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They said it would be thrillin’ and it was. Oh lordy it was, right up to the end and then it got peaceful and sweet and oh so dark, and I felt so loved during that part.

See, my papa is long gone and my mama spends most days drunk, and I got no brothers nor sisters, so there’s no one lookin’ out for me. People ‘round these parts call me ‘dirty girl’ or ‘grubby girl’ and other mamas won’t let their kids play with me. Instead the kids pick on me and bully me until I fight back then they leave me alone. I like to sing that old song with the words changed; “I’m just a poor girl … I got no sympathy”, because I’m a loner, I’m tough, and I like it that way.

I met Otis and Redmond down on the bank of the creek when they was hookin’ catfish. I told ‘em; “Them catfish look appetizin’.” and they invited me up to their shack to share a fish fry with ‘em. Because I hadn’t eaten that day and chances are mama wouldn’t have anything for me anyways, I went with ‘em and they fed me fried catfish and biscuits.

After we ate, they gave me a half jar of ‘shine cut with orange juice and that made me feel so fine and happy. That was when they sat on either side of me on the broke-back sofa and started strokin’ my legs under my stained sundress.

“We’d like a little payment for supper.” Otis said.

“Yeah, us playin’ together a bit is all.” said Redmond, “Might be thrillin’ for you.”

“Hell.” I told ‘em, “You don’t have to feed me to play with me. I got that done to me before.”

“Yeah?” said Otis, hoisting up my dress and feeling around for my underpants.

“Yeah. Mama’s old boys she makes me call uncle have a go at me once in awhile.” I told ‘em, then said to Otis; “You ain’t gunna find no underpants up there ‘cause I don’t have any. I like the cool air on my cootch.”

“Do you now?” Otis said and found my cootch.

“Yep.” I said, starting to get that squirmy feeling from his fingers, “And if you’d rub a bit up near the top I’d be ever so grateful.”

So he did. He massaged it nice and slow and I felt my cootch open like a flower. I quivered as he stroked his fingertips down my slit and even played with my bumhole a bit.

“My-my, you are a juicy girl.” he said and I knew why - when men play with me like that I ooze the slipperiest goo you can imagine. I shivered like a ghost walked over my grave when he slid his finger inside my cootch and I rolled toward him and wrapped my hands around his thick upper arm and held on tight.

“… oh boy … oh boy …” I grunted, “… oh boy!”

It only took a few strokes and I was off humpin’ and jerkin’ and makin’ a racket because his finger was so thick and felt so good movin’ inside me like that. In the middle of it I felt Redmond slide his finger up my bumhole and I humped and jerked and got even louder. Fuck sakes, those boys made me feel good.

When they finally got me settled down, I saw they both had their pricks out and oh lordy were they thick and long. II never saw black ones before. knew what they wanted so I got up on my knees between them and stroked them both, leanin’ down and lickin’ the mushroom tops until Otis moaned and shot off all over the place. I turned to finish Redmond, but he stopped me.

“I want to try somethin’.” he said and wrapped a hand around the back of my head and pulled my face to his lap. I opened my mouth and took his prick into my mouth, “How deep can it go?” he asked.

Pretty deep it turned out. As Redmond pushed my face down, Otis went back to fingering my cootch, and I got so excited I let Redmond push me all the way down so his prick was in my gullet and my nose mashed against his belly. He held me tight when I started squirming, I guess he thought I was tryin’ to get away, but I wasn’t - it was thrillin’. His prick in my throat was the best thing I’d ever felt with Otis finger fuckin’ my cootch hard, sendin’ me into the spins; my cootch biting down on that finger and my stomach tryin’ to push the ‘shine and catfish up out of my belly. I remember trying to scream it felt so good, and when Redmond’s prick pulsed in my throat I swallowed it all down.

When they let me up I cried out “URLP! Holy snappin’ assholes! Let’s do that some more!”

“Oh my, ain’t you a peach.” Otis said and wrapped me up in his arms and hugged me as he rocked me, and him doin’ that calmed me down. For the first time in my life I felt loved and I wanted to be with them boys all the time.

It was easy to do. No one kept track of me, mama never registered me for school and didn’t give a pinch of coon shit where I spent my days, so I spent them down at Otis and Redmond’s shack.

Some days they fed me before we played, sometimes after because some of the things we did made me sick-up like a mad thing until my belly was empty and I just gagged and gagged. I liked it though. Sickin’-up with a prick in my throat gave me the squirms like being fingered did. I learned that my squirmin’ was called cummin’, and I learned that my cootch could stretch to take a whole prick and after it stopped hurtin’ it made me cum too, real nice. They called all that fuckin’ and throatin’, and I was all for it. Sometimes I’d fuck and throat with Otis, sometimes with Redmond dependin’ which one was home, and sometimes with one after t’other.

