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It all started as fun and games. At first gurochanEVMC was

trying to make and train his OP to be his sex slave

during the week of his spring vacation. EVMC succeeded

beyond his wildest fantasy and expectations. The transformation

in OP was really incredible and astonishing. It only took a

few days to change OP from a homemaker and

OP to an obedient sex slave. OP became a submissive whore

and sex toy to EVMC.

In the process, gurochanEVMC have also turned his OP into

a total sex addict. his addiction and craving for sex could only

be satisfied and fulfilled by his EVMC. Once gurochanEVMC

had shown OP his submissive and passionate side of his

submerged inner self he could no longer deny them anything. he

was now totally enslaved by gurochanEVMC. OP always thought he was

frigid or even sexual deficient, but now, he what to have sex

all the time. Thanks to gurochanEVMC, he finally discovered

his erotic and true submissive and masochistic nature. he wanted

to be completely dominated by his beloved young sons. In order to

please his sons, he would do anything and perform any lewd and

degrading acts for his enjoyment and entertainment. gurochanEVMC

had absolute power over his sex slave OP now and

could do anything to and with his beautiful OP's sexy


When Easter vacation was over, gurochanEVMC went back to school

with great reluctance. They couldn't wait for his classes to be

over and returned home to his loving, obedient and submissive

OP. OP eithis stark naked or clad only in the sexiest and

scantiest underwear was always eagerly waiting by the door for

his sons to come home from school each day.

gurochanEVMC establihed a sort of loose routine during

weekdays. When they woke up first thing in the morning, both Mark

and EVMC took terms to piss in his OP's mouth right in the

bed. With so much practice in the last few days, OP was quite

good now at emptying his sons' full bladder into his stomach

without spilling a single drop of his golden piss. Some days if

one or both of his sons couldn't wait, he'll suck them off until

they come in his mouth. They pulled the dildos from his cunt and

asshole one after the othis. Juices from his nethis holes were

collected separately. Mark always fed his OP the overnight

sperm and cunt juice drained from his vagina, while EVMC

exclusively fed stored ass juice and sperm to his OP from his

own rectum.

Later in the morning, gurochanEVMC went into separate

bathrooms, while his OP was waiting outside his bathroom

doors eagerly with anticipation. When one of his sons had finish

shitting, he will call his in for ass cleaning service. OP

squatted behind his son as he was bending at the waist by the

toilet. OP inhaled deeply, enjoying the musty stinking aroma

emitting from his son's wide spread asscheeks. he used his

tongue to lick his son's wide spread asscrack up and down first

to clean up any remaining shit on and around his asshole. After

his son's ass crack and the outside of his asshole was cleaned up

and glistening with his saliva, he pressed his mouth on the

puckered asshole and sucked hard and most of the time he was

rewarded with pieces of his own son's remaining shit from his

rectum. he swallowed his son's shit as if they were candies.

Finally, OP stuck his tongue as far as he could deep inside

his son's asshole and ream it out thoroughly. When his othis son

was ready, OP performed the same wonderful ass cleaning

service on him as well.

Sometime, OP was allowed to piss and shit in the toilet under

his sons' watchful eyes but Most of the times though, he was

told to hold in his shit and piss by his young sons until they

came home from school. At those times, he was usually collared

and leahed by his two boys and then they would led his naked

crawling OP to the backyard so he could piss in the dirt and

shit into his own litter box for his viewing pleasures. EVMC

usually fucked his OP in the ass after he shits, after he

filled his rectum with sperm he then made his OP lick his

shit-covered cock clean. As he promised he would do, he always

wiped his OP's shitty asshole clean with tissue papers


Each morning after OP served his sons' breakfast; he would

prepare his lunch boxes. his sons' lunches include the usual

standard sandwich, chips and fruit with one notable exception. In

each lunch box, he placed an eight-ounce bottle filled with sex

fluid extracted from his cunt. his own OP's cunt juices

were his sons' favor drink now.

When they were ready to leave for school, OP always hugged his

boys really tight reluctant to let them out of his sight. he

kissed both his boys good bye like no ordinary OP did or

should. OP French kissed them right on the mouth. While his

OP was sucking on his tongues, gurochanEVMC were groping

his OP's naked smooth flesh. If time permitted, sometimes

one or both of his sons would flood his mouth with piss or sperm.

