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I started back on this story, and since the original post had a lot of spelling and grammatical issues, I decided to start a new thread for it. I imagine that the grammar and spelling will not be perfect, but they should be far better. Anyway, this is meant to be a work of fiction, and The Vice Dark Lord does not condone any of the illegal actions performed within the story. Do not let this influence you to hurt someone else. With that out of the way please enjoy the story.


Minseek gasped as the eleven-year-old girl's lips wrapped around his cock and slid back and forth. His attention, however, was not focused on her. He did not look down at her long white hair or her light blue eyes which were filled with affection. He didn't notice his best friends growing affection, but even if he did, he wouldn't have carried. He was not in the present, he was lost in his mind, he was reliving the events from three days ago.
Minseek stood amongst the crowd, one of the closest to the gallows. Men and women cheered in excitement for the upcoming execution, and the cheers broke into an approving roar as the naked woman was led to the noose. She had tan skin and long fiery orange hair. Her figure was curvy with large mature breasts, a firm
butt, and purple lines forming a symmetric pattern across her body. The woman did her best to cross her legs, and hide her orange bush, but due to the handcuffs keeping her hands behind her back, she could do nothing to cover her breasts. Her purple eyes surveyed the crowd, but she failed to notice her son who was awaiting her execution not with fear or sadness, but confused excitement. It had been thirteen years since Minseek had came into this world kicking and screaming, and he had discovered his urges a year prior. But why they felt so
powerful while he was waiting for his own mother to be hung confused him. In fact, the only two things going through his mind at the time was excitement, yes it wasn't anticipation it was excitement, for his mother's hanging, and curiosity about where his older sister was. That question was answered immediately as the second teary-eyed naked woman was drug onto the gallows by the soldiers. Minseek mother's eyes went wide as she noticed her daughter. Airdya was three years older than her brother, and despite her immense beauty she had yet to fill out. Her body was thin, her purple patterns more sporadic than her mother's. Her tits were small and perky, and her ass was tiny yet firm. Her hair was neck short, a popular trend amongst girls as of late.
the mother screamed. "This wasn't the deal you bastards! I surrender, and you leave my family alone! That was the deal!" She exclaimed.
help me!" The teen cried, tears streaking down her cheeks. A surprising
rush of joy filled Minseeks body. He felt so lucky, he'd get to watch both his
mother and sister hang naked! His little prick was stiff, and viable through his trousers to those with a trained eye.
"I'm so sorry sweetheart," his mother said, tears now flowing freely. The executioner, a tall muscular woman, fitted the nooses around her two victims' necks. One of the soldiers unrolled a brown piece of parchment
"Belin, and Airdya Merrindin. You have been found guilty of illegal use of magic. You have been sentenced to be hung by the neck until death" he read.
"Please let my daughter go, I'll do anything" Belin begged.
"Don't let her go. Kill them both" Minseek said under his breath. It wasn't that he did not love his family, in fact, he loved them very much. Despite this love, or perhaps because of it, he wanted them to both die a terrible death. The executioner lifted Airdays leg by her ankle and ran her tongue across the sole of her foot. It was common knowledge that the soles of those who could use magic all had a unique taste, and if they were molested moments before death, the soul of the woman would be tarnished, and they wouldn't reach the eternal peace after death. They would simply fade into nothingness. Because of this,
magicians who were executed had their soles licked as a demonstration.
just let her go" Belin begged as her soul was tarnished. Minseek felt
oddly jealous. The executioner walked over to the lever and pulled it. The trap doors under Minsekks last family fell open, and the two women fell. As Airdyas body came to a sudden stop there was a satisfying snap and her body gave a jump. She spasmed for a second making a few gargling sounds, her tiny feet twitching. Her movements stopped in a few moments, however, and a hot stream of urine ran down her legs. His mother, however, was less lucky. She gagged as the rope caught her, and she kicked her powerful legs out. She spread her toes and
gripped at the rope to no avail. She fought for around fifteen minutes before
finally losing consensus. Piss squirted from her pussy, and milk leaked from her erect nipples. Five minutes later Belin finally stopped twitching.

Minseek filled the little girl's mouth with his seed, as the image of his mother and sister hanging naked with glazed-over eyes filled his head. His friend Minni stood with a smile, whipping off the cum that dribbled down from her lips to her chin. A warm feeling rushed through Minseeks body. A feeling of energy and
power that was new to him, but deeply enticing. Was this what sex with someone felt like? No. He knew it was something more


Minseek and Minni walked down the crowded city street, the hot sun baking the skin on the back of their necks.
"So, are you staying with me and my family tonight?" she asked, stepping closer and nuzzling into him.
"I have nowhere else to go," he said coldly, putting his arm around her. "You can't let your family know what we're doing," he added. She smiled up at him.
"I know I know. They think they know best for me. Adults are stupid" she said. "I love you Minseek".
"Mhm," he replied with a nod. She gave him a sad glance but said nothing else about it.
"I feel weak," she said.
"You had a long day" he replied emotionlessly.
"But really weak. I just wanna lay down"
"Well you worked really hard for me," he said, still not looking at her.
