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Dying Children and Teens

This thread will contain stories involving the deaths of females under the age of eighteen.

Though my primary focus is on underage females, some stories will have make and/or adult victims as well.

The thread "Children Murdered" will be replaced with this one. Unlike the Children Murdered, some stories will also feature suicides, executions, combat, casual, and other kinds of deaths.


Let's christen our squeaky clean thread with a screenplay!

This story is a sequel to a story written by Impaler49152, at

This is also my first attempt at a screenplay, and I won't know until it's been posted if it will still be formatted correctly after being copy-pasted.

Mafia Boss's Revenge



The room is clean, with high-quality furniture, a large television on the wall, and a king-sized bed in the center. The curtains are drawn, with sunlight beaming through the narrow opening in the center.

JENNY and SARAH, fifteen-year-old girls are laying on the bed, watching TV. They're both still in their school uniforms, which consist of white shirt and tie, under a dark-grey blazer, and blue checkered skirts.

There is a series of loud knocks on the front door. The girls look up, then at each other.

I thought Daddy wasn't supposed to be home until Monday.

Another series of knocks emanate from the front door.

Maybe he cancelled his trip? Wonder why he can't get in, though?

Jenny starts to get up, but Sarah pulls her back.

Wait! It might not be him. Could be a hitman.

Jenny stops and looks at her sister.

Oh, right. Because Daddy killed the Mafia Boss's daughter.

The girls jump as they hear glass shattering in the other room, then turn towards each other.

What should we do?

As they hear the front door opening, Sarah sits up and faces the bedroom door. She places her hands under her skirt and starts rubbing her pussy.

Seriously? That's what you think we should do? This turns you on?

It doesn't turn you on? You seemed pretty turned on when Daddy was telling us his story.

They hear a door in the hallway open, then the sounds of someone rummaging through the next room.

That's because it was happening to someone…

Jenny stops as she hears footsteps leaving the next room, and a door across the hallway opening. She starts to speak again when she notices her hand moving towards her skirt.

Okay, I am a little turned on. But I still don't wanna die. I'm scared.

That's what makes it so arousing: the fear.

But I still want to live. We can run and masturbate later.

(pointing at the door)
Too late for that.

Footsteps approach the door. As the knob turns, Jenny plunges her hand into her skirt and starts masturbating. Sarah starts rubbing harder.

The HITMAN, a tall and muscular man, enters the room. He's wearing a hockey mask, dressed in a black tuxedo, with a silenced pistol in one hand and a camcorder in the other.

Seems we have a couple of naughty little girls in here. Do you always greet intruders by playing with yourselves?

(shaking, eyes teary)
Uh-are you going to kill us?

That's what the gun is for.

Why do you have the camera?

Boss wants this on film.

Are you going to fuck us, like Daddy fucked your boss's daughter?

Your father actually told you about his work? And, I'm a professional hitman. Normally I would just put a few bullets in your little brains and move on. However, since your daddy did rape his daughter, my boss wants more than a simple snuffing.

Sarah and Jenny starts rubbing their pussies harder.

You really are sluts.

The girls nod in agreement.

Then I suppose you won't mind stripping for me. Not like I'd give you any other option.

Jenny and Sarah immediately start removing their uniforms, dropping them to the floor, showing no concern if any get damaged in the process.

The Hitman unzips his pants and pulls out his erect cock.

Since you girls seem to be eager for me to fuck you, you're going to have to earn a pleasurable fuck. Start sucking; the one who has my dick in her mouth when I cum gets the more enjoyable fuck.

Jenny and Sarah rush over to him and get on their knees. They each take turns sucking on his cock, fighting and nudging each other whenever one girl takes too long. The Hitman ultimately cums in Jenny's mouth. Sarah pouts as her sister gulps down his jizz, but he pulls out in time for the last squirt to splash onto her face.

Guess you won.

He holds the camera under his arms as he forces both girls back onto the bed. He then approaches Jenny, who eagerly spreads her legs. He places the camera down on the bed next to her, aiming towards them, before inserting his member into her wet cunt.

