followed the Hendricks diet and exercise plan and now she has been accepted by one of the most exclusive butchers in the country, Morgan and Davies, do you know it? Madison’s meat will be made available to some of the most rich and powerful people in the country. What about you, dear?” She asked Beth condescendingly. “Which plan have you been following?”

“I’m sorry?” Beth furrowed her brow a little.

“Well I know Hendricks isn’t for everyone,” the woman sniffed, “it requires an awful lot of discipline and will-power. But I do know some girls who have managed good results on McArthur, as long as they follow it properly.”

“I guess I’m on the only-found-out-two-hours-ago plan.” Beth replied sarcastically, really disliking the woman’s snobby attitude and feeling very sorry for her daughter who, rather surprisingly given her upbringing, seemed quite sweet. “I’ve agreed to be cooked for some friends’ birthday party next weekend. This is pretty much the first thing I’ve done towards it,” The woman seemed to actively recoil, “oh, apart from eating a massive burger of course!” Beth finished with a triumphant flourish.

“I see.” Maddie’s mother replied primly, looking down her nose at the teenage tomboy even more than she already had been. “Well I suppose quality is not so important for private get-togethers but establishments like Morgan and Davies require the very highest standards, it is what their customers demand!”

“Good for them!” Bath sat back in her seat, her natural politeness quickly being overcome by the woman’s rudeness and the realisation she really had no need to be polite to her. “My friends seemed to think my meat was plenty good enough for them and at least I know my meat’s going to be enjoyed, not sent back to the kitchen by some snob looking to make a point or have the tiniest bite tasted them set aside by some model or actress who is watching her figure! Sorry.” She glanced apologetically at Maddie but the young girl just shrugged and pulled a “well what can you do?” kind of face.

“Well, I never!” exclaimed Maddie’s mother, primly, folding her arms and looking away, presumably trying to work out if she could add a disrespectful customer to the list of complaints she planned to present to the next member of staff she laid eyes on. Fortunately, before the situation could escalate any further, Carolyn appeared from one of the treatment rooms, apparently having been getting things set up.

“Maddie? Beth? We’re ready for you now if you’d like to come through?”

“Her name is Madison!” the woman practically thundered, “And I will thank you to call her by her full name! I didn’t spend weeks picking the perfect, beautiful name for her to have it chopped in half by some lazy girl who probably can’t even spell it!”

“No, but you spent ten years raising her so she could be chopped into many pieces by some fancy butcher.” Beth muttered under her breath. The woman shot her a deadly look. She had not been able to hear exactly what Beth had said but was almost certain it was something unpleasant directed at her.

“I’m sorry,” Carolyn replied in her very best customer service voice, “we like our clients to relax and therefore call them by whatever name or title they find most comfortable.” She turned back to the girls. “If you’d like to come through?”

“Ignore her.” Maddie sighed after Carolyn had closed the door to the treatment room, leaving her mother huffing and fuming outside. “I prefer Maddie.”

“I know you do,” Carolyn gave a cheeky wink, “and I know how much she hates it, which is why I ‘forget’ from time to time!” She made air-quotes around the word “forget” and Maddie giggled. “Okay,” Carolyn consulted the notes on her clip-board,” I see this is your first hair-removal treatment, Beth?” She nodded, “And Maddie, it’s been about a month since your last one so we’ll treat this like a first session for you too. You’re both signed up for the same treatments today so we thought you might prefer company? We can treat you entirely separately if you prefer? We have facilities for up to six clients at a time and you are our only two right now.”

“No, that’s fine.” Beth smiled. “It will be nice to have someone who’s done this sort of thing before to chat to, I feel like a total newbie! If that’s okay with you, of course?” she asked her new friend.

“Of course!” Maddie grinned, “It will be great to have the company and anyone who can stand up to my mum like that has to be pretty cool!” Both girls giggled, Beth feeling slightly ashamed of her outburst but, at the same time, recognising that it was perfectly justified!

“Lovely!” Carolyn smiled. “Now if you don’t mind just popping your robes off, we’ll get started.” Maddie quickly untied her robe and hung it on a peg on the wall with no concern what so ever. Beth recalled how she had told her she was often required to strip off for her mother’s friends so being nude in front of two young women probably felt like nothing at all to her! Realising she had no need to feel embarrassed here after being naked in her employers living room, Percy’s five year old fingers exploring her wet pussy, Beth took off her robe too and hung it next to Maddie’s.

“You have a nice body.” Maddie complimented her as casually as if she had been complimenting her hair-style or new jacket. “Honestly I think most of these special diets and exercise plans are a con, I know Mum swears by them but…” She shrugged. “I’d be happy eating you for my birthday dinner!” She laughed. Beth blushed a little. She knew this was a compliment but it still felt a little strange, bordering on awkward.

She looked a Maddie’s newly-exposed body. Although still a year or two off puberty, she had pleasingly feminine curves and a very cute butt. Her legs were long, shapely and toned, her tummy flat and her nipples small, pink and perfectly round. She was trim without being skinny and toned without being especially muscular, retaining a delicate look of all-over softness. She could easily have modelled for the guide for preteen meat-girls that nestled among the other books in Beth’s locker, as something girls wanting to become meat should aspire to. Perhaps the specific diets were a bit of a con but the healthy eating and regular exercise classes had clearly paid off in creating a pretty-much perfect meat-girl. Beth was surprised to find that she was not jealous, rather the fact that Maddie considered her meat of equal quality felt like even more of a compliment.

Beth took a moment to look around the room that they were in. It was white, tiled and rather clinical but with a nice warm temperature. The same gentle music form the waiting room was floating through speakers mounted high up on the walls. From the feel of it on her bare feet, the room had some kind of under-floor heating. Set into the floor were two baths or small pools filled with what looked like water but with a slightly purple tint. There were steps down into them, rails to hold onto on the side and a something that looked a little like a large porcelain horse-shoe at one end that Beth quickly realised must be a kind of head-rest so the occupant wouldn’t have to worry about keeping their head up out of the water as they relaxed.

“Now,” Carolyn began, “I know you’ve done this before, Maddie, but it’s Beth’s first time so I’m going to explain the process. I’ve called one of my colleagues in so we don’t end up with one of you waiting and getting cold while the other is being treated. You may have noticed that the water is a slightly funny colour?” Beth nodded, “That’s because it has a chemical in that reacts with the gel we’re about to rub on.” Carolyn explained. “This is a much safer and more pleasant method than the creams you can get for use at home and certainly better than shaving. I know Sidney’s and some other restaurants use mild acid showers but those can be quite unpleasant too and require a lot of protective wear to use which really spoils the fun of the whole experience!”

Beth could not help but shudder a little. Even ‘though she was sure it had been designed to be perfectly safe and she knew it would happen in the last half hour or so of a girl’s life anyway when she really shouldn’t be too worried about self-preservation, the idea of standing under a shower while acid burned away her body-hair sounded quite horrific! She was very glad to be spared that experience.

