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I decided to post this here too, if some people aren't on Eka's. Casual hard vore with dogs as preds is what the story is basically. And bad unchecked English. Sorry for that :P

"Mom, how far do we have to walk?" Emily complained. She didn't really get why mom liked these walks so much. It was just forests, suburbs and sometimes a field mixed in. Nothing… interesting. Why her mom had to pull her with her every time she went for her Saturday walk? "Can we go home already?" Emily asked her mom.

"Just a little while and the path starts to curve back honey. Don't be so impatient." the mother said and smiled to her daughter. Emily had inherited her blonde hair, which was tied up in ponytail for the girl. She had a kind face, which made even the pout look adorable. "Anyways it is good for you to have little break off of your phone. Everything does not happen on your phone young lady!" the mother lectured as she took a deep breath, enjoying the cool autumn air.

Yeah, but everything interesting does, Emily thought to herself, crossing her arms in protest. She would much rather chat with her friends or maybe look for some makeup tips from youtube than go on for this stupid walk. It would be much more useful anyways. She had kinda grown a crush on Thomas on her class and she really wanted to get his attention.

"Hey!" her mother shouted and waved. Emily looked forward from her pout and saw an another woman walking towards them. It took few moments to recognize her, but her mother's coworker had her distinct face that had stuck with Emily. It was grandmotherly, warm and kind, even though the lady wasn't much over 50 in age. She was kind of pleasant lady, but Emily hadn't thought much about her. She had visited their place only twice or thrice after all.

The more interesting aspect about the lady was her fellow: a golden retriever walking next to her in leash. "Hello Margaret! How is it going?" the mother greeted the woman as they finally get close enough.

"Hi Margaret" Emily greeted politely too, but she quickly directed her attention the dog. She really adored dogs and animals in general, and she thought it was a shame they didn't have one. She thought it was weird for how much her mother liked to walk outside. She leaned downwards to pet the golden retriever, whose tail wagged excited as a greeting for its new friend.

"Hello Susan. It is nice to see you. I see you are having your daily hike." the lady greeted the pair.

"Yes. I think it is good for Emily to have little bit of fresh air from time to time too. But who is this new friend? I haven't seen them before. Is it a she or he?" the mother asked as she joined Emily to pet the dog.

"Oh, he is Oscar. He has been with us for two years now. I don't think you have seen him before? He is quite a rascal. If we don't take him to walk and play twice a day he will start to run around the house and bark at everyone who walks past our house." she answered with her usual warm smile. "Yes, yes you are quite a rascal. Yes you are." the woman pet-talked to the dog, who laid on the ground and put his belly up to get even more scratches.

"Can he play fetch?" Emily asked, looking up to her mother's coworker. For first time during the whole walk she wasn't regretting leaving for walk. She couldn't help but grin at the dog laying on the ground, asking for more pets and scratches.

"Kinda. He is good at going for his ball, but he still hasn't completely understood the concept of giving it back." Margaret laughed. "We are actually just going to the dog park if you want to try to play with him." she offered.

"That could be nice but we were starting to already head back to home. The young lady was getting tired of walking." the mother answered.

"It is fine. I can go for a while still." Emily contested. It was one thing to walk around aimlessly and an another to go to play with a dog. She looked down to the golden retriever, which eagerly accepted her pets. She had always wanted to try to play with a dog, and now she finally had a chance to try.

"Well, maybe we can then" the mother replied with a grin.

It took fifteen minutes to get to the dog park, but Emily didn't even notice it. She was too busy asking Margaret things about the dog, learning how to guide it, and even taking Oscar's leash and leading him forward. She felt like she was quickly getting an understanding and connection to the dog. She watched as Oscar headed from a smell-spot to the next, running excitedly between. And when she finally let the retriever out of leash in the dog park, she admired as he went running in circle from excitement of freedom.

"Here, this is his ball." Margaret showed a bright red and stretchy plastic ball. "Oscar! Fetch!" she shouted at the golden retriever and throw the ball to the other side of the dog park. The dog looked as the red ball flew in long arc, and then ran where it landed. "Now, it is your job to get him to give it back to you." the woman laughed as she walked on the bench next to the entrance of the dog park. Emily left her and her mom chatting when she headed towards the dog.

It didn't take many seconds before Oscar returned with the ball. He walked towards Emily, pretending to offer the ball to her, just to turn away on the last second before Emily could reach to it. "Hey, silly dog. Give it to me." the girl said and tried to snatch the ball. But with every try the golden retriever moved little bit backwards, wagging his tail excited. Emily then waited the dog come little closer again. This time she moved quicker, launching herself over the dog and leaving it no place to escape. "Got you!" she said as she took hold of the ball. After some tugging, Oscar finally let the ball go and instead gave a few licks to Emily's hand.

"You have to give the ball to me if you want me to throw it, silly dog." Emily said giggling. She then moved the ball little bit back and forth, getting Oscar ready to run to it, before finally throwing it again. She watched with a smile on her face as the dog ran to the ball, a moment after returning to her again.

