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The Murderer Rises Up
"Genesis 1"
A serialized erotic psychomachia

I stroked my hard cock through my orange prison jumpsuit, feeling it
throb in anticipation. My cellmate groaned as he pulled out his
cock and let a loose a heavy flow of urine into our stainless steel
toilet. The sound of his urination reminded me of better times
when I would lie in my bed and listen to the rain falling onto the
eaves and the cars outside. The horror of my youth even corrupted
the positive memories I had of listening to the rain. I'd spend
entire nights listening to the rain and not sleepng at all.
Worrying over whether my mother would enter my room and rape me on
any particular night kept me awake. More often than not, my fears
were prophetic and my mom would stumble into my room drunk,
stinking of marijuana and cigarettes and ready to rock. One night
in particular was indelibly burned into my memory.

Mom slammed my bedroom door open, and my body defensively shot up in
the bed. I heard my blood pounding in my ears. My breath was quick
and shallow.

"Good morning, lover," mom slurred. Her body was silhoutted in the
brightly lit hall behind her, but I could tell she was naked. I
heard the soft whisper of her hands rubbing her own body. I saw her
hands cup her large breasts and push them together. They formed a
massive valley of cleavage.

"I'm so fucking horny tonight," Mom said as she approached my bed.
The right side of the bed gave as she sat down on it.

"We're going to fuck every which way we can," Mom said. She swung
her whole body onto the bed and scooted her ass back to the foot of
the bed so she was sitting on my feet.

"Lie back," she said. "First, I want you to watch me play with
myself." Mom rubbed her palm up and down against her hairy vagina.
She sighed with pleasure. Despite myself, I found the scene
stimulating and my cock began to stir.

She moved her fingers to the top of her cunt, where she told me many
times her clit was. With the tips of her fingers, she rubbed her
clit very quickly and screamed shrilly.

"Oh fuck, yes!" she laughed. As she continued stimulating her
clitoris, her other hand moved down to her cunt hole. She gently
pushed her index finger up inside her body. She slowly pulled it out
and pushed it back in.

"Ummmm," Mom moaned as her finger fucking quickened. Soon she had
two fingers rapidly flying in and out of her cunt. I could feel her
ass on my feet throught he blankets, jerking back and forth as her
lusts steadily devoured her.

"I want you to do this to me. I want you to do this to me with your
fucking cock. I want you to fucking fuck my brains out."

Obviously ready to go, mom got onto her knees on the bed. She worked
her way up my body until she straddled my face.

"Oh yes," Mom gasped. "Baby's going to fuck mommy tonight. Lord
Satan will be very proud." I looked up at her hairy snatch. No
matter how many times I saw it, it looked odd to me. It didn't look
like a natural part of the human body. It looked like the anatomy of
a space alien from some science fiction drawing. She mentioned Lord
Satan again. I didn't understand why she called Satan her Lord. I
always thought Jesus was Lord, like the priest said.

Mom lowered her cunt onto my face and rubbed it up and down the
contours of my face. Her long, bristly pubic hairs chafed and some
kind of moisture rubbed off onto me.

"Mmmmmmmm, maybe mommy'll suffocate and snuff you tonight by sitting
on your face. Then I'll fuck you again after you're dead."

Inadvertantly, in an attempt to get some fresh air, I opened my mouth.
Mom's pubic hairs tickled the inside of my mouth. After a few very
long minutes of rubbing herself up and down my face, Mom raised her
body off me. Some of her pubic hairs remained in my mouth. I
grimaced and tried to spit them out.

Mom laughed. "Aw, mommy's pubes got caught in baby's mouth." Even
though I considered my Mom's treatment torture, my cock was stiff as a
board and throbbing underneath the sheets. Mom moved her body back
down the bed and straddled my body. She trust her massive tits into
my face.

"Remember when you used to suck these? You used to make mommy cum so
fucking hard." She moved her chest from side to side, allowing first
one breast to rub across my face and then the other.

The chaos of the molestation stopped briefly when mom looked me
straight in the eyes.

"Close your eyes, baby," Mom said. I did. She leaned forward and
gently kissed my left eyelid, then licked it. She did the same with
my right eye lid. I opened my eyes. Her face was right in front of
mine. Her quick breath blew hot on my face. It stank of alcohol and
cigarettes. Her tounge extended and licked around the tip of my nose,
then went up into each of my nostrils. The tounge moved down and
licked around my lips. Then mom pressed her open mouth against mine.
Knowing what she wanted, I passively opened mine. Her wet tounge
snaked into my mouth and gently caressed my teeth and my tounge.

Mom reached out and grabbed my right arm. She brought my right hand
to her right breast and kneaded the flesh with my hand. Her tounge
explored every inch of my mouth. My head swam with conflicting
feelings: desire, guilt, and anger. I couldn't decide which was the
jusitified emotion.

