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Shooting and not much else. Made with; The way clouds shift decided one character was very unlucky ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


“Alright girls, this right here is a .44 Colt Anaconda loaded with magnums. It has 6 shots so if one of you is lucky, she’ll get to eat a bullet right through the mouth. Tits, pussy and then mouth – very simple. I do the shooting you do the cylinder spin. I switch between you when there’s no shot. Since the first shot is a guaranteed hit, I’ll let you play rock, paper, scissors to decide who goes first.” I explain to the two naked house girls as we sit legs crossed in front of the cozy fireplace.

One is Hanako – a small Asian girl with cute small tits that will get absolutely blown off by the magnums. She also has a tight body and fucks like a maniac, but lacks any discipline so keeping her is not an option. The other girl, to my left, is a busty blonde named Alice. She’s so mentally stunted that I can only use her for sex and cleaning duty, but that’s not so bad because her body is smoking hot. She exercises daily and still keeps her curves. If she was actually cute I could keep her for more than one week, but nature didn’t bless her with a very attractive face.

“3… 2… 1… HA! I win! That’s two out of three!” Ha, I win yelled Hanako with joy.

“Very well. Alice, you’re up. Which tit do you want to sacrifice first?” I ask the blonde to make her unimportant choice.

“Ugh… Why me? I only lost because I didn’t pause to cheat. This is unfair!” she protested, hands crossed atop her bountiful breasts.

“If you want to lose them both in one shot, that can be arranged – but then your pussy would be next.” I tell her gleefully.

“Urgh… Fine… Take my left tit and blow it up. Not like I need it or anything…” she says resigned.

Removing her hands, I forcefully grab her left tit and squeeze it hard, prompting her to yelp in pain.

“Argh, you’re supposed to blow it, not tear it off. My tit is sensitive, don’t squeeze it so hard.” She moaned.

Ignoring Alice’s dumb protests, I pull her in front of the fireplace by the tit then tug on her erect nipple so that her tit is stretched enough for me to only hit her left melon. Placing the snub barrel deep into her soft tissue at the base, at an oblique angle – I slowly press the trigger while looking in her scornful grey eyes.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghhh! Ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” her unadulterated screams pour out as the .44 magnum blows a big hole right though her precious squishy tit.

I’m a bit disappointed that Alice’s newly acquired hole is so large and messy. Maybe if I had used a .357 I could get a hole that I could fuck… Ah well, at least her screams turn me on and her tit looks totally deflated.

“Alright Alice, we get it. Stop screaming and spin the cylinder.” I tell the dumb blonde house girl.

Five more seconds pass and she’s still crying and screaming, the annoying little twat. I could blow one right through her skull and fuck her writhing corpse… Fine, I’ll give her reason to scream. I quickly jab two fingers into the gaping hole in her left breast. A quick yank and I tear off her precious charred fat bag. Beautiful yellowish-orange fat glistens atop her chest, blood sprinkling on it in many crimson rivulets.

“You liked screaming so much – I thought I’d give you some help, Alice.” I tell the blonde and throw her ravaged tit in her face, then spin the cylinder myself.

“No, let me spin it. I’ll… I’ll get lucky.” Alice managed to speak up just as she felt the cold metal under her right breast.

“Too late.” I said, pulling the trigger.

A split second later another magnum shell fires its way through the blonde’s remaining milk maker and stops in the brick wall in front of us. Bits of Alice’s tit are now a part of the grotesque mosaic left across the Ashford wall. So many girls have been sacrificed against that wall – with tools and patience you could probably find all manner of tissue there: brain, heart, bone, tit fat, ovaries… It’s why I have to instruct one of my girls to sprinkle that wall daily with chloroform and deodorant. I can remember as it were yesterday when I shot my first girl against this wall. I had just received a Benelli hunting shotgun and to shoot one of my busty ebony bunnies with it. Her tits were completely splattered by the 20 gauge rat shot and her womb fared no better, the small metal balls completely destroying her sex within two shots. Her head popped open pretty theatrically…

“Aaaaaaargh!!!” Alice’s slightly delayed scream pulls me back from my reverie.

This time I yank her tit right off, without giving her any respite from screaming her lungs out. I bite off her erect puffy nipple and begin chewing. I’d say it’s an acquired taste, because the texture is always chewy and annoying – but I enjoy it nonetheless.