First few times it was hard for the girl to get the ball back, but then it started to become easier. The dog would play hard to get with the ball for a little, before it would allow Emily to take the ball. It would then continue to give her some licks afterwards. "Silly boy." she said to Oscar as he continued to lick her hands. The dog seemed to really be interested about it. "It is just my hands Oscar. They are not treats." she giggled and stood up, forcing the dog to stop. Instead she again guided his attention to the ball, and soon the dog was running again.

When Oscar returned with the ball, he headed straight to the girl. "You are learning!" she said excited as she leaned to get the ball back again. The golden retriever gave the ball this time without a fight this time and instead started to lick Emily's hands again. It wasn't the same silly licking as before, but instead the dog seemed to be determined to lick the hands as much as possible. "Silly boy. I'm not a treat!" she said to the dog and petted him with her free hand as the dog kept licking her other hand. She only pulled away as Oscar gently nipped her hand. "That is enough Oscar. Let's go to show what you have learned!" Emily said as she stood up. She then walked to her mother and Margaret, Oscar following right next to her, mesmerized by the girl and the ball.

"Mom! Margaret! I taught Oscar to fetch!" Emily said to the women as she walked to them. Her face had turned little bit red from all the play, and the pout she had had was a long lost memory already. "Look! Oscar, fetch." she said and after getting Oscar's attention back to the ball, she threw it. The dog once again went running.

"Nice. But can you get him to give the ball back?" Margaret asked as the dog was running. When the dog came back, for the surprise of the two women, he headed straight to the girl and gave the ball to her.
"Wow, that is truly great work." Margaret said with authentic surprise. Emily grinned proudly at the woman and her mother, as Oscar once again started to lick her hands.

"It took a while but when he got it, Oscar learned fast." the girl explained as the golden retriever kept licking her hands. "It is also my first time training a dog!" she said, too excited to care about the gentle nips Oscar gave to her hands.

"Truly splendid work. You clearly have talent with dogs. Oscar seems to be getting really fond of you." the woman said as she looked at the dog nipping the girl's hands. "He rarely gets that level of interest to anyone. You must be forming really a strong connection." she said and pointed at the licking and nipping.

"Thanks! He really gets excited… Ouch!" Emily said and pulled her hand away in sudden pain. Oscar had bitten down little bit stronger, and his fangs had made a little wound to the girl's hand. Just a little bit of blood was dripping out of it. "Oscar!" Emily said little bit shocked, and the dog's ears dropped in shame. But he still gave a small lick over his lips.

"Oh, don't worry about that honey." Emily's mother said as the girl stood up and showed the bite mark to her. "He just got excited. It just means he likes you a lot." she said, stroking her daughter's elbow.

"I think we should start to go home already. It has been a while since Oscar ate. He must be getting tired too." Margaret said as she stood up.

"Aww. We were having much fun." Emily said and looked sad at the dog. Its ears were still little bit down, sad that he scared the girl. "It is fine Oscar. You just got too excited." Emily said and petted the dog's head. The dog's ears stood up instantly again, and his tail started to waggle.

"Well, maybe there could be a way for us to stay a little longer. Maybe Emily could help Oscar? He is getting liking of her anyways." the mother proposed pointing at the dog's and the girl's mutual excitement.

"If she wants to. I'm sure Oscar would like it. So Emily, would you like to help Oscar?" Margaret asked the girl. "I have to warn you, it will be a difficult job." she continued with serious voice.

Help Oscar, Emily thought as the dog gave few licks over the bite mark. The warm and wet tongue felt nice on her skin. How could she not help her new friend? "Sure! You said that Oscar liked me. I also taught him to fetch! I can surely help him!" Emily said with sure voice. "What wouldn't I do for a cutie like you?" she said with pet-talk tone, giving Oscar scratches again. He answered by giving the girl more licks.

Margaret smiled at the two. "Let's do it then. Come here. Have you seen how these are used?" she asked and pointed to a metallic structure few meters away from the bench. Emily had seen those before, but she had never figured out what they were used for. The structure was a few meters long and five meters wide and completely made from some gray metal that she couldn't identify further. It seemed to be some kind of place for person to "sit" or "lay" if those words could be used to explain it. There was lower part with recesses for legs, and upper part for upper body, and there were three sets of those places for person to be in. It seemed like you had to go on your knees on the lower part of the structure, and put your upper body resting on the upper part of it. The three sets seemed to be for different size people. The first was for somewhat smaller kids than Emily, the second was kind of right size for her and the third seemed to be for adults.