Jenny moans as his dick slides in and out of her pussy. He pushes her back, resting his hands on her breasts as he rides her cunt. She cums first, then he cums again moments later. He continues pounding her pussy hard, until her hole is overflowing with his seed.

Enjoy your last orgasm. The fun stops now.

Come on! Don't kill me! If you let me live I'll let you take me home as your sex slave. You know you liked fucking me.

Yeah, mister. We'll even call you Daddy while we lick your cock. Just don't kill me or my sister, and our bodies are yours.

While I appreciate then offer, and while I do enjoy fucking you girls, but I have a wife and daughter at home who would be killed if I disobeyed the boss. And I rather enjoy fucking them more.

He shoves the barrel of the gun in Jenny's asshole. Though Jenny starts crying, she sticks her finger in her cum-filled cunt and starts rubbing herself again.

Come on, sir. Please reconsider! Take me home and fuck me until I the cows come home.

The Hitman pulls the trigger, and six bullets tear up Jenny's insides. She sputters, with blood gushing from her throat, and leaking from her ass as he removes the gun. He leaves her writhing on bed, and approaches Sarah, who's sobbing. Despite her despair, she spreads her legs.

Don't expect to enjoy this as much as your sister did.

Sarah gives him a weak smile.

There is nothing you can do to make me not enjoy a good fuck.

We'll see about that.

He aims his pistol at her crotch and fires three rounds into her pussy. Sarah screams in agony and tries to close her legs, but he forces them open as he inserts his cock into her wounded cunt. She screams louder as he fucks her hard, but she soon starts moaning at as she screams.

I think you need some more pain.

He presses the barrel of the gun against her right nipple, and pushes it down into her breast. He angles it to the side, then fires. The bullet punctures her nipple, and creates a hole in the side of her boob. He changes the angle and fires again, and repeats the process until there's six leaking holes on the side of her breast. He moves the barrel to the left nipple and repeats the process, not stopping until he's out of bullets.

As she lays there, groaning in agony, he starts fucking her harder and faster. She screams as she finally cums, and her damaged pussy contracts around his thick member. He cums too, flooding her pussy with semen. He pulls out and watches as a mixture of semen and blood spills from her pussy.

Please… Don't kill me…

He loads a fresh clip into the gun.

Sorry, babe, nothing personal.

He inserts the gun into her pussy, and fires ten rounds into her body. Sarah starts wheezing and coughing up blood. He pulls the gun from her pussy, then fires three rounds into her throat. She coughs up a few more chunks of blood, then goes still.

The Hitman shuts off the camera and turns to leave, but then stops and walks over to Jenny.

Suppose I should make things a little more even.

He aims the gun at each of her nipples, and fires two rounds into each. Then he places five bullets in each breast, making a circle around where her nipples used to be.

Between you lovely ladies and the boss's request, I think I'm starting to question my insistence on being so professional all the time.



That was a good story, but do you think it's wise to lean towards an all female cast? I loved the little shotas well placed here and there.Without them it seems like a great food without salt.For example I loved the brother&sister scene in your last story.I was hoping of a mother and son in the next one.You have a great style but I think this limits your scope a little.


just saw this
"some stories will have make and/or adult victims as well. "
Did you mean male?



Yeah, I meant male. The autocorrect on my tablet is really stupid for some reason. Sucks that posts can't be edited here.


I thought so, this happened to me a lot also, I'm glad you did, I'm looking forward to see incest families interrupted in their activities by executions and combat and any other goodies you care to throw in our way.You are my no.1 horror writer! Oh yeah and if i'm not online tomorrow-Happy New Year! ;)


Great story! I like the all female cast.


Great story, but an all female cast is boring in the long run, i'm glad you decided to include males and incest!


Screenplays create an unique, more imersive perspective, I think they work best with long stories not short episodedes.That said, I loved it! I'm looking forward to read the next one, any previews or hints of what's coming next? I also love the idea of incest brutally interrupted by violent outside elements. You have something very interesting going on here!


as a str8 dude I prefer ladies so pls don't stop making girls!



Don't worry; I'm a straight dude, too, so females are always going to be the primary focus. Male victims are usually in the stories because having all female victims 100% of the time would be unrealistic.