With a loud smack, the kiss was over. Mom got off the bed and
quickly pulled the sheets off onto the floor. I could never remember
wearing any clothes tobed and tonight was no exception. My naked body
was totally exposed to Mom.

"Built just like your father. Look at that huge fucking hard cock,"
she said, climbing next to me on the bed. She took my aching cock
into her right handand moved her hand up and down it a few times,
spinning her hand a little with each stroke. The spinning of the hand
was something I didn't do when masturbating and made Mom's handjobs
that special.

"Shit," Mom said. "This is bigger than daddy's cock was." She took a
time-out from the stroking to smack my dick against her face. The
contact made a gentle slapping sound.

"Daddy always used to do this to mommy before he fucked her," Mom said.
I didn't know who my father was. Whenever I asked about him, Mom told
me he died before I was born, so telling me about him was useless.

Mom put one hand around the base of my cock, then her other hand
directly on top of that hand. The rest of my pole extended proudly
beyond her two fists.

"Jesus Christ, it must be a triple fister," Mom said in awe. She
resumed her stroking with a different technique and faster pace. With
one hand, she rapidly stroked up and down the length of my meat while
the other gently played with my nut sack. The pleasure paralyzed me.
I could only moan.

"You like when mommy gives you a hand job?" Mom asked with a wicked

It felt like a rubber band was stretching inside me. The rubber band
stretched as my pleasure increased, but a rubber band can only stretch
so far. My breath was quick and ragged. The molecules that made up
the rubber band were starting to snap. Mom could sense it. She
quickly closed her hot, warm mouth over my knob as she jerked me off
into her mouth.

I yelled as fire erupted within my entrails and my brain. My cock
spasmed and the wildfire spurted out of my body and into Mom's eager
mouth. She had stopped stroking me in the interest of focusing on
getting every drop of my semen into her mouth. When my orgasm finally
subsided, Mom cleaned off the portion of my cock in her mouth with her
tongue–its warm wetness gently caressing me.

Mom opened her mouth and moved her tongue around, stretching out
strands of my semen like cobwebs. She closed her mouth and I saw her
throat undulate as my seed began its journey through Mom's body. My
rod lied against my stomach, still stiff as a board.

"Lord Satan," Mom prayed, "bless this cum which your servant has
taken in the name of your service."

She took my rigid pole into her hand and began stroking me again.

"Baby, I love your cum more than ice cream. It helps keep my tits
big and my pussy wet. For years, I drank my daddy's and my brother's
seed, and look what it's done for me."

Mom stroked my cock in silence for a few minutes. First she licked
the top of my cock from the base to the top, then she did the same
with the bottom side. Roughly, she licked my nut sack several times,
like a dog thirstily lapping at a bowl of water. She opened her mouth
wide and sucked my left nut into her mouth. Her tongue gently massaged
it inside the refuge of her mouth. She repeated the process with my
other ball. Finally, she took my entire ball sack into her mouth
and moaned with pleasure.

Moving her mouth back to my steel pole, Mom closed her mouth over the
tip. She moved her face down towards my crotch, taking as much into
her mouth as she could. After she worked in about half, my dick hit
something sensitive inside her and she gagged. For several minutes,
Mom sucked up and down on my cock with smacking and slurping sounds.
The contrasts between hot while my penis was inside Mom's salivating
mouth and cool while outside and slick with saliva had me hard as a
rock and ready to fuck again.

With a loud smack, Mom sucked her way off my knob. "That's what I
love about you young guys," Mom said. "You're always ready to go,
even right after you cum."

Mom straddled my body again. I felt her hairy, wet cunt pressing
my dick against my stomach. "Hope you're ready to fuck your mommy
up her pussy and shoot your baby juice inside me. Let's make a
deformed incestuous baby. When it's born, we'll sacrifice it to
Satan and then eat it!" Planting one hand into the bed behind her,
she raised her ass into the air and with the other hand, guided my
throbbing pole to her cunt hole. She rubbed it up and down against
her vagina couple times, then used it to slapher genitals several
times. She moaned.

Finally, Mom pressed the head into the hole I had popped out of so
few years ago. Firmly, she pressed down onto my cock and inch by
inch, my turgid rod smoothly slid into her birth canal. With a sigh,
mom pressed her crotch against mine. The last few inches slid inside
her body. Her dense forest of hair pressed against my areas of sparse

"Oh baby," Mom moaned. "You fill me up so fucking much. It feels
like you're going to split me in two and stab up through the back of
my throat. I've fucked niggers and none of them filled me up this

She rotated her hips a couple times. She leaned forward for a few
seconds, then leaned back and placed her hands on my legs behind her.
I felt pressure on my legs as she raised her ass into the air. Inch
by inch, my cock slipped from the velvety confines of my mom's cunt.
Just as I thought I would pop out of her, Mom slammed her hips down
hard and my entire length disappeared inside her again.