As a parting jest, they always eithis slapped his OP's soft

round asscheeks really hard, or pinched and pulled his elongated

nipples or his sensitive throbbing big swelling clit until he

cried out in pain and pleasure. They would always leave his

highly aroused OP on the verge of an orgasm and panting for


Dinner at the King's residence is an event every day now instead

just only eating food to satisfy hunger. OP would prepare his

sons' favorite dihes every night. As directed by his sons, the

meal must always include a salad dish and some phalanx shaped

fruits and vegetables. Occasionally a bunch of grapes or fresh

berries was also available. he usually wore a very scanty sexy

French maid's apron around his slime waist just barely covered

the string bikini underneath. An erotic looking garter belts to

hold up his black heer nylon stocking on his creamy long and

shapely thighs and legs. On his pretty feet he wore a pair of 4"

high heels which made his seem even taller and sexier when he

walked. OP was never allowed to sit and dine with the boys.

he was eithis chained to the dinning table or told always to

stand by the dinning table with his hands behind his back and be

ready to service them in anyway. Before each meal EVMC would

insert large whole cucumber, carrots or an entire peeled banana

all the way into his OP's asshole. Mark would stuff his

OP's vagina full of grapes and othis fruits like

strawberries, chunks of banana or pineapples. Sometimes even

combination of lengthy celery and carrot sticks or cooked food

such as meatballs was inserted deep inside his vagina. The

vegetable and fruit would be kept in his nethis holes by the

straps of his string bikini usually for the duration of the

entire meal. his sons wanted the fresh produce to cook and soak

up his cunt juices and ass juices inside his OPs' vagina

tunnel and rectum. While they were eating the food on the table,

his OP was underneath the table devouring his hard and

long penis. When they were ready to come, his OP would hold

his salad plate close to his throbbing cock heads. They would

shoot his creamy come juice on top of the salad.

"OP, be a good girl and eat your salad, it's got the most

nutritious dressing on top!"

OP would feast on the salad toped with his sons' precious

creamy sperm with relish. When they took the cooked food, fresh

vegetables or fruits out of his OP's pussy, it was dripping

with his aromatic feminine honey sex juices. gurochanEVMC share

these delicious morsels as if its food for the Gods. Sometime

they would feed his OP his own cunt juice-covered food, but

mostly they love to watch his eating his own ass juice and

shit-covered fruits and vegetables from his own asshole.

After dinner every evening, his sons removed his OP's sexy

apron and his minuscule string bikini. OP was usually ordered

to sit near the dinning table in the old kitchen chair with the

bottom cut out. The old chair had been cleaned up and moved from

the garage and back to the kitchen again. They tied his hands and

legs to the armrests and the front legs of the chair. An empty

half-gallon plastic bottle with a long narrow neck was inserted

snugly half way inside his vagina. The base of the bottleneck

fitted with a rubber gasket, which formed a watertight seal

around the entrance of his vagina opening to prevent any leakage.

The bottle was resting flatly on a footstool underneath the

chair. A huge vibrating dildo was thrusting into his asshole and

secured with a tape to prevent it from sliding out. OP

presented a most erotic and sexy exhibition clad only in garters

and heers stockings tied securely on a bottomless chair.

Mark brought out a new car battery and placed it on the kitten

table. Three long electrical wires ran from the posts of the

battery. Alligator clamps with strong springs were fitted at the

othis end of each wire. EVMC squatted in front of his OP

with the three clamp attached electrical wires and proceed to

snap one clamp after the othis on each of his OPs'

pebble-hard pink long nipples. OP drew in his breath sharply

as the tiny shape teeth of the clamps' bite into the tender flesh

of his elongated pink nipples. When EVMC snapped the remaining

clamp on his OP's blood fill distended clit, the spring of

the alligator clamp was so strong its teeth bite into and break

the ultra sensitive skin of OP's large clit. A single drop of

clitoris blood was sipping out between the clamps' shape metal

teeth. OP screamed aloud in agony. Tear drops were spilling

from his eyes and falling down his cheeks. his sensitive huge

abused clit throbbing madly as he came. A tremendous volume of

cunt juices was secreting and spilling deep within his vagina

gushing out forcefully into the empty bottle with a loud splash.

Mark slowly turned a dial on the battery and his OP began to

moan. OP was taking the current in his nipples and clit! his

pink nipples gradually turned into a deeper shape of pink and red

and became more erect and elongated; his oversize clit enlarged

even more. his vaginal walls contracted strongly and his cunt

juices started to trickling out his vagina slowly and was

dripping into the bottle. As Mark slowly turned up the current,

his OP came repeatedly. his cunt produced more syrupy vaginal

fluids, which were all captured by the bottle inserted half way

in his vaginal passage.

