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My Pastebin of old and new stories is back up and running - massive thanks to everyone who made it possible!


Reminds me the Cannibal_Land stories from asstr


I hope my English is better ;-) He does have some awesome stories 'though. The ASSTR author I really admire is "Cannibal Dinners" :-)




Yes I know that author too, I was just telling you of one I prefer :-)


cannibal land is not less illiterate as Cannibal_Dinners, even a person with very poor English like me can see it. Plus he has an obsession to word docs, but he does not know how it works


His stories are good. I think he uses a speech-to-text programme as some of his "typos" are things nobody would mis-type but a computer may mis-hear. There are some stories of his I love such as "Christmas Goose" and the one about the investor buying a restaurant but, on the whole, I prefer Cannibal_Dinners :-) Just comes down to personal preference 'though :-)


It was the first horror story I read in English:
I love the moms eating their boys and girls.


I'll have to check it out when I'm home :-) I did enjoy his "BBQ Island" story until he edited it and, in doing so, created a massive plot-hole! Another of his I enjoy is the one about the two sisters visiting a ranch and getting their mum drunk so she'll agree to them being cooked :-)


Any chance you might continue or finish the stories you abandoned when you went to delete happy


I could if someone has them :-) I believe there were two unfinished?


I think actually are three:
1)Megan and Melody’s Beach Banquet
2)Trick or Treat
3)A Friend in Need
All 3 have A LOT to continue the story!!! But 1 and 3 are exceptional!!!!


Ah right those were all finished ones with setup for sequels :-) The actual unfinished ones were "Beautifully Basted Babysitter" and "Sidney's Exposed" :-)


But I'm very glad you enjoy those stories :-)


So, does anyone have my unfinished works from November? :-)


I may have them somewhere… I'll look when I'll get home


Thank you :-)


I posted Babysitter, but I don't have the other one.


Thank you!


The fact that some of my stories on there have way more hits than others suggests to me the specific links have been shared on other sites/forums etc. This is awesome and I'd love to know where they've been shared and who's enjoying my work! Any clues?


Update! Update!!! You are behind schedule!!! Grrrr….


Hehe they only go on Pastebin when they're finished ;-) Hope you enjoyed the new chapters I posted last night?


Yup! FOr sure!!! You opened too many stories!! Update update!!! Your editor is being pushy!!! (JUst kidding..)


Guess you'll just have to dock my wages :-P Seriously 'though, my broke ass wishes there was a safe way to ask for donations! Haha


I was just trying to be funny!!! Sorry!!! Take your pace of course!!!! Sorry!!!


I know! I was playing along ;-)


You really need to stop worrying so much! I am pretty hard to offend and you've never even come close!


Thank you!!! ♥️♥️


Have you thought of setting a Patreon or similar and accept commissions? With your crazy writing speed you could keep up with demand.


I've pondered it but worried that as soon as money comes into it I become too traceable - as popular as my stories are, I'd rather not be outed as the author, y'know? :-/


True! Let's all keep our heads low, and into our, closed community. We love your stories, and I would like to keep it between us, as much as possible. There is no need to complicate our normal lives.


Exactly! :-) Updated the statue story earlier, now I'm working on "Daddy's Birthday Treat". Did you spot the new one I posted before bed last night?


There are plenty of graphic and literary artists selling their content in different platforms with varying degrees of success. It's not a problem of catering to a niche audience, flying under the radar it's more a matter of personal preference, and, believe me, this place is not going to be able to protect your anonimity should someone decide to out you, so you might as well enjoy the ride while it lasts.


Looking foreward to see what will happen next, to all your stories!! Update pleaaaaase!!!


Nearly finished on a new chapter of "Daddy's Birthday Treat" - just getting to what I hope will be your favourite scene ;-)


Just read it. Sweet!!! Tricky bastard, you cut the best scene!!! Seriously now, will there be any other update tonight???


Hehe have to give you something to look forward to in the next episode!

I'm working on an update for the statue story but it might not be very long - will have to see how it goes :-)


I have a story saved that I am pretty sure is written by you. Its about two twins getting roasted in a commercial for a new double spit roaster. How would I get this to you?


That's part of "Girl-Meat Expo" which is in my collection but thank you :-)


Pastebin is weird - Just posted the Rosie story and it got 30 hits in the first minute whereas the Polkan story, posted 10 days ago, only passed 100 hits this afternoon. My most popular story has over 1300 hits which is twice as many as my second most popular! I really don't get why some get noticed so much more than others! Anyone have and insight? :)

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