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Sorry it's a short intro, hopefully I'll post some more later. A bit back to my previous style so I hope you enjoy :-)

Part 1

“Do you really think this is going to work?” Jessica asked, peering doubtfully at the long wooden box. “I mean, I know it works for small joints of meat and stews and that sort of thing but do you really think…”

“It’s a bit late to be worrying about that sort of thing now!” sighed April, the most sensible of the group and the main brains behind the project. “Anyway, the smaller version worked perfectly with that fish. There’s no reason at all this shouldn’t work!”

“Guess there’s only one way to find out!” Penny chuckled. “I’m prepared to stake my reputation on it!”

“And a whole lot more!” Jessica conceded. It had been a fun project and the three young students were grateful for the amount of time and support their school had allowed them, both in the planning stages and the building, first of the smaller test models then of the finished product. But tomorrow was the big day – the demonstration and contest which, if all went as well as they hoped, would win them Roebuck Scholarships for the combined Cookery and Engineering course which had become both popular and extremely prestigious in recent years, with all of Britain’s top universities competing to offer the best course and attract the top students. University had, however, become more expensive with each passing year so the offer of a full scholarship, complete with Living Allowance, was too great to ignore.

When the three eighteen year-olds had signed up for the competition, they had not really discussed who the final test-subject would be. In fact, most of the contenders that they knew of were male teams with girlfriends or sisters being coerced or conscripted to help out. There were a few mixed teams and there were no prizes for guessing how that would play out but they were one of the few all-girl teams.

The remit for the contest was to come up with a new, energy-efficient way to cook whole girls that could also be marketed for home use and did not require a lot of technical knowledge or fancy gadgetry. The girls had approached it as a team effort, recognising that their different body-types would be suited to different cooking methods and assuming that which one of them should sacrifice herself for the others would become apparent as they worked. April, who was blonde and slim, had assumed that she may well end up boiled whereas plump brunette Jessica had pictured herself ending up in some kind of oven like a roast chicken. Over time, however, as the project developed and they leaned towards some kind of slow-cooker, it seemed to have been decided that it would be Penny, a red-head who was pleasantly curvy, somewhat athletic but with enough remaining puppy-fat to keep her on the especially attractive cusp of chubby, would be the test subject. Nobody could remember when this had been decided and, in all honestly, the girls could not recall ever having discussed it. Everyone had just started talking as if it were a given and Penny had raised no objection. During the design and building process she had happily stripped off when needed or laid on the wooden planks to assist with measurement. And now, here they were, the night before the day which would hopefully change all their lives in one way or another.

Although the slow-cooker had been built at the school, it had been transported, along with all the other similar projects, to the exhibition centre where the judging would take place. Since they would need to begin the process far earlier than most of the candidates, the girls had been granted permission to film the first part, which would take place very early the next morning, and show it on a provided video screen while the other demonstrations, each in their own sectioned-off booth, would take place. With no more prep to do, April called her parents and asked them to come collect her and her team-mates and drop them home. The next day would be a very long one and starting very early so a sound and restful night was what they all needed. Penny was not sure if she would be able to sleep or whether the feeling of anticipation she was feeling was more fear or excitement but she knew she had to try if she were to be extra-delicious for the judges the next day!


Edward Hyde is dead. Long live Perre Fouettard.

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Anyway, welcome back.

Just don't forget to eat and sleep sometimes between writing (a comment I always wanted to leave about your crazy writing speed, but somehow never did… Ah, right, it was hard to comment on your stories because I could never keep up with them, that's why)


Hehe I suspect I will be slower this time as it takes a little more effort to come up with a story that is interesting enough to me that I want to write it but isn't just a return to my old work :-) Hope you enjoy at least :-)


Part 2

The next morning came and Penny’s mum dropped the three girls off at the exhibition centre on her way to work. She had offered to take the day off and come in to watch but Penny was adamant that she did not want any family there. She kissed her mum goodbye and wished her a good day at work as if this was any normal day and not her last. The other two girls waved and called out thanks to Mrs Robinson as they climbed out of the car.

Penny was in normal clothes, a t-shirt and a pair of jeans that would be easy to take off once they got inside. The other two girls were dressed in matching black trousers and black polo-shirts with their school’s logo on it. There was technically no dress-code for the competition but they wanted to look professional and felt that, since they were being supported in their entry by their school then it was a good idea to represent that in their choice of attire.