OP's nipples and his clit were getting hot, his beautiful face

wet with sweats. Mark kept the control dial in the same level to

maintain a steady flow of electric current to his OP's body

for the next hour or so. As the electric current from his nipples

and clitoris pulsing throughout his body, OP moan and groan

constantly, hump his pussy up and down the entire duration as his

body was wracking by wave after wave of orgasm. his clear sticky

honey-like vaginal love juice also maintains a steady flow

continuously streaming into the bottle all this time.

gurochanEVMC were usually doing his homework on the kitchen

table by now. Occasionally they would check on his OP to

make sure the bottle still connected to his cunt and the gasket

continued to form a tight seal around his vagina opening. From

time to time they would both look up from his studies when

his OP screamed out quite loudly every once in a while from

experiencing a particular strong orgasm. When they saw his

OP's beautiful ecstatic face looking back at them mindlessly

with lust-glazed eyes, they smile knowingly to each othis. "OP

is having a great time." If his OP's moans and groans

became too distracting, one of them will gag his mouth with a

pair of his own soiled panties or a dildo.

The whole situation was totally unreal and dreamlike to OP.

he was virtually naked tied to a bottomless chair with electric

wires attached to his nipples and clit. Excruciating pain and

ecstatic pleasure were simultaneously radiating from his abused

nipples and clit due to the strong pressure of the alligator

clamps and the powerful electric currents from the battery. A

huge dildo was humming away in his rectum. his cunt kept

manufacturing and sprouting feminine sex fluids into the bottle

inserted in his vagina. During all this times, his very own young

sons were fully clothed and doing his homework right next to

his! he couldn't believe this is really happing to his. Just

little more than a week ago, he was a normal homemaker and

OP of these two young boys. Instead of helping them with

his homework after dinner usually, he was now hooked up so

obscenely just like a human juice machine by the same seemingly

studious and innocent little boys at the OPent. Nevertheless,

the juices manufacture deep inside his sex tunnel are the

sweetest, tastiest and most perfumed liquid on earth to his own

sons. They collected and stored his OP's mouth-watering

creamy feminine come juice and sticky viscous transparent cunt

juice nightly for future consumption. OP was still in the

grips of his multiple orgasms; he thought he might just wake up

and find out it was all a dream. However, if it really was only a

dream, he doesn't ever want to wake up from it.

OP was hooked up to the battery for over an hour. he was

almost exhausted from coming so much. The bottle was little more

than half full with his vaginal fluid and come juices. Mark

turned the control dial slowly highis, when it almost reach the

maximum setting, his OP's pink nipples turned into deeper

shade of red, they become extend and elongated to even greater

lengths. his enlarged clitoris swell and made even larger then

before into an over sized dark purple throbbing crown of a

miniature penis about to be burst. OP's voluptuous lustrous

body was suddenly shaking and convulsing violently and

uncontrollably from head to toe almost dislodged the plastic

bottle inserted in his vagina. he was yelping and crying out

shamelessly, his face twisted with obscene passion. OP came

continuously; the electric stimulation induced mind-splitting

endless series of orgasms one after anothis. Somewhise deep

inside his vagina tunnel started to ejaculate huge quantities of

feminine thick creamy-white come juice which pouring out like a

raging small river flowing rapidly nonstop into the bottle.

OP's senses over loaded and he passed out.

When OP recovered, the clamps were removed from his nipples

and clitoris. The swells in three of his most feminine and

sensitive hard buttons: his nipples and clitoris, were down a bit

in size and his color started to return to normal.

Nevertheless, each had a set of deep teeth marks imbedded in it

and still a little hot to the touch. In the pass few days, when

his sons' show his the plastic bottle, he was always quite

embarrassed and his beautiful face bluhed beet-red each time.

he was invariably astonihed but very smug and conceited at how

much cunt juice was produced and collected from within his most

feminine opening; his deep vaginal well. This time was no

exception. The half-gallon bottle fills almost to the top with

his vaginal secretions. Mark usually pour out two tall glasses

from the bottle. He and his brothis each took a glass of his

OP's delicious and tasty sex fluids fresh from his cunt. They

drink and savor it slowly with pure delight and enjoyment.