"I guess I did," she said, nuzzling him into him closer. "It's worth it then. I'll feel like this my entire life if it makes you feel that good". The two children reached a small house. Minni and her mother's house, like the rest of the homes in the city was packed tightly into a seemingly endless row of homes. Unlike most of the other houses, however, it was well kept, and clean. A fresh coat of yellow paint covered its walls, and though the roof coat was older, the purple was still vibrant and pleasing. While the other homes smelled of filth, sickness, and death, the pleasant smell of sweet herbs emanated from the windows. Minni pushed the door open and held it for Minseek with a loving smile. He walked in, finding himself in the house’s kitchen.
"Welcome home dears," a comforting female voice said. Minseek turned to the woman. Minnis mom was a beautiful woman who had only seen her thirtieth summer. Like her daughter, she had ashy grey hair which had let grown to her waist. A complex, almost flowery blue design decorated her fair skin. Though the baggy clothes she wore hid it, she had a pleasant figure which could only be glanced when she wore her much smaller nightgown. She gave him a pitying smile, her blue eyes full of a mother's empathy.
"I was just boiling some gnocks. Would you two like a cup?" She asked, her breathy accent far stronger than her daughters. On the table next to her lay a bowl filled with a cup of ground-up brown leaves. When boiled, gnock leaves made a bitter-sweet brown liquid which with its watery consistency was unpleasant, but when mixed with enough milk produced a popular treat.
"Yes please," Minni said happily. Minseek nodded.
"Yes, thank you Mrs. Alwrith," he said, the foreign name still sounding peculiar on his tongue.
"Oh, Minseek please," she said. "Sawin will do just fine, we might as well be family," she said. In all actuality, she was hoping that he'd eventually call her mother, but those hopes filled her with a sense of guilt. The boy nodded; her first name was easier to pronounce after all. She smiled sweetly, dumping the leaves in a pan of boiling water, before walking over to the two, her bare feet patting against the stone floor. Minseek had grown fond of her aversion to shoes. She placed her hands on the heads, ruffling their hair. "Well run along with you two, it el be done soon enough," she said with a loving smile.
That night Minseek laid on the top bunk of he and Minnis now shared bed. On the bunk beneath him, Minni lay curled up fast asleep. He, however, lay restlessly starting at the ceiling. His belly was filled with warm meat, and two cups of Gnock which was a new record for him. Minni however completely, and causally demolished his accomplishment, downing a staggering five cups. Her love of sweets amazed him even then. In his mind, he wondered if this is what his life was meant to be. He still hadn't felt even a smidgen of grief. He'd heard that people often were in shock when they lost a loved one and didn't even comprehend what had happened till days later, but he didn't feel in shock. He wondered if this was his lot in life. It wouldn't be a bad lot for sure, his adopted family was poor now doubt, but they still managed to provide in abundance. Here he had plenty of food, an adorable young girl ready to please him, and who would happily let him take her as his wife. He knew he could end up loving her too. The poverty would prove to be a problem he might very well be able to solve. Before his family's death, he was training himself to be a merchant and even had taught himself how to read some. But something inside him told him that what he had was too little, that he needed so much more. He held his hand to his stomach. The feeling had faded, but part of him felt, no, knew that it would be back.

Gilda was a wonderfully skilled magician. She quickly learned a vast assortment of spells during her youth and used them along with her beautiful looks to get far in life. Her gorgeous soft skin was decorated with an intricate pink pattern, and her matching pink eyes had the cutest sparkle. Her blonde hair was neck length, a popular trend which she had a hand in starting, and her white dress just revealing enough. Her skill and beauty guaranteed her a spot amongst the Magicians Council. Yet Gilda Levensdean stumbled through the Councils marble halls, clenching the wound on her stomach which was slowly dyeing her dress red. How, she wondered, could she have been defeated by someone who was lower than her not only in age and rank but in race! The magician collapsed on the cold marble floor, her heels slipping off, revealing her smooth feet.
"Didn't get very far Gilda dear?" her pursuer said, her boots clicking against the floor. The younger girl emerged into the hall, its magic flames illuminating her purple skin, and short curly white hair, two boney numbs peeking out of it. A long, spade tipped tail swished behind her excitedly, her abnormally large dark green eyes filled with an almost innocent excitement. Gilda glared at the girl. She had always hated her. She hated that she wore that tacky ranger outfit to the Council meetings, she hated that a Delhdrin like her could enter the Councils hall, even if she was just one of its member's bodyguards, and she hated the smug look she wore.
"Fuck off you purple-skinned, boneheaded, sklur!" She screamed before groaning in pain. The Delhdrin faked a frown and kneeled so her face was almost even with the older woman's.
"Why Gilda, those are some very rude slurs, the Council values equality and respect. I don't believe they would want one of their members saying such things. I think I'll have to report you" she said.
"Report me? I'm not the fucking bad guy! I'm not the monster working for the woman who wants to murder a damn a child!" She screamed. The horned girl tilted her head with fake sympathy.
"But Gilda dear, that child could uproot our entire culture," she said. "And besides" she pouted. "I'm a child am I not?". Gilda snarled at her.
"You are no child Belizub, you’re a monster" she hissed, thrusting her hand out, preparing to cast a spell but before she could.