I also found out ‘eatin’ pussy’ sent me ‘round the bend. Otis did that for me sometimes to warm me up, and boy-oh-boy I had cum after cum with him doin’ that and still wanted to fuck and throat them both. My days with Otis and Redmond were pure heaven and they always sent me home with a full belly, usually food AND their squirts. Redmond made me laugh when he brought home a big plastic goofy animal from a playground that kids rode like a carousel horse. It had a flat back and put me at the perfect height for them to fuck me while they stood up - that saved their knees from being on the floor and me on the sofa.

There was a whole three months that I had Redmond all by hisself because Otis got ninety days hung on him for beatin’ up a Deputy Sheriff. When he got out he just showed up at the shack and he looked down at me and said; “Yer gettin’ fat.”

I knew what he was talking about. Redmond and I had finished fuckin’ and throatin’ and I was layin’ on the sofa, naked as the day I was born eatin’ a candy bar Redmond gave me as his squirt oozed out of my cootch. It wasn’t the candy bar he was talkin’ about though, it was my belly. Over the last two months my belly was gettin’ fat, and I just thought it was because of how much Redmond was fuckin’ me, and of the two, Redmond fucked me the hardest. Just like the sickin’-up in the mornings, I thought that was from all his hard, deep fuckin’ too. I mean, who wouldn’t? Redmond’s prick was thick and long and lately he’d taken to givin’ me a real pounding that made me scream every day. I told Otis all that.

But Otis knelt down and laid his hand on my belly down low and pressed inward.

“See? It’s not fat, it’s me just all swollen up inside is all.” I told him.

Then he pushed in on either side of my bump and moved it around. I moaned when he did it because it was connected to my cootch.

“Oh lordy, Otis.” I moaned, “Do that some more.”

“Feels good, huh?”


“Been hornier lately?”

“All the time.”

“Sickin’-up in the morning?”

“Yep. But I like it - it gives me the squirms. You know that.”

“Have you ever had your monthlies?”

“Nope. Not once.”


“What’s this about, Otis?” Redmond asked.

“This little one has a bun in the oven.”

“What are you talkin’ about?” I asked him.

“One of us put a baby in you, darlin’.”

“A baby?”


“I don’t want a baby.” I said, feeling cold and shaky all of a sudden, “Take it out of me.”

“Nope. Can’t. We got to think on this.” Otis said.

“Let her have it.” Redmond said, “She’s a good girl. She won’t tell who done it.”

“I don’t want to have it.” I said but it was like they couldn’t hear me.

“And when it comes out black?” Otis asked Redmond, “Who are they going to come for?”

“You and me?”

“Yeah. You and me.” Otis said, “Fuckin’ a white woman gets us lynched. Fuckin’ a little white girl gets us burned alive.”

“But I wanted you to fuck me.” I said, but they still didn’t hear me, “I’ll tell ‘em that.”

“She can’t have it, then.” said Redmond.

“We can’t scrape up enough for an abortion, even if we could find someone to do it.” said Otis.

“I don’t want a baby. I’ll kill myself first.” I said, and finally they heard that. They both turned to look at me, still laying naked on the sofa, my belly bump stickin’ up.

“How?” Otis asked.

“I dunno. Hanging’, drownin’, layin’ down on the train tracks.” I said, thinkin’ of the ways people ‘round here had done it.

“You’d do that?” Redmond asked me.

“I don’t want no baby and I don’t want you two burned for lovin’ me. I never felt loved before I met you two. I couldn’t live with losin’ you.”

Otis and Redmond looked at each other, then Otis picked me up and held me in his lap as he sat on his old creaky rocker. I snuggled in as he rocked me and I felt so warm and safe I fell asleep in his arms, belly bump and all.

When I woke up it was night - a hot damp night. I’d never stayed past sunset before and here it was deep nighttime. I was on the sofa, covered up with a blanket, sweating and groggy. Otis and Redmond sat in chairs watchin’ me.

“What’s goin’ on?” I asked them.

“Come with us” Otis said, said standin’ up and puttin’ out his hand. I took his hand and they walked me out of the shack into the night. The air felt good on my bare skin, buy my head was all foggy still from sleep.

“We’re goin’ for a walk.” Redmond said, carryin’ a lantern. Otis carried a jug.

“I’m naked.” I said, feeling fear creeping in as we walked through the woods.

“Don’t matter.” said Otis.

They walked me down to the creek and I saw that on the bank just up from the water they’d dug a deep girl-sized hole. The big pile of dirt was beside it with two shovels stickin’ in it. My belly went all cold inside.

“Sit.” Otis said as he sat on the ground with his legs in the hole. I sat beside him and Redmond on my other side. I remembered the dying talk and I was wonderin’ if they were just going to spring it on me right then - choke me then throw me in the hole. I saw myself layin’ there, eyes and mouth open as they shovelled dirt on me. Otis picked up the jug of ‘shine cut with orange juice and unscrewed the cap, taking a pull and handing it to Redmond. Redmond drank and handed it to me.