It was a little before 7am. At least three hours before any of the other contestants or organisers would turn up. The meals were supposed to be ready to serve at 3pm so most groups would not even start the cooking until 12, with many only then starting their prep but, given how much longer this low-energy, eco-friendly cooking method was likely to take, the girls knew that they had to get a head start. Fortunately, the building security had been briefed that they would be arriving and the rather bored-looking security guard in his G4S uniform unlocked the door for them from the inside and led them through the building to the main hall where their booth, one of about twenty, was set up. He made small-talk with them as they walked, apparently glad of the few minutes’ distraction from the monotony, but he was clearly tired and close to the end of his shift. After being assured that they knew where the emergency buzzer was if they needed it and receiving the girls’ thanks, he trudged back off to the front desk to pass the final coffee-filled hours of his shift, glad that he would be back home and in bed before the main event began!

The booth, the three girls were relieved to see, had not been interfered with since they left the night before. There was the wooden box with its metallic lining and lid propped against the side, the sack of charcoal, the stack of compost bags and the metal bucket with the other bits and pieces in. The box was resting on a metal table, like a work bench in a kitchen, with a set of steps to the side. Penny felt a shiver of excitement knowing that climbing those steps would be one of the last things she ever did and she would not be coming down. Not under her own power anyway.

At the back of the booth was a small but comfortable shower cubical with a towel hanging next to it and a refrigerator, on top of which were a number of mixing bowls, pots and other, larger plastic containers.

“You jump in the shower.” April instructed Penny. “Jess and I will make a start with the rest of things.” It felt strange to be undressing in such an open, public-looking space. Certainly Penny had been naked in front of her two friends on several occasions while they worked on their project and there had been the early session where they had all stripped off to aid the discussion of different types of girl-meat and the necessary preparation each required. But that had always been in relative privacy, either in a room in one of their houses or in a classroom with the blinds down, after everyone else had gone home. Now she was going to be naked in a brightly-lit, open space with goodness-knows how many security cameras pointing at her. She wondered if the security guard at the front desk would be watching?

Penny was, she realised and made an effort to remind herself, more fortunate than most in this respect. The majority of the girls being cooked that day would be stripping, showering and standing around naked in front of all the other contestants, the organisers and anyone else who happened to be wandering around, as the event was open to any members of the public willing to pay the ticket price. By the time anyone else arrived, she would be sealed in the box with only her head visible and, by the time her naked body was on view once more, she would be in no position to care!

“Looking good!” Jessica teased with a cheeky wink and Penny unhooked her bra and wriggle out of her underwear. She had used cream to remove all her body hair before going to bed the night before and her pale skin looked fresh and vibrant. “Remember,” her friend continued, “you’ve got the most important job today. However good our invention is, we’re not going to win if you’re not delicious!”

“I’ll do my best!” the nude teenager laughed. “Better get the coals lit so they’re ready when we need them!”

“I know!” April tutted a little. “Don’t worry about that, we know what we’re doing! You get clean so we can on with things! The schedule is pretty tight!”

“Nah I thought I’d just go for a jog around the building and hop straight in the box, give the cooking process a head-start!” Penny retorted sarcastically but with a smile, “The judges won’t mind their meat a little gamy will they?”

“Just get in that shower will you?” April rolled her eyes. “And don’t forget to wash your feet! Don’t want the judges asking what the special cheese sauce is!”

“Wait!” Penny suddenly sounded serious. “Aren’t we supposed to be filming the whole process?”

“Good call!” Jessica ran over to the tripod-mounted camera and fiddled with it for a few moments before giving the rest of the team a thumbs-up. “We’re rolling!”

“Umm, welcome!” Penny stepped forward, realising that as she was likely to draw the most attention on the video once it was played to the public she might as well own it. She couldn’t help wondering if she would still be alive by the time the event started. It had felt too cruel to test the device on any live subject, even a fish, so she really had no idea how long she would survive. With a shudder, she realised it was even slightly possible that she would still be alive when people started to eat her, but she was fairly sure this would not be the case. “I’m Penny Robinson and, with the help of my friends here, April Masters and Jessica Carfax,” both girls waved at the camera as their names were mentioned, “I will be demonstrating our eco-friendly, low-energy slow-cooker to you today! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I will hand over to April to show you the next part of the process as I need to go and prepare myself.” She blew a kiss at the camera and turned to walk towards the shower, secretly hopping that her shapely bottom was in shot.