"Bain!" Belizub shouted. Gilda felt her magic sealed off as if her soul was squeezed and bounded by rope. She gasped in pain, and shock before puking blood all over her dress.
"Oh, did you really think you could kill me?" The Delhdrin said, her smirk returning as she lifted her preys leg up by her ankle.
"You'll never get away with this" Gilda managed to grunt. Her skin was deathly pale, and the life was leaving her pink eyes. Belizub ran her tongue across the magicians' sole. The girl's foot tasted of sweat and skin, of course, but of cream and citrus fruit as well.
"Don't worry about me, I won't have to. I'll be hailed as a hero for killing you" she said. A yellow wet spot soaked Gildas's dress at the crotch. Belizub held her hand out, her tail swishing excitedly.
"Zaim," she said. Suddenly Gildas's body spasmed as she went wide-eyed. Blood drizzled from her nose, and piss leaked out from under her dress onto the floor.
"Well, it has been fun Gilda," Belizub said standing and turning away from the dying magician. "But I'm busy girl" she finished, leaving with some extra pep in her step. It took eighteen minutes for Gilda to die, and she felt every minute of it. Later that night Belizubs companions came to retrieve her blood and pissed soaked body


Sawin smiled to herself as she washed the dishes. It had been three weeks since Minseek had come to live with her. She had no idea the things he and her daughter were doing with each other, and she misconstrued him staring at her as him starting to see her as a mother, so she was happy. But she gasped as a hand grabbed her shoulder. Because of her slight knowledge of magic, when she heard the soft feminine voice say.
"Zeladim", panic rushed through her body followed by the magically summoned bolt of electricity. Her body tensed up, and she fell forward slamming her head against her counter. She hit the ground spasming, all too aware of the pain, and the fact her death was near. Her bare toes spasmed, scraping the stone floor as milk leaked from her motherly breasts, wearing her nightgown. A yellow spot appeared on her crotch as urine pooled on the floor. And then she was dead. Her eyes stared at nothing, and her tongue hung out. That night Sawin Alwrith died alone and terrified, not even have had seen her thirty-first summer, wetting herself.

Minseek groaned in his sleep as he rolled over in his bed. Something felt wrong, as if something deep in his gut was screaming at him. He rolled over again and found himself looking at the celling of the little room he was staying in. Minni slept soundly in the bed below his as rain started to beat against the window. He sighed, slowly climbing down the latter to the floor. He figured a walk would clear his head. But as he went for the door, it suddenly swung open, slamming against the wall. Minni sat up with a shriek.
“Are you Minseek?” a figure standing in the doorway said with a powerful feminine voice that all at once sounded fierce and dangers, as well as motherly and loving. It remined Minseek of the ringing of the town bell. Lightning flashed, briefly illuminating the figure in the doorway in the door stood a cloaked woman with her hood down exposing her beautiful face. She had neck length raven black hair and bright blue eyes that seemed to glow in the dark. Her skin was porcelain, and across it ran a blue pattern that matched her eyes. Minseek swallowed nervously.
“W-who are you?” he asked. The figure stepped forward, her booted footsteps surprisingly loud considering her small figure.
“Belidim” she said holding her hand out, and suddenly a bright light appeared in her hand, illuminating the room, and her once again. This time however she held a ghostly cold presence as she looked down at the boy.
“Are you Minseek? If so, it is best that you answer me. There are those who would want you dead if you are him, and they are not far” she said. Minni gasped.
“Y-yes” she said. “Yes, he’s Minseek” she said.
“Minni” he snapped turning to her. She yelped turning away.
“You did good girl; in fact, you may have saved the boy’s life” she said stepping forward. “Get dressed, both of you, we’re leaving now” she said.
“But what about my mom?” Minni asked. The woman turned to her with a grave look.
“I’m sorry child, your mother is dead” she said.
“Mom” Minni said “No, you’re lying” she said with an oddly calm voice. You’re lying!” the girl screamed. “You’re lying to me my mommy is fine!” she shrieked.
“Minni” Minseek said firmly as he turned to her. She made a sound like a hiccup.
“She’s lying right? She must be. My mommy is downstairs right now sleeping” she said.
“Get dressed” he said firmly as he did so himself. He did not plan to die because of some girl’s meaningless emotions. Minni sobbed softly but did as she was told. Soon both had changed from their sleepwear to clothes more appropriate for travel.
“Now listen you two” the woman said kneeling down so that she was eye level with them. “There are very bad people in this city right now. I had to fight the ones that where in this house, and I may have to fight more. I will need you to stay by my side the entire time unless I say otherwise. You will do exactly as I say, understand?” she said. Both children nodded. “Good” she said nodding herself. “Good” she repeated as she stood. “Then let us depart”. All three walked down the stairs, and in the floor lay the body of Sawin Alwrith. Minni gave a pained gasp, but Minseek felt a sense of excitement rush through his body, ending at, and stiffening at his cock. She was a truly beautiful woman now that she was dead.
“Mommy” Minni said weakly.