“The gel actually feels really nice!” Maddie told her. “I used the cream once at home with a friend who was being cooked with for some big family dinner and it made me look like I was sunburned all over! Mum was so made, that almost made the itching worth it!” she laughed at the memory. There was a knock at the door and Carolyn opened it to let another woman in, the oldest that Beth had seen working there. She looked to be in her early or mid fifties and had a very pleasant, motherly way about her. Beth could not help but take an instant liking to her and her warm smile.

“Hello, girls.” The newcomer smiled. “I’m Brenda and I’m going to be helping Carolyn out, since there’s two of you. Oh,” she recognised Maddie from a previous encounter, “Hello again, near! Getting close to the big day now?”

“Two weeks!” Maddie grinned. “Two weeks then no more of my mum’s crazy diets or having to show off my naked butt to her friends so they can tell her how clever she is!” Brenda gave a little chuckle but was clearly a little uncomfortable. There seemed no hint in anything Maddie said or did that she was unwilling to be butchered but all the salon staff who encountered her really wondered if she’d ever had any meaningful choice in the matter. Her pushy mother seemed to have been grooming her since birth to be the perfect meat-girl and, while they were sure her meat would ultimately be a treat for the high-class clientele of the butcher who would process her, they could not help but feel rather sorry for the girl. After discussing it amongst themselves, they had all decided that the best thing they could do for her was to make sure she enjoyed her visits as much as possible and saw them as pampering sessions for herself rather than as part of her mother’s all-encompassing regime.

“So anyway, as I was saying,” Carolyn continued, picking up a large plastic tub, stirring it and spooning up some of the neon pink goo within, allowing it to slowly gloop back into the pot so the girls could see, “the gel is much safer and more comfortable than any other method I’m aware of. The two chemicals need to interact in order to work so there’s no problem if a little of the hair on your head trails into the water, and it results in absolutely no burning, soreness, redness or itching as is too often the case with other hair-removal treatments.” Both women put on disposable gloves like a surgeon or nurse might wear and picked up pots of the pink gel.

“Okay,” Brenda warned Beth as she approached and knelt down in front of her, placing the pot by the teenager’s bare feet, “this might be a little cold at first. Ready?” Beth nodded and Brenda took a handful of the gel, rubbed it in her gloved hands for a few moments to warm it a little and began applying it to the naked girl’s belly. Beth found that it tickled a little but was not uncomfortable. Brenda was clearly a practiced hand and worked quickly, covering her up to her neck as quickly as Carolyn seemed to be covering Maddie’s much smaller body. Even when rubbing the gel on Beth’s small breasts or between her legs, there was no sexual element – Brenda went about her task like a nurse caring for the elderly or a grandmother bathing a toddler.

“Now, you’re going to be in the baths for about forty to forty-five minutes.” Carolyn explained once both girls were thoroughly coated from the neck down in the gel. “Part of the reason for the lack of side effects is that the gel reacts very slowly with the chemical in the water. It’s fine if you feel like going to sleep, a lot of girls do. At least one of us will stay in the room with you at all times. Once you come out, you will be completely hairless, apart from on your heads, of course, and we can proceed to the next part of your treatment.” The women helped the girls down into the tubs, holding their hands and they gingerly made their way down the steps. The water was deeper than it looked, coming up to Beth’s naval and Maddie’s chest, just below her nipples.

Beth pushed her way through the pleasantly warm water to the far end and made herself comfortable in the headrest which, she found, also had the effect of pushing the rest of her body down slightly so she was completely submerged with just her perky pink nipples cresting the surface occasionally when she took a deep breath.

“I’m going to turn the music up a little,” Carolyn told the girls, “and turn the lights down to make it easier to relax. The warm water will help soften you up for your massages too.” She turned two dials on the wall near the door, taking the light down to a very soft, orange glow like a night-light and turned the music up just loud enough to be listened to comfortably without straining but not so loud that it would be annoying if the girls wanted to chat. “Either Brenda or I will be in the corner here all the time,” she pointed to what looked like a bar stool in the corner, “but pretend we’re not here. This is your time.” She opened a drawer under the table where the jars of gel had been returned and retrieved a well-worn paperback, a romance novel of some kind, then sat down and lost herself in its pages.

“How are you going to be cooked?” Maddie asked after a few minutes of relaxed quiet.

“I’m honestly not sure,” Beth admitted, “but I think it’s going to be the spit. I kind of assumed it would be when they asked me and they didn’t say it wasn’t.”

“Ah.” Maddie replied before going quiet again for a few minutes. “I wish I could be cooked alive,” she said eventually, “I really like the idea of going in the oven like a Christmas turkey.”

“Couldn’t you ask the butcher to sell you whole?” Beth suggested, “Then someone can buy you and cook you at home. From what your mum said, the people who go to his shop would easily be able to afford you all to themselves!”

“He doesn’t sell live meat.” Maddie sighed. “Something to do with standards and how people pay for his skill as a butcher rather than just the meat itself. If he did sell me whole, it would still be headless, gutted and cleaned.”

“Oh.” Beth wasn’t really sure what else to say. “Has he discussed how he’s going to kill you at least?” she asked after a little pause. “Will he cut your head off?”

“Apparently he prefers to hang girls upside-down and cut their throat then leave them to bleed out.” Maddie explained dispassionately. “That’s what Mum told me anyway. She got some guy at the gym to hold me upside-down by my ankles so I’d get an idea of what it felt like. That wasn’t awkward at all!” Beth could not see Maddie with her head in the support forcing her to look straight up but she was sure that the younger girl was rolling her eyes, something she quite understandably seemed to do quite often.

“And how did it feel?”

“Weird,” Maddie replied with a rather hollow laugh, “and it gave me a headache, the way all the blood rushed to my head. Although I suppose if my throat is cut I won’t have to worry about that for too long!”

“True.” Both girls went quiet again for a few minutes before Maddie asked another question.

“So who are these friends you’re being cooked for?” she asked. “You must be very fond of them if you’re willing to do that for them?”

“These adorable little twins that I babysit for,” Beth couldn’t help but smile when she thought of Jennifer and Percy, “a boy and a girl. They’re turning six.”

“Aww that’s really sweet!” Maddie exclaimed. “Do you know who else is coming to the party?”

“No, but I’m guessing some other children around the same age and their parents, maybe a couple of brothers and sisters too. I hope there’ll be enough meat to go around!” Both girls giggled.

“Maybe one of the guests will find themselves on the menu too!” Maddie suggested playfully.

“Nah,” Beth laughed, “they had a really good look at me earlier, they should know how many to invite!”

“Yeah?” Maddie was curious. “Did they say what they wanted to eat most?”

“Jennifer was pretty keen on my boobs,” chuckled Beth, “and Percy seemed to have his eye on my butt, although he found my pussy pretty intriguing too!”

“Ha!” Maddie laughed, “I hear some of Mum’s richer friends are already reserving cuts of me. They won’t tell me what, ‘though. Although probably not my boobs as I don’t have any!” She tilted her head forward and inspected her flat chest, patting it with her hands. “Kinda wish Mum would let me wait a little longer so I can grow some, but apparently he pays more by weight for girls who haven’t started puberty yet. That’s why she picked now.”