“Come on, Alice. Maybe you’ll actually get lucky this time! Spin to win!” I tell her, throwing her butchered female appendage into the fireplace.

She manages to restrain herself from clutching at her flayed chest and gives the cylinder a good spin.

“You know where the next one goes, don’t you?” I ask her, rock hard with anticipation.

I thoroughly enjoy her internal conflict as she stares at me both pleading and with vitriol. She knows that she has a 4/6 chance of getting her pussy shredded by metal, but she slowly spreads her legs anyway. She knows that not playing along might get her a far worse fate.

“Come on, fuck me with the gun. Fuck me and see if the gun spares me or not…you…” she says bitterly, spreading her lips for the barrel.

I oblige and stick it into her surprisingly wet pussy. The harsh, cold metal slides in and out of Alice’s sex with unknown intent.

“You know what? Hanako, why don’t you be the one to pull the trigger. Aim towards her back – we wouldn’t want her lungs or heart getting damaged so in such an inopportune way. Wouldn’t we?” I tell the petite Asian, handing her the gun.

Her eyes spark with sadistic joy as she grabs the deadly instrument and begins rubbing Alice’s inside with the thick short barrel. The blonde seems to get no satisfaction from the motion so she glances at Hanako to hurry. The trigger is pulled. Alice collapses on the side, her ragged screams echoing across the whole mansion. Streams of blood pour heavily out of her cunt, staining yet another cheap carpet. In contrast with the carpet and even the shell just fired – Alice was cost free, part of my executive care package from work. I could do anything with her and this game was just how her luck turned out to be. She should be grateful I didn’t skin her or used her for swordsmanship practice. Hanako might do that instead. Ah… only time will tell.

“Good. Hanako, why don’t you spin the cylinder again? If Alice gets so unlucky she gets the next one in the head – you’ll get away scot free.” I tell the unharmed house girl staring horrified at her felled colleague.

After a few seconds she registers and stops looking at the bleeding out blonde on the carpet and spins. Getting the barrel inside Alice’s mouth was easy – because the dying girl was still screaming with indescribable agony, clutching her destroyed pussy to stop the bleeding. Her screams were drowned out by a terrifying boom and then ground down to a halt.
“Damn. That’s one powerful gun!” I exclaim in awe at the shear size of the hole at the back of Alice’s skull.

Her head was blown wide open and chunks of brain and bone were now projected into the Ashford brick wall. Alice was now the mosaic centerpiece. Bits of skin and strands of her golden dyed hair contrasted the wall very subtly. Hanako is shaking slightly. She knows this could have been her.

As she stands there petrified, looking at Alice’s blown apart head, I coil around little Hanako from behind. I grasp her neck with my left hand and her small squishy breasts with the other, while kissing her softly. I rub her brown erect nipples slowly with my thumb and carefully caress the back of her neck – sending shivers down her spine. As I kiss her nape, I take the gun from her shaky, unsure hands. She starts sweating as she feels the barrel pressed against her temple – her head unmovable in my grip across her neck.

“P-p-please… you… please… don’t…” she slowly whimpers hearing the hammer get cocked.

“It’s a dangerous game for both of us. I could go deaf you know?” I say to the terrified house girl.

“I don’t… want to… I don’t want to…” she says, so frozen with fear that she doesn’t even masturbate.

“Die?” I say and pull the trigger.

The hammer strikes and a loud distinctive click cuts through the tension. Hanako was spared a quick death. How unfortunate for her. She gives out a long sigh of relief as I point the gun back to Alice’s corpse. I quick fire the last remaining shots into her belly, prompting even more blood to gush out of the blonde’s carcass. Hanako flinches with fear both times.

“You know Hanako… you’re very unlucky.” I break the deafening silence after putting the Anaconda revolver away.

She doesn’t seem to understand why she’s unlucky. She swings her head back against my chest and looks up. A few tears of relief slide down across her cheeks as her big brown eyes lock unto mine. She’s sort of cute. I place my hands under her tiny buttocks and raise her tiny body above, allowing her to mount my stiffened cock. She rocks up and down against me with feverish lust. I almost choke the life out of little Hanako when I come, but I let go when I’m done filling her pussy.


Great story!


What's great about it tho?

I had this locked away and forgotten, considering it a mediocre writing at best; but then again, maybe I just don't like what I write anymore…

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