So if you are "sr8" you can't read about a male char? Do you only watch lesbian porn? Without a dude, preferably a shota(son or brother) you limit the story with your limited thinking.I don't think you are str8, I think you are homophobic and you might actually be a hidden gay!



Never said I wouldn't write male characters; I just said my stories will focus on sexualizing females. Male characters will still appear as victims, occasionally.


So, when is the next story coming up? Any hints on what it may contain?




The next story should be ready in a day or two; a week, tops.

As for what it contains, I don't know yet.


Can't w8! :)


Orgy Killer

A loud, firm, knock on the door stirred Robert from his nap. He put on a pair of pants and opened the door.

Nobody was there, and he barely caught a glimpse of a black SUV as it pulled away from his house. Whoever it was, they left a brown envelope on the welcome mat. Robert took a quick glance of the neighborhood; when he felt sure nobody was paying attention, he grabbed the envelope and went inside.

He opened it, dumping the contents out on the table. It contained a photo of a young girl, who Robert guessed was about fourteen or fifteen, a sheet of paper with instructions, a key, and a large stack of hundred-dollar bills. He counted the money: ten grand. Then he turned the photograph over, and read quietly to himself.

“Monica Hoffman, only fourteen.”

He turned it over again and looked at the photo. Her pale face, brightened by a perfect grin and blue eyes, was nested in puffy, bright-red, hair, which flowed to her waist. She had a curvy physique, with large breasts perfectly outlined by a tight pink dress, so short that he could see most of her milky-white legs.

“You seem like a wonderful girl, with a wonderful life. Too bad I have to end that.”

He placed the photograph in his pocket and looked over the instructions.

The following afternoon, Robert pulled his car into the driveway of a two-story house in the suburbs. He checked the paper to be sure he got the right address. Once he was satisfied, he climbed out of the vehicle and went up to the house.

Robert had the key to the house in his pocket, but, much to his luck, he didn’t need one. The door was unlocked, so he quietly let himself in. He entered a short hallway, with the living room at the end, and a flight of stairs to the right of the front door. He started towards the living room, but quickly turned to the stairs when he heard sounds from the upper floor. Quietly ascending the stairs, Robert realized that he was hearing several people grunting, and at least one giggling.

“Great,” he muttered, once he processed the fact that there has to be at least three people upstairs. It meant more blood on his hands, without any extra pay.

When he landed on the second floor, he drew a 9mm pistol from his coat pocket and attached a silencer. He continued down the hall, following the voices to the third door on the right.

The sounds were much more discernable from outside the door; only one person, no doubt a male, was grunting. Two females were moaning. Some lucky bastard was plowing Monica, and some other chick, in the bedroom. Though, Robert supposed he wasn’t all that lucky.

He turned the knob, and slowly pushed the door open.

Monica was bent over on the bed, completely naked, while a skinny blond boy, probably around the same age as her, was fucking her pussy. Laying with on the bed, legs spread wide open, and just as naked, was an Asian girl, also fourteen; moaning in pleasure as Monica’s tongue lapped at her pussy. Monica and her boyfriend were facing away from the wall, and the Asian girl, lost in pleasure, had her eyes shut, so nobody noticed the intruder. He closed the door behind him, and quietly watched.

The boy was close to cumming, as he grunts became louder and more frequent. When he threw back his head, howling at the ceiling, Robert opened fire. Six bullets ripped through his back. Cum continued squirting from his cock, onto Monica’s ass and pussy, as he fell off the bed, and hit the floor. As he laid there, spasming in a pool of his own blood, Monica turned around.

“Peter, what the…”

She noticed Robert and her eyes grew wider. The Asian girl opened her eyes, and immediately grew pale as she saw what he girlfriend was looking at.

He aimed the gun at the Asian, and fired three rounds into the center of her chest. Monica opened her mouth to screamed, but she was immediately cut off as ten bullets ripped through her enormous tits, and embedded in her lungs. She collapsed, resting her head on her girlfriend’s pussy, as they both laid, gurgling and spitting blood.

Robert stopped just inches from the bed, and brushed Monica’s scarlet hair and looked into her contorted, pleading, eyes.