Having pulled the glass panel across and turned on the water, Penny could no longer hear what the girls were saying to the camera but, if she occasionally wiped away the mist from the glass she could see what they were doing while she washed her soft, pink body with the provided industrial soap which was odourless and, more importantly, flavourless so as not to effect the taste of the cooked meat.

Providing a running commentary as they did so, the black-clad girls continued the preparations. Having emptied out the metal bucket, April poured in the sack of charcoal, squirted on some lighter fluid and dropped in a match. The orange flames leaped up, causing her to jump back, but soon died down and she knew it would not be long before the coals were ready. While this was going on, Jessica poured a layer of compost into the bottom of the box, maybe six inches deep. Having done so, she unclipped the camera from its stand and carried it over to give a better view of the inside of the now partially-filled box.

The wooden box was constructed from corner posts which fitted into the base, between which the side panels could be slid, making it easy to take apart and transport. The sides and base, although it was no longer visible beneath the compost, were coated with thin sheets of highly polished aluminium. The lid, currently propped against the table, was similarly lined. One end was the same height as the sides and made from a single piece whereas the other currently only reached a little above half the height of the box and had a semi-circular indentation much like the guillotines of the French Revolution or a medieval pillory. Beyond this was a small wooden platform where the girl being cooked could rest her head, outside of the box.

After returning the camera to its stand, Jessica fished down one of the large, shallow plastic containers, more like a tray, from the top of the fridge and set it on the floor. Feeling that she was as clean as she was ever going to be, Penny opened the shower and stepped out in a cloud of steam, grabbing the hanging towel to dry herself off under the passive and ever-watchful gaze of the camera. Once she was satisfied that she was suitably dry, the naked girl stepped into the plastic tray. They had gone through and rehearsed the necessary steps many times during their preparation for the big day so they all knew exactly what they were doing but this was the first time any of it was being done for real.

“Ready?” April asked, approaching with a jug-like container of vegetable oil, “This might be cold!” Penny have a little nod and braced herself as the slim blonde poured the oil out over her shoulders and chest, taking care to avoid her braided red hair, allowing it to slowly trickle down over her ample breasts and down her belly. It was not too cold and, in fact, felt quite pleasant against her just-showered skin. What happened next, however, was even nicer. Before the oil could trickle too far, the other two girls set to work rubbing it into their friend’s skin, making sure that every inch was covered. It felt for Penny like a sensual massage, as more and more oil was poured on and distributed by soft but determined hands over her entire young body, but equally she had never felt more like a piece of meat being prepared for the oven as she did right then! Strangely, she found it was not a feeling she objected to! It felt right, as if this had been her destiny all along.

Once they were satisfied that their meat was suitably oiled, the other two girls left her standing in the tray and turned their attention back to the box. Penny couldn’t help feeling a little stupid, standing there bare, slightly cold and incredibly slippery, but she knew there was nothing else she could do to help at that point so she resigned herself to standing like a lemon while her friends worked, accompanied by as constant commentary to camera.

The coals were now ready so, using a pair of oven gloves, April picked up the bucket and tipped roughly half into the box. Jessica used a small garden tool to spread them out evenly before covering them with another thin layer of compost. With the box now full to just below half way, April took a roll of tin foil and laid strips cross-ways in the box, pushing them down so that they should not break when Penny lowered herself in. She then took a bag of large leaves out of the fridge – a special kind of kale, she explained, grown on an allotment by a friend of her grandfather’s. Each leaf was more than a foot wide and looked more like rhubarb leaves than any kind of kale or cabbage but, April assured the hypothetical viewer, unlike rhubarb leaves they were perfectly edible.

She laid the large leaves in on top of the tin foil which was delicately draped over the sides of the box. Then, as Jessica took the camera to show the inside of the box once more, April opened a tin of pineapple rings and spread them out on top of the leaves. Once this was done, she took a pot of sliced garlic and spread out a little less than half, finishing the whole process off with a drizzling of a garlic-flavoured oil. Now it was time for Penny’s big moment. Not wanting the audience and judges to miss any part of the process, Jessica decided to keep the camera in her hand and follow the action for this most important stage.

“Well, this is it!” Penny smiled at the camera. Perhaps her smile was a little forced but even she was not sure if she was afraid or simply experiencing nerves from being on camera. If she were to slip or mess up now, it would be terribly embarrassing!