“But if she waited, surely she’d get more for you over-all?”

“Well yeah but she’s obsessed with quality and my meat being the absolute best!” Maddie informed her with another audible eye-roll, “She’s timed it so I will have grown about as big as I can grow before puberty, that way she can brag that the butcher paid his highest rate for me but also pocket the most possible cash.”

“I see.”

“Something to do with hormones changing the flavour of the meat or some nonsense like that.” Maddie sighed, “I reckon it’s as made up as her meat-girl diets she gets so excited about.”

“No offence,” Beth reflected, “but listening to you makes me damn pleased I’m being cooked by friends at their house rather than going through that kind of system. I know being served at a restaurant is supposed to be quite fun but I think this would still be top of my list.”

“Probably for me too, if I got to choose.” Maddie agreed. “But you met my Mum!”

“Yup.” Beth replied with a sigh of her own before closing her eyes and letting the tranquil music wash over her as the warm, chemically enhanced water caressed her delicious young body.

The warm water, which was gently churned by jets along the side and bottom of the pool, presumably to stimulate the chemical reaction, felt incredibly sensual as it lapped against Beth’s skin and the dim lighting, coupled with the soft music, created an incredibly romantic atmosphere. The thought of becoming meat or, more specifically, being naked in front of a garden full of virtual strangers who wanted to eat her was, Beth had to admit, albeit somewhat reluctantly, incredibly arousing and yet, assuming Percy’s clumsy probing didn’t count, she had not taken an opportunity to explore those feelings.

“Do you ever,” she asked tentatively, in a quiet voice, “when you’re in here, you know?”

“Sure!” Maddie laughed, “In fact I’ve normally started by now. I was just being polite since you were here.”

“And they don’t mind?” Beth thought of Carolyn sat not too far away with her book, at least half aware of everything that was going on in the darkened room and especially in the pools. She supposed that if a meat-girl were to be left unsupervised and happened to drown it could open the salon up to all sorts of legal problems, not to mention those girls who were not necessarily destined for the table but wanted the experience anyway.

“Nobody’s told me off yet!” replied Maddie with a cheeky giggle. “I don’t know if there’s any actual rules saying whether it’s allowed or not but everyone who works here knows that most of the girls they deal with don’t have that long left so are happy for them to do whatever they want as long as it doesn’t interfere with the treatments.”

“And the chemicals don’t cause any harm if you, you know,” Beth could feel that she was blushing, “get them inside?”

“Tingles a bit,” Maddie admitted, “but that’s it. Feels rather nice really! Oh and don’t worry, these rooms have to be completely sound-proof. Nobody out there is going to hear anything we do.”

“How do you know?”

“Well have you heard my mum yelling at anyone since you’ve been in here?” laughed Maddie. Beth conceded that she had not. “Do you really think she’s just sat out there quietly with a coffee, minding her own business?”

“From what I’ve seen, I’d say that’s unlikely!” Beth agreed with a chuckle. Thus reassured, she tentatively reached between her legs. This was not the first time she had ever done this, of course. The first had been when she was eight and one of her friends had shown her what to do on a sleepover. It had felt nice but not exactly been mind-blowing. Over the next few years she had tried again a few times, usually when she was having trouble getting to sleep as she had been told it could help, then when she had been close to twelve and her body was beginning the transition from a child’s to a woman’s, she felt the urge to try again and had suddenly understood what all the fuss was about!

As she worked her finger tips rhythmically back and forth Beth imagined standing in the Thomas’s garden, stark naked with all eyes on her. She imagined being rubbed all over with oil until she glistened like a golden statue then being held down and the spit was pushed through her lithe young body, the first and only penetration she would ever experience.

From the rapidly-lapping water sounds coming from her direction, it was clear that Maddie has wasted no time getting down to business either and Beth couldn’t help wondering if she was thinking about her soon-to-be fate too or whether there was something else that occupied the fantasy life of a little girl who had, to all intents and purposes, been born to be meat. Despite her new friend’s assurances about the room being sound-proofed, Beth was still aware that there were two other people in there with her so stifled her own moans as she did a home when she knew that her parents were in their bedroom just one thin wall away. Maddie on the other hand had no such hang-ups and was gasping and yelping with all her might as she fingered herself to climax.

As she bit her own lip to keep from crying out, Beth was sure she heard an indulgent chuckle from the corner of the room but she did not mind. As the aftershocks receded she closed her eyes and allowed her body to relax. In almost no time at all, she was asleep.

In her dream, Beth was floating in the middle of the ocean, naked and without a care. The sun above her was warm and bathed her face, breasts and belly the way the salty water bathed her from below. She felt totally at peace, as if everything in the world were as it should be. If asked to come up with one, she could not have thought of a better description of Heaven.

After a time, her dreams were interrupted by a voice which at first seemed to come from all around her, as if from the ocean itself. The sun above her shone more brightly and she had to turn her face to the side to avoid its glare. Then she realised it was not the sun but the over-head lights of the room which had been turned back up and the ocean in which she floated was not the ocean at all but the purple-watered pool that she had all but forgotten about.

“Sorry to wake you, girls.” It was Brenda who had clearly swapped with Carolyn while Beth had been asleep and, she assumed from the way the lady was talking, Maddie had been too. “But it’s time for your massages and I knew you wouldn’t want to miss those!”

Beth blinked a few times to pull her consciousness back fully into the room and unhooked herself from the neck rest before walking to the far end of the small pool and accepting Brenda’s offered hand for support as she climbed the steps and into the warm air where she was handed a fluffy white towel to dry herself with. Maddie was already stood drying herself as Beth began to pat herself down. The feeling of the towel against her skin was different from what she had expected so she dried her hand then rubbed her finger-tips gently over a dry patch of skin as if discovering it for the first time.

“I’ve never known my skin to feel like that before!” she exclaimed, “It’s like velvet! So soft and smooth!”

“That’s because you’ve never been truly hairless in your life before,” Brenda explained with a smile, clearly used to this surprised reaction from girls experiencing the sensation for the first time, “even when you were a baby. Your body is normally covered pretty much all over with tiny, very soft hairs and now they’re gone!”

“Wow!” It was all Beth could say as she finished drying herself then looked down, twisting her body this way and that to inspect it, realising with amusement and a little excitement that this truly was the most naked she had ever been! Maddie was entertained by the older girl’s reaction but not in a mocking way – she remembered how it had felt the first couple of times, even if it was something she was quite used to now.

Both girls put on their robes and followed Brenda out into the waiting room where Maddie’s mother could indeed be heard remonstrating with Samantha at the desk the other side of the curtain about the price of the treatments, ranting that since they were regular customers they should be entitled to special rates and taking great offence at the suggestion, when Samantha phrased one of her responses in what Beth imagined to be an intentionally antagonistic way, that they would not afford the package Maddie was currently enjoying. The blonde girl simply rolled her eyes at the teen and they went through the door that Brenda was holding open. Carolyn was waiting for them in there with two other young women they had not met before. Both were pretty and athletic and looked to be in their early twenties. One had her brown hair on top of her head in a messy bun and the other wore her blonde locks in a ponytail.