“Drink.” Otis said and I did, the warm orangey ‘shine flooding my belly with heat. It was good and made the cold in there ease off.

“This is where we found each other.” Otis said, “Remember?”

I looked around and saw it was where I met them as they hooked catfish.

“The catfish.” I said.

“Yeah, the catfish.” Redmond said.

I felt a little tickle in my belly looking down into the hole. I knew this was to be my grave. They were going to do it tonight. The tickle got stronger and my belly got cold again.

“Oh boy.” I whimpered like a kitten, squirming between them, feeling my bare bum grindin’ on the dirt. I got afraid, so afraid. I leaned forward and sicked-up the ‘shine I’d drank. Otis wrapped an arm around me and held me close.

“Don’t be a’scared. It’s for the best.” he said.

“It’s going to be a thrill.” Redmond said.

“A thrill?” I asked as Redmond tilted the jug up so I could drink more of the ‘shine.

“Shush, Redmond. She’s scared.” Otis said, side-huggin’ me, “Let’s just sit and get a little drunk. Just the three of us.”

So we did, takin’ turns at the jug, my feet danglin’ in the hole I’d spend eternity in, me feeling sicker by the minute.

“How?” I asked, then leaned forward and sicked-up a mess of ‘shine again. Damn but I was scared.

“Yer gunna like it, I promise.” Otis said, but I doubted it. How could a girl like bein’ kill’t?

“And after you’re gunna throw me in the hole and cover me up.” I said, wrigglin’ a bit because my cootch was on a small rock, I wished I could get horny again so the fear went away. And that cold in my belly.

“Yep.” Otis said.

“No more baby. No more me.” I said.

“Yeah.” Otis said and he sounded sad. It was the waitin’ that was the worst, my stomach felt like it was fulla tadpoles.

“Get it over with, then.” I blurted out. Otis nodded and told Redmond run ahead to get ready for us.

Otis handed me the jug and I took what would be my last pull on the ‘shine, so I made it a good one - packin’ in that liquid heat to warm up my belly. Then we got up and I held Otis’ arm with both my hands and walked on wobbly legs back to the shack. I was shakin’ and makin’ small whimpering sounds.

“It’s going to be alright, sweet little miss.” Otis said in his deep, soothing voice. But how could dyin’ be alright, I wondered. Then I remembered what would happen if I didn’t die; Otis and Redmond would be kill’t horribly and I’d be left heartbroke and lonely with a baby I didn’t want.

As afraid as I was, I knew it had to be done. I’d got myself in a terrible fix and there was no way out of it.

“I have to pee.” I said and tried to sound normal, but it came out like the sound of a half drowned kitten and I started to cry. Otis knelt down in front of me and held my hips.

“Now, now.” Otis said, “Just scootch your feet apart and go.” I did, and he steadied me as I peed on the dirt path. I was tremblin’ and crying like a baby, my face all scrunched up.

“There’s no words that’s gunna make it easier.” Otis said as I cried and peed and when I was done he led me inside the shack by the hand. When I saw Redmond standing naked beside the goofy animal with his big belly and hard prick stickin’ out, fear took hold of me hard then. I felt out of control - every part of me wantin’ to run, naked or not, belly bump or not.

“… no-no-no-no … please no … I don’t wanna … I don’t wanna …” I wailed as Otis dragged me, my feet slidin’ across the rough floor of the shack.

“Don’t make it hard, little miss.” Otis said, “It’s got to be done.”

Then Redmond took hold of me and pulled me up onto my back on the goofy animal. Redmond stood over my head and pinned me down and Otis took his clothes off then grabbed my legs and opened my thighs wide.

That’s when I lost my mind and started to scream …

Oh jeezuz, it’s happenin’! They’re killin’ me like they said! They put a baby inside me and they’re killin’ me for it!

Otis leans in and pushes his hard prick against my cootch that is clamped so tight it’s like it never opened before.

I plead, I beg, I scream for help that I know is so far away no one could hear me.

“Quiet down.” Otis says in his deep calm voice, “It ain’t startin’ yet, child.”

“When it starts you won’t care.” Redmond says, his strong hands pinnin’ my sweat-slick armpits down.

Otis starts pushin’, firm but easy with little movements against my cootch.

“Got to get you workin’ toward a good cum.” he says as he reaches down and lays his big hand on my belly bump and starts moving it inside me like he done before.

“… okay … okay … okay …” I say, looking up into his face, feeling them fine feelings start inside me and him pressing his prick against my cootch like a slow heartbeat helpin’ them along. Redmond eases up on me ‘cause I stop strugglin’ and twirls my nipple the way I like.