“Come now, we have not time to waste” the woman said. The two followed her outside where a settled whanoo waited outside. The best had sleek blue fur covering its large for legged body which stood taller than even the tallest man. Sturdy hoofs rested at the end of each foot, and matted, tale like links of fur hung from the ends of its ears to its chest. The beast turned to them and snorted, its intelligent purple tented black eyes fixating on the children. Minseek would later find the animal to be quite impressive. Most of the whanoos in the city he called home where nowhere near as large or as impressive looking, but for now all he could think about was whoever was perusing him. The woman helped Minni on onto the animal before helping Minseek, and final leaping atop it herself.
“Minseek, hold onto me, and girl, hold onto him. I cannot afford to stop for you” she said. Minseek wrapped his arms around her waist and felt Minni do the same with him. The woman gently kicked the animal’s side. “Let’s go” she said, and the whanoo took off into a gallop. Minseek felt the cold night air explode against his face, and goosebumps popped up all over his body.
“What’s your name?” he shouted to the woman.
“I am Innis” she said, not even turning back to them. He felt Minni press her face against his back, and her tears soak into his shirt. As they road through the city, a galloping whanoo approached them, carrying a hooded figure. As the rider grew closer, they through off the hood of their cloak reveling them to be a beautiful young woman with blonde hair, and pink markings across her skin.
“Horns of Beldomit” Innis swore barely loud enough for Minseek to hear. She outstretched her hand towards the woman and shouted “Gazin”. A mist shoot from the palm of her hand, before forming into a knife sized icicle which embedded itself into the woman’s chest. She gave a girly “Oof” before falling of the animal, her dead body tumbling on the ground. Minni gave a shriek, but Minseek felt his excitement grow. More cloaked riders emerged from the alleys of the city, one even riding over their fallen. All through their hoods back reveling that they were all beautiful women and began to chant. A fire ball flew past Minseek hitting a building and exploding, and Minni shrieked again as more projectiles flew at them. Innis swore colorfully before turning around on the saddle and standing atop the moving animal. Minseek gasped as the woman balanced atop the rushing animal, her cloak blowing in the wind. She raised her hands out as more projectiles nearly missed them.
“Naaajjay fum!” she shouted thrusting her hands out. Streams of fire erupted from her palm before exploding into a wave of flame which rushed towards the riders and engulfed them as they screamed in pain and terror. Innis swiveled around on her heels and sat back down as the whanoo started to dash towards the city gate.
“That was incredible” Minseek said sounding aw struck. Minni was shaking terrible.
“No” Innis said coldly, eyes forward. “No, it was a tragedy. Suddenly Minni shrieked again, and Minseek felt something warm splatter against him. He quickly turned, just to see Minni, with a pained expression, falling off the back of the running animal with an arrow in her side. Time seemed to slow, and he reached for her, but Innis snatched his wrist, holding him bag.
“We can’t afford stop for her boy” she said. “Besides, I imagine she’s already dead. Minseek stared back at the darkening road behind him. He felt no grief, but part of him wished he could have saved her, she was proving useful after all. The Whanoo rushed out of the open city gate, into an open field, and slowed to a trot.
“Why did you come?” Minseek asked. The cloaked woman did not reply. “Why did they come?” he asked, “Why did they kill Minni and Mrs. Alwrith?”. The woman remained silent for a moment longer before speaking up.
“You scare them Minseek” she said. The boy felt anger flare up in him. They were scared of him? That was the most ridicules thing he had ever heard.
“Those where sorceress” he said, “as are you” he added. “Tell me, why would sorceresses be scared of me, a little boy with no family” he said coldly. The animal stopped and Innis looked up at the sky. It was a beautiful night, and there was hardly a spot in the sky not covered by a star.
“Magic Minseek is a wonderful thing. It is power in its purest form; it is our wills enacting themselves upon this physical world” she said. “Magic is a wonderful thing that can be used for good as well as evil. It is wonderfully chaotic like that. However, sense or perhaps even before time itself began, magic has only been able to be harnessed by women” she said.
“And? What does this have to do with me?” Minseek said heatedly. “You said it yourself only girls can use it. I am a boy”. She turned to him, and her blue eyes which seemed to glow in the dark petrified him.
“I have reason to believe that you are the acceptation to that rule” she said.
“W-what?” Minseek said as panic began to overtake him. He knew full well what she meant.
“I believe that you, Minseek, can use magic”


Story has snuff, age play, foot fetishism, watersports, and more


A small squad of armed men and woman riding Whanoos stopped as they reached a bluff overlooking Cirdiff. The costal city was now ablaze and glowed in the night. An armored man rode up to the only unarmored person amongst the group.
“Greatness” he said.
“Mhm?” Belizub said, her tail swishing behind her. The soldier gulped nervously. All races where supposed to be equal by order of the queen, and the head of the Council of Magicians, but a Delhdrin in such a high position was still enough to put any guard on edge.
“The city has been completely ransacked. The citizen death toll has not been tallied yet but is expected to reach the hundreds. Many Sisters of All have fallen as well as a few of our own magicians, and soldiers” he said before gulping again. “The city is still ablaze, and local magicians as well as a few of our own have been trying to fight the flames. We are publicly blaming the Sisters for this event, but the people seem to be suspicious. If we are not careful the truth will be unveiled” he said.