There were two massage tables in the slightly harshly-lit room which seemed quite a contrast to the room with the pools. They were covered in dark red faux-leather with white cotton sheets, folded into thirds to form a strip down the middle, presumably so the girls’ skin would not stick uncomfortably to the covering.

“This is Trish and Amanda.” Carolyn informed the girls, This time it did not seem as if they were familiar to Maddie. “Our two newest masseuses. You girls are really in for a treat!” The young women grinned at the meat-girls who waved and grinned back. “I’ll leave you to it.” Carolyn smiled, backing out of the room, “Have fun!” She closed the door behind her.

“Right, ladies!” The blonde who’s name badge identified her as Trish grinned, “Robes off, please.” The girls happily complied and hung their robes on the provided hooks, standing naked in front of the two new women and awaiting instructions. “If you’d like to hop up on here,” Trish looked at Beth and patted one of the tables, “and you go with Amanda.” Beth hopped up onto the table with no problem while Amanda helped the shorter girls by hooking a stepping stool out from beneath with the tip of her shoe and holding Maddie’s hand as she got up. The same gentle music as everywhere else was playing through the speakers in this room but at the lowest volume of anywhere the girls had been yet.

“Have you ever had a massage before?” Trish asked as Beth lay on her front, her arms crossed under her face.

“Once on holiday.” the relaxed teen replied. “It was quite nice.”

“”This might be a little different from what you’ve had before.” the young woman explained. “This is very much a deep-tissue tenderising massage to improve your meat rather than to relax you, although hopefully you will enjoy it too!”

“Sounds good!” Beth smiled, thinking of her little friends’ happy faces as they tucked into her freshly-cooked meat. It was a pity, she thought, that she would not be around to watch them enjoying their birthday dinner but she satisfied herself with her imagination. “Whatever makes me the tastiest I can be!”

Trish began the massage with Beth’s shoulders, pushing hard and releasing tension the teen didn’t even know she carried there! On one level, it was painful but on the other hand the relief was exquisite! Gradually, the young woman who was clearly an expert in her profession worked her way down the back, causing Beth both to worry that her spine might crack under the pressure but also that it would be a remarkably small price to pay! Next, Beth felt Trish begin to kneed her buttocks and couldn’t help wondering if they really would be her tastiest part. Once the masseur had worked her way all the way down to the girl’s feet, she asked her to stretch out first her left arm then her right, working those muscles as hard as she had done anywhere else before asking Beth to roll over onto her back.

The time, Trish began with the ends of Beth’s legs and worked her way up, paying particular attention to her thighs. The massage did not omit the girl’s belly and prime fillet but it was when Trish reached her chest the Beth’s heart began to beat faster. The young woman took one of the teenager’s small but round breasts in each hand and began to kneed and squeeze like they were bread dough. Despite the confusing mix of pain and pleasure sensations she experienced as Trish did her work, it felt no more deliberately sexual than when Brenda had applied the gel with her gloved hands. In fact, it felt to Beth exactly as Trish had warned her it would be – that she was nothing more at that moment than a piece of meat being tenderised.

“Can you stand?” Trish asked after completing the massage and leaving Beth to rest for a few minutes.

“I think so?” She sat up and swung her legs over the side of the table. She hopped down and immediately regretted it as the muscles in her legs refused to support her, having been aggressively pummelled into delicious softness. She grabbed the table for support and steadied herself.

“Don’t worry!” Trish laughed, “A lot of girls have that problem!”

Since she was a fair bit smaller than Beth, Maddie’s massage had already finished and she was stood with her back to Beth, holding the edge of her table while Amanda rubbed her back with some kind of clear oil which Beth assumed was the flavour-enhancer that had been discussed.

“Right!” Trish grinned, squeezing a thick, clear gel into her hand from what looked like an over-sized toothpaste tube, “This bit is a lot more fun and I’ve never known a girl not enjoy it. So, front or back first?”

“Back, I guess?” Beth suggested tentatively, figuring it would be a lot easier to support herself on her unsteady legs if she stood like Maddie. By the time she needed to turn around, she would hopefully have regained a little more control of her overly-relaxed limbs. She turned and braced her palms against the table, her shapely rump sticking out towards Trish and her back slightly curved.

This substance felt different from the hair-removal gel. It had a coldness that was nothing to do with the temperature, as if something in it was penetrating down through Beth’s skin and into her freshly softened-up muscles. It had a scent that reminded her very vaguely of mint but that was not it. Unlike Brenda and Carolyn, Trish did not wear gloves and the sensation of warm hands rubbing the oily gel into her completely hairless skin felt so nice. As she had done with the massage, Trish began with Beth’s shoulders and worked her way down via the buttocks to her legs.

“There we go!” Trish smiled, standing up and wiggling her own shoulders to loosen them up, “All done on one side. Turn around for me?” Beth did as she was asked, feeling more confident on her legs now, and leant back slightly, her elbows resting on the table. She saw that Amanda was finishing up Maddie’s arms and the smaller girl’s toned young body gleamed with the same substance with which she was now being coated.

“Nice, isn’t it?” Maddie grinned as Trish began to rub the gel into Beth’s breasts. It certainly felt more relaxing in that area than the massage had done.

“Mmhmm!” Beth couldn’t help licking her own lips a little as Trish worked her way down her belly. “I hope it works.”

“Like you wouldn’t have been delicious anyway!” giggled Maddie, making Beth blush a little.

“I just want to taste my absolute best for my friends.” she replied with a warm smile which very quickly turned into a gasp as Trish slid her lubricated fingers all the way inside her with far more practised finesse than Percy had used.

“Told you this bit was more fun!” Trish winked at her as Beth looked down in surprise. “We need to make sure every last bit of you is delicious after all, don’t we?” Maddie, who had experienced this rub several times in the past and knew exactly what to expect, giggled as she watched her new friend trying not to show just how much she was enjoying herself!

A few minutes later, when the rubs were complete and the girls stood in their robes once more, waiting for the next stage of their treatment, there was a knock on the door. It was Brenda, come to collect the girls and take them to the sauna.

As they trooped through the waiting room once more, Maddie’s mother was nowhere to be seen.

“Where did Mum go?” the young blonde asked a little warily. “She said she was going to stay here and make sure, in her words, you didn’t try to cheat her by giving me shorter treatments!” Beth wondered how many times a day Maddie ended up rolling her eyes thinking of or talking about her mother and how many times it would take before they rolled clean out of her head!

“She’s out the front yelling at someone on her phone!” Brenda replied with a wry chuckle. “She was doing it in here but we told her she was disturbing the other customers and had to either calm down or go outside! She didn’t seem to be in the mood to calm down any time soon so went outside to continue berating whichever poor soul is on the other end of that call!”