Conscious of Penny’s oily state, April took her hand while she stepped out of the plastic tray then, followed by Jessica with the camera, the pair made their way around the table to the metal steps. Fortunately, the steps were quite effectively textured and so Penny did not slip as she climbed them, still supported by April. At the top she took a deep breath, feeling the chill of the conditioned air on her oily, naked young body and knowing that she was effectively about to lay down in her own coffin, never to get up again.

Carefully, with April helping as best she could from floor level, Penny stepped into the box and lay down, wriggling to get comfortable on the oily bed of kale and pineapple, then rested her neck on the inside of the semi-circle, her pretty, freckled face outside the box and looking upwards into the intensely concentrating face of April who place a small pillow on the shelf beneath her head to maker her more comfortable. As penny adjusted her body a little, April made sure that her ginger braids were outside the box. Once Penny was in place, April slid the top of the head-collar into place, effectively locking her in and making it so that Penny could no longer see her admittedly already delicious-looking body.

“How does it feel?” Jessica asked from behind the camera.

“Surprisingly comfortable actually!” Penny smiled. “I can feel the warmth underneath me but it’s not too hot yet. I hope it’s going to be hot enough to cook me!”

“I’m sure it will be once it’s all finished and sealed up!” Jessica assured her before moving down the box to film what April was now doing. Much as she had before, April began spreading out pineapple slices, but this time over Penny’s body. These were quickly followed by the garlic slices and drizzling of oil. Before she added the kale leaves and without a word of explanation, she gently manoeuvred Penny’s left arm so that her hand rested over her plump and freshly-hairless pussy lips. Penny understood immediately and moved her right arm accordingly. Still without saying a work, April gave her arm a little pat to acknowledge their understanding. Penny had several hours to wait in the box while she cooked – she might as well enjoy it as much as she could!

Satisfied that the meat was in optimum position, April covered her neck to toe with more of the kale leaves then folded over the tin foil so that Penny was cocooned in a metallic chrysalis. Now it was Jessica’s turn again so April quickly wiped her oily hands and took the camera, filming while Jessica poured more compost over Penny’s body, followed by the remaining coals which she spread out as before then a final level of compost, stopping just shy of the top of the box. After setting the camera back on its stand, April helped Jessica to lift the lid and place it on top. There were no clips or screws to hold it on but a slight ridge finding its home showed them that it was in place. Both black-clad girls stepped back to admire their handiwork.

“Well there we have it, folks!” April addressed the stationary camera. “Now all we have to do is wait for the slow-cooker to do its work and, by the time we take Penny out, she should be deliciously cooked and we’ll all be in for a treat! See you all later!” As Penny had done, she blew a cheeky kiss at the lens while Jessica ran behind the camera to switch it off.

“That’s a wrap!” Jessica confirmed as the red light on the front of the camera was extinguished.

“So?” Penny asked a little impatiently, feeling the weight of the soil on top of her and the as yet not uncomfortable warmth inside the box. “How did it go? Did it all work like we planned?”

“It worked perfectly!” April assured her, stroking her hair a little. “What should we do now? Do you want us to stay with you?”

“Nah,” Penny smiled. “Go grab some breakfast or something. Just come back and check on me in about an hour, would you? See if I need anything then?”

“Okay.” Her friend smiled, leaning in to give her a little kiss on the cheek. “And thank you for doing this!”

“Oh my pleasure!” Penny grinned, a genuine smile of happiness this time. “I just hope it works how we planned and I really am delicious!”


I like it! I hope you write more soon :)


Thanks :-) I'm enjoying this one so far. Hopefully Pt3 tomorrow :)


This story is shaping up great! Also, a pair of ideas for this or another story if you want to use them. This setting lends itself for the imagery of aromatic steam coming out the girl's mouth and nostrils (with her either alive or dead, preferably the first option) and her girlfriends going for a flavorful french kiss with her. Also, you could try to keep Penny alive longer (perhaps even to the end) by giving her icy water to drink and lower the temperature of her internal organs while her meat cooks on the outside.


