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Guro Story of the Year 2019

As a frequent reader and big fan of the very talented writers here, it pains me a bit that guro literature will, due to its nature, never get any artistic recognition, the way other art does.

I propose that we do a Guro Story of the Year for 2019. We can use this thread to have everyone nominate their favorite story that was submitted on this site in 2019. One per person, I trust this community to keep it somewhat fair, there is no way to check. After, lets say, a snuffline ^^ of two weeks , so 11th of Januari, we put up the nominated stories in a new thread, and everyone can vote for a winner.
(I'm not really sure about the logistics, if they will work out, feel free to suggest things.)

I think this is a great way to give a nice gesture of thanks and some recognition to the talent on this site, and to bring the community together.



Unfortunately Edward Hyde has taken down his exemplary work. It now lives on only in our thumb drives. Still, I nominate him!


Xan and Xandria's Snuffing by NoPantsRelationship >>15539


'A Rope and Camera' and 'First cut' by Stillwater even if both are chapters in what seem to be an incomplete overarching story it is one of the best ones I've read in a while. Gets my vote.


Andrew Dax Fields - Family Purged No.16639


Julie's Jurassic Adventure by Bloodlust.



Another vote for "Julie's Jurassic Adventure" by Bloodlust here.


"Quiet Confidence"

It's weird, I don't really like vivisection (too visceral for me, lol) and I don't really like Quiet (not for the usual reasons, I just find that in a series filled with some of the best and most interesting bosses in all of videogames, Quiet is a really boring character with no personality and a lame fight), yet this story really captivated me. The language used, the pacing, the casual way the main character allows herself to be destroyed, it was all great and made someone who otherwise would have had no interest in the story really enjoy it.


I can't remember the name, but it was a story that was essentially like Hunger Games meets the Mist Dangerous Game, set on an island with hunters trying to kill contestants


Family Massacre - Andrew Dax Fields
This is not the same story that was previosly nominated, this one is much better and I think it deserves to be in bere too!


Babehunt ?

If it's the one your thinking of, it's an old story from another site that I reposted.


i'd nominate the doki doki necro fanfic but the thread is gone sadly


I'm voting on this one as well.


You mean Sayo-Nara? That was posted, like, two years ago.


Aw that's super kind of you :-) Feel free to repost your favourite :-) Personally I vote for Ellen's Harry Potter themed series - gave me several good laughs :-)


I'm gonna nominate Ellen's story "Just a Job 2". Bittersweet, with sympathetic characters and believable emotions.


Ah that's it, thanks. I was having trouble finding it again


y’all sleeping on A Demon’s Rise


Looking at all the nominees that I didn't even read because I'm not interested in non-consensual stories, it occurred to me, maybe we should have separate nominations for best consensual story and best non-consensual story? Otherwise the vote might get heavily skewed towards con or non-con depending on which fans are more numerous. Like, obviously I'll vote for a consensual story, but it doesn't mean there can't be a better story somewhere among the non-consensual ones, I just didn't read them and even if I did, can't judge them properly. Extrapolating it to everyone, this will result in one category dominating the top and the other staying on the bottom.


I think that it is a good idea!
Although people can just submit and then for the final vote after all the nominations are in we'll just sort the nominations. I think it would be ok for people to submit one for either though.


While I get where you're coming from, catagories on here are a little blurry… also it's tricky to know what to judge on - technical merit? Originality? Or which one we enjoyed most? I'm assuming the last option and, as we all have rather different tastes, the voting should balance itself out more or less :-)


Yeah I was thinking same
but I think it is not limited to Consensual/NC story type so eventually, the entire idea of such nomination and judgment feels wrong because it is very subjective.

The most reasonable solution is just for everyone to post their favorite without counting any votes. and if possible there should be something said about why you liked it.


Oh and here is my entry:
Ellie and the Eagles
Not exactly best as porn but pretty well written and pretty interesting plot.


It's about enjoyment not necessarily technical qualify. I don't think we should take this too seriously, it's just about having fun. There is no price or anything. If you don't like consensual, then vote on something non. It doesn't really matter anyway. I wanted to bring the community together with this, not split them if someone feels treated unfairly


I think it's a lovely idea and, like I said, there's enough folk with varying tastes that the votes should balance themselves out :-)


Could we maybe ask the admins to pin this for a couple of weeks so folk who don't visit too often get to see it?


I'd nominate Sarahs Epic Life, seems nice cruel and unique, though needs alot of spell checking.


Interesting for you to nominate your own story, but Ill second your nomination, Its right up my alley as a lesbian. I'd love to be Sarah! Shes so cruel and fun its very erotic.


I'm still hoping you will return to writing on this site perhaps under an alias


I have - I am now Perre Fouettard, although my newest story is somewhat different :-)



Oh my is that story that old, well time sure flies fast


So do you have a favourite of mine? :-)


Xan and Xandria's Snuffing by NoPantsRelationship >>15539


No question the knock out of the year was "Dark Monster Town". This one really blew my socks off and led me to start archiving stories locally so they are not lost.

If this anon is still around please keep writing or let us know how to find more. Just amazing stuff for the Dolcett crowd.


Dark Monster Town was amazing


I'm honestly hoping for a continuation of the Sydney's stories/univers


I do have one in my head I might be persuaded to write since you ask so nicely. Just not sure how I feel about it right now :-)


But as you nominated me for a 2019 award, is there a particular story?


Hehe ;)
since now you are different person and you do not even want to be that person anymore, technically, nominations for Edward Hyde stories do not apply to you ;)


I'm starting to think you're a little obsessed with me :-P How's about you live your life and let me live mine, however weird and inconsistant it many seem to you? X


So what about the vote?


Maybe a new thread is needed with all the nominated stories posted in single blocks? They can be assigned a number and people comment their vote in number form?


I was thinking, maybe some external poll, like on google forms or something, would be tidier?


That works :-) I still think all the nominations should be gathered together 'though :-)


My idea was to gather them in a new post. Numbering all of them. Everyone who votes gets 3 points to share over their favorites. (So either one story with 3 points, two with 2+1 or three with all 1 point). And then we add up all the points after two weeks or so.

I thought, if everyone just gets one vote then we might not get enough votes (or too uniform) to actually see a difference. Hence 3 per person. I had a system like this before and it worked quite well.


Good idea :-)


If you're going to do this method, I would suggest the user input being the post number of their favorite story/stories. That would be easy to set up and easy to track while also being resistant to input problems like people voting for the same story but typing it differently.

You could also track a separate poll for favorite authors, with the name of the author being the input (not caps sensitive, could collate a list of all authors but that's a lot of work and still might leave some out). Both could be part of the same Google Form.


I second this - specifically "A Rope and a Camera", by Stillwater (



Good tip!
Favorite arthor seemed a bit to personal to me, leaves the door open for disappointment, envy etc or mistake the author for their work.
And since we are all anonymous, or take on characters as writers, our stories are what count.


So will you be creating the poll tonight? :-)


Sorry haven't had the time


No need to apologise - just excited to read all the nominations in once place. Good way to discover new stuff I might not otherwise have read :-)


Is it just me, or does the Poll page come up blank?


Same for me, can't access the poll


Where are we with this at the moment? :-)


I'd like to be able to vote, but the poll seems to be dead, and not in a good way!


Maybe we can have a new thread where all the nominated stories are posted?

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