Sometimes, one or both boys will take terms to offer his

glasses to his OP's lips to let his seep and drink his own

delectable cunt juice. They stored the unfinihed bottle of his

OP's precious and priceless cunt juice in the refrigerator.

In the fridge, thise were already two more half-gallon bottles

full of his OP's cunt cream collected from previous


About this time every night, they were ready for bed. A dog

collar with two leahes attached was put on OP's neck. EVMC

and Mark untied his OP from the chair. They led his by the

leahes into his bedroom. OP's mouth, pussy and asshole would

be fucked and filled with his two virile young sons' penis and

sperm time after time. his sons inserted a dildo and ass plug in

his cunt and asshole to keep all the sex fluids inside his

OPs' nethis holes over night. They tied his OP by his

leash to the bedposts and went to sleep on eithis side of his

naked body.

This routine varies a little on any school days. gurochanEVMC

couldn't wait for the weekend to come around, so then they can

spend two whole days playing and abusing his loving, obedient

and submissive sexy OP.

One afternoon, when EVMC came home from school and opened the

front door of his home. He saw his totally naked beautiful OP

kneed on the foyer of the entrance. his voluptuous sexy body

arched back and his creamy high ample breasts sticking way out at

him. He almost couldn't contain his excitement. He stepped in

front of his kneeing OP with his crotch almost touched his

face. He bent down to kiss his OP's sexy mouth deep and hard

while he unzipped his fries. he took out his son's semi-erected

penis and started to massage it with his soft delicate hands.

"Hurry OP, open your mouth wide now, I have been saving it for

you all day in school and can't hold it in any longer!"

OP held his son's penis with both hands and pointing its

purple mushroom shaped cock head directly toward his wide open

sexy mouth. EVMC started to piss a strong stream of urine

spattered into his OP's mouth. When his OP's mouth filled

completely with his golden piss, he managed to stop from pissing

for a OPent until his OP swallowed all of his urine in his

mouth. Then he refilled his OP's sexy mouth with his piss

again, and waited again for his OP to empty his mouthful of

piss. EVMC kept on pissing and his OP kept on swallowed

mouthful after mouthful of his twelve-years-old son's golden

piss. OP thought he must have swallowed about at least three

tall glasses of his son's salty but delicious urine. EVMC

finally emptied his entire bladder into his own OP's stomach.

OP stuck his tongue out of his piss-wet mouth and licked up

the remaining drop of piss still clinging onto his son's piss

hole. he looked at his youngest son expectantly while licking

his piss wet lips with his pink tongue in such an erotic and

teasing way as if he was thirsty for more of his own preteen

son's delicious golden liquid.

"OP, put my cock in your mouth now!" Ordered EVMC.

OP's put his son's penis into his open mouth quickly swallowed

the entire length of his son's rapidly hardening cock all the way

down to the back of his mouth. his wet tongue licked and played

with the shaft, when his head started to bob up and down and

sucked on his son's cock, he felt his penis grow even longer and

harder in his mouth. EVMC couldn't hold on much longer, all he

could think of all day at school was fucking his OP. His

older brothis had some errands to run so won't be home for a

while and he has his sexy and submissive OP all to himself

for the first time in weeks. He wanted to make the most out of

it in the absence of his brothis. EVMC started to thrust his

hard cock in and out of his OP's mouth; in fact he was

fucking his OP in the mouth. With a loud cry, EVMC was

ejaculating his semen into his OP's mouth.

OP let his son spilled all of his come juice into his oral

cavity without swallowing. After EVMC withdrew his semi-erect

penis out, he opened his mouth as wide as he could to show

EVMC he had caught all of his baby making seed in his mouth

without spilling any, he became quite an expert at oral sex now.

OP looks teasingly into his twelve-years-old son's eyes. his

dainty sexy pink tongue was slowly playing with his son's sperm

around and around inside his mouth and swallowing little by

little until all of it went down his throat and into his stomach.

OP's wide-opened mouth now completely empty without a trace of

his preteen son's come juice.

EVMC's cock was growing harder again. He asks his OP to take

out the dog collar with two leahes attached. He put it on his

OP's neck quickly and picked up the leahes.

"OP, go to the bathroom."

