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Tails (hanging, cons, semi-cons)

"Please, can I hang you?", said 16-year-old Johnny to his best friend.
Jenny, being 16 herself, looked at him with wide eyes. "You mean like, all the way?"

"Well yes, I was told girls die very nicely when hanged. They dance and squirm and cum over and over again." He said.

"And I was told boys go even better." Said Jenny with a grin. "I hear they squirt and then they go limp. Tell you what: Why don't we flip a coin?"

"Winner hangs loser all the way?" Johnny smiled.

"Yes! God this is so exciting!" said Jenny.

"You're on!"

Jenny and Johnny had been friends for a long time. From time to time they used to play all kinds of games with each other. But Jenny had never let Johnny go all the way with her, preferring to torment him with vague promises about letting him take her virginity next time. They were on a bed, wearing casual clothes, doing nothing more than talking. When Johnny popped up that question from nowhere. They both knew they liked the idea of hanging, and they even did some roleplaying that involved air dancing with each other, but they were always careful to make sure nothing went wrong. This time it will be the other way around. Jenny was a tall redhead with nice curves. Her tits were just about the size of small oranges and she had nice puffy nipples. The kind that would turn rock hard nicely when hanged. Johnny didn't have to be ashamed either. Tall, a bit tanner, nice slim yet not skinny body, and had an average cock. Jenny was already familiar with his cock, having sucked him off quite a few times. If he hanged there would be two limp things dangling, Jenny thought.

"Wow, I can't believe we're doing this. My heart is about to pop out of my chest." Said Jenny while she took a coin from her purse. "But you must promise me, whatever happens, that we do it, even if it's my head in the noose, even if I chicken out and beg you to stop, and of course …", and now she had an even bigger grin, "if it's yours."

"Sure, let's get on with it." Said Johnny. "If it is me that has to hang you won't have any problems, a bets a bet after all. And I wouldn't miss the opportunity to hang you. One thing we leave to the loser - he or she can choose the location and method, but the rest is up to the winner. I have a good idea where I want to hang."

"Done." Said Jenny. "I choose heads - your head in the noose." She giggled.

"Ok, I'll have to take tails. Since I’m looking forward to watching your tail dance in the noose" Said Johnny as the coin was flipped.

There was a very long silence when the flipped coin was in Jenny's hands. They both looked at each other in a tense way. They both felt a bit choked even though there was nothing around their necks, yet. Then Jenny removed her hand.

It was tails.

"I can't believe it, I lost!" said Jenny feeling a bit light headed.

"I can't believe you’re going to hang me for real." Then she got a bit calmer and said "Well a bets a bet.”

Johnny looked at her excitedly. "Yes, yes it is." he grinning evilly, "I can’t wait to see you dance and squirm. And I’m sure you’ll cum up a storm at the end of your rope.”

"I hope so.” Jenny said, no longer feeling quite so sure of this turn of events.

Johnny sensing Jenny’s reservations ordered “Strip slut, the condemned shall die nude.” As Jenny stripped out of her clothes exposing her small, pert breasts Johnny noticed how hard her nipples already were, and knew that no matter what deep down Jenny wanted this. Once Jenny finished stripping Johnny admired her shaved cunt for a moment then roughly grabbed her, spun her around and pulled her arms behind her, binding them with a length of rope.

Once her hands where bound Johnny ran his hands over Jenny’s naked trembling body. Cupping her breast and pinching her nipples causing Jenny to squeak in surprise.
“I don’t think we’re quite ready for you to dance just yet.” Johnny informed her as his hand slid over her stomach over her shaved pubic mound and slipped into her wet slit. “You little slut, you are ready to cum aren’t you?”

“Yes!” Jenny moaned “Please master let me cum before you noose me.”
“Not just yet.” Johnny taunted. “If you want to cum you have to earn it. On your knees slut.”

“Yes master.” Jenny said demurely falling to her knees.

With Jenny on her knees Johnny quickly stripped and walked in front of Jenny. “You know what you have to do to earn your first orgasm of the night don’t you slut?”

Without a word Jenny eagerly wrapped her lips around Johnny’s cock swallowing it to the hilt.
As Jenny’s warm mouth enveloped his cock Johnny let out a moan. Grabbing Jenny’s head he began to rape her face mercilessly. Shortly he said “I’m about to cum slut and if you want yours you won’t spill a drop.”

Then with a groan Johnny slammed his cock all the way into Jenny’s throat as he began to cum.
Jenny suddenly unable to breath, and her throat filling with cum, began to struggle against Johnny’s grip. While valiantly swallowing as quickly as she could. Finally his orgasm finished Johnny roughly pushed Jenny off his cock, allowing her to collapse onto her side gasping for air.