Emily wasn't sure what that kind of structure would be used for. Like, why would you want to stand in place like that when you had bench next to you? Or why would you want to do that at all? It was made even weirder by the layout of the structure. There were large holes on the upper part of the structure where the person's upper body would rest. There were places for the person to hold hands, and the way that the metal curved made sure you wouldn't fall down even if you didn't hold the handles. However the bottom of the upper part didn't exist, instead leaving the person's upper body hanging in the air. There was small steel bar with rubber padding little below the chest of the person. The same padding surrounded rest of the hole. In total it was like person shaped bathtub with the bottom part cut off, leaving the person belly and chest to awkwardly hang in the air. There was also hole for the head, where the person could rest their head while laying in the structure. It however didn't have hole in the bottom, leaving the occupier unable to see downwards.

The lower part also was places so that the person's legs would be spread quite wide apart. Like at the upper part, there was also holes in the lower part. The holes were in front of the lower part, where the fronts of person's thighs would be pointed to. The structure kind of reminded Emily of some sexual photos she had seen, but she couldn't figure out why a structure forcing a person into that kind of position would be in a dog park. But it was quite clear that it was for people, and it was supposed to make them lay in it in that awkward position, their legs wide, bottom up and their bellies and chests hanging in the air.

"No, I haven't. I have seen those before, but I have never seen anyone using them. I think the person has to lay in there?" Emily asked unsure and pointed one of the three places.

"Yes, that is in fact that you are supposed to do. You must be quite new to dog parks then? People use these quite often. They are called dog feeding racks. They are used by people to feed their or other people's dogs at the park. Oscar is starting to get quite hungry, so we should use one to feed him." Margaret explained. "I think the middle one is your size?"

"Okay… Yes it is, I think. But how do they work? I don't see how sitting in one of these will allow you to feed dogs." Emily asked, still not getting their idea. She definitely hadn't heard about these dog feeding racks before.

"I think it is best for you to learn by experience. It is most fun that way. They are used to give the dogs very special meal. Oscar has gotten a nice like on you, and I'm sure he would be excited to get the special meal. Don't worry, I will explain what to do. Just follow my guiding." the woman explained.

"Well, okay." Emily was still unsure. But looking at the dog made her more confident. The dog wagged its tail excited, and looked at the rack and Emily back and forth. It must had gotten meal from one of those racks before. "What do I have to do?"

"First you have to take your clothes off. The rack is meant for very intimate purpose. It is said it is the closest you can get to your dog. Clothes would be only in way of that." the woman explained.

"I can take your clothes honey. No need to worry about them getting dirty. And it is not like Oscar would mind it." the mother encouraged the girl.

"It is quite cool here…" Emily said. It wasn't necessarily cold, but little too cold for being naked. And even though there were no one around at the moment, if lonely jogger going past from time to time didn't count, it still felt embarrassing for her to think to be naked in the middle of the park. "And what if someone sees…"

"Don't worry about it honey. It is normal. People see girls like you using these racks every once in a while. It is nothing special. And you are such a cutie anyway. They would be happy to see you if anything." the mother encouraged. "Oscar would be happy to see you without clothes too." she explained. Like an assurance, the golden retriever gave the girl's hand a small lick. He clearly had liked her, Emily thought. They had special bond after all.

"Well, okay then." Emily agreed. She then took the zipper of her light jacket, and pulled it down. She then took her scarf off, leaving her in t-shirt and trousers. Her mother took the jacket and the scarf and put them on the bench as Emily looked at herself again. It was still normal attire for girl to be outside, but if she would keep undressing, it definitely wouldn't be anymore. She looked at the two women, who looked assuring at the girl, and then to Oscar, who was still wagging its tail. It was okay, she thought to herself and pulled off her shirt.

Her breasts were still developing, but they were already C cup size. Her light skin started to quickly turn in goosebumps in the cool air. She then went down and removed her shoes and socks. The sand was quite coarse under her bare feet, but it was too late to care about that. She instead took her pants and pulled them, leaving her only in her underwear. "Isn't this fine already?" she asked, pulling her arms instinctively to her chest.

"You are doing fine honey. Just take them off." the mother said with soft voice that she had always used when Emily had been scared when she was younger.

She looked at Oscar that gave small licks to her legs. "That tickles." she said as the dog kept licking her shin. He however didn't care but kept on going, climbing higher. As the licks climbed upwards her thigh, she couldn't help but squirm in place. "Stop it silly boy." she said and finally stepped away as the dog's tongue licked at her privates. "Okay, okay, I'll take the rest off." she said in mix of embarrassment and excitement after the attention from Oscar.

She quickly took hold of her panties, pulling them down, and after giving them to her mom, she undid her bra and handed it over too. She was then left completely naked in the dog park, right next to the rack. The women had said it was normal, but the teen couldn't help but feel uncomfortable naked. The nipples of her young and perky breasts turned hard as reaction to the cold, and the little bit of hair she had on her pussy made little to keep her warm. But if looked from outside, she was definitely looking like a treat. Her butt was nicely round even though not too big, and her still virgin cunt looked nice and clean. She was growing to be a beautiful young woman.

