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Lara was ready for one last jog before the big day. In a few days she would be taking place in a citywide relay for charity, and she was team captain, the one chosen to lead the charge and rally everyone to do their best for the event. Being raised fit her whole life, this is what she lived for, being able to participate in this relay for such a good cause made it all the better.

"Alright girls, we're gonna be going for an hour now, remember to pace yourself! For those of you who don't have the stamina, don't push it! We'll be there for you, just take it easy, as long as you stay in it, you win!"

Lara was leading her group for a practice run so they could guarantee to have a safe and fun time. As she starts the run, so far so good, everyone is all laughs and joy, excitement for the big day rising…however, many, MANY miles away, there was something taking place…something that Lara, or anyone for that matter, could ever account for.


"Prepare to test fire the device on my mark. Three…"

In a remote section of land, surrounded by countless miles of high-security fencing, a top-secret government agency was testing the capabilities of a newly-developed, highly advanced weapon, capable of precise strikes of targets over long distances.


The device stays aimed at a human-sized dummy target several miles away from itself.


Suddenly, by random chance, a particularly dumb squirrel who happened to be inspecting the device for food somehow triggered a slight shift upwards in the device's shift.


A slight shift over a few miles however equated to a particularly LARGE arc…

The device fired - completely missing its intended target…


At the 40 minute mark, all the girls are quite worn out and very sweaty, some walking, others still pushing, Lara is one of them, running a tight lead over her team, face red and dripping sweat, but all smiles all the same.

"Alright girls hang in there! We're nearing the home stretch! Jane, how you holding up, need me to-"

At that moment, there was bizarre silence that took over the team, as they felt something was off, but couldn't pinpoint it for a second, until suddenly they blinked and noticed something, Lara was not only suddenly cutoff…she was transparent blue, almost unnaturally so. The girls had no way of knowing, but Lara was the one in a billion victim of a misfire from the newest government black project, the Absolute Zero Cannon.

"Oh my god Lara! What the fu-"

One of Lara's best friends, an Asian beauty by the name of Yoon, was the first to react in horror, being closest to Lara. Unfortunately, while the cannon had precision striking capability, there was still a danger zone in place when the cannon struck its target, Yoon happened to be in it. While not as instantly, or as transparently frozen, Yoon was frosted over in a couple seconds in abject terror, in contrast to Lara's beautiful ice statue, still all smiles, not having time to react.

This turned from confusing and scary to an absolute mess as Lara, frozen midstride, fell over and shattered into countless, beautiful blue fragments, frozen so absolute her pieces hurt to be around or even attempt to touch. Yoon meanwhile, was experiencing the secondary effect of those frozen in the danger zone, as she started to melt down, her beautiful facial features melting and warping into eachother, her mouth now an elongated scream, falling into her own chest as she lost more and more height, becoming a blob of nothing.


"Repeat, device has misfired!"

"Localize where it has struck, now!!"

The techs scrambled to precisely calculate the coordinates of the device's misfire. In a manner of moments, they found it.

Luckily a patrol drone was already nearby, and using its ultra-high zoom technology focused in on Ground Zero.

"Good god…. Get a containment crew out there immediately. We have civilians down."

On their monitor was a group of young girls, all in jogging outfits, screaming and puking in terror. In front of them was a blue blob in vaguely the shape of a human female, and a bunch of shattered ice fragments as if tossed across the ground.


The containment crew got out there in shocking quick time, cordoning off the area for all bystanders looking nearby, having multiple men in hazmat suits containing the two former beautiful women fast as they could, the Lara fragments collected in a specialized container, and scooping Yoon into a tube, both for further research no doubt.

"Ok ladies, now I know this must be very traumatizing for you, but we'll need you to please, as best and calmly you can, follow Mr. Ramirez here, he'll bring you to a station for further assistance in and consoling."

The women, all still in shock and some still recovering from vomiting seeing what happened to their former friends, almost blindly walked into the unmarked government transport, just hoping for this nightmare to end.

"Yes sir, they're all in. You positive? Alright then, I suppose it is the only way…Ramirez, start it up."

Ramirez, at the head of the transport, clicked a button in the vehicle, and in an instant, any sobbing and crying that could be heard from the back of the sizeable van was silenced. Ramirez slid a viewing port open to see the effects from a safely tempered glass. All the remaining jogging beauties were flash frozen by a small scale, area of effect version of the Absolute Zero Cannon.

"Hey Ramirez here, yeah we got our snowbunnies here, what's next boss? Oh the old shave ice treatment? Damn harsh, but you got it boss."

And so the van drove off, ready to dispose of the remaining witnesses in their ice chipper, and prepping for the next testing of the Absolute Zero Cannon.


Oops! Hehe. In a strange way, these stories remind me of the old British sitcom "The Brittas Empire" where a leasure-centre manager's well-meaning ineptitude often resulted in multiple casualties!



That sounds like a lovely show ;)

Any cute secretaries among those causalities? Hehe


Haha not that I recall - generally it was people "one day from retirement" or who had just got their lives together, been given a new job, accepted a marriage proposal etc! Or just dozens of bystanders who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time!

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