"Ungh!" Mom screamed. She repeated this slow fucking several times,
each time shortening the time she waited before she raised back up
off my cock, until she had a steady pace going. The only light in
the room came through the open bedroom door, but I could clearly see
everything. I watched her breasts bounce up and down her chest as
she fucked up and down on my throbbing pole. They rolled gently
like waves. The concert of the sight of my dick slipping into her
pussy and slipping out all wet, and the sensations the fucking
produced in my body, caused a little drool to slip from the corner
of my open, panting mouth.

The bouncing tits seemed more stimulating, so I decided to watch
them. I really wanted to reach out and touch them, feel them in
my hands, maybe even lick them. I wanted to grab onto Mom's hips
or ass and brutally fuck her with all my might. But that would
be bad.

Mom stopped the fucking. She cupped her tits in her hands and
raised them slightly. "Touch me," she said. "I know you want
to." I passively lied there, like I had been the entire night.

Her face scrunched up as she punched me in the side of the face.
I screamed and started crying. "I said fucking touch me! That
means you fucking touch me!" she screamed. She spit in my face
then rained down a hail of punches onto my face. The sadness
and fear from my crying gradually transformed into a rage.

"You're going to fucking get yours, bitch," I thought.

I slowly raised my hands to her massive tits and held them.

"Oh yeah, hold mommy's tits while she fucks your huge nigger
dick," Mom moaned as she began humping up and down my cock

Calling my dick a nigger dick fueled the fire of my anger.
Having a nigger loving whore for a mother was a disgrace.
She couldn't even lust after me for who I really was. She
had to pretend I was some spear chucking jungle bunny.
Even though she hung out with white power crowds, I knew
Mom actually preferred a potent black man.

Mom leaned forward over my torso, her breasts dangling over
me, and then she resumed nailing herself on my rod. Now I
could watch as her tits bounced around directly over my
face. Suddenly, she slapped me hard on the side of the

"Mommy's kicking your pussy ass!" Mom laughed. The pace
and power of the fucking picked up, and my bed began
creaking underneath me.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh fuck yeah!" Mom screamed as her
pussy sucked in and let go of my cock again and again.

She punched me very hard right on my right temple. I
closed my eyes and screamed in pain. Simultaneously,
my mom began screaming, and I felt her pussy begin
massaging my cock and a good deal of warm fluid began
flowing down my cock onto my crotch. Mom kept
screaming and the convulsions inside he vagina
continued seemingly forever. When it finally
subsided, she fell onto me, her breasts crushed
between us. She was panting as if she had just run a
5 minute mile.

I opened my eyes, and I panicked as I realized I couldn't see
out of my right eye. Mom must have blinded me with that punch.
After a few minutes of blinking and rubbing, I could see again,
although the vision through that eye was blurry. My head throbbed
and my face stung from the beating.

Mom finally stirred on my chest. She licked my right nipple.
"That was the best fuck I've ever had," she said with a smile.
She rubbed my chest and licked my other nipple.

"But we're not done yet. It's your turn to fuck me now," she said.
She got on her hands and knees on the bed–her ass facing me. I
could see her pussy and her asshole. "Do me doggy style."

I lied there, really wanting to fuck her like the slut she was, but
a sense of shame immobilized me.

"Fuck!" Mom said. She got off the bed and left the room. I sighed
with relief, thinking the sexual assault was finally over. Before
I had time to move, mom stormed back into the room with a huge
dagger in hand. She jumped onto the bed, straddled my body and
held the knife against my throat.

"Stop being such a fucking pussy! Do you know what happens to
pussies like you?! We sacrifice them to Satan because they're an
obstacle to the sinister dialectic! If you can't fuck me like a man,
you don't deserve life!"

With movements too quick for me to anticipate, Mom made two slashes
on my chest in the figure of an inverted cross. The cuts weren't
very deep, but they bled. She threw the knife on the floor next to
the bed and got back on her hands and knees.

I moved up behind her and slid my cockhead into her cunt hole. I
grabbed onto her hips and slammed my cock into Mom as hard as I could.

"Ohhhh!" she screamed. "Oh fuck, yeah! Fuck me hard"

I pulled out almost the entire way out of mom's pussy and held it out.

"What are you fucking doing?" mom said. "Get it back in there! Fuck me!"