"That is like it. It wasn't so bad, wasn't it? Now, before you get too cold, let's get you to the dog feeding rack. Oscar is starting to get quite wild already from impatience." Margaret said as the golden retriever jumped to lean on Emily, giving licks to her waist and even pubes, looking upwards to her. "Just lay in the rack. It just like you would expect. Legs to these dents and your upper body on the upper part." the woman guided.

Emily giggled at the dog's excitement. She looked at the rack, and headed to the middle one of the laying places. "Hush boy, I got to get on this first." she said as she bent down, putting her legs to the dents. The rack was surprisingly warm under her skin. It seemed to have some internal warming system, making laying in it much more comfortable than just standing in the cold air. It also gave a little bit cover from the random breezes, even though the holes weren't optimal for that. After getting comfortable position for her legs, she leaned over the upper part and laid on it. "It is so comfy!" Emily said surprised as she rested on the rack. From outside view it had seemed uncomfortable, but the balance of weight over the structure and the warm and nicely soft padding of the rack made it almost like laying on the bed after tiring day.

"What do I have to do now?" Emily asked, trying to look back from her position. That was the only worse side of the posture, as she couldn't properly see anything else than the rack, and the dog park in front of her. The rack was oriented in a way that her back was towards the walking path and her front towards the dog park. She had to make a quite nice view for passer-bys, she thought grinning. And for the dogs too… Her breasts were hanging in the air below her, and behind it, her belly. In general her body was little bit curvy, fitting well with her soft skin. The fronts of her thighs also faced the same way. The rack was open towards the dog park, letting the dogs go under the girl and see and access all of her exposed parts.

"You just have to lay there, nothing more. Oscar will take what he wants from you, don't worry about it." Margaret said. She had hold her dog while the girl had adjusted herself, but now she finally let the dog free. "He knows the best what treats he is in mood for anyways." she explained.

Emily didn't have time to ask what the woman meant before the golden retriever was at her. The dog had headed straight away at her backwards exposed cunt, and started to lick it hungrily. "Oscar!" Emily said almost unable to get the words due to the sudden assault. "Just stay there and let him do his job!" Emily could hear her mom guide as she took a grip of the handles of the rack. She let out a moan as the dog's tongue mercilessly lapped on her privates. She had masturbated before, but the uncaring and hungry vigor of the dog was something else compared to her own slower paced adventures. "Oscar!" she moaned again as Oscar lapped over her clit. She could feel herself getting wet, which only encouraged the dog to continue more.

The two women smiled and returned to chatting as they watched the girl getting licked by the dog. Emily however was in sudden heaven as Oscar ate her out, reaching towards her orgasm just a few moments after Oscar started his assault. "I'm going to coOO!" she cried out as she came. Her whole body trembled as the dog lapped the female come hungrily. If it wasn't clear that she was hanging there naked before, now everyone even remotely close by would know that the feeding rack was in use again.

Emily could barely catch her breath before she could feel a new feeling at her back. Oscar had jumped his front over the girl, and Emily could feel his feral underbelly over her butt and lower back. She was too overwhelmed to even protest as the dog started to hump her. The first thrusts of the golden retriever pokes her thighs, air and everything else it could reach. However fifth one hit home. Emily arched her back as the golden retriever started to ravage her pussy. The girl could feel sharp pain as her hymen was broken by the dog. She also let out a small cry, getting her parent's attention again.

"Ooh, congratulations Emily for losing your virginity!" the mom said cheerful as the dog fucked her daughter beastly.

I lost my virginity to dog… to dog of my mom's coworker, Emily thought shamefully in her heard as Oscar pumped its canine cock in and out of her. She couldn't see what she looked like from outside, but teen girl being fucked by dog must had been quite of a sight. She could feel her orgasm closing by again as the canine cock rubbed her insides and her clit too.

She was left on the edge when Oscar suddenly stopped. She could then feel sudden warmth inside her. He was cumming inside her, Emily understood. She could feel the dog's muscles tense around her, keeping him steadily in place in her. I lost my virginity to a dog, Emily thought. Not Thomas or some other cute guy she had had crush on, but for a dog in the dog park.

"Aww, you two look so cute. I said Oscar liked you." Margaret said as she walked up to the two. Emily could feel the dog stepping off of her. She felt a tugging on her pussy as the dog tried to get away, but for some reason it couldn't. "Aww, you are knotted it seems. Don't worry, he will get off of you soon. Just enjoy it while you can. He is going to start eat you soon." the woman explained.

"Eat… me?" Emily asked, not sure if she heard correctly from all of the stimulus. She could still feel her orgasm being close, being denied off of it by the uncaring canine. She could also feel the uncomfortable but little bit stimulating tugging of the dog as it tried to get off of her. She was also too tired to get off of the rack, and she wasn't sure if it was even a good idea with Oscar tied to him… from his cock. For now it seemed like a good idea just rest on the rack.

