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Kayla was dragged along to the NanoTek Christmas party by her friend Stacey - who was dating a guy who worked there that she barely knew.

She wore a tight black cocktail dress that ended high up on her thighs - almost revealing her black no-show panties, and a black veil over her neck and upper chest that revealed an opening beneath exposing her cleavage.

She thought she might at least find some cute scientist and hook up with them - but the pickings were so far slim.

"Jello shots!" a cute drunk blonde in a lab coat yelled as she came around holding a rack of test tubes filled with green gelatin.

Deciding she needed to loosen up, Kayla was the first one to grab a tube.

"Bottoms up!" she toasted the cute blonde, who smiled drunkenly back at her in a flirtatious manner.

She raised the test tube to her lips and down the shot.

And almost immediately, Kayla's mind was no more.

The moment the "jello" touched her lips, an effect spread across her entire face and head, transforming it to the same green gelatin that she was just about to swallow.

Since she was leaning back, her jello head - still with her elegant long, brown, highlighted hair attached to the ball of green - slipped off her now gooey neck and fell to the floor with a SPLAT.

Her hand - still holding the test tube glass - spasmed and released the test tube, dropping it right onto her gelatin neck. It sank down as the effect quickly spread down, consuming her collarbones and moving onto her breasts. Her black veil conformed to the amorphous shape beneath.

Her other hand at her side instinctively grabbed and pulled, hiking up her dress and showing off her ass cheek.

As her body and hands twitched violently, her shoulders turned to jello, and her supple arms immediately slipped off and fell to the floor with a couple of thuds and smacks.

The effect works down her chest and tits, turning them to goo underneath her sexy black dress.

The dress loses shape as her body does the same underneath.

She falls to her knees, and her remaining body quickly slingshots into the floor. Her gelatin tits take the brunt of the impact - and her entire torso splashes jello over a couple of shocked but well-dressed female bystanders… and starts the same conversion process to them.

Kayla's dressed was ruined as her green gelatin body poured through it. The effect worked down past the bottom of her dress - her ass not being spared as her pale thighs became goo.

The rest of her legs followed suit, until each individual toe turned to jello. Meanwhile the unfortunate bystanders stopped screaming as their heads converted.

Kayla was nothing but a pile of green jello on the floor, surrounded by a soaked black dress, her fallen elegant hair, and her sexy pair of black heels. The bystanders were soon in similar piles of goo and clothes.

"Uhh, no one touch the jello shots," noted the drunk blonde still holding the rack of jello-full test tubes.

NanoTek security was quick to isolate the scene. Amnesiacs were administered to all witnesses quickly while investigations went underway.

Apparently the blonde used some test tubes that weren't properly cleaned from their last experiment, and some nanobots were still present initiating a chain reaction effect.

Stacey was interviewed and deemed to be a too big a risk for amnesiacs alone and was disposed of via experimentation - providing valuable data from her total destruction.

Stacey's boyfriend, who was an employee at NanoTek, was reminded sternly of the companies confidentiality policies.

And most everyone who witnessed the destruction of Kayla and two unfortunate bystanders had completely forgotten about them, waking up the next day with huge hangovers.

The cute drunk blonde was eventually promoted - but was destroyed in an unrelated accident before should could assume her new post.

And so ended another year at NanoTek.


These stories always make me chuckle!


Very fun, I loved it.

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