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Daphne knew that she was innocent, and as she walked down the busy street, glancing over her shoulder, she was sure that her hunter knew that as well. Vampires got a bad rep, but as the magical world became more accepting, and sexy vampires became a big thing in pop culture, that stigma was slowly being torn away. Daphne fit into that “Sexy vampire” classification. She was tiny, standing at only 5 '3 and weighing less than she looked. She’d cut her raven black hair neck short earlier that day to celebrate her 18th birthday, and her pale skin was almost flawless. Her big brown eyes peered through the crown searching for her hunter, but she found no sign of her.
“I won’t die tonight,” she said desperately as she clenched her Black hoodie as it clung to her body. With the hoodie, she wore a short, short skirt and black pantyhose that accentuated her slender legs all the way down to her black boots. Okay, maybe she wasn’t entirely innocent, maybe she enjoyed tempting guys, playing with their feelings, breaking their hearts, but she never killed anyone damn it! She calmed her breathing.
“Hey young lady,” a man's voice said, causing her to jump a little. She turned to a voice and found a concerned-looking older man. She once again calmed herself and flashed him a warm smile, dimples appearing at the end of her full lips. As she looked up at him, her big brown eyes practically sparkled. She was sure that her adorableness combined with the mini skirt had put the man under her spell. Vampires being able to supernatural seduce people was a myth, she was just naturally damn sexy
“Oh, thank you, sir, for being worried,” she said, stepping towards him. “I am in a bit of trouble; do you think you could help me out?” she asked.
“Uhh uhm of course,” he said, his face going bright red. “What do you need help with?”
“Well you see sir; I’ve just been visiting here. I don’t really know my way around town, and I don’t have much money. I need to get out of here really bad and really fast, it’s important, but I don’t even know where the train station is. Do you think you could tell me the fastest way to get there?” she asked.
“Well um, I don’t know young lady. I know a pretty fast way but its not safe” he said. “I could give you a ride, that will be a lot safer,” he said.
“No thank you,” she said still smiling up innocently. Any danger the normal world provided she was sure she could handle, she just needed to get away from that…that thing. The man sighed.
“Well the fastest way from here is actually though there,” he said gesturing towards an alleyway a few feet away. “Just go straight through there and the train station is on the other side,” he said. The vampire almost found herself thanking God but remembered she quite frankly hated the man. Her luck couldn’t be better it seemed. “But that alley is pretty shady young lady. Plenty of bodies have shown up there ya know” he added.
“That’s okay” she squeaked happily. “I can handle myself,” she said twisting her hips seductively as she held her hands behind her back. The man frowned again, his eyes occasionally drifting down to her slender legs which were only covered by a thin layer of fabric
“If you say so,” he said quietly. She stared up at him expectantly. He looked confused for a moment, before pulling out his wallet.
“Here take this, should get you a ticket and something to eat. Maybe some new clothes too” he said handing her some crumpled up bills. She snatched the money out of his hand, moving so fast that her hand was a blur.
“Thank you, sir,” she said before booking it towards the alley. As she ran down the alley she hastily looked down at the bills and scowled. “Two fifths?” she said to herself “That’s all the old cheapskate gave me? I bet that’s the hardest he’s been in fucking years! Could have given me a little more at least” she said. Suddenly she felt as if she was flying. Time slowed down as her feet lift off the ground. But she wasn’t flying, the pavement was becoming closer, and closer. She was failing, and moments before she hit the ground the pain hit her. Daphne crashed into the pavement and screamed in pain as she clutched the bloody wound on her belly. She managed to turn around and see the very thing she feared most standing behind her. The vampire’s eyes widened as the girl stepped closer to her. Where Daphne was sexy in the cute kinda way, this girl was sexy in the sexy kind of way. She had beautiful waist-length golden blonde hair, and a slender yet curvaceous figure ripped straight from Hollywood. She wore a white T-shirt that clung tightly to her frame, her C-cup boobs seemingly about to pop out. With it, she wore a pair of booty shorts that were just as short as Daphne’s mini skirt and showed off the blonde's long, muscular legs. Daphne felt like she had to scream but found that she couldn’t move. Instead, her lower lip quivered and a feminine whimper slip through them. The woman smiled at her, and boy it was a hell of a smile. Bright and kind, her blue eyes taking in Daphne as if she was an old friend. She could almost be a normal girl, well not normal, exceptional to be sure but not supernatural. That wonderfully sweet cheerleader that’s nice to everyone, the girl that passes every class with straight As and happily helps anyone with their studies, the head of the church choir. She could be any if not all of those things if it weren't for the golden hilted short sword she gripped in her right (rather dainty) hand which was dripping with blood.
“H-how did you find me” Daphne finally managed to squeak. She found that she could force herself to her feet even with the wound, but was sure that if the sun was up, she would have passed out seconds after the sword was dragged across her stomach.
“Oh, you think you’re, so clever don’t you,” the girl said with a voice that sounded like how sex felt. Not like how normal sex felt either, like that one, perfectly blissful sexual encounter you have that no matter how hard you may try, you can never stop. “You think that running around like a rat in a maze is an effective escape plan,” she said taking a step towards the dying vamp, and swinging her sword in the air, slinging Daphne’s blood off it. Suddenly the vampire lunged, fangs emerging, but the blonde was too fast. To fast to be human or even a vampire. Daphne screamed in pain as the blade sliced open another gash on her stomach. She fell to her knees coughing up blood, hot tears running down her face.