"Yes. That is what those racks are for. You can lay there to allow the dogs to easily access your tastiest and most fun parts while you can just comfortable lay in place. Oscar has had few bites off of some kind ladies from them before, but he hasn't had a whole girl for himself before. And you saw how much he liked you! I bet he can't wait to get off of you to take a taste." Margaret explained.

"Oh that is what these are for then…" Emily said, finally it coming together. It kind of made sense. The dogs go under her and access her belly, breasts and thighs… and they could reach her back from behind. She let out a small moan as Oscar tugged her cunt once again. "He… he must be lucky to have me then." she noted.

"Definitely. She haven't tasted a girl of your age before. However it seems that he likes the taste." the woman said. "Oh I think he will get off now!" she said cheerful. Emily could feel the pressure again at her pussy. This time it was stronger as the dog really started to pull himself away from the girl. The girl couldn't but moan as her pussy was forced wider open, and finally with loud pop she could feel the dog freeing itself.

"Stay in place honey. I'll take a pic of you. We got to get it to the home album. It is the day you lost your virginity after all." the mother said behind the girl. Emily tiredly turned her head sideways, managing to give a small smile to the camera as her mother took the picture from her behind. "Look! I think it turned out great!" the mother said and showed the picture to Emily. She could see herself from behind, her pussy red and little bit gaping, leaking some cum of Oscar, and herself laying tired on the rack, her smile captured by the picture.

"Yeah, I think it is." Emily said and could feel herself blushing. She was sure the picture would end up in her mother's social media. What would Thomas think about it when he would see it?

"Oh here he goes again. Watch out, he must be hungry." Margaret said and gave out a small laugh as the golden retriever stepped up and ran to the other side of the rack. Emily could hear the dog's footsteps as it walked under her. She could feel her body tense from anticipation. "Just relax and let him do what he wants. That is one reason that you aren't able to see downwards. You don't have to be afraid of what you see, but just lay relaxed and let the dog enjoy you." the woman explained.

Emily tried to relax but it was hard knowing that there was dog under her, looking to eat her. She could hear the dog sniffing her, and soon she could feel his moist muzzle on her skin. She couldn't help but wriggle and giggle a little as Oscar poked her breasts, and soon after that her belly. He also gave her thighs few pokes, but he seemed to be much more interested about her upper body. And who was Emily to judge him? Her breasts and belly had to look tasty hanging over the golden retriever.

After the sniffs came the licks. She could feel the dog's familiar tongue over her belly and then her right breast. It seemed to really get Oscar's attention by the way she could feel the dog continue to lick it. The warm tongue lapping over her nipple felt quite nice, she had to admit. And it total it felt, at least until the fangs came to play.

Emily gave out a small scream as Oscar bit into her breast. "It hurts!" she said stressed as the dog bit her breast. It was like when the dog had bit her hand, but instead of being one small bite, it was constant many bites. Even though it took mental strength, Emily kept herself in place as the dog bit into her. Under her, Oscar had sunk its teeth into the girl's bare breast, and with little bit more of biting and shaking, managed to get a piece of it off. It happily gulped down the piece of the right breast, torn from little down from the nipple. He then headed for an another bite, this time targeting the nipple and the meat around it.

Emily kept forced herself to stay in place by holding to the handgrips as her right breast disappeared into the hungry maw of the dog. A bit by bit she could feel less of the boob turned dogfood. She could hear her mother and her coworker chatting little bit to the side of her, but she couldn't make out what they were talking about. The feeling of being eaten was too invasive for her to be able to concentrate.

However when she lifted her head upwards she could notice that they weren't alone in the park anymore. There was a german shepard and its owner playing fetch in the other side of the dog park. How long had they been there, Emily wondered in shame. There was no way they wouldn't had noticed her. When Oscar wasn't biting into the remnants of her breast, she could still feel his cum leaking down her thigh.

She didn't at first even notice when the Oscar stopped gnawing her breast. Only after few moments of not feeling the new wave of pain she noticed that only dull and constant pain emitting from the mostly eaten boob. She kind of wanted to lift herself up and see that in what condition it was in, but on the other hand she definitely didn't want to see what the golden retriever had managed to do to her pretty breast. And she was supposed to lay there and let the dog work on her after all, like Margaret had said. That was what dog food was supposed to do. That was what she was supposed to do.

The dog wasn't finished however. She could soon again feel his tongue on her skin, this time at her navel. She shivered in fearful anticipation. She knew that if the dog would get into eating her guts, there wouldn't be hope for her survival. If she would now be taken to hospital, she might be able to survive with one breast left to spare. But if Oscar got into organs… there was no luck. She had to make a choice. She would either stand up, leaving the dog hungry, and maybe surviving, or stay laying, allowing the golden retriever to gulp down her innards as treats.

