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Alice-I'm Alice

Lauren-And I am Lauren

Both-and welcome to The Ultimate Underage Warrior Tournament!!!

Alice-Twenty-Four girls under the age of eighteen have been brought into this tournament against their wills and will battle to the death!

Lauren-We will start this tournament with one on one fights until only six fighters remain. From there we will have two-three girl fights to decide our semi-finalists. Finally, our semi-finalist will face off in one last fight to decide our winner

Alice-But now let's meet our combatants!


Alice-From London, we have the undead princess of the night Lith!

Lauren-Age 17 (physically 11), species vampire, ethnicity Caucasian, height 4'9, weight 90 pounds, hair color black, eye color black, cup size A

Alice-Don't let her pigtails, charming dresses, and innocent smile fool you, this kid is a monster! Turned into a vampire at age 11, Lith didn't even try to suppress her violent urges, instead of hunting the youths of her city with a level of cruelty that even frightened the vampire who made her. This teen in a tween's body might be the only girl happy to be here!

Lauren-Being a vampire provides this little hunter with a number of advantages, namely super strength, super speed, a healing factor, the ability to shapeshift, and a pair of lethal fangs

Alice-But is this blood-sucking tot powerful enough to win the games, or will she finally end up as someone else's prey?


Alice-Introducing the martial artist, and master of chi, Ti Ling!

Lauren-Age 12, species human, ethnicity, Japanese, height 5'3, weight, 96 lbs, hair color black, eye color brown, Cup size B

Alice-Ti was raised training in a secret dojo known only to a few families. This training not only gave her a mastery of karate but of her own chi which allowed her to do many incredible things like heal from her wounds, and use incredible strength. Despite this, she still stays humble and kind. However, to achieve this level of skill, she had to train for days at a time, giving her little time to socialize, in turn leaving her social awkward

Lauren-This awkwardness is worth it though as Ling's chi makes her a force to be reckoned with

Alice-But is it enough, or will her training prove to be a waste of time, leaving her dead and with no friends?


Alice-From Africa, we have the terrifying child soldier Abony!

Lauren-Age 13, species human, ethnicity African, height 5'5, weight 130 lbs, cup size C

Alice-Abony was abducted into a local mercenary group by the age of 5 and had killed her first target at the age of 8. Now she's a skilled gorilla fighter despite her age and uses her skills, weapons, and heartless attitude to kill off her victims

Lauren-In combat, Abony carries an Ak47, a military issue combat knife, and a few grenades which she can use with terrifying proficiency. In fact, this won't be Abony's first go at killing children as she once slaughtered a church school foolish enough to try and spread the word of God in her factions territory


Alice-but is this military skill in training enough to keep her alive? Or will she not live long enough to revive the benefits like health care her band of mercenaries definitely supplies?


Alice-In the land of the Fei, one can come across a species similarity to humans known as elves. Among these magical creatures is the archer known as Ashera

Lauren-Age 16, species elf, ethnicity Light Elf, height 5'8, weight 132 pounds, hair color blonde, eye color blue, cup size B

Alice-raised since birth to be a hunter by her family, Ashera is terrifyingly accurate with a bow and arrow, and practically silent. But her over empathetic personality often gets in the way of her killing

Lauren-Being an elf grants Ashera enhanced physical characteristics, and her time as a hunter has made her a master of the elven bow

Alice-But this is no fairy tale and those pointy ears won't be enough to get her out of this. Will her skill be enough or is Ashera going to be laying on the forest floor dead?


Alice-What do you get when you throw an awkward nerdy teenage girl into a death game? A dead awkward nerdy teenage girl!

Lauren-Age 14, species human, ethnicity Caucasian, height 5'4, weight 145 pounds, hair color red, eye color green

Alice-Alex is your run of the mill gamer girl with pretty red hair, green hair, and freckles. She loves all things Kawi, and while she has a violent streak in games, gets sick to her stomach when any real-world violence is involved. She will most definitely die.

Lauren-Alex brings nothing to the table. Sure she knows every Naruto theme song by heart, and streams daily but she can't handle it when someone makes a remotely inappropriate comment about her. She's a dead girl

Alice. Hell, no point in even asking the question. She's going to die


Alice-Being the daughter of a South American drug lord, Emanuella Freixa had everything she could ever want. This lead to her growing board, and in her boredom, Emanuelle discovered she was, perhaps, the most sadistic and fucked up person in the world

Lauren-Age 13, species human, ethnicity Hispanic, height 5'1, weight 125 lbs, hair color, brown, eye color brown, cup size A

Alice-raised in Venezuela, Emanuella is the daughter of the leader of a powerful drug cartel. Don't let her curly brown hair, cute freckles, and pink braces fool you, this girl is the definition of fucked up! She'd torture animals in her free time, and watch her father's men execute prisoners whenever the opportunity came up

Lauren-Though she may have little training with it, she carries a Glock 19 on her person at all times and has no qualms using it. But her deadliest weapon by far is her cruelty. A master of both emotional abuse and physical violence, Emanuella is one drug princess you don't want to upset

Alice-But will her cruelty give her the edge she needs, or will this brat finally be taught a lesson


Alice-After years of research Japan had finally done it, the first genetically engineered cat girl! Yuna! But there's more to this kitten than meets the eye

Lauren-Age 10, species human-cat hybrid, ethnicity Japanese, height 4'6, weight 75 lbs, hair color brown, eye color green, cup size A

Alice-Yuna is the perfect example of why weebs and science don't mix. Cooked up in a lab by splicing human and cat DNA, Yuna lived most of her life in a testing chamber. Though she has the intelligence of a girl her age and can speak some Japanese, she has the personality of a stray cat. She's scared and pissed

Lauren-And being part cat, Yuna has the perfect tools to express these emotions. Yuna is far more agile than even an adult athlete and can see perfectly in the dark. But her most viable assets are her razor-sharp claws which can sprout from her fingertips in an instant

Alice-But will she end up at the top of the food chain, or will someone put this kitty down?


Alice-The world is full of mysteries. Stonehenge, the Pyramids, etc, etc. But one of the greatest mysteries can be found in a young lady from Louisiana named Juanita

Lauren-Age 15, species human, ethnicity mixed (half Caucasian, half African American), height 5'4, weight 134 pounds, hair color brown, eye color brown, cup size C

Alice-At Willow Park high in Louisiana, one can meet Juanita. Ask around and people will tell you that she's normal enough. Everyone knows her, but no one is close to her. She's a pretty girl especially in her school uniform and she makes good grades. Her smile is a little creepy, but she's normal enough. Of course, none of them know about Juanitas talent for voodoo

Lauren-Juanita is quite formidable with her variety of spells. She can easily manipulate one's body, and with enough time and resources, she can create a doll of her target that allows her to use this spell from afar. If things get too hairy, however, she can always call upon her imaginary friend Lanky to do some more direct damage

Alice-But is magic and a creepy smile enough to snag her the win, or is she just going to be another victim?


Alice-Guns, fucking guns. Hannah loves those things, and she knows what's up

Lauren-Age 14, species human, ethnicity Caucasian, height 5'11, weight 134 lbs, hair color light brown, eye color hazel, cup size C

Alice-raised by a military family in good old Kentucky, when Hannah wasn't eating fried chicken she was shooting guns. She shot her first deer by age six and by age 12 was the best shot in the county. Damn, a girl after my own heart

Lauren-Alice may have given it away, but Hannah will be bringing firearms into this battle. Her personal favorite is her M4, but she carries a beretta m9 in case she needs a backup

Alice-But are guns eno, oh who am I kidding she better fucking win

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