Hmm I like both those ideas! The only bit I have set in stone right now is the moment her cooked body is revealed but everything around that is flexible and very much dependant on how the mood takes me - I will certainly keep your ideas in my head and, if I don't use them this time, they may show up later :-D


Not feeling at my most creative today but here's an update to save the story from sinking into oblivion! lol


The hour passed slowly. At first, Penny tried to sleep but the florescent lights above her were too bright even with her eyes closed. She wished that she had asked for some kind of blindfold – perhaps her T-shirt rolled up and draped over her eyes. At least that would have blocked the light. She was very conscious of the weight of the soil on top of her but it was not crushingly heavy. What it reminded her of most was being buried under the sand at the seaside, something her little brother and she would happily take turns at when they were younger. Every time she breathed in, she felt the loose compost settle a little but it was not so heavy that it kept her from breathing out, as she had been afraid it might be. Although she knew she was going to die in that box and had long since made her peace with the idea, the thought of being crushed and suffocated still scared her.

To pass the time, as her tomb began to grow ever warmer, she pondered what the experience of dying was going to be like. What would actually kill her? She was grateful that she was not being cooked over coals or an open fire and she did not like the thought of her skin burning, drying out and cracking. They had discussed the technical aspects of cooking her meat many times but the thought of how it would actually feel to be cooked never seemed to come up. This form of cooking was supposed to cook evenly, inside and out, rather than outside through to the inside so she imagined it would continue to grow warmer until her organs started to shut down. The trapped girl could not help wondering just how much heat she would live to experience and how much, if any, pain she might experience as she slowly cooked to death. She hoped that it would feel like falling asleep in a nice, hot bath.

Despite the weight of the soil above her, Penny found that she was able to move her fingers a little, just enough to give some stimulation. Her restricted movement and the overall circumstances meant a climax was highly unlikely but it still felt nice and was a welcome distraction from what was happening to her, although she could not help but wonder if her increased heart rate would speed up or slow down the cooking process. At least, for now, she was relatively comfortable.

“Hey there!” Penny was snapped out of her musings but April’s voice. She turned her head to the side and saw both girls walking towards her with large soda cups in their hands. Jessica appeared to be finishing some kind of pastry. “How’s it going?”

“Well, I think.” Penny smiled, glad to have company again. The loneliness of laying alone in the box in an otherwise empty exhibition hall was not something that she had anticipated, “It’s kind of hard to tell from here! Hey,” she chuckled as she watched Jessica pop the last morsel into her mouth and lick her fingers, “Make sure you leave room for lunch! I hear the main dish is slow-cooked ginger and you wouldn’t want to miss out on that, would you?”

“Oh don’t worry!” Jessica laughed. “I’ve got plenty of appetite left for you! So,” she pulled a stool from the side of the booth and sat down next to the table, bringing her to the same level as Penny’s exposed head and making it easier to chat, “How does it feel?”

“Just kinda warm at the moment.” Penny replied after a few moments consideration as April sat down on her own stool next to Jessica. “A bit like being after the bath when you wrap yourself in a towel that’s been hanging over the radiator.”

“That actually sounds quite nice!” April observed. “Not that I wanted it to, but I was worried that it was going to be painful for you.”

“Maybe it will be at some point but not yet.” smiled Penny. Then a thought occurred to her. “You know, maybe we should do a little more filming? The camera has a time-stamp on, doesn’t it?”

“Well yeah but there’s nothing to see yet.” April looked a little puzzled. “Just your head sticking out of the box and nothing really has changed about that since you went in, other than your cheeks being a little pinker maybe?”

“But we don’t just want people to want to cook girls this way, do we?” Penny explained patiently, mildly amused by the confusion on her team-mates’ faces, “We want girls to choose this method! To want it and look forward to it! If I can prove to them it’s nothing to be afraid of then it might help with marketing and that sort of thing when we win!”

“If we win.” Remarked April, ever the pragmatist. “But yeah, good idea!”

“When we win!” Penny corrected her forcefully. “It’s okay for you two, you can go invent other things but this is my only shot and I wouldn’t have got into this box to be turned into lunch for a room full of strangers if I didn’t believe in what we were doing! Now,” she added with a grin, “go grab the camera!”

Considering herself the most experienced at handling it, Jessica bounced up from her seat and retrieved the camera. Pointing it at Penny’s face she selected the fade-in option, hit record and gave her friend a thumbs-up from behind the camera to show that it was rolling.

“Hello again!” Penny greeted her potential viewers, “Last time I spoke to you, we were about to begin the process. You saw how the box was assembled and how my body was prepared ready for cooking. Well, as you can see I have now been cooking for a little over one hour and I wanted to tell you a little about the experience.” April leant forward with interest, waiting to hear Penny’s description, while Jessica held the camera steady with a close-up of the red-head’s cute, slightly warm-looking face.