She could feel the familiar gnawing at her belly as the dog tried to get a good angle to bite into the soft flesh of the girl. I can't leave now, the teen thought. Instead of lifting herself up, she pushed herself against the padding of the rack, making her belly bulge little bit more for the dog. It was just what Oscar needed. Its jaws managed to take a grip of the flesh right to her belly button. The strong jaws of the golden retriever pierced her skin and the walls of her stomach, and a small part of her belly separated from her. She couldn't control herself but let out a scream.

"Hush honey, try to be more quiet." her mom said to her as the dog munched on his treat. "You scared the mister out there." she said and pointed towards the man and the dog still playing fetch, however now looking at what was happening at the feeding racks.

"I… I am sorry." Emily said while grinding her teeth in pain. Oscar had headed for second bite, this time getting his meat much more easily. The dog's muzzle felt weird as it poked the exposed inner parts of her. The dog hadn't yet broken into her stomach properly, but it was just matter of time that the dog would find his treats. "He is… at my belly." Emily managed to say.

"Oh nice. Oscar really likes intestines! I usually buy them from the dog food market. They are quite fresh there, but I'm sure this is whole new level for him!" Margaret said as the dog into the girl once again. This time the dog headed to the part it had bitten already. Emily left out a muffled scream as Oscar pulled the meat. She could feel a weird sensation of something ripping, and then similarly weird sensation of tension in her belly.

"He got in! Good boy!" Emily could hear Margaret say as she stood in front of her. She was bend down and seemed to be petting the dog. Emily could feel more pulling from her insides and after that suspiciously wet munching sounds from under her. "Look Susan, I bet you want to see this." the woman waved the girl's mother to come to look.

"Oh! That is gross. But fascinating. Do they always pop out like that?" the mother asked, fascinated by what she saw happening to Emily's belly. Emily grunted again as she could feel some weird movement in her insides.

"What is happening there?" Emily managed to ask. She wasn't sure that the fact she wasn't feeling much extra pain made her more or less scared to hear the reply. Oscar definitely hadn't stopped eating. That was clear from all of the munching and tearing sound coming from under her.

"I'll show you honey. I must get this to the album too!" the mother said as she took out her phone again. "Smile!" she said as her daughter laid there, trying to stand the dull pan from her breast and belly. Emily managed to lift her head up a little and give her mother a smile, even if one filled with pain. Her mother clicked the phone for few times, and then headed to show the pictures to her.

"Oscar really popped you open honey." she said fascinated as she showed the pictures to Emily. Emily had little trouble concentrating from the munching noises and the occasional tug from her insides, and her blonde hair that had moved over her eyes didn't help. But even those things taken into consideration, it was clear what she saw. Under the rack, there was a whole mess. Well, she was whole mess. Oscar had apparently managed to rupture her belly properly, and it seemed that most of her pink intestines were hanging from her belly in the air and some even on the ground. In the pictures, Oscar was sinking his teeth into the pile of intestines, the consequential pictures clearly showing him ripping parts of them off and slurping them down. That is what it was about, Emily understood as she could feel the similar tug than before. The dog was clearly enjoying his treats. In the pictures, over the gorey ground under the rack, she could see her head standing up. Her normally friendly face was turned into painful grin.

"I'll have to send these for your father. He must be excited to hear you have made such a good friend from Oscar. He is absolutely loving you." the mother said as she walked away, leaving the dog to munch on her daughter's innards.

"Excuse me ladies" Emily lifted her head again to see who was talking. It was the man from before. And next to him there was a woman that Emily hadn't seen before. The man had his german shepard with him, looking at the lower side of the rack, and the woman had larger siberian husky. "Could our dogs also use the racks?" he asked politely from Margaret.

"Oh sure, go ahead. Oscar has already almost finished with his meal. There is plenty to spare." she said, not even looking at Emily. The man nodded happily to the woman. "Thanks! Teddy and Coco, dig in!" he said as he waved the two dogs towards the rack.

Emily managed to only watch in shock as the german shepard disappeared under her. The siberian husky on the other hand walked around the rack. In a moment Emily couldn't see either of them. However she could feel them. She let out a small scream as a dog, she was not sure if it was the german shepard or Oscar, bit into her remaining breast. She could feel one piece more of her being ripped off of her and heading to dog belly. A very familiar feeling for her already.

Behind her she could feel the husky. It seemed to be the dog called Teddy, as he climbed on Emily's back. The weight of the dog forced the girl even tighter against the rack, for the joy of the two dogs under her having their dinners of girlmeat. Unlike Oscar, the husky was clearly used to the procedure, and his cock entered into Emily at first try. She had already forgotten her unfulfilled sexual lust, but it was now brought straight back to her mind as the canine cock started to ram into her. She could feel her body moving back and forth, making a nice delicious looking show for the two dogs under her. She let out a moan as the dog's cock scrubbed her little while ago virgin clit, and then a scream as a dog janked another piece of her breast off.