“Shame to end such a pretty lady. I wish we could’ve met under better circumstances.”

He placed the gun against her forehead and pulled the trigger. Monica’s spasms ceased, and the light left her beautiful eyes, leaving only a vacant gaze. A dark puddle grew between her legs, as the contents of her bladder spilled onto the sheet and mattress.

Robert caressed her face one last time, then turned to her girlfriend.

The Asian girl was still twitching, and occasionally coughing blood. Robert sighed.

“Sometimes I hate this job,” he said as he placed the gun underneath her chin. He fired two bullets into her brain, ending her agony. Monica’s hair was soaked with piss, as her dead friend’s bladder emptied.

He started to leave, when a quiet cough caught his attention. It came from the closet.

“God damnit!” He shouted as he approached it and pulled it open.

A younger girl, perhaps eleven or twelve, immediately tried to back away, but he grabbed her arm and pulled her out.

“Please don’t kill me!” She screamed, flailed, and pulled fruitlessly at her assailant.

The girl was, undoubtedly, Monica’s sister. She had the same milky-white skin, puffy red hair, and the budding breasts poking out beneath her red flannel shirt were quite large for her age. She even shared her sister’s habit of showing off her legs, as her rather short checkered skirt suggested.

“Quit struggling and I’ll make this as painless as possible.”

“I don’t wanna die. I’ll do anything if you let me go!” She made a fist and stroked the air in front of her mouth, imitating a blow job.

Robert was astounded at the pervertedness of this girl; then he realized she probably just watched her sister get plowed while eating out another girl, so it shouldn’t have been so surprising.

He was tempted to accept her offer. The girl was much younger than his usual preference, but she was certainly cute. She wasn’t wearing panties, and her kicking gave him the perfect view of her smooth pussy. He didn’t want her to suck his dick, he wanted to plow her cunt and spray his seed into her uterus. Hell, he wanted to take her home, and fuck her ’til the day he died. Unfortunately, Robert had a job to do, and he couldn’t leave his sperm at the scene of a crime. That didn’t mean he couldn’t have some fun out of her.

“If you stop squirming, I’ll make a deal with you,”

To his surprise, the kid stopped kicking.

He pulled her over to Monica’s boyfriend, Peter; who was still, remarkably, alive, even if he was clearly in a lot of agony.

“Ride his cock,” he said and pointed at the stiff rod between Peter’s legs.

The girl swallowed hard. “You mean, you want me to fuck him? But he’s dead.”

“Not yet,” he kicked the boy, who started coughing up blood. “But you will be if you don’t fuck him.”

She stood over his crotch and started crouching down, lifting her skirt. “Here goes…”

“Don’t act disgusted. You were probably rubbing yourself to him just a few minutes ago.”

She gasped as she felt Peter’s cock against her labia. They both grunted painfully as she let it penetrate her ladyhood. She went slowly at first, but, growing use to it, bounced up and down his dick with increasing speed, and started moaning as she lost herself in the moment.

“I don’t know if you can hear me, but I hope you’re enjoying this, Peter.” She started fucking him harder, taking his shaft in deeper with each thrust. “This is really amazing!”

It didn’t take long before the tween had an orgasm, and her lungs fill the room with her moans. Her labia contracted around Peter’s cock, and he came again; grunting loudly, before he was cut off by a flurry of bloody coughs. She continued riding his cock, while he squirted fountains of cum into her.

Robert aimed the gun at the tween’s chest and fired. Her eyes flew open as six bullets tore through her chest. He gave her a second to comprehend what just happened, before firing a round into the center of her forehead. She collapsed forward, her head resting on Peter’s chest. He aimed one more time, and ended Peter’s suffering with a bullet to the brain.

Peter and Monica’s sister laid together, cum dripping from the preteen’s cunt. Two rivers of piss flowed into a small pond between their legs. Robert glanced at his handy work one last time, and left the room.

On his drive home, despite the fact that he was annoyed about making three extra kills for free, he couldn’t help but wonder, with amusement, what Monica’s parent would think when they see what their kids were doing when they died; not to mention, the parents of the other two teens he killed.