“So far,” Penny explained, “there is no pain. Not even any real discomfort. I was worried that the compost on top of me was going to feel too heavy but it doesn’t. The box seems to be warming up steadily, much more slowly than an oven would. It’s designed to hold its temperature for far longer but I’m sure I won’t be around for too much of it once it reaches its peak. I don’t know exactly how long I’ll survive in here or whether I’ll have an opportunity to talk to you again so I’d like to say that, from the point of view of the meat, I can really recommend this cooking method and would definitely choose it over an oven or spit! Well,” she grinned a little cheekily, “in case I don’t get another chance to speak to you, I’d better say ‘bon appetite!’”

“Great!” Jessica grinned, having turned off the camera and set it back on its stand. She took out her phone and glanced at the time. “I suppose it’s going to be another couple of hours before anyone else starts arriving. Is there anything you need? Anything we can do to keep you comfortable?”

“I could do with a little drink of water?” Penny asked, tentatively, “If that’s allowed?” She and Jessica both looked at April.

“I guess a little couldn’t hurt, just to wet your whistle, as my Gran used to say?”

“Exactly.” Penny smiled gratefully. “Don’t worry, I know nobody likes their meat stewed in pee!” All three girls laughed as April went to the fridge and took out one of the plastic water bottles that had been provided by the organisers for all the teams. Carefully, so as not to spill it, she tipped a little of the delightfully icy liquid into Penny’s open mouth.

“We’re gonna go again for a bit.” April explained after checking that Penny had got enough water. We’ll come check on you again in another hour but one of the organisers is here and wants to go through some paperwork with us, contracts and that sort of thing. We said we had to come check on you first. Hopefully by next time we’ll be able to smell some cooking going on?” she added with a somewhat wolfish grin. Although she was a little sad to be losing her friend, she could not hide the fact that she was looking forward to finding out how she tasted!

“Is there anything else you need?” Jessica asked kindly. Penny remembered the issue she had experienced the first time she was left alone.

“Do you think you could put something over my eyes?” she asked meekly, “So I can try to sleep?” April went to search for a suitable blindfold while Jessica stood next to her friend, smiling down at her and gently stroking her hair.

“I’m not sure I said it properly before,” she smiled a little sadly, “but I really am so grateful for what you’re doing. We both are. When we win,” she grinned, “and I know we will, we will owe it all to you!” Penny wasn’t quite sure what to say so just smiled back.

“Oh come on,” she managed after a moment, “this is totally a team effort!”

“Yeah,” Jessica agreed with a little giggle, “but I think you’ve managed to totally redefine taking one for the team!” Just then, April returned with a clean, soft hand-towel which she folded over and over until it was a little less than four inches wide. She laid it carefully over Penny’s slightly sweaty face, covering her eyes. The moment she did so, Penny was enveloped in darkness. This was much better. The darkness combined with the strange comfort of the increasingly warm box seemed to guarantee sleep.

“Here.” Jessica surprised Penny by leaning down and kissing her. Not an affectionate peck like April had given but a full, romantic and passionate kiss on the mouth. Without even realising what she was doing, Penny began to move her fingers again. “Stick around until we get back,” Jessica whispered cheekily in her ear, “and there’s more where that came from!”


I may have set up to use your suggestion ;-) I actually have quite a sweet idea based on it - just hope I can pull it off :-)


That was pretty nice, thanks! I didn't think of the urine factor. In retrospect perhaps Penny should have been catheterized (something to consider for future dishes). Here's hoping that her cooks keep her head cool (wet towels anyone?) during the process to make her last conscious as long as possible, wouldn't want her to miss on the fun!


Yeah it honestly didn't occur to me until I was about to give her a drink then realised she was going to be in that sealed space for another 3-4 hours. Maybe if they win and their design is commercially released, some sort of catheter system could be added so the girls can be kept hydrated. It could soak into the compost with no issue - just needs to be outside the foil! In Penny's case, let's just hope her mum reminded her to go before she came out :-P


Well, that's the power of the retcon for you. However, we don't know how a small trickle of urine might affect the flavor, given the ingredients. For all we know, the resulting salty bittersweet flavor might prove a hit in a cannibal society.