Mom started pushing back with her ass, trying to fuck herself onto my
pole. I moved my hands onto her ass and prevented her from moving back
any further. I raised my right hand up and smacked it down onto Mom's ass
as hard as I could. She yelped and her ass jiggled beautifully. A red
mark in the shape of my hand settled into her flesh. I slammed my cock
back into her and slapped her ass several more times on both cheeks. I
worked up a good pace, thrusting my cock into and out of her pussy. My
crotch made a wonderful slapping noise as it repeatedly smacked into Mom's
round ass.

I grabbed onto her long jet black hair and pulled. The tug jerked her
head back, and she grunted.

"Oh, fuck, yes!" Mom panted. "Pull my hair! Punch me in the back of
the head."

As hard as I could, I punched my mom in the back of the head. Her hands
gave out and the front half of her body collapsed. Her ass was still up
in the air, so I continued fucking her. I gave her a quick one-two to
the back of her head. Mom collapsed flat onto her stomach unconscious.

Now that I was all worked up and my balls were aching, there was no way
I was stopping until I came. I leaned down and spread her ass cheeks,
looking at her brown, tight asshole. It looked like no one had ever
fucked it. A first time for everything. I inhaled deeply and caught
the powerful smell of shit. I licked at the dirty orifice and slightly
penetrated it with my tounge.

I kneeled between her thighs and guided my cockhead to the entrance of
her ass. I pushed gently against the hole. It didn't give and my cock
started sliding up her crack. I repositioned myself and pushed as hard
as I could and a few inches slid in. I positioned my body so my legs
were inside hers and I was supporting my upper body on my arms. My
cock continued its invasion of Mom's rear until about half of it was
inside her. Then, no matter how much I pushed, it seemed as if no more
would fit. With quick motions, I began pulling out a little and
shoving a little more back into her poop chute, until my entire cock
was inside her. My crotch pressed against the mound of her ass flesh.

I fucked mom's asshole as fast as I could, keeping as much cock inside
her ass as possible. After about half an hour, with sweat pouring down
my back and forehead, mom groaned and started moving again.

"I have to go the bathroom," she whined. "What's going on?" she asked.

"Shut the fuck up, cunt," I growled.

"Stop it! I don't like taking it there," she said.

"You'll fucking take it in your ass, and you'll fucking like it."

"It hurts, you're too big!"

Looking down, I was thrusting practically my entire length into and back
out of her abused asshole. I thought I saw blood on my pole. Her tight
asshole had a death grip on me. I hoped Mom was in pain. If I could
have, I would kill her with my cock. At least, I hoped I would ruin
Mom's asshole forever.

I was close to my breaking point. My thrusting became even faster and
harder as I felt the internal machinery preparing for an ejaculation.
Mom was crying and screaming frequently from the sodomy. I pounded into
her ass one final time. My cock shook as it shot my jism deep into her
hot bowels.

When I pulled out, a final shot splashed onto her asshole. I quickly
retrieved the knife from the side of the bed. Mom was still softly
sobbing on the bed. I sat on her back, pulled on her hair until her
head was tilted back, and slit her throat as deeply as I could. She
began thrashing around, vainly making a last ditch effort at

I jumped off at the foot of the bed and mom rolled onto her back. Blood
shot up into the air from the wound on her neck. Some even hit the
ceiling. She looked up at me and reached out with one hand. Her
other hand clutched at her neck. The blood flowed anyway.

"Help me," she squeaked. I smiled and took my cock in hand. Aiming
straight for her mouth, a heavy stream of my hot urine flew right in,
causing her to make gurgling sounds. By the time I finished urinating
onto her face and neck, Mom was still despearately trashing around on the
bed, spraying blood everywhere and upsetting my meticulously made bed.

I grabbed ahold of her head. "Shhhh," I said. She stopped thrashing
and looked up at me. I saw nothing but total fear in her eyes. I
pinched her nose shut and thrust my cock into her mouth. It took some
repositioning of Mom's head, but I eventually found the position that
allowed me tothrust my entire cock into her mouth and down her
throat. With my massive cock cutting off her mouth and my other hand
cutting off her nose, Mom began suffocating. I knew she wouldn't bite
down on me. After a brief period of instinctive thrashing, mom's body
went limp.

That was the fateful night that landed me in the slammer. Now I had
to sleep in tiny cells withnigger faggots like my current cell mate,
who had just finished urinating and plopped back into his bottom bunk.

"If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth witha woman, both of them
have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death"
(Leviticus 20:13)

Whores like my mother are abominations, too. I know there are more out there fucking with their sons! I will find them all and deliver punishment upon them!

Righteous execution is my vocation.

[to be continued . . . ]

I found this story while I was cleaning an old hard drive! I was never continued and I invite you, if you like it to continue it into a series! This is an invitation for all authors interested! I hope you will enjoy it!

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