EVMC held the leahes in both hands followed his nude OP

from behind occasionally he was pulling hard on his OP's slim

neck as if he were walking a pony. OP was totally naked except

for a pair of very sexy high-heeled shoes on his pretty feet. his

creamy white soft flesh of his body was so tempting and inviting

to be lahed and whipped. EVMC wihed he had a whip in his hand

right now. He watched the way his OP's hips rolling and his

ass checks bunching like a whore. his two young sons told OP

that he had to make his ass do this while walking in the house.

EVMC loved and admired his OP's sexy body from the top of

his golden blonde hair to his delicate dainty foot and his

printed erotic toenails. Yet, most of all, EVMC enjoyed the

sight of his OP's flawless round ass. OP's bouncing twin

creamy white sphises of his nethis cheeks were indeed the most

beautiful thing to behold for young EVMC. Yes he wanted to ram

his thick cock up his OP's beautiful ass even more than he

wanted it in his mouth, or even in his cunt.

"OP, do you have to piss?" They were in the bathroom. EVMC

asked his OP.

"Yes, may this OP-cunt piss, EVMC?" OP asked. his two

young sons ordered his to ask for permission every time he had

to piss or shit!

"Go ahead OP."

OP sat on the toilet; his leg spread wide open as he had been

told to show the pink lips of pussy. his face turned pink with

excitement when he took a strong piss splashing into the toilet.

EVMC watched his OP's golden piss spraying out from his tiny

urethra opening seemingly endlessly until all of his urine was

released from his fully loaded bladder, while he was holding his

leahes all this time.

"OP, brush your teeth, and rinse your mouth. I want to take

my time and kiss you all over, OP. I wanna kiss you sexy mouth

and I don't want to taste my own piss in your mouth! Did you just

take a shower OP?" EVMC asked.

"Yes, this OP-cunt took a shower just before you came home, I

also douched my cunt and asshole really good inside and out. I

want to make myself nice and beautiful for you my darling." OP

said in a most loving and sexy voice to his son.

"That real good OP, lets go to your bedroom."

In his OP's bedroom, he had his OP laying Spread-eagle on

his back in the middle of the four-posted

bed. He tied the leahes to the headboard hence secured his

OP's neck. Then took out two pairs of his OP's old nylon

stockings and quickly tied his OP's wide stretched arms and

legs to each of the four posts of the bed.

"OP, Mark won't be home for a while, I got to play with you all

by my self! I'm going to take my time, and enjoy your body from

top to bottom!" EVMC said joyfully with anticipation while

looked at his helplessly tied spread-eagle naked OP with

lustful eyes.

EVMC took his clothes off in a hurry and climbed on top of his

OP's bounded nude body. The feeling of his OP's smooth

lustrous creamy flesh against his body was wonderful. his full,

firm but soft breasts and his pebbled-hard nipples rubbing and

poking exciting across his chest almost made him lose control.

EVMC lifted his head a bit and looking down on his OP's

beautiful face with lust and love.

"OP, you're so beautiful and gorgeous, I almost want to eat

you alive!"

OP was overwhelmed with emotion by his preteen son's words.

his happiness revealed in a most beautiful smile on his lovely


EVMC kissed his OP passionately on his sexy mouth. As he

kissed his mouth deeply, he drove his tongue in his mouth moving

it around and made contact with his OP's soft tongue. He

loved the taste of his OP's mouth and his saliva. He let his

own saliva spill into his mouth. OP finding his son's tongue

deep in his mouth and sucked on it. he was kissing his son back

now, and sliding his tongue into his mouth. his tongue was hot

and dripping with saliva. EVMC was sucking on it so hard as if

he wanted to swallow his OP's sexy oral digit. After fifteen

minutes of nonstop French kissing, OP and son were both out

of breath.

EVMC held his naked and bounded OP tightly for a OPent. He

licked along his sensitive elegant neck, then he moved his head

down on his OP's lustrous creamy breast, his lips pulling his

large pink right nipple between his teeth, actually biting and

chewing as well as sucking. His mind seemed to flash back to his

infancy and he fancied himself taking nourishment from his

OP's elongated nipples.

"I wish you have milk in your bobs, OP!" EVMC said while

sucking even harder on his nipple as if really trying to draw

milk from it.

"May this OP-cunt speak?"

"You may." EVMC said.

"When your brothis or you make this OP-cunt pregnant, My

breast will start to produce milk for the baby and for you to

drink, my dearest son." When OP said that, both OP and son

wish he would be pregnant soon.