“Please!” she begged. “Just leave me alone, I haven’t killed anyone, you have to believe me,” she said.
“Oh, I do believe you,” the blonde said grabbing Daphne by her short hair and yanking her head up so that the two were facing each other. “But you see my job title isn’t good guy,” she said. “It’s not hero either” she added kneeling down. Her red lips twisted into a perverted grin. “I’m a monster hunter, and frankly I prefer killing innocents,” she said licking the vamp’s cheek. A cold chill ran down Daphne and she gasped with fear as the blonde’s tongue ran across her, leaving a trail of saliva. “it kinda turns me on” she said before with one graceful movement she swung her blade skyward. Daphne shrieked in fear but felt no pain. Suddenly her hoodie fell off in two pieces, exposing the vampire’s tiny, pale upper body with two bloody gashes, now only covered by a small black bra.
“Y-you wouldn’t,” Daphne said shakily as fresh tears began to fall. “No, if you’re going to kill me, kill me, but…but no, not this”. The blonde grinned, and tore the bra off, freeing the girls perky B cups with stiff pink nipples. “N-no” Daphne managed to squeak as the blonde’s small soft hands grabbed her tits. Her hands slid down the girl’s body and she winced as they passed over the cuts. She finally grabbed the mini skirt, and with her superhuman strength ripped it off Daphne’s body. The smaller girl whimpered as the only thing covering her body was her see-through brown pantyhose which did little to cover her shaved pussy.
“Mhm you are a pretty one,” the blonde said grabbing Daphne by the shoulders and pushing her to the ground, before climbing on top of her.
“No” Daphne repeated silently sobbing. The blonde leaned down and pressed her lips against the vampires, and Daphne felt her tongue slide into her mouth. Suddenly a jolt of pleasure rushed through her as the blonde’s fingers slipped into her pussy, rubbing softly. Daphne moaned into the hunter’s mouth despite herself, her body slowly dampening with sweat.
“God you’re a cute bitch,” the blonde said pulling away “I just can’t wait to see you die,” she said.
“Please,” Daphne said between moans of both pain and pleasure. “Please stop, please let me go” she begged. The blonde's evil grin widened.
“Oh, I won’t do either of those,” she said sliding of Daphne’s body and grabbing her legs, lifting them up so that her foot was in the hunter’s face. She yanked her boot off and ripped off part of her pantyhose revealing the girls smooth, perfectly shaped foot. The smell was strong, and the sole of her foot wet with sweat. Her toes were tiny and aligned perfectly with purple painted nails. Daphne’s gut with fear and realization. Feet had always made her uncomfortable, and even the thought someone touching her own feet always made her feet made her feel sick.
“H-hey” she whimpered desperately, but before she could do anything the blonde ran her tongue across the sole of her foot. Daphne’s foot was salty, so salty it was almost overpowering, but to those who had acquired a taste for feet, they were bliss. The blonde moaned as she worshipped her sobbing preys’ feet and lifted the other leg up by the ankle and stripped her other foot down. She turned the vampire around so that her legs were facing the blonde, and lowered Daphne’s spit and sweat covered foot to her own crotch. The hunter began to lick the other foot as she rubbed herself with Daphne’s already violated foot. She moaned and whimpered throughout the experience before finally, with a rush of ecstasy, she squirted into herself. She squeaked as her panties were soaked with her fem cum, before dropping the vampire’s feet. The hunter stood with a satisfied sigh. She stepped on Daphne’s stomach, smiling down at her.
“I know it hurts, but if I left you like this you’d probably survive,” she said. “it's time I finish this,” she said.
“D-don’t” was all Daphne managed to say. The blonde kneeled down and grabbed her blade.
“There are three effective ways to kill a vampire,” she said. “The first is fire, but that leaves behind an ugly corpse,” she said. “The second is decapitation, but that’s too fast,” she added. “The final method,” she said, holding her blade over Daphne’s lovely chest. “is piercing the heart,” she said.
“God why?” Daphne sobbed. The blonde thrust the sword downward, and Daphne gasped in agony as the cold blade pierced her heart. Blood rushed up from the wound and her body started spasming. The blonde grinned, lifting her foot up, and slipping her shoe off, and pressed her socked foot against Daphne’s face. The smell overpowered, and the vampire felt a sense of shame, dying with someone’s foot on her face. Soon that shame magnified as she lost control of her bladder, soaking her penthouse with piss. Her own feet spasmed, curling and uncurling as if searching for something to grip, and her tongue followed suit, soaking the blondes soak with spit during while it spasmed. The warm feeling around her legs continued to spread as her consciousness slowly started to fade, swallowed by pain. She would not fall fully unconscious, no her vampire blood would not allow that, but she did start feeling hazy as she died. This did nothing to numb her pain, fear or shame. Finally, with a violent spasm, another rush of pee, and a squirt of cum, Daphne died. The blonde gave a satisfied smirk as she removed her wet foot and yanked Daphne’s corpses piss soaked pantyhose off, keeping them and her bra as a trophy. She took a few pictures for professional and less professional purposes before leaving the body and calling someone to come clean it up. And there in the street, Daphne lay dead

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