"Oh you have finished already? Well, you surely ate well, my little doggy boy." she could hear Margaret talking next to her as the husky kept pounding her and the other dog eating her breast. She turned her head to right to see her mother's coworker petting the golden retriever. The maw of the dog was painted red, but the wagging of the tail was just as excited as before. She watched as the dog tried to give a lick to his owner, and Margaret laughingly pushing him away. "I don't want to get dirty Oscar! We have to get you into shower when we get back home." she said to him as she put the leash back on the dog.

She watched in mixed emotions as the woman and the dog started to head away. The dog under her had left her breast alone for the moment at least, and by the tuggings, seemed to be enjoying the guts left vacant by the retriever. At the same time she trembled into orgasm as the dog over her released its load into the girl's pussy.

"I have to leave too honey. I have to take your little brother into his football practice." she could hear her mother say. She looked forward and saw her smiling, taking a picture. "I'm going to leave you alone with your doggy friends. We should had bought the dog you wanted. You do so well with them! Natural talent." the mother said sincerely and then bend down to her daughter. "Have fun with your friend Emily. I love you!" she said and landed a kiss on the forehead of her ravaged daughter as one dog was eating her guts and another knotted her. "I hope I will see you!" she said as she headed to her coworker. Emily watched as they closed the gate of the dog park behind them and gave a small goodbye wave to her. She wanted to look at them go, but an older man with two small dogs blocked her view as they entered the park.

With her mother and her coworker gone, she was left alone in the park. Well, not definitely alone per say, as there were the two dogs and their owners there. And now the man with his two dogs, and by the sounds, even more dogs and owners. But she didn't know anyone of them. "Mind if I let my dogs…" she could hear the voice of older man say. "It is not ours." the man answered. "Oh, well then." Emily could hear the talk. Soon she could feel more fangs on her skin. One pair gnawed on her almost gone right breast, while other seemed to be interested of her thigh. She could feel the dog eat her thigh. The thigh she had hoped that would look cute for Thomas. The thigh was now nothing more than dog food for the old man's dog.

She didn't even notice the husky leaving, before she could feel another dog on her back, and then fucking her. She didn't even know what dog it was. Was it one of the old man's dog? Someone else's? She lifted her head up a little, but to see several other people in the park, and more arriving. It was the time after work after all… everyone took their dogs for a walk. She let out a scream as more of dogs bite into her flesh. As pain filled her front, the lustful but painful pleasure filled her back as the anonymous dog kept pounding her teen pussy.

She couldn't keep track of time. Only thing that she could feel was constant numb pain from the edges of her eaten body parts, the active mindfilling pain as some dog tore her flesh, and the numbing arousal as dog after dog kept mounting her. Her strength started to quickly fade away as the evening grow older, and soon she wouldn't had even been able to lift up even if she would had tried. A bite after bite her flesh ended up in the bellies of the numerous hungry dogs. That was what she was now. Dog fucktoy and food. She didn't even know how many dogs had fucked or eaten her. She couldn't see any of them, but only feel their fangs and tongues in her flesh, and their cocks in her pussy.

Soon the fangs weren't satisfied with her front only. First she could feel them on her legs, gnawing her shins off as another dog pounded her destroyed pussy. Even if she would get away, she was sure that she wouldn't be able to feel pleasure from it ever again. Only thing left was the feeling of constant pain and numb feeling that had long since been pleasure. And then the knots, and the leakage afterwards. She could feel the bites on her back. She wasn't sure how the dogs got there, but she was too tired to care. She did as dogfood on the rack was supposed to do. She laid there and let herself to be fucked and then eaten. She wasn't Emily anymore. She was just random girl that the owners could feed their dogs with.

After what seemed like a long long time she could feel new kind of feeling on her pussy. It wasn't the feeling of being pounded, but it was still very familiar. For a moment she wondered what it was, before her fading brains made the connection. Oh, her pussy was being eaten, this time literally. She could feel as the dog's jaws bit into her gaping hole, ripping a piece of it away. It had to be tasty after so much tenderizing. She could feel another bite, two bites at the same time. The dogs had to agree. She left out his last tired cry as her pussy was pulled apart and devoured by the same dogs that had used it so eagerly for the last… hour? Two hours? Or was it more or less?

Emily couldn't figure it out. Only thing she could feel was the fangs. The fangs all over her, ripping pieces of meat off of her. It was okay though. She felt warm. The padding was nice. She could just lay there… lay there like she had done. She was doing good work. Like her mother said. She was natural with dogs. Natural food for them. And she felt happy about it. She had to taste good for the hungry dogs. She was supposed to have fun. Did she have fun? Being fucked by group of dogs before being being eaten by them with no care by them? She couldn't answer. But she was good at it at least, she knew. And she could continue to be good at it. As one dog reached to the empty the last pieces of her liver, another devouring her womb, third gnawing on her shin bone and fourth taking bites off of her back, Emily finally passed away. She smiled. She was good dog food.


The air was little bit cooler than the previous day as Susan walked her usual path. She took a deep breath and smiled. It was so good to be here again. She really had to enjoy these rare empty moments of her life. Life wasn't easy for a mother of… thr… two. Mother of two. Especially when she had a work in addition to that. These walks were one of the rare moments for her to have time to think and just enjoy the moment.

