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"…and as you fine young boys and girls graduate and go forth into the wide world, we hope you'll keep the spirit and moral certitude of this academy alive."

The Head peered down at the rows of highschool students dressed in their uniforms, and looked to the side.

"And now, we come to the final part of this last assembly."

A schoolgirl walked out onto the stage behind him, blindfolded and with her arms tied behind her back. "This young woman has graciously offered up her life to be used in today's ceremony, as has been done since the founding of our colony 250 years ago." The schoolgirl turned towards the audience of her classmates. Her tanned skin shone with perspiration under the spotlights, despite the coolness of the air conditioned auditorium.

"Mr. Aikawa, if you would please come up and do the honors?".

The PE teacher stood up from his seat near the back and bowed, then made his way up to the stage. The samurai sword sheathed in a slim black scabbard at his side did not escape attention. The students watched with renewed interest as Mr. Aikawa knelt beside the girl and firmly took hold of her shoulders, pressing down and forcing her to kneel.

"Can I have a hand of applause for our very own Sakura Suzuki!"

There was a smattering of clapping hands.

He crouched beside the girl, and noticed her trembling. Her perky tits heaved as she inhaled and exhaled nervously. "Need anything, Ms. Suzuki?", he whispered in her ear. "Water, please", she answered tremulously. Aikawa stood up and retrieved a bottle of water from his bag. He returned, unscrewed the cap and carefully placed the nipple against Suzuki's soft pink lips. She sucked greedily, water spilling and soaking her clean white serafuku. The wet uniform clung to her curvaceous body, revealing the outline of her lacy black bra.

Aikawa withdrew the bottle and set it aside. He gripped the girl by her platinum blonde hair and undid his trousers. His penis sprouted out as he pulled his pants and underwear down, already stiff as a rock. Sakura felt his cock press against her cheek, and felt disgust. Dirty old bastard was shameless, but the thought of the sacrifice endowment provided towards her family kept her pliant.

She opened her mouth and accepted his penis, rolling her tongue around his shaft. Slowly, she moved back and forth with her mouth, sucking and kneading her tongue against his glans. Aikawa felt his balls tingle, and pressure build up. He pressed Sakura's head against his crotch and came, squirting jizz deep down her tight teenage throat.

The PE teacher relaxed his grip, and Sakura fell back, gasping and coughing as cum dripped from her tongue and lips. Aikawa quickly pulled his pants back up, and grabbed the sword.
He pulled it out and gave it a practice swing. It whipped through the air, feeling like an extension of his arm.

"Ms. Suzuki, could you lean forward, please?"

Sakura froze. This was it, wasn't it?
She thought of her family. Of the very large amount of money that would be reserved for them, as thanks for their daughter's life.

She swallowed her fear and leaned forward. Her large breasts wobbled, and the boys in the audience shifted their legs as they awkwardly hid their erections.

There was a belief that the soul of a young maiden would impart luck upon those witness to her selfless sacrifice. As the sword sliced down and neatly separated Sakura's head from her shoulders, she thought of her own soul, and hoped that whatever would come next, her family would at least prosper. She lost consciousness just as her head hit the floor.

As blood sprayed from the neck stump, Aikawa bent down and picked Sakura's head up from the floor. Tears rolled down her cheeks, from behind her blindfold. He leaned in and kissed her on the lips, pushing into her mouth with his tongue. She was still warm and wet, and smelled of sweet cotton candy. Her tongue was limp, and covered with his semen. His hand pulled off the blindfold, and he stared into her eyes. They were half lidded and dull.

Amazingly, her headless body was still upright, resting on its haunches. Crimson blood covered the front of her uniform, while her slender fingers occasionally twitched. There was a hissing sound, and urine pooled around her ass as her bladder relaxed. A nudge from Aikawa's foot, and Sakura's body fell limply on its side, her skirt flipping up and revealing her lacy black panties, stained with piss.

"May her soul bless your lives with fortune". The head finished and wiped at his forehead with a handkerchief.

There was another round of clapping, far more enthusiastic this time. Aikawa bowed towards the students, still holding Sakura's severed head.

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