“So sorry you have to put up with her!” Maddie apologised, sounding as if she genuinely meant it. “At least it’s not for too much longer.”

“Oh that’s okay, dear.” The mature woman smiled down at the little girl. “I’ve been working with the public one way or another for nearly forty years. It would be a sorry state of affairs if I couldn’t handle the occasional spoilt brat like her who thinks the whole world revolves around her and that everyone else exists exclusively for their convenience. No offence!” She added hurriedly, glancing down at Maddie and remembering it was the girl’s mother she was describing in such scathing terms.

“Hey, don’t apologise!” Maddie laughed. “I know exactly what she’s like! Honestly, getting away from her is the best bit about being butchered.” This comment made both Beth and Brenda feel a little sad.

“Well we’re certainly going to miss you here.” Brenda assured her. “Whatever issues we may have with your mum, you’ve always been an absolute delight!”

“Aww, thank you!” Maddie blushed a little.

“Here we are!” Brenda grinned, pushing open the door and ushering the girls inside. Once again, they found Carolyn waiting for them. The door off the waiting room did not lead directly into the sauna but rather into a sort of antechamber where there were pegs for the robes and wooden barrels where towels were soaking in a liquid with the same vaguely minty smell as the rub. At the back was a glass wall with a door which led into the sauna itself which seemed to be a traditional set-up with tiered wooded benches.

“Here were go, girls!” grinned Carolyn once the door was closed and the girls had bared all once more. She fished large towels out of the barrels and handed them to them. “Wrap these around yourselves like you just got out the shower.” The girls did as they were told. The liquid was warm and the wet fabric felt nice against their skin. “Here’s another two each.” She handed the dripping bundles to the meat-girls. “One to lay one, the other to put over yourself like a blanket in bed. You’ll find little wooden pillows in there to keep your heads comfortable.”

She held open the glass door and the wave of heat in the already warm little room hit them. Maddie went first, laying her towel out on the middle tier. Beth was a little more daring so stepped over her and took her place on the top shelf. Once they were comfortable, both girls pulled the second towel over themselves like a thin, soaking wet duvet.

“Try to lay a still as possible while you’re in here.” Carolyn suggested pointedly, not outright banning the activity with which both girls had occupied themselves in the pools but strongly hinting that it would not be appropriate. “It’s going to feel like a very long time so it’s probably best if you try to go to sleep. Remember to keep your arms covered!” With a final smile, she closed the glass door and took a seat close to the barrels. After dimming the lights in the sauna area itself to almost total darkness, she turned the music up a little.

“Any idea what Madame’s issue is today?” she asked Brenda, a little scathingly, in a quiet voice so the girls would not over-hear. “She seems to have an even bigger bug up her backside than usual.”

“Something about the butcher.” Brenda sighed. “I’m sure we’ll here all about it in due course. We usually do! You okay here for a bit?” she asked her younger colleague. “I’ll go make us both a coffee.”

The girls did not chat this time. The atmosphere in the sauna was too steamy and relaxing to really want to do anything other than just lay there. Beth was fairly sure she did not actually go to sleep this time, she seemed too aware of her surroundings for that, but she did enter an almost trance-like state. She had heard about meditation but never really tried it for herself. However, she was fairly certain that this was what it was supposed to feel like. She could almost feel her body soaking up the liquid like a sponge. She imagined it seeping through her skin and into her muscles, changing her slowly from person to food. As instructed, she lay as still as possible, although she would have dearly loved to repeat her activity from the pool but it had been strongly hinted that it would not be the right thing to do in this situation so she contented herself with trying to store as much of this experience away in her memory to enjoy later.

She listened for Maddie’s breathing – it was shallow and regular, suggesting that the smaller girl had gone to sleep again. With the heat around which bordered on uncomfortable, the hot air in her mouth and the warm, orange glow from the lights, Beth could almost imagine this might be what it would be liked to be cooked in an oven like a Christmas turkey! She was reminded again that the actual method of her cooking had not been discussed but she strongly hoped that she would be alive, at least when it started, so that she could enjoy the experience.

In her trance-like state, Beth lost all track of time. As far as she was concerned, it could have been a couple of minutes or a few days when, an hour after they went it, Carolyn opened the door and told the girls it was time to come out. The neither-asleep-nor-awake feeling persisted as Beth carefully released herself from the towels and stepped down the different wooden tiers. Carolyn was having to gently shake Maddie by the shoulder as she had indeed fallen fast asleep and did not seem inclined to ever wake up of her own accord.

As she dumped the soggy towels into an empty barrel as instructed, Beth could not get over how utterly delicious she felt – that really was the only way to describe the feeling! Right there in that moment she wanted nothing more than to walk out of the salon, naked as she was, bike to the Thomas house and demand they eat her right then and there, alive and raw like a freshly picked apple! He managed to control her impulse. After all, she reminded herself, this was only her first of three booked sessions and, if she felt this amazing after the first, she could only begin to imagine how she would feel by the end of Friday’s session!

Robes on once more, the girls went back out to the waiting room where, this time, Maddie’s mother was stood looking impatient and tapping her foot. Her general resting demeanour of mild irritation seemed to have bubbled over into some hot, boiling rage which she was clearly struggling to contain just below the surface.

“Finally!” she snapped when she saw the girls emerge. “Hurry up and get dressed, will you? I can’t be hanging around here all day waiting for your spoiled, pampered ass to be ready!” Maddie frowned but knew better than to answer back when he mother was in such a state. It was not exactly common but this was far from the first time she had witnessed it. Quietly, the girls retrieved their clothes from their lockers while Carolyn and Brenda tried to soothe Maddie’s mother’s anger, a fairly fruitless and definitely thankless task! Beth had hoped to be able to go into a cubical with Maddie while they got dressed and have a quiet conversation but they really were too small. Beth got dressed as quickly as possible and was out a little under half a minute before Maddie.

As Maddie emerged from her cubical, it occurred to Beth that this was the first time she had seen her young friend in actual clothes. She was dressed in expensive-looking black leggings, white trainers, a white crop-top with “Goddess” written in swirly gold lettering on the front and what Beth was fairly sure was a genuine black leather jacket with a five-pointed star made from rhinestones on the back.

The young blonde walked over to her mother who practically snatched at her hand and started to drag her out. Making brief eye-contact with Carolyn to let her know she’d be back in a moment, Beth quickly followed them out into the main part of the salon. Something that Maddie’s mother had been told on the phone had really angered her and Beth was really worried for her friend.

“Thank you for coming.” Samantha, still sat at the desk, began her normal spiel as the woman stalked past her, dragging the compliant but unhappy little girl behind her. “Would you like to book in for…”

“NO!” The woman stopped in her tracks, turned around and snapped at the unfortunate receptionist. “I doubt you’ll ever see us again!” She turned and began storming towards the door once more.