She almost walked past the intersection where she could head to the dog park, but at the last moment she remembered it. Oh Emily. She had to check how the girl's night out with her new friends had played out. She was having so much fun when she had left. The night on dog food rack was still harsh, but she was sure her daughter had had much fun.

The mother could see even from far that Emily had been popular. The rack's middle part and the ground around was visibly red even from far away. As she came closer, Susan could confirm what she had expected. "You really had fun with your friends it seems." she said happily as she walked in the dog park.

If she hadn't known it had to be her daughter, she probably couldn't had guessed. There wasn't honestly much left of the little rebellious but still so animal loving girl. There was bones scattered around the ground, ribs here, some foot bones there. Scattered with them was little bits of left-over gore and non-eatable material like tendons. There was little bit of Emily's back left intact, not many dogs had seemed to be able to reach it, but all the other meat was gone. The previously so plump and round meat of Emily was now gone, spread around in dozens guts of dogs. And soon if not already under some tree or in poop bag in some of the trash bins the mother had walked past.

Other recognizable feature left of girl was the girl's head. Or what was left of it. The blonde hair was still intact, but the skull had been broken and emptied by some dog. Their owner had had to probably to crack it open however before that. Most of the face was also eaten, except for the surroundings of the left eye. The little part of her daughter's face that was left seemed restful.

What a happy ending for the girl's night. She got to play with the dog friends she had always wanted to have. Not many girls got to be so close to their love. Susan walked little bit away from the rack to get a better angle to it. She then took the last picture of Emily's evening. She shared it like she had the other ones too. The first ones had already a lot of comments and likes, mostly congratulating the girl for loss of her virginity, and the dog and his owner. Susan was sure the post about the happy ending would get at least as much likes. "It seems Emily had a fun and wild night yesterday! #proudmom" she put as the description of the image of the partial skeleton of her daughter and posted it.

"Brutus, fetch!" she could hear from her back. She watched as a girl threw a bone for the dog. By the shape of it, it seemed to be the thigh bone of Emily's. The doberman ran for his treat, and soon returned to the girl, little bit younger than Emily, with the bone in his maw. "Good boy! That is like it!" the girl said and petted the dog. "We have to train more, but I think we can get into the dog competition if we continue like this!" she said to the dog, who licked her hand. "Yes, yes Brutus. If we win I will give myself to yourself as a treat! Now, fetch!" the girl said and threw the bone of Emily again. The black dog ran eagerly for it.

Susan smiled as she headed back towards home. It was always nice to see girls making so special bond with their dogs. Maybe she should get one for her young daughter too? She had to think about it.


fantastic!!!!!! thanks




Everything about this story is great. I really like how eager she is to please the dog and become food.


such a great story.
the casual nature and acceptance of it all were just perfect.


Dang that was hot! Hope I don't need to stand up or un-cross my legs any time soon ;-)


Thanks for all the nice comments :) I'm glad you've liked the story ^^ I have other older similar-ish stories in my gallery on eka's portal if you are interested.


And the link to my page itself: . It has been easier to post them into just one place, but I can post them here too if people want it.


Thanks for the link! I've spent the last hour or so devouring (pun intended) your work! Love the cooking suit idea!


Love your stories, can you post them all here? I remember that on eka some got deleted and it would be fantastic to have them again to read


Great story, protagonist was a bit too willing for my taste, but was a good read. Love the idea of the contraption she was stuck in. Good job!


Do you take requests? I'd quite like to see a story with all three racks occupied at once by a mum and two daughters while dad stands by with the camcorder filming it all? Maybe it could be a charity event for rehoming shelter dogs and the girls wanted so badly to help out so talked mum into it too?


I honestly don't do much request. Mostly because I just write kinky stories so rarely nowadays :D I kinda like the idea though, so I have to think about it. However I rarely do many stories in the exactly same setting (gotta find new ways to push the limits of horrible even further away!) But I might create something with similar idea in a different place of the same dog-vore world… At least maybe when I get to writing the next time :D

I could also do story trade, as I've liked your stories under your last nickname. The new ones have seemed little bit too cruel/unwilling for my taste. You can PM in Eka's if you are interested.


Honestly, my old stories are more to my taste too! Decided to leave the execution one up but deleted the work-in-progress as I really wasn't feeling it. The one I'm working on now is closer in tone to my old stuff just with older teen characters. Still finding my feet somewhat…

I loved that this story was about a sweet, friendly dog being given a treat. Seeing the tags I'd been worried he'd be a mean dog or the girl would get attacked when the owners weren't looking or something but I loved what you did! The hottest part for me is when she pushes her belly down to help Oscar bite it open. The beastiality does nothing for me but willing food…Mmmmmm!

Hopefully I'll have something worth posting later! lol :-)

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