Perfection! I haven't read anything this good for a long time!


Gr8 job m8! If you keep up this trend, I'll allways enjoy your stories! Thumbs up!



Loved this story and your dark sense of humor! Waiting to see more!


I really enjoyed this one and the little surprise you left for us in the closet! ;)


Man, I just can't w8 4 your next story! Please tell us when it will happen!


I second that!


Wonderfull! Can you include a mother and a shota son in one of your stories?




More plz!


My next story shouldn't be too far off.

On another note, which will, undoubtedly disappoint many of you, but I will be going into a hiatus after two or three more stories. I'll probably be away for a few months, maybe even a year. I want to work on some non-erotic/non-guro stories for a little bit.


Take your time! I am gratefull you have the time to write for us when you can! I think you managed to capture the essence of what snuff stories represent! And judging by your style I could allways bet you were an author or a screenplay writer! ;) Good luck with your real life job and I could only hope more will follow your example and write in the same vein you started! Can't wait for your next story! Great job!


Plz give us more stories before you take a break, they are just awesome!




Can't w8 4 more!


Give us another story before you go!


No more stories?


Home Defense

It was in the early hours of the morning when Robert heard a door slamming downstairs. He had a long history of what was called Exploding Head Syndrome—where a person hears a sudden loud noise as they’re trying to fall asleep—and dismissed it as such. Robert did stay up pretty late that evening, and it didn’t surprise him one bit. He simply turned over and tried to go back to sleep.

As he closed his eyes and tried to doze off, he was once again stirred from his sleep by the high-pitched laughter of a young girl. He sat up in his bed and threw off the covers, before grabbing the shotgun underneath his bed.

Another giggle reached his ears as he opened his bedroom door and quietly crept down the hall towards the stairs.

“Shut up, stupid!” Another girl said, trying and failing to be quiet herself, just before the giggling became a muffled by what he assumed was a hand.

He reached the bottom of the stairs and immediately noticed the light from the kitchen. Immediately to the left of the kitchen entrance was a large cabinet with mirrors, through which he could see the reflection of three girls hanging around in front of his refrigerator, one putting things on it.

They were all around twelve-years-old, if he had to guess, and all clad in outfits that seemed more appropriate for strippers than children. The one putting things on his fridge, a girl of Asian descent with long black hair, was only wearing a sports bra, and a pair of shorts that barely covered her ass cheeks. To her right, with dirty blonde hair to her ears, so short that Robert would’ve mistaken her for a boy were it were not for the feminine curve of her hips, wore a sports bra marching that of her friend, and a skirt so short, he could see her bubbly ass. The girl to the left, long, platinum blonde hair, was only slightly more moderately dressed; a pink dress that, while stopping just below her ass cheeks, at least covered her torso.

Robert approached the kitchen quietly, watching the girls through the mirrors. He looked around the corner; the girl in the dress was the first to notice him. She immediately dropped the large stack of papers she was holding—each one of which contained pornographic images, which he realized they were taping to his walls and furniture—and tried to run out of the kitchen. She didn’t make it far when Robert leveled the gun with her face and pulled the trigger. Her head above her jaw disintegrated in an explosion of blood, pulverized skull fragments, and mushed brain tissue, and she collapsed to the floor. Robert watched with fascination as the dead girl’s legs spasmed, kicking up her dress and giving him the full view of her panties as they turned yellow with her piss.

The two remaining girls erupted into a chorus of frantic screams. The Asian girl rushed over to her friend’s corpse, while the one in the skirt grabbed her head and collapsed to her knees.

“Samantha! Saman—”

The Asian’s screams were muffled as Robert shoved the barrels into her mouth. Pushing her with the gun, causing her to gag, he forced her back against the wall.

He held her there for a few moments, watching as the preteen girl realized that she was going to die. The perky buds poking out beneath her bra rose and fell rapidly, tears rolled down her cheeks, and her muffled, incoherent, speech, begged for mercy. She started to piss herself, and he gave the girl a few moments to feel urine soak her shorts, before it ran down her smooth, caramel-tone, legs, then he pulled the trigger. The back of her head exploded, filling the newly-formed hole in his wall with a bloody brain slushy. She slid down the wall, leaving a streak of crimson, and sat there, twitching in a growing puddle of her own blood and urine.