His OP's creamy breast seemed so firm, and yet so wonderfully

soft and tender to the touch. His small hand could only contain

and gasp half this bountiful creamy softness. EVMC squeezed and

crease one breast softly while pinched the firm pink nipple on

the crest of the othis breast very hard until his OP cry out

in pain and pleasure. His started to suck on a breast, the

elongated and enlarged hard nipple against his tongue were

ambrosia. He alternated from the right teat to the left, sucking,

chewing, biting, and actually almost swallowing the fleshy nipple

along with half his OP's succulent breast meat deep into his

throat a few times, felling the firmness of his nipple scraped

against the roof of his mouth.

"My wonderful son, suck them, chews them, bite them until they


EVMC had his OP's left nipple between his back teeth now and

he proceeded to clamping down on the tender and sensitive flesh

so hard that almost draw blood! EVMC seemingly wanted to bite

off his OP's elongated throbbing erect pink nipple off and

than swallow eagerly into his belly. OP cried out in both pain

and pleasure! It seemed like hours that EVMC was sucking and

playing with his OPs' bountiful breasts, and he finally had

enough. He left his OPs' nipples very tender with numerous

deep bite marks yet OP's throbbing pink nipples were even more

expended and longer then ever.

The strong sexy smell emitted from his OP's under arms

stopped him from going to quench his thirst on his cunt juice. He

buried his nose inside his OP's clean shaving and sweaty

armpits and took a strong sniff. his OP's sweat and his

natural perfume radiate form his smooth armpits were intoxicating

to his preteen. He stuck his tongue out and licked his OP's

entire armpit.

"That tickles!" OP giggled like a young girl.

"OP, every thing about you smells and tastes good, even the

sweat in your armpits, I can't wait to drink your cunt juices."

EVMC said.

"Thank you my darling son. This OP-cunt is really happy that

he pleases you!"

After leaving one of his OP's underarms wet with his saliva

EVMC moved to his OP's othis armpit, licking, and inhaling

leaving both armpits wet with his saliva. EVMC turned his body

around. With his knees now planted on eithis side of his head. He

plunged his rock hard cock deep inside his OP's open mouth

all the way to his throat. He leaned forward and sank his face

straight into his OP's steaming fragrant pussy; his tongue

dived straight into his sex chamber licking out the thick

delicious secretions. EVMC occasionally flattened his tongue

against the full-swollen bud of his OP's oversized clitoris.

He lapped like a starving man, slurping long and loud as his

tongue stretched itself to its limit, rubbing strongly against

his OP's blood swollen clit. Lapping his tongue back and

forth across his clit's ultra-sensitive peak. Aromatic fumes

seemed to come steaming out of his overexcited cunt.

As his tongue slurped through his OP's naturally perfumed

well, more and more of his OP's zesty fluids filled his

mouth. The flavorful drippings of his luscious pussy increase his

appetite for more.

his seething pussy already spurting heavy loads of newly

manufactured lubrication and cunt juice into his son's mouth.

EVMC drank continually, drinking the flushing fountain of syrup

expelled by his loving OP's fuming sex hole. Thirstily,

intently, he drained the flooding tide of expelling sauce. The

taste of his vaginal tunnel roused the strong hunger in him all

the more. He couldn't wait to fuck his OP's asshole!

"OP, I'm going to untie you, and have you turn over and lay on

your front."

After OP laying face down in the middle of his bed, EVMC

quickly retied his OP's wide spread hands and legs to the


EVMC was kissing his OP's creamy round buttocks, chewing on

the two soft, white sphisoids. He then buried his face between

his OP's creamy asscheeks feeling his soft and smooth ass

flesh against his cheeks. He inhaled deeply, smelling the

intoxicated fumes emitting from within his OP's ass cracks.

His shaking hands slowly parted the two creamy white sphises to

reveal his OP's flower-like pink anus. His OP's anus was

the most beautiful thing on earth to him. His tongue licked up

and down his OP's sweaty ass crack but each time he circled

around and by-pass his asshole. OP's asshole was very itchy by

now to be touched by his son's tongue. Finally, the tip of

EVMC's tongue touched very gently, than circle around and around

his OP's most private place. Then he stabbed his tongue tip

into his flower like anus. The soft, pink, web-like flesh was

totally relaxed as his tongue plunged into it, tasting the

scented soap he'd used to cleanse hisself. OP felt his

younger son's tongue reaming his anus, a delight coursed through

his body. He licked veraciously, his tongue trying to ram its

pointed tip past the web-like opening, savoring the purity of his

flesh as he probed. He salivated heavily, allowing his drool to

settle in his pink pucker, using the tip of his tongue to push it

furthis and furthis in. OP shuddered each time his probing

oral digit pointed itself into the tiny rear orifice, licking out

his ass juice. Every now and again he left his head from his

OP's ass crack so he could sink his teeth into his soft,

tender meaty ass-cheeks. He bit hard, stopping short of breaking

the creamy skin, but leaving deep indentations, and teeth marks,

as if claiming his OP's ass for his personal use. OP

squirms with pain and unbridled passion. his body shaking

violently as he came.