“You’re so sweet.” Otis whispers, “So pure and arousin’.”

“… oh boy … oh boy …” my gasps comin’ like little grunts as he pushes my belly bump down toward my cootch, his prick pushing in at the same time, makin’ it feel like they’s going to meet inside me.

“I love the way you grunt, baby girl.” Otis says, “So sexy.”

“… oh boy … oh … oh boy …” I’m almost there, almost givin’ in. I feel my cootch openin’ like a greasy flower. Then I feel the flare and feel it openin’ up wide for him, and his thick long prick slides inside me like it’s greased.

“Oh boy!” I groan long and lay my head back. My how good this feels. How badly I want to be fucked.

“It’s gunna happen slow, girl.” Otis says softly, “And it’s gunna start right now.”

“Ungh!” I grunt loud as Otis thrusts hard into me, fillin’ and stretchin’ me long-ways, pushing my bump deeper into my belly. I feel the ‘shine inside me sloshin’ and my little asshole gets loose.

Redmond tilts my head back and pushes his prick into my mouth. I gag and spit, and gasp a last deep breath. Oh lordy, I know what’s about to happen.

With one smooth slide, Redmond pushes into my throat and down my gullet. I still feel the fear, but I also feel the squirmy feeling goin’ wild in my belly and Otis moves deep into my cootch and it hurts so good, and when he’s all the way into me he moves my bump inside my belly, and when he pulls back it jiggles like jelly and it feels like all that sexed-up normal of being in the shack with them boys is comin’ back like a midnight freight train.

Redmond starts fuckin’ my throat, deep down my gullet and I feel my stomach curling and hitchin’ and I’m sickin’-up shine, spurts squirting out past my lips around his prick. On the other end of me, Otis is fucking my cootch harder than he’s ever fucked me before, hammerin’ deep in my belly like someone was pumpin’ me with a baseball bat, and I feel each thrust thudding up my belly like I’m bein’ punched inside. My body is getting looser and looser and I can feel a big cum on its way.

I realize they is gunna fuck me to death right here on this goofy animal, I feel myself fart and my asshole opens wide like my cootch.

This is the thrill. They’ve never double fucked me before and I feel like I’m gunna die just from the excitement. I gag and heave and squirm and thank the lord they hold me tight. Oh jeezuz, it’s happenin’! I feel myself getting woozy because I can’t breathe.

I feel my cum gettin’ closer, buildin’ up inside my belly, Otis slammin’ his prick into me, his thrustin’ jarrin’ my bump hard inside me like a cannon ball in a wet sack, and Redmond’s prick slitherin’ up and down my throat, my stomach churnin’ and heavin’. I hear ‘em both growlin’ - they’re both gunna cum inside me, and that thrills me even more - one up my cootch and the other down my gullet. In my mind I open the door to let my own cum in and when I feel them both slam deep, it happens; the biggest cum I’ve ever felt. My cootch feels like it’s turnin’ inside out, my stomach clenches in a hard ball and the last of the shine gushes up my gullet as Redmond’s cum shoots down it. I feel Otis pumpin’ his into me, and I swear I feel it gush up so deep it saturates my bump, makin’ it slip and slide inside my belly like it doesn’t belong to me anymore. If I could, I’d scream right now because it all feels …

… so …

… fuckin’ …

… good …

My cum is so powerful I feel my body risin’ up, liftin’ off this goofy animal, floatin’ like a balloon up in the air. I’m risin’ risin’, up through the roof of the shack, up through the black night sky, up where the angels are … and my boys are risin’ with me … I feel Redmond’s prick still sliding in my throat and it’s sending thrills down my gullet the same way Otis’ is sending thrills up through my cootch into my belly …

Dyin’ ain’t so bad. In the end, there’s nothin’ to be afraid of.

And it all stretches out and gets silent in a peaceful feeling - a dark quiet peace. I’m movin’ through the night air, floatin’, weightless and calm. Everything is slow and a comfort. I know I am being carried by Otis, held up with my chest against his, my cheek on his shoulder, his strong hands cradlin’ my bum, my legs floppin’ loose around his naked belly. I hear water, the small wind moving through the trees.

Otis lowers me, laying me gently down, resting me on the cool soil and climbing up, leaving me here. It’s so quiet in the hole, but I hear his voice come to me softly;

“Goodbye, sweet girl.” he says, and I hear the sadness in his voice.

The dirt begins to drop on me as gentle as a mist, cooling my skin, muffling me like a quilt. It’s nice down here, I feel at peace and so loved, and I’ll know they’ll visit me always and remember the catfish.


Surprisingly sweet :-) Although I did expect them to cook and eat her like a catfish! lol. Loved the way you captured the dialect :-)


That was wonderful. I was starting to think I was the only one interested in pregnant girls. Thank you.

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