Grabbing Jenny by her hair Johnny pulled her back to her knees and looking into her eyes he said “Well looks like you swallowed like a good girl, so I guess I’ll let you cum one last time before you dance.” Seeing the excitement in Jenny’s eyes, Johnny realized he was getting hard again just from the thoughts of tormenting his helpless former friend and decided to prolong her suffering. “If you beg for it appropriately that is.”

“Please master, your worthless slut begs you to allow her to feel pleasure once more before she dances to death for your amusement. Please Master, I want to feel a cock inside me just once before I die.” Jenny begged almost in tears.
Walking behind Jenny Johnny said

“Very well slut I’ll let you cum before you dance. But I think I should make sure you don’t forget about how your dance will feel while I let you cum.”

Jenny startled started to ask “Wha….” Which was choked off as Johnny wrapped a piece of rope tightly around her throat.

“Don’t worry you’ll still get to feel the noose once you cum.” And with that Johnny reached between Jenny’s legged and started to rub her clit.

Jenny running low on air and desperate to cum before she passed out began to writhe her hips into Johnny’s touch while simultaneously struggling against the ropes that harshly bound her wrists. As Johnny pulled the garrote tighter and rubbed her clit furiously Jenny finally had a massive orgasm and passed out. Releasing the garrote Johnny let her fall limply to the floor.

As Jenny regained consciousness she saw Johnny sitting on his bed watching her.

“Thank you master, that was the best orgasm of my life.” Jenny exclaimed.

“And the last one you’ll live through.” Johnny taunted. "The condemned will now choose where and how she will be hanged."

Realizing her life was about to end, Jenny swallowed nervously “Here in your room. We already have the hook we’ve played with in the past. And I want to be lifted into the air, so there is no drop and I’ll last as long as possible.”

“Very well slave.” Johnny said as he produce a much longer piece of rope and began to tie a noose. “I’ll make sure you last as long as possible.”

"Have you ever hanged anyone for real before?" asked Jenny.

"No I haven’t." he answered honestly, “But if this is as enjoyable as I hope it will be, I might see about hanging your sister next.”

The noose finished, and Johnny showed it to Jenny. He let it dangle in front of her face. “Soon this will be slowly tightened around your throat, strangling you until you finally die. I’m not sure if I’m more turned on by the thought of you enjoying your last dance, or changing your mind part way through.” Jenny’s eyes widened starting to regret the bet they had made.

"Alright slut, let me get the noose set up and then we can start you dancing.” Johnny told Jenny as he ran the noose through the hook in the ceiling and attached the free end to the electronic winch he had gotten the previous year to make his and Jenny’s play easier. Once he had the noose hanging about five feet off the floor he grabbed Jenny’s arm and pulled her to her feet and escorted her to the waiting noose.

"Everything is set, time for you to put on your lovely new necklace, it’s the last piece of jewelry you’ll ever need.” He said, slipping the noose over her head, and cinching the knot down behind her ear. Once the knot was in place he activated the winch lifting her onto her toes.

“Johnny, maybe… we…gasp… shouldn’t do this.” Jenny gasped feeling terror creep through her “I can call … my sister and…gasp… have her … come over, we can hang her… together instead.”

“No slut you made me promise we would go through with this no matter what. And seeing you with that noose around your neck, hands tied and completely helpless, I think I would have to let you go all the way bet or no. I have never been so hard in my life. Although I hope your sister is less willing. I think I’m going to rape her before she gets to dance.”

“Please Master… be gentle… with Annie before …you hang her.”

“Any last words slut?” Johnny asked.

“I am happy to… dance for you… master and hope…pant, gasp… my death brings you great pleasure. Although ….gasp…you can …glurk.” Jenny’s last words were cut off as Johnny activated the winch.

“Damn slut I don’t have all day to listen to you chatter.” Johnny taunted.

Jenny just dangled for a while and then started kicking and hip thrusting like she was trying to fuck someone for the first and last time. Johnny admired the struggling form of Jenny, her nubile young body pulled taunt by her own weight. Her nipples hard as rock and jutting out at him. Her legs kicking and spreading flashing her virginal cunt at him. Johnny smiled enjoying the site, and deciding that he was going to torment Jenny mercilessly until the end of her life.

Jenny was starting to make strange gurgling sounds, her face going red, and Johnny began to absentmindedly stroke his cock. Walking up to Jenny he grabbed her hips to hold her steady as he began to lick and suck her nipples, as his fingers played with her clit. Standing up Johnny Saw that he had Jenny at eye level so he leaned forward and whispered in her ear “Are you enjoying this as much as I am?” But only got some raspy gurgles as a reply.

Stepping back again Johnny decided to watch for a bit before enacting the rest of his plan for Jenny. Johnny could tell that her pain was intense but judging by how wet her pussy had been he was sure her pleasure was at least as intense. He knew that this was only the first of many hanging he would have to orchestrate.