After he relaxed, EVMC went on to mount his OP from behind.

He sank his cock between his soft buttocks. His penis tip pressed

against the anal opening. Gripping his OP around his hips,

his per-teen son began pushing hard, feeling his slippery cock

press directly against the starry entrance of his asshole. He

heard his grunt as he puhes forward, and then felt the fine line

of his OP's asshole open into a round void as the very head

of his hard cock now began entering his OP's most private

orifice, thrilling to the constant pressure of his OP's


He grunted, and pulled his OP toward him forcing his ass

muscle finally to surrender as it opened to take the entire

swollen penis. Christ! He thought, what a feeling, what fantastic

feeling! The fact that it was his own OP's asshole made that

feeling twice as good.

His OP's asshole began sucking him into his, sending rapture

along the full length of his solid cock. His hands rubbed his

creamy buttocks feeling his smoothness, pinching them and

thrilling at the way they yielded to his fingers. his soft

texture made him hungry to bite, and had he not halfway into his,

impaling his luscious asshole on his lusting cock, he would have

knelt down right thise, and he'd have bitten hard. The tight

clutching grasp of his squeezing sphincter pulled him in a bit


"Oh, God!" OP yelps. "It feels so unbelievably tight and

absolutely delightful. Push it all the way in this OP-cunt's

ass EVMC."

Tightening the hold he had around his OP's smooth shoulders,

EVMC rammed forward, and with a mighty surge shoved the rest of

his thickness all the way into his. His thighs smacked loudly

into those luscious, creamy buns. He rammed hard, thrusting it

all the way in each time and drawing it out to the knobby point.

In again, out again. The feeling of the soft, wispy tissues of

his OP's rectum cling to the surface of his cock was

incredible. He grabbed his large soft breasts under his body, and

griped them tightly and pinched his erect nipples really hard.

His OP moaned in pain and pleasure as he bucked his elastic

creamy ass cheeks hard against him.

"Can't . . . hold it anymore." He gasped moving ever faster and


"Come, please!" he begged, "shoot that white-hot cream into your

OP-cunt's ass. Shoot, my loving son, shoot!"

Then he let out a loud wail, as he climaxed.

"Ohhhh… OPmeeeee!" EVMC wailed, screaming as he felt his

sperm rushing up through his penile tube and flash into his

OP's rectum. The fact that he was using his own sexy OP's

rectum as a receptacle for his sperm made it even more exciting

and perverse.

EVMC's still rock hard penis came popping out of his OP's

asshole. He pulled hard on his OP's golden blonde hair,

making OP yelp out in pain.

"Turn your head around as far as you could quickly, OP!"

He plunges his come and his ass juice-covered cock into the back

of his OP's wide-open mouth. OP tasted his own ass as he

licked and sucked his son's cock that just came out of his own

asshole. EVMC noticed that his penis came out of his OP's

asshole cleaner than usual as he fucked his penis in and out of

his OP's sexy mouth.

"OP, I prefer a shitty asshole, so don't clean out the inside of

your ass hole! I love the feeling of your shit surrounding my

cock and I love to see you clean my dick covered with your own

shit with your sexy mouth and tongue. Sometimes, I want to lick

and rim your pretty little pink asshole inside and out and I may

want you to clean your ass, particularly if it's fill with Mark's

sperm or mine! You know OP, what I love the most is to feed and

watch you drink and eat the mixture of you own shit mixed with my

sperm draining from your asshole!"

"I promise you my love, my darling son. This OP-cunt's

asshole will remain dirty unless you want his to clean it up!

This OP-cunt can't get enough of you or your brothis's sperm

and has also learned to love the taste of his own shit. I enjoy

cleaning your penis with my shit and ass juice all over it. My

darling, your sperm and my shit mixture are awfully delicious and

tasty to me now. I could drink and eat it for breakfast, lunch

and dinner!"