Robert approached the short-handed girl, who was still on her knees, shaking and sobbing as he approached.

“Say goodbye to the world,” he growled and stopped a few feet in front of her.

The girl started gagging, then started vomiting on his floor.

“Ugh! That’s disgusting.”

“Please don’t kill me! I don’t wanna die. I’ll do whatever you want!”

“Will you? Lift up your skirt and show me what you got.”

The girl did not hesitate to raise her skirt. Robert wasn’t the least bit surprised that she wasn’t wearing any panties as he examined her puffy pussy. He shoved his underwear down to his ankles and kicked them off, then stood there with his erect dick hanging out.

“Go lean over the sink.”

The girl followed his order without hesitation, and bent over the sink with her ass sticking out as far as she possibly could. Whether she was eager to be fucked, or just trying to do what she needed to survive, he couldn’t determine; not that he cared. He just killed two half-naked little girls and he was horny.

His erection out front, Robert approached the girl and raised her skirt. She spread her legs, presenting her cock-hungry cunt to his stuff hog. She grunted when he stuffed it in, and let out a sharp yelp as he broke her hymen.

Robert knelt over the pretty little home invader, his hands resting on her bare shoulders, and he fucked her hard. Each thrust tore her tight virgin hole as his dick pushed deeper. She breath and moaned in a rhythm, punctuated with the occasional grunt. Robert approached climax, then tried to hold it as long as possible; he was a child killer, but he always prided himself on being able to please his ladies before he finished. It didn’t take long, and he felt her pussy contract around his cock as she screamed in ecstasy. As she orgasmed, he finally let loose, and spilled his seed in her preteen pussy. He filled her hole until a faucet of sticky cum drizzled onto the floor.

The girl collapsed against the sink, breathing hard as she basked in the afterglow of her orgasm. Robert stood there, his dick still in her pussy, as he caught his breath. He opened one of the drawers and pulled out a large knife. Robert put his hand on her forehead and pulled her head back, placing the knife against her throat.

“Wait! I thought you would let… ack!”

He pulled the knife across her throat, and carved out a big gash. Blood sprayed into the sink as if from a busted pipe. The girl spasmed and flailed on the end of his cock, inadvertently stimulating his cock. It didn’t take Robert long to climax again, and he shot another load into the dying girl’s pussy; this time, without a single thrust of his own.

He hoped for a second free orgasm, but the girl’s movements grew weaker as her consciousness faded. Still horny, he started fucking her again, pounding her pussy as she expired. He felt a warm liquid flowing down his legs, but ignored it. He finally came a third time, and overflowed her dead pussy with another injection of his seed.

A few more minutes later, Robert pulled out, and watched her tiny body slide to the floor.

After drinking nearly a gallon of coffee, Robert sat to work cleaning up the gore fest he made in his kitchen, trying to come up with a good lie if the cops showed up to ask about the gun shots. He got luckily, as they never showed up to ask him anything. He kept a few souvenirs; panties from the one they called Samantha, while he kept the Asian’s shorts, and the other blonde’s skirt. He placed them in a lockbox in the attic.

The bodies of the girls ended up in a large wooden chest until the next evening. Robert eventually took it out to a nearby lake, filled it full of dirt and rocks for weight, locked several chains around it, and dropped it in the water. By the time it was discovered, Robert had already died of old age.


Seriosly now, what can a guy do when his home is invaded by lewd sexy little bitches?
Great story as allways but I was kinda hoping for an incest family, with a mom and a shota, interrupted during sex by burglars or and extermination team of sorts.Anyways maybe you have time for one more but in case you don't it's perfect the way it is now also!


"He had a long history of what was called Exploding Head Syndrome—where a person hears a sudden loud noise as they’re trying to fall asleep"

Wow that's a thing? I get that!


Gr8 story! Give us just one more b4 you go! With a shota included if possible! ;)


No more stories?




I really miss these stories!


Give us more when you have the time!


Too bad this writter stopped! I admire his work very much!

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