“That would be quite the problem wouldn’t it” she said, not looking away from the city, seemingly mesmerized by the flames. The man looked around nervously as if asking for help. Suddenly a bulky, though far from unattractive woman sighed, and walked her Whanoo over. She had light brown hair tied into a bun, with light yellow eyes, and markings to match across her fair skin. Her traits easily identified her as a native of the Greater Woods, or one of its surrounding villages. Lands far to the north east of the great sea.
“Greatness with all due respect you should not be here. The people are suspicious enough of us without a Delhdrin strutting around. And you can’t seem to keep your races animalistic instincts at bay, perhaps someone more…suitable for the task could lead us” the woman said frowning. The man gasped, but the woman scowled at him. “Don’t be like that, she’s to focused on the fire to care. Besides she is a child, she has no right to lead us” she said, but as she turned back to the Delhdrin, her blood went cold. Belizub was staring right at her. The younger girl hopped of her mount and looked up at the rider with her unchanging grin, her council issued robes fluttering behind her in the wind.
“My my you are brave to talk to the member of the council like that” she said, her tail swishing faster. The woman looked freighted.
“I-I’m sorry Greatness I meant no disrespect” she said.
“Off your horse” Belizub demanded. The knight did as she was told looking nervous.
“Now, lick my boots like the scum you are” she said. The knight stepped forward as if she was about to do so, but suddenly drew her sword.
“Like hell I’m licking the boots of some purple skinned brat” she shouted, raising the blade over her head.
“crrink” Belizub said calmly, and suddenly the knights head twisted around with a satisfying “crunch”. She fell to the ground dead, a shocked look sprawled across her face, and the man yelped.
“So” Belizub said turning to the man with her same unwavering smile. “We turned the towns people against us, and their mistrust is warranted, we lost many of our magicians and a most disrespectful knight, and the Sisters are already active. Can you tell me sir, is there any good news?” she asked.
“Y-yes Greatness” he chocked. “It seems that our mission was successful” he said. Belizubs smile seemed to widen, and her tail swished faster.
“Good” she said. “Then it was all worth it”


Innis refused to say more while they rode, and by the time they stopped it was far past midnight. She hopped of the Whanoo in the middle of an open grassland and helped Minseek of the animal. They made no fire, for this part of the land was very warm during most of the year, and the stars where enough to illumine the two. As the sat on the grass, Minseek started to notice more about Innis. He knew the second he saw her that she was a foreigner like Minni, but now that his life, for the moment at least, was not in danger, he noticed that she her markings and eyes where a darker shade of blue than his surely dead friends. He did not no where she was from for, he had a very slim understanding of the world outside of his city, but he knew it must be from a different place than Minni.
“We will rest here for the night. Our destination is still a day’s ride away” she said.
“And where is our destination?” Minseek asked. The magician pulled off her boots and slipped her socks of. Her feet where as pale as the rest of her body, and just as smoothed. It was almost as if they were crafted from porcelain. She wiggled her toes and gasped in pleasure seeming to enjoy the feeling of the cool air against them. Minseek caught a glimpse of her blue painted nails and found himself getting hard. Every magicians’ feet had a unique taste, and he found himself wondering what hers tasted like.
“It is what is known as a gateway” she said, not seeming to notice the boy’s eyes on her feet. “it is a form of spell, fused with a large monument that allows instant travel between to places. Powerful magic indeed. This one leads to my tower where we will be safe” she said. Minseek tried to wrap his little mind around the concept but found that he could not. He figured that he would see it soon enough.
“Did you make it?” he asked.
“That I did” she replied, her eyes closed.
“Why not make it closer? We could be safe faster” he said.
“Gateways are large and can be used by any magician. If I created one leading to my home out in the open, we could easily be followed. Therefore, I had to find place that was large enough to make a gateway in, hidden enough to not be found by anyone but me, and close enough to be of use” she said. He nodded weakly, another question burning on his mind.
“I was not mistaken in what I said” Innis said as she curled her toes, leaving little tracks in the dirt.
“How can you be so sure?” he asked, suddenly quickening his tone. “What if you’re wrong? You have to be!” he said feeling himself getting worked up for the first time in a lone while. “Only women can use magic! My mom and sister could use magic because they were girls! You can use magic because you are a girl, all those sorceresses you killed could use magic because they where girls, Minni might have been able to use magic if she didn’t die because she was a girl. But me? I am a boy”
“You are right” she said scooting closer. Minseek found his face get a little hot. She was nothing like Minni, she wasn’t just some little girl, she was beautiful. “We are girls, and you are a boy” she said.
“Exactly!” he exclaimed.
“But you are also the exception” she said. His shoulders slumped as the confidence in her words shattered his doubts like a Warhammer to a skull.
“How can you be so sure?” he asked quietly.
“The Council of Magicians is sure” she said. “And when the council aggress on something, they are never wrong” she said. Minseek looked into her deep blue eyes for a moment and found himself glad for the cover of night. If the light of the stars was only a little brighter, she may have been able to make out the red on his face, or the outline of his hard cock bulging out of his pants.
“What now?” he asked solemnly.
“You’ll come live with me during the coming years. I will keep you safe from the council and train you in the ways of magic. One day maybe we can convince the council to let you live, and that your powers could prove useful” she said.