“Wait!” Beth


“Wait!” Beth called and, to her pleasant surprise, the pair did. “Just one second…” With an apologetic glance and Samantha who smiled to tell her that it was okay, she grabbed a square of paper from the pad near the telephone and, with a pen from the small metal pot, wrote her phone number down along with the message: “Call if you need to talk. I listen well.” Quickly, she folded the paper into four so the actual writing would not be obvious and ran over to Maddie.

“Here.” She smiled and held out the folded piece of paper to her friend. “Here’s my number for when you remember the name of that movie you were talking about. You know? The one you said I should see while I still have the chance?” Maddie looked confused for a split second but quickly caught on.

“Oh! The movie! Yeah I’ll look it up when I get home and give you a call. Thanks and good luck next Saturday!”

“Are you done now?” Maddie’s mother practically snarled at her daughter. “Can we go?” Maddie nodded meekly and allowed herself to be dragged out the door but, just before getting into the expensive-looking car which was parked outside, she looked over her shoulder and waved at Beth with a grateful smile.

“Any idea what that was all about?” Beth asked as Brenda and Carolyn emerged into the main part of the salon. “I left my robe hanging in the changing room by the way, I hope that’s okay?”

“Of course.” Brenda smiled. “I hope you enjoyed your first visit with us?”

“Oh I did!” Beth grinned. “Worried about Maddie ‘though.” She looked back out the window where the car was long gone, frowning a little. She knew it was strange to be worrying for the safety of a girl who was two weeks away from having her throat cut and her body cut into pieces ready to be cooked but she couldn’t help herself. Even meat-girls were entitled to live happy lives after all. That was part of why the Thomas family had given her the money to treat herself in her final week.

“We all are.” Carolyn stepped closer and spoke softly. “I honestly don’t know what that phone call was about but I’ve never seen her more furious! And that’s saying something…”

“You know, I don’t often say things like that, but I can’t help but wish someone would kidnap that little girl.” Brenda sighed. “Anything would be an improvement over that monstrous woman!”

“I gave her my number and told her to call me.” Beth told the three ladies gathered around the desk. “I don’t know exactly what I can do to help but it might be good just for her to have someone to talk to, even if it is only for a week! Oh well,” she sighed and fixed her smile back in place. “I really did have a great time and can’t wait until my next appointment! See you in a few days!” She grinned at all of them and made her way out onto the street.

On her way home, Beth stopped at the supermarket and stocked up on the kinds of foods a meat-girl like her should be eating in her last week before cooking. In truth, Beth felt a little disappointed that she had not known earlier and had more time to prepare her body and perfect her meat but she was determined to do the best she could with the time available to her. The troubling incident with Maddie’s mother had snapped her brain firmly back into reality but her body still had the lovely, relaxed, almost floating feeling from her treatments and it felt strange to be in a normal place doing normal things.

Of course, as soon as she got home her parents wanted to hear about everything that had happened, how she felt about being asked, what she had been doing since and what she planned to do with her final week. Preferring to keep some elements to herself, Beth summarised her day for them and explained about the diet she wanted to follow, pointing out the relevant pages in the guide which had remained rolled up in her jacket pocket and was looking a little dog-eared for the experience. She told them about the remaining treatments she had booked at the salon and how she had agreed to a special birthday sleep-over with the twins Friday night.

Later that evening, after a light dinner consisting mostly of lightly-steamed vegetables, Beth lay on her bed flicking though the guides aimed at older and younger meat-girls and seeing where they differed from the one aimed at her age-group. For the most part, the difference seemed to be in the ages of the girls in the photographs and the style of language. The drawings and diagrams were a little different too with those in the guide for older girls looking like something that would be at home in a medical textbook whereas the one for small girls had illustrations that reminded her of the books about “Growing Up” she had been shown at school to prepare her and her classmates for puberty. There was maybe a little less emphasis on hair-removal for the youngest girls and the suggested exercises varied somewhat but the advice seemed more or less consistent which Beth found quite reassuring.

Beth was half way though an article on the best exercises for toning meat, rather pleased to see that cycling was very close to the top of the list, when her phone buzzed. Picking it up, she saw that it was not a text but a contact request on an app popular mostly with pre-teens that she had downloaded out of curiosity and never really bothered with. The user requesting to message her was called MadMadz86 and she had a reasonable idea who that would be. She pressed the green icon to accept.

“Hey.” The message popped up on her screen. “Didn’t wanna call. Don’t want Mum knowing lol. She checks my phone but doesn’t know I have this – got it disguised as a game haha.” This was followed by an emoji with its finger to its lips and the word “SHHHH” in pink bubble-writing.

“No worries” Beth messaged back, cringing slightly to see that her username was GinjaNinja82. “So what was up with your mum? She seemed pretty mad!”

“Her butcher bestie was on the news. Caught selling cheap imported meat from China as locally sourced (like me lol) so instead of bragging rights she’s now tied up in his shame.” Beth pondered what the issue with Chinese meat might be and why it was considered inferior? Maybe the diet the girls were raised on would change their flavour a little bit but surely not by much. She made a mental note to look it up after the conversation.

“So now she has to find another butcher to sell you to?” She asked. “Sucks to be her I guess!”

“Yeah but as he did my grading, none of the good ones wanna touch my meat in case his bad reputation rubs off. She’s probably gonna just have to sell me direct to some restaurant or family. You don’t know anyone looking for a cute meat-girl do you?” She ended the message with an emoji with over-sized, fluttering eye-lashes.

Beth felt so bad for Maddie. Being sold to the prestigious butcher seemed to be the only value her mother ever assigned her and, with that taken away, she was nothing more than a useless burden to her and the teenager was very worried that the youngster’s mother would take her anger and frustration out on her daughter. An idea occurred to her.

“I might actually.” She replied, “You gonna be around for a bit? Need to make a call.”

“Sure. What you got in mind?”

“I’ll let you know if it works out.” Beth sent the message then realised she was missing some pretty vital information. “What’s your mum’s name btw? And her phone number.” Molly supplied the requested information and Beth jotted it down on the receipt from the book shop. She then looked up the number of Mr and Mrs Thomas and gave them a call.

It was Mr Thomas who answered. At first he was surprised to hear from Beth and worried that she might have changed her mind now that she’d had a little longer to reflect but she quickly assured him this was not the case and gave a brief overview of her time at the salon, thanking him very much for making it possible.

She then asked to be put on speaker-phone so that Mrs Thomas would be able to hear as well, knowing that the twins would already be in bed, and explained Maddie’s predicament.

“What did you say her mother’s name was?” Mrs Thomas asked. Beth told her. “Ah yes I thought so.” Beth did not have to see Mrs Thomas’ face to know the expression on it. “I do know her, very vaguely. Vile woman! And yes, that poor little girl of hers deserves so much better. Of course we’ll buy her!” Beth let out an audible sigh of happy relief. “Tell that little sweetie her mum can expect a call any minute now! At least that’s our Christmas plans sorted!” Mrs Thomas added with a chuckle, “But of course we’ll take her in until then. Bye for now, dear!”

Happy to have found a solution to her friend’s issue, Beth went back into the app and saw that MadMadz86 was still showing as online.