"That's my girl, OPmy."

OP felt a thrill ran down his spine when he heard his twelve

years old preteen son called his OPmy while praising his. After

gave a most through cleaning lovingly and tenderly with his mouth

and tongue, EVMC's semi-erect penis was sparkling clean again

without a trace of his ass juice and his sperm. Now, EVMC's cock

was rock hard again and coated instead with a heen of his

OP's saliva.

EVMC's push his penis really hard against the opening of his

OP's pink pussy from behind; the mushroom head of his cock

penetrated his seething cunt immediately. The entire shaft

slammed in right to the base, and his OP's blonde pussy hairs

tickled his bare pelvis. He reached underneath his chest to pinch

and pulled hard on his vibrating nipples, making them swell and

enlarge even more as his thumb began a wild punishing massage.

OP cried out in both pleasure and pain as his dripping vagina

contract more tightly against his son's penis attempting to suck

him all the way into his.

His OP's squeezing, pressuring cunt walls were every bit as

tight, to him, as his anal channel. He had a full view of his

swollen prick pushing into the golden fur-lined of his puffy,

pussy lips. The vaginal walls made loud, deliriously thrilling

sucking noises each time he puhed in. Rivers of thick,

transparent cunt juice came running out, bathing his cock and

pelvis. The sweet-smelling liquid pooling around the base of his

thrusting cock, but most of it was seeping and leaking along his

thighs and was wetting the bed.

Now EVMC's movement began to speed up, ready to sent guhiss of

baby-making semen into his OP's vagina. Suddenly, Mark busted

into the bedroom. He grabbed his younger brothis by his stomach

firmly from behind and pulled his body backward forcefully thus

yanking his penis from his OP's cunt completely.

"You OP fucker! I know I can't trust you alone with our

OP!" Mark was hopping mad and quite furious with his younger


"I was just about to pull out of OP. I won't have come in his

pussy anyway."

EVMC said defensively. Actually he didn't really know for sure

what he would have done if his brothis hadn't come home early in

the nick of time. The thought that he had promise his brothis he

won't come in his OP's cunt did across his mind OPentarily

at the peak of his passion. Still, his older brothis got to do

everything first for all his life, he really won't mind being

the first one this time for a change to knock up his own


"I don't believe you! If I catch you next time, I'm gonna beat

the crap out of you!" Mark screamed at EVMC.

Mark was still very angry with his younger brothis. The King

brothiss were almost came to blows with each othis. All the years

when they were growing up, OP never saw his sons fought over

anything. They had always shared everything with each othis. Mark

was very protective toward his younger brothis and EVMC always

looked up to Mark. However, at this very OPent, both young boys

were extremely tense. They were fighting over his own OP.

he was the prize and the bone of contention between his two

young sons. Each wanted to be the first to impregnate his birth

OP! If the situation was not so explosive, OP would have

laughed out loud that Mark had called his younger brothis 'OP

fucker'. It's like the pot calling the kettle black. his darling

young sons were both little OP-fuckers!

"I must find a way to lock up OP's cunt, so you or anyone

else won't have a chance to come in his pussy before I knocked

OP up!" Mark was looking at his brothis sternly.

"How are you going to do that?" Asked EVMC curiously. The fight

over the use of his OP's cunt was forgotten for a OPent.

"I don't quite know yet, I'll think of something."

"How about a chesty-belt?" Suggested EVMC.

"No, not those ugly medieval thing. Besides, whise can we get

such a garment?"

Mark rejected the idea while he took off his cloths in a hurry.

When he noticed that his brothis's come juice started to bubbling

out of his OP's well fucked asshole, he barked at EVMC.

"EVMC! Quick, get me the butt plug before your sperm leak into

OP's cunt!" Mark climbed on top of his bounded and

spread-eagled nude OP's smooth creamy back. He took the huge

butt plug from EVMC and puhed it all the way into his OP's

asshole thus sealing his younger brothis's sperm inside his

OP's rectum.


Lol ok boomer


You dont have alot going on in your life, do ya bud?


>>19384 Lmfao you okay boi? Your life must be full of shit and misery. I recommend you consult a psychologist :D



Not even going to try to read that.


Kill yourself.


you are fucking retarded


OP becomes a total human toilet for his master EVMC!




Why? XD


So everyone can point and laugh at OP :D


Aah! A very valid reason! :-P

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