“And why are you helping me?” he asked suddenly “You are one of the magicians aren’t you? Why don’t you want me dead?”. She gave him a soft smile that was all at once sympathetic and dazzling. He felt his little boner stiffen more.
“Not all of us magicians can find it in ourselves to justify killing an innocent child” she said. “I imagine that there are more like me, but because of the council’s control, they are spread out and unable to act. I had to take extreme measures” she said. He nodded weakly.
“Thank you” he finally said. “I would be dead without you” he said. She smiled at him again.
“Protecting the innocent is what us Magicians should be doing” she said. She stood up, slowly circling the spot that they had decided to rest, chanting an incantation. When she had finished, she sat next to him, claiming that it was a type of ward so that other magicians couldn’t find them. Minseek laid down to sleep, but she suddenly pulled him close.
“You’ve been through a lot” she said. “At least let me comfort you to keep the nightmares at bay” she said. He rested his head against her bosoms, disguising it as if he was nuzzling into her like a son would do with his mother, before finding himself drifting off with the biggest boner of his young life.

Minseek woke up in a room by himself. Well that was a half-truth, and only partially a lie. He wasn’t entirely by himself, as there was one other person in the room with him, but the other person was in fact himself. Minseek frowned in confusion and glanced down to find his young body naked. As he glanced back up, he found the other Minseek equally naked. “Where?” he managed to say. “where are we?”.
“Lost” his twin replied. Minseeks confused frown widened.
“Lost?” he said.
“Yes, lost, that is what I just said. Lost in thought” the twin said.
“But thought is not a place” Minseek replied.
“Which is exactly why we are lost” the twin said sounding a little annoyed. “Am I really this dumb?”
“And who then who are you?” Minseek asked, taking a step backwards, his bare feet making an audible “pat” as they hit the cold stone floor.
“Well that’s a stupid question” the twin said frowning. “A very very very very very stupid question Minseek. Why would you ask that? We’re not stupid” the twin added.
“Because I don’t know who you are?” Minseek asked nervously as he tried to take everything in. The twin sighed.
“I am you Minseek” he said. Minseek shook his head as if to clear it but found that doing so made the whole room shake.
“W-what?’ he said shakily.
“That won’t work here” the second Minseek said. “Reality is no longer real; concept has taken shape. If you want to clear your head, you’ll have to do it through discussion” he said. Minseek felt himself being overwhelmed and the room seemed to be closing in on him. He took a deep breath, and the walls spread back out. He glanced around still feeling confused and a tad nervous. “There ya go!” the second Minseek said happily. “See? You understand how all this works, so why do you decide to play stupid?”
“You can’t be me?” Minseek said, his voice cracking.
“And why is that? The twin asked, tilting his head inquisitively.
“Because I am me!” he said, almost shouting.
“Bringing up irrelevant facts in an argument is called a strawman, right? We read that in a book didn’t we, and it’s pointless” the twin said.
“But it’s not irrelevant, two things can’t be the exact same thing as one another!” he said growing frustrated.
“You’re right, but I am not the exact same thing as you” the twin said.
“But but you just said that you are me! You’re…you’re…you’re contradictan yourself” Minseek said.
“Contradicting is the word your looking for, we also read that in a book remember?” the twin said, “but I suppose you are right. Let me put this in a way that you can understand” he said, stepping towards Minseek. “I am Minseek that knows, and you are Minseek that does not know” he said.
“Now what?” Minseek asked. For some reason the question scared him. The twin put his hand on Minseeks shoulder, and Minseek glanced down. There cocks where so closed together and so similar looking that it almost seemed like he was looking in a mirror.
“The truth about us” the twin said. “Who we really are”.
“This doesn’t make any sense” Minseek whimpered. The twin grinned evilly
“Of course, it doesn’t, none of this is real” he said. And suddenly everything went dark


Very nice story


Minseek woke with start sitting up quickly, but as soon as he was up Innis was up as well, pulling him into a comforting hug. His labored breaths slowed as his face was pressed against her chest.
“A nightmare I assume?” she asked. There was a moment where there was just silence.
“Yes” he said finally.
“What was it about?” she asked softly.
“I don’t remember” he lied. She looked at him suspiciously for a moment before seeming to be satisfied.
“Well just Know that it can no longer reach you” she said running her fingers through his hair in a motherly manner. He nodded softly. The sun had just begun to break over the horizon, bathing the flat landscape in a pinkish hew. If you had ridden back towards the city you would have began to see palm trees, and if you began traveling north you would even find a lush jungle meeting the ocean, but here, the land was barren save for the grass.
“It is morning, I suppose we should at least partake in breakfast before we continue on. I imagine you must be famished” she said as she fished out a leather bag from her cloak. Minseek eyed the bag hungrily, and Innis grinned. “Thought so” she said. Breakfast consisted of some dried jerky, and apple that Minseek could only assume was kept so fresh by magic. The boy received a healthy helping of the food, but the magician only chewed on a single piece of jerky as she seemed lost in thought.
“You should eat some more” Minseek said as he offered her a piece of his jerky. “Here”. She flashed him a vacant smile.