“Hey! Want the bad news or the good news?”

“Umm… bad news I guess?” Maddie replied, followed with a worried emoji.

“Bad news is you’re gonna have to wait more than two weeks for your big day.”

“Okay? What’s the good news?”

“You’re gonna be Christmas dinner for the lovely family who are eating me on Saturday and they’ll take you in to live with them until then too! Want the even better news?”

“Oh wow awesome!” Maddie replied with an emoji with large, pulsing hearts for eyes, “Even better news? Go on?”

“It means that you’ll most likely be there on Saturday to watch me cook and maybe even get a slice of my juicy ass if you’re lucky!” She followed this up with a winking emoji that was also sticking out its tongue. Maddie replied with a string of three emojis – Shocked, delighted then drooling hungrily! “They’re gonna call your mum any minute.”

“Wow thanks!” Maddie replied. “I hope she agrees!”

While she waited to hear the outcome of the negotiations to buy Maddie, Beth looked up the issue with Chinese meat. China, it turned out, had been one of the very few countries not to temporarily ban cannibalism when there had been the big scandal a few years ago. This was largely because the state benefited from the practice so well financially.

It had been a cultural issue in China for at least two centuries that boys were far more highly prized than girls which, in the past, had led to many baby girls being abandoned to die in rural areas or women pressured into dangerous, late-term selective abortions by their husbands. China’s orphanages had been filled to capacity with unwanted little girls, many of whom simply died and, of those who survived, many became prostitutes or “servants” to wealthy families who treated them as little more than slaves. The legalisation and acceptance of cannibalism around the world had, however, presented a new solution.

The Chinese government mandated, in the first instance, that any girl, regardless of age, who had been in an orphanage for more than two years be slaughtered and her meat sold with the profit going to the state. At first, the sale had been restricted to home markets but, as time went on, trade deals had been struck and Chinese girl meat, frozen soon after slaughter and delivered under often inconsistent refrigeration, began to show up in less reputable dining establishments throughout the world, as well as in sausages and burgers sold to the public. Over time, as the supply of unwanted orphans was depleted, the government had begun offering small financial incentives for families who surrendered their daughters for the exported meat trade. This had, over time, led to women actually seeking to get pregnant with girls as often as possible – a total reversal of the situation only a few years previously.

There was, as Beth had supposed for herself, nothing inherently inferior about the meat of Chinese girls. The issues came from the lack of quality control where the meat of a starving orphan who may well have died from some transferable illness was sold next to and at the same price as that of the well-raised, healthy daughter of a middle-class family. Of course the official publications from China showed happy, healthy meat-girls going as willingly to slaughter as any British or American girl, happy to have a role in supporting their beloved country and its government. Covert filming by journalists and activists, however, had told another story and even those who were not moved by pity at the way the girls were kept and slaughtered were given pause by the potential health risk Chinese meat posed.

Although she had not quite finished the article when the message notification popped up at the top of her phone screen, Beth now had a fairly good idea about the issues surrounding Chinese meat and how a prestigious butcher being caught selling it would pretty much end his career and certainly lose him all his high-profile clients. The savings involved, she reasoned, must be really amazing for someone to be willing to take that risk! Oh well, it certainly seemed to have worked out for the best in Maddie’s case! She opened the message.

“SHE AGREED!” Maddie’s message was in all caps to express her excitement. “Call me Maddie the Christmas Turkey!” This was followed by happy emojis, a Christmas tree and a roast turkey followed by a pulsing heart. Before Beth could reply, another message came through. “I need to ask a favour. That okay?”

“Sure” Beth replied, adding a smiling emoji.

“She’s taking me to their house in the morning. I know this is your last week and I don’t wanna intrude on your time but is there any way you could be there? Might make things less awkward and easier to get to know them.”

“If they don’t mind, I’d be happy to.” Beth replied, truthfully. She had not really made any plans for the next day other than maybe taking her new books out into the woods within easy biking distance of her house and losing herself in them for a few hours but she could always do that afterwards. It would be great to see Maddie again and she was quite excited to tell the twins about the things she had done at the spa to make herself extra tasty for them!

“Thanks!” Maddie sent a string of hearts in various different colours. “You’re the best!”

The next morning came and, as she had arranged with Mr and Mrs Thomas, Beth biked round to their house a little after 9am, ready for the drop-off which had been arranged for 9.30. As a show of good faith, Mrs Thomas had transferred Maddie’s mother half the agreed amount the night before and had an envelope with the remainder ready to be handed over. This arrangement benefited both parties as it ensured that she would actually turn up and the deliver the girl as agreed but also meant that the self-obsessed woman could decide for herself just how much she would admit to selling Maddie for. If she wanted to brag about the premium price paid by her wealthy friends then she was well within her rights to do so but if she wanted to report the lower figure to the revenue services, there would be very little evidence to the contrary.

As she had hoped, the twins were very excited to hear about Beth’s experiences of the day before and seemed to be looking forward more than ever to her meat! They were also, understandably, very excited to meet the girl would would be staying with them for a while, taking over some of the fun things Beth used to do with them, although she was still a little too young to look after them unsupervised and a new babysitter for the three of them would need to be found in due course. But while she was with them, at least, it would be a lot like having a new big sister and they could not wait to meet her.

At almost exactly the arranged time, the familiar fancy car pulled up in front of the house and Maddie practically flew out of the back seat. The family and Beth, whom they considered close to family anyway, especially now, went to stand in the front door to greet the new arrival. Beth noticed that Mrs Thomas was carrying the envelope as if she was not too keen for Maddie’s mother to set foot in the house.

Beth had not really been sure what to expect but she had certainly expected some display of emotion from a mother surrendering her daughter to people who planned to cook and eat her, yet she showed no more feeling in her extremely brief farewell hug to Maddie than if she had been dropping her at the park to meet friends. Fortunately, the young girl did not seem remotely bothered and looked as if she would be the happiest she had ever been once her selfish bitch of a mother was out of her life for good!

“We’re so happy to meet you!” Mrs Thomas gave Maddie a hug filled with far more genuine warmth than her mother’s final goodbye. The obnoxious woman had practically snatched the envelope out of Mr Thomas’s hand, made a show of ostentatiously counting it, even seeming a little disappointed that the full agree-upon amount was there giving her no excuse for a scene, and stalked back to her car, speeding off without a second glance at her daughter. Percy and Jennifer ran forward next and embraced her from either side.

“Are you our new sister?” Jennifer asked. “You’re very pretty!”

“Thank you!” Maddie blushed a little, “I guess I am? For a few months at least?”

“Oh yes, we wanted to talk to you about that.” Mr Thomas pushed the door open and invited Maddie inside with everyone else filing in behind. Maddie looked confused but Beth couldn’t help grinning, knowing the nice surprise her little friend was about to get.