The ringing in her ears was becoming louder and her vision was beginning to fade. And she realized she no longer wanted to do this she wanted down, she tried to beg Johnny with her eyes to let her down. But Johnny just stood there watching her kick and writhe in agony.

Jenny was kicking more fiercely now. And at the same time trying to rub her thighs together. She was so close she just had to cum once more before she went. Her beautiful face had tightened into a grimace, and turning red. She jerked her arms behind her back, fighting with all her strength, desperate to break the ropes binding her wrists, so she could relieve the tension on her neck. Johnny could see the stark terror in Jenny’s eyes and knew she regretted the bet, and even more regretted letting him bind her.

Johnny stroked his cock as Jenny continued to dance for him. Although she was beginning to slow down now. The lack of oxygen taking its toll. Then finally her orgasm hit and Jenny started convulsing in the noose with renewed vigor for a few moments. Then she relaxed with only occasionally gasps and twitches. Her mind overwhelmed from the powerful orgasm.

“I guess I should let you down now don’t you think?” He asked her. He wasn’t sure but he thought he saw Jenny nob her head in agreement. Hitting the switch Johnny lowered her to the ground.

The next thing Jenny knew was she was on the ground with Johnny leaning over her loosening the noose. She began to cough and take raspy gasps of air.
“Thank you, I thought you were going to let me die up there. It was terrifying.” Jenny gasped once she caught her breath.

“Oh you are going to die in the noose today Jenny. But I wanted this to last. So, I decided to let you catch your breath and regain your strength a bit. Then I’m going to pull you back up into the air, rape your virgin cunt and be inside of you when I finally let you strangle to death.” He told her.

“No, please. I can’t take any more.” Jenny begged breaking down into tears. “Please I don’t want to die. Rape me if it’ll make you feel better, but please Johnny don’t kill me. I love you, I thought you loved me.”

“I do love you Jenny, but I’m going to love feeling your cunt milk my cock during your death throws even more. I think it’s time we finish this don’t you?” Johnny asked as he reached down to pull Jenny onto her feet.

“Please I’ll do anything.”

“I’m going to lift you up, impale you on my cock, then I’ll tighten the noose. You should be able to support some of your weight if you wrap your legs around my waist.”
With that said Johnny easily picked up the petite Jenny, positioned the head of his cock at her untried sex. And then easily slid into her well lubed pussy, until he reached her hymen. “Wow Jenny, I really thought you’d been fucking around on me and were just teasing me with your virginity.” Johnny told her as he proceeded to savagely slam his cock the rest of the way into her cunt.

“AAAAHHH!” Jenny cried out. “Please, it hurts.”
“Does that hurt worse than the noose tight around your neck?” Johnny asked as he activated the winch.

Hearing the winch start all Jenny could do was whimper in terror as tears continued to roll down her face. And then gasp as the rope started to pull at her neck. Once Jenny started to have trouble breathing Johnny turned off the winch.

“I think this should tide you over for awhile.” Johnny said as he stared into Jenny’s terror filled eyes.
“Please….” Jenny gasped, as she began to move up and down on Johnny’s cock, although whether that was to alleviate the pressure or allow her to get herself off Johnny was unsure, and ultimately didn’t care.

After a few minutes of struggling against gravity Jenny suddenly stiffened, and began to shudder in the throws of yet another orgasm.
“I think it’s time now.” Johnny told the terrified girl as he stared at her face that was turning purple, and then grabbed her shoulders and began to pull her downward. Realization flashed in Jenny’s eyes as she began to struggle against the ropes binding her wrists, against Johnny’s body and the fate that ultimately awaited her. Slowly Jenny’s struggles weakened, until a final burst of desperation caused her to writhe against Johnny dramatically, finally allowing him to cum deep inside of her cunt. As his orgasm surged through him Johnny went weak in the knees and almost his full weight pulled down on Jenny’s shoulders. Once he finished Johnny pulled out of Jenny and stepped back.

“Damn still sort of alive. Well maybe I can hold out longer with Annie.” Johnny said as he noticed Jenny’s body beginning to rotate and her hands still clenching and unclenching. Stepping up to the limp girl Johnny laid his hand over her heart and could just barely detect a stuttering heart beat. Finally with a full body shudder Jenny went still and her bladder released.

“Damn it, I should have put down a tarp.” Johnny grumbled. “Well that was awesome Jenny.”

Grabbing Jenny’s phone Johnny sent Annie text.

“Hey Annie, I need you to help me with a surprise for Johnny, I need you to come to his house as soon as you can.”

“Sure Jenny, I should be able to make it over in about half an hour.”

“Awesome. That’ll work.” Johnny replied on Jenny’s phone, then went to go and grab some more rope, and a tarp this time.


This is nothing like "Heads" :-/ Totally lacked the playfulness. Oh well - well written anyway.


love it hope u hang annie next hope shes younger



I love it and can’t wait to read about Annie.

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