“Thank you very much, but I will pass” she said. “This will be enough to sustain me till we reach the tower” she said. Minseek watched her quietly before popping the jerky in his mouth.
“What are you thinking about?” he asked.
“Many things” she replied after a moment. “Many, many things” she said before getting to her bare feet. “We best be on our way. I would like to reach the safety of my tower before night fall. There are beast that roam this land that I would rather not encounter” she said
“And the other magicians” Minseek added.
“Yes” she replied quickly. “Yes, and the other magicians”. To Minseeks silent Dismay, she slipped her boots back on, then helped him mount the animal before swinging on herself. It wasn’t as nice as laying next to her while she was barefoot, and the animals trot was rough, but Minseek had to admit that there where worse things he could spend his day doing than wrapping his arm around Innis’s waist. During their ride they only encountered one of Cirdiff’s plains native beast. Luckily for them, while Aldagirths where massive, they were generally rather passive. As the animals four legs slowly dragged its massive body across the grasslands, its dozens of pink tentacles that emerged from its purple torso lashed around, pulling grass from the ground, and shoving it into the creature’s large mouth. Minseek gasped an awe as they rode passed the massive creature, and Innis glanced back at him with a slight smile.
“First time seeing an Aldagirth?” she asked.
“It’s so big” he said, swiveling in on the saddle to get a better look at it. She nodded.
“Yes, they’re gentle giants however, and generally leave people alone. I shouldn’t be so surprised that you haven’t seen one, they don’t often come near cites” she said.
“We must look like insects to them” he said still trying to grasp how something so large could exist. As the sun started to set, the whanoo stopped, kicking its front legs in the air. Before them lay a canyon so gargantuan, that that it looked as if one of the gods had cut it into the ground. Minseek, having witness more wonder in one day than he had in his entire life let out another stifled gasp.
“We are here” Innis said. The boy gave her a look of shock.
“The canyon?” he asked. She shook her head no.
“No, but with in the canyon. In a hole in its wall covered by an illusion” she said. He gave her an even more confused look,
“I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but that’s a long drop. Do you expect me to climb to that hole?” he asked. She gave him a knowing smirk.
“My dear boy, have you learned nothing in our short time together? I’m afraid I will have to give you more rigorous lessons than I once intended” she said before turning back to the canyon, taking a deep breath, and opening her eyes.
“Layol Velvia” she said as her eyes shot open. The ground beneath Minseek rumbled before a chunk of it was ripped from the rest of the ground, spraying dirt as it levitated a few feet up.
“W-whoa” Minseek said, panic in his voice as their platform of dirt floated. The whanoo however seemed perfectly comfortable. The platform began to float down into the canyon, directed by Innis’s finger. It took a moment, but Minseek adjusted to the strange feeling.
“Will I ever be able to do this?” he asked looking around in wonder.
“Perhaps” she said. “Perhaps this and more” she said. For a moment to the two stayed silent as Minseek took in his surroundings, and Innis guided the floating platform.
“I can’t believe all this is so close to my home” he said. “So close to me while I slept behind the city walls, not knowing” He mumbled.
“Originally this canyon was filled with minerals” Innis explained. “The people who founded your city mined them and built their home nearby. That was a long time ago however, and it has been mind dry for hundreds of years now” she said as the platform stopped next to the wall of the canyon. Innis waved her hand, and massive part of the wall vanished. Behind where the wall stood, in a large indention in the canyon wall, arch made from loose stones of varying sizes. Innis and the whanoo stepped off the platform, and as Minseek followed suit, it crumbled to dirt, falling to the floor of the canyon.
“Is this it?” Minseek asked, looking up at the arch which was taller than a house.
“Yes” Innis replied. “Yes, this is the gate” she said before waving her delicate hand in front of it. Symbols unfamiliar to Minseek of every color began to glow on each stone as the arch began to hum loudly. A screeching sound, at first faint, but in moments louder than the hum emanated from the empty center of the arch, before lines of light shot fourth from each rock, congregating at the center. Finally, the light began to stretch out till each beam was connected, and the arch was filled with a solid wall of light. The wall rippled as if it was made of water, and Minseek briefly saw their reflection, but the scene quickly shifted to that of a forest. Innis kneeled down, mumbling a spell as she held her hand on the floor, before standing.
“Let us ride” she said mounting the whanoo and offering her hand. “Comfort is not far off”. He glanced at the portal in amazement before taking her hand. The animal started to slowly make its way towards the portal, seemingly unbothered by it, but as they grew close, Minseek squeezed his eyes shut, and clenched his fist. For a moment he felt as if he was covered in some kind of sticky film, but the feeling briefly passed. He opened his eyes, finding himself on a path in the middle of a large forest with towering trees, each covered in leaves of greens and dark blues. He took a moment to glance around before shivering, goosebumps sprouting all over his little body.
“We will need to get you some more appropriate clothing child” Innis said pulling her cloak off and wrapping it around Minseek.
“For this land is far from your home and is much cooler” she said.
“Where are we?” he asked, he’s teeth starting to chatter, even with the added warmth.
“We are in the Neverwood, surely you’ve heard of that” she said. He nodded, looking at her.
“But why would we want to come here?” he asked.
