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The entire point is so we can identify things we either preferentially want to read, or absolutely want to avoid at all costs, WITHOUT clicking through to the actual thread and scrolling down to wherever the tags are hidden. Sort it out.


The stories that don't have tags tend to have pretty self-explanatory titles, or they're anthology-style threads with different styles.


Where that's true, well and good. But lots of stories don't have tags when they are needed, and those are the ones being aimed at…


If I don't like a story I just stop reading it, don't make a fit if I find something I don't like, I'm sure nearly everyone does the same….


My b.


I straight up don't read stories without tags in the title


Sure, no-one's having a fit. But tagging takes hardly any time, and makes searching/filtering easier. So let's tag, right? No downside.


Well, in some cases it could be a spoiler, but I agree that it should be done consistently, our tastes are not so similar and our time and attention are limited.

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