“What do you mean?” Maddie asked as they all made their way into the living room. “Do you want to cook me sooner? I guess it’s fine with me! You did buy me as meat after all, but we’d been talking about Christmas and I…”

“Oh no, don’t worry!” Mrs Thomas smiled, “We wouldn’t spring something like that on you. Why don’t you sit down?” Maddie looked relieved and took a seat in the middle of the sofa. The twins immediately bundled in either side of her and Beth was able to squeeze in beside Jennifer. “See, Mr Thomas, James, and I, we talked it over last night and we know that your mother has been raising you as meat since you were a baby.”

“Yeah, pretty much!” Maddie nodded with a resigned shrug.

“Well we understand it must be very difficult, under those circumstances, to think of your future any other way. You’ve been told you were going to be probably since before you could talk.” Maddie nodded again, still a little confused but certainly feeling more relaxed. “Well we thought… James?”

“We don’t think that’s very fair.” Mr Thomas joined in with a smile every bit as warm as his wife’s. “So here’s what we want to suggest. Christmas is a few months away yet and if, closer to the time, you feel like you want to be our Christmas dinner then I’m sure you’ll be absolutely delicious and we’ll enjoy you very much. However, if you feel like you don’t want to, then that’s more than okay too! We have plenty of space for another daughter, in our house and in our hearts, and you’re welcome to stay for as long as you want to!”

“Wow!” Maddie didn’t know what to say. She could feel the tears pricking her eyes. It was not that she did not want to be eaten – as the Thomases had correctly guessed, she’d been so used to the idea that she didn’t really have an opinion about it any more, it was simply something that was going to happen. What was moving her so much was the fact that they were prepared to give her the choice, to put her destiny back into her own hands. The young girl could honestly not remember a time when she had been allowed to make a decision for herself, even down to what clothes she was going to wear that day.

“We can even get you de-registered if you like.” Mrs Thomas continued, “This afternoon, if you want to! Just so you know that we’re serious. If, come December, you feel like being our turkey, it’s a simple matter to register you again but in the mean time you’d be a regular girl. Of course you’d probably have to start going to school!” She gave a cheeky smile. Maddie realised she wouldn’t mind this at all! She had not been to any sort of school or even club with other children since she turned six and really missed it.

“Don’t think it has to be a once-and-for-all choice either.” explained Mr Thomas. “Let’s suppose you decide you don’t want to be cooked this Christmas but in a few years, when your body is a bit more mature, like Beth here, you feel like you want to volunteer your meat, that will be absolutely fine. It will be just as fine if you never ever want to be cooked and decide to grow up and live your life. The choice really is totally yours, and will be forever. We promise!” Maddie couldn’t contain herself any more. She leapt forward off the sofa, practically launching herself through the air at Mr Thomas, hugging him so tightly he could barely breath, before leaping from him to Mrs Thomas and hugging her equally tightly. Her tears were flowing freely now, as were Mr and Mrs Thomas’. Watching the scene, Beth couldn’t help joining in.

“What’s the matter?” Jennifer asked softly, her little face full of concern. “Are you sad?”

“No, I’m crying because my friend is so happy!” Beth explained, smiling and wiping away the tears to show the little girl that all was well. “What about you? Are you happy to have a new sister?” Jennifer nodded very enthusiastically, as did Percy.

“Maybe I should leave you all to it?” Beth suggested gently, standing up and stretching her arms behind her head. “Let you all get to know each other a bit better? Do the grand tour and that sort of thing?” The parents smiled at her but Maddie, who was sat on Mrs Thomas’ lap, suddenly sat bolt upright, her eyes wide.

“Hey, even if I’m not sure about being cooked, can I still go to the salon with Beth?”

“Yes!” Mrs Thomas smiled, “Of course you can! If that’s okay with Beth, of course?”

“Oh yeah!” Beth grinned, “It was so much more fun having company and I bet the ladies there will be so happy to hear about what’s happened for you! I know they were as worried as I was the way your mu…” she caught herself, Mrs Thomas was Maddie’s mum now and she didn’t really want to remind her two much of the horrible woman she had finally managed to escape, “The way that woman was carrying on! Maybe more, even, as it sounded like they’ve known you for years?”

“Oh thank you!” Maddie flung her arms around her new mother once more and gave her a big kiss on the cheek, something she had seen other children do with their parents but her old mother had always discouraged in case it smudged her makeup!

“That can be your first job as a member of the family!” Mrs Thomas suggested, winking over Maddie’s shoulder at Beth, “Since you’re the expert and all! Keep and eye on our prize piggy and make sure she’s all ready for Saturday!”

“Yeah!” Beth grinned as Maddie turned to look at her, “Then you can help prep and cook me at the party. If anyone knows how to make sure a meat-girl is as delicious as she can possibly be, it’s you!”

“Awesome!” Maddie grinned, her tear-stained cheeks bulging outwards appealingly, “It’s a deal!”


Wow, a form of ventriloquism! ;-) Thanks for preserving this for me :-D


I figured I should temporarily borrow your name since you wrote it. Really hope to see this finished at some point.


I'l have to re-read it to get back into the flow! lol. I have a feeling I didn't have this one mapped out like I usually do and was more or less winging it, seeing where it took me :-)



I would suggest, give Beth the sendoff she deserves in this story. A lovely party. Then see what happens with Maddie in a sequel.


I am Happy to see that Young Beth is still so pleased at being asked to be a=eaten by her young charges and their parents. I am also pleased that Young Maddison will be given a choice in her destinty. While i am sure she would be the finest quality meat, I think it should have been her choice rather than just a project her… well i am not sure "Mother" is the right term as she seemed to have very little motherly concern for the poor girl, I suppose "parent" is the closest term that fits(though even that might be a stretch). Lastly, i am even more Pleased that, should she choose to continue her path to the table, she will have a chance at being cooked whole rather than chopped up( so undignified a way to end the life of such a charming and eager young girl.). Do please continue as i eagerly await the conclusion and young Beths Destiny. (though i do wish these darn blackouts would cease, seems i can;t go more than a few days without finding myself in a strange place anymore.


Thank you :-) I am working on finishing Megan & Melody's story at the moment but I have not forgotten about this one! :-D Glad you enjoy it - hope you have checked out my others?


i have actually just finished re-reading of their beach part and was sorrly aggreived that their plans were thwarted by that unseemly business of the sydney scandal. but i was pleased that they at least managed to have a good time inspite of it, and was relieved to hear that their desires, though delayed have finally come to fruition. and look forward to the comletion of the lovely girls endings.


> ventriloquism
> Henry Jekyll
It's getting more confusing with every post.


Ha! Well the ventriloquism comment was because the person who had preserved this story when I deleted it re-posted it for me but under my name as it was my story.

While I DID use the name Henry Jekyll a bit while I was banned, this new gentleman is not me - unless we're now in some sort of Fight Club scenario which would honestly not shock me :-P


Yeah, I got the ventriloquism part, but when Henry Jekyll appeared after that…


I'm as intrigued and confused as you are, my friend!


Re-reading in preparation for continuing! :-D It's been a while and I've forgotten half of it! lol


Great to see that more is coming!

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