“From what I heard, the Neverwood is wilderness filled with dangerous beasts” he said. She smiled broadly.
“Listen closely boy, the Neverwood is the largest forest in the known world and is mostly unexplored. This section of the wood is fairly close to the exit of the forest, only maybe a five-day trek on whanoo, but still entirely unexplored by anyone save for me. So, then I deiced this would be the wonderful place to make a home, completely hidden from the outside world. You should be thankful that I did as it provides a wonderful safe haven from the other magicians”, she said. He simple nodded and took in his new surroundings as they rode. The forest was as different from his homeland as it could get, he believed. The boy could find no end to the sea of wood and leaves save for the path they rode on, and even spotted a few furry animals that he didn’t recognize.
“I have come a long way in a matter of days” he said to himself.
“That you have” the magician replied. Soon Minseek spotted what looked to be the top of a stone tower sprouting above the treetops.
“is that your home?” Minseek asked looking up at it.
“Yes, it is, I have missed it” Innis said, letting a little longing seep into her voice. They soon reached the end of the trail and found that it met the base of the tower Minseek had seen. It was wider than most homes from his home city, and far taller than most of its buildings, (Though not all). If he was going by the rows of windows the tower had at least five floors, though he imagined that there could be more. Next to the tower was a stable which Minseek assumed was the Whanoo.
“Oh, how I’ve missed it” Innis said sliding off the animal, and with some help from the magician, Minseek followed suit.
“You live here?” Minseek asked, amazed.
“No, no I climb a tree when night comes, and snuggle up with a blanket of leaves. The tower does add some pleasant scenery wouldn’t you say?” she said. “Of course, I live in the tower” she said as she guided the animal to the stable
“And I’ll be living here two?” Minseek asked.
“Well I can’t very well leave you out here can I” She said getting the animal comfortable in the stall.
“Don’t worry beautiful, I’ll have Sazile come dust you off” she said stroking the animal’s mane. The two walked to the door of the tower, and Innis swung it open. Behind it was a small well light circler room, with a dozen doors and a spiral staircase. In the center of the room stood a pink skinned Delhdrin stood. She had curly brown hair, and the beginnings of horns poking out, and wore a low-cut black dress that gave Minseek a nice view at her pleasantly sized cleavage. Her large, dark green eyes widened with excitement before she bowed, her spaded tail swishing excitedly.
“Welcome home mistress” she said.
“Yes, yes it’s good to see you Sazile. Run a bath for me and the boy and set us out some sleep ware. His room is the one on the third floor, next to yours” she said. “We are both weary from our travels”
“Wait a moment” Minseek said frowning. “I thought the Queen made slavery a crime” he said.
“Yes, a decision me and half the council opposed, but I suppose our power has its limits” she said quietly. “Sazile is not a slave, she is my maid, and I pay her”
“Yes! Mistress Innis pays me a gite every month” the Delhdrin said proudly. Even a young child who didn’t work like Minseek could usually scrounge up a gite when need. There girl nodded. “Of course, mistress” she said with a swift bow. She led Minseek up the spiraling stairs to the fourth floor with was a circling hall of rooms. She stopped at a door opening it. Minseeks room was large but barren stone chamber, and like the rest of the tower was pleasantly warm even though there was no visible fire. A large bed was against the wall, a singular window was on the far wall, and another door was against the bed. She led him through the last door into a windowless stone chamber, and a basin on the wall. Minseek was about to ask how they would get the water all the way up here, when Sazile tapped a stone in the wall with a symbol on it, and steaming water began to fill the tub from out of nowhere. It was hardly the most incredible thing he had seen all day, but the little boy found himself gasping in wonder. Sazile gave him a meek smile.
“Incredible isn’t it? It’s a smaller scale version of the portal spell that brought you here, as well as a heating spell. Mistress Innis is truly amazing” she said. “I need to go start Mistress Innis’s bath. The spell will stop when the tub is full. Would you like me to come back and help you clean up?” she asked. Minseek was already starting to think of all the things he could use this service for, but her hands running over his naked body seemed like a good start.
“Yes, that would be nice” he said. She nodded her head. “Of course, master Minseek, I will be back shortly, and with that, she departed. The tub filled fast, and soon the flow of water stopped. When it did, Minseek freed of himself of his clothes, and slipped it. He gasped in pleasure immediately as he felt his muscles start to relax. Only when he had stopped moving could he apricate how sore he was. But the hot water did its work, and the soreness faded a little. As he laid his head against the back of the bath, he found himself starting to drift off, but snapped back to it as Sazile stepped back into the room. She dropped something into the water that gave it a pleasant bittersweet aroma and began to slather water over his body with her delicate hands. The Delhdrin was thorough, running her fingers over his chest; and arms; and legs, through his hair; and over his face. He felt a spark of excitement as they stroked his cock, but she moved to swiftly for him to get much enjoyment from it. He was far too tired to care, however. Once he was clean, she helped him out of the tub, and even though he could do it himself, she helped him dress in the sleep wear which fit him perfectly. He wondered where they got such perfect fitting clothes for him so fast. Then she led him to the bed, and he began to drift off even before she had made it to the door.
“Good night Master Minseek” she said before sliding the door close.

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