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outline of a story I'm too lazy to finish..

island hq of perverted villain Rapelord
constant rape of young victims flown in from all over the world
everyone on the island is required to be nude in dungeon area
slaves must be on their knees ready to serve
men are given ample viagra and any drugs they want
most slaves are broken in, others are being broken with drugs, still others are in pens
security is super tight, usually they're also raping
women are also dommes, also abusing boys/girls
wonder woman is chasing a suspect, comes to the island
she's disgusted by the place
decides priority is to save the slaves, esp ones being snuffed
she has to forego backup to save the ones in dire need
she finds a cell were men are raping a young girl, gang rape and torture with knives
WW demands they let her go and instead they intensify the rape and torture, stabbing the girl and slicing her flesh
Overtaken with fury WW breaks in and starts throwing off the men, tearing raping cocks out of the girl
the men fight back and she does not go easy at all, kicks the first so hard his balls splat off the ceiling, uppercuts through a man's guts, elbows another's ribs right into his heart, smashes one face-first into the table corner
now all the hard ons are running away, she jumps in the middle of them and kills/mutilates/maims all of them until she's covered to elbows in blood … frowning down at her hands dripping.. when the girl moans in pain
coming back to the slave, she unties her and tells her to run
to the next room (all are soundproof), guy has killed 2 girls, working on 3rd
WW breaks in, grabs him by the neck & pulls him up off the floor
his viagra hard on is throbbing in front of her
WW looks back at the victims, all chewed up
he's a cannibal, she smiles & looks down at his hard on
licking her lips
her hand wraps around his ass and pulls his dick to her mouth
blowing it like a porn star
sucking and licking as she's choking him out
face turning purple as he starts shooting an involuntary load
her lips pull back and her perfect teeth glisten as she suddenly chomps down
Amazon jaws clenching into ejaculating penis, cutting through meat
she yanks her head away and tears off his cock as he dies cumming
spurting stump shooting blood and cum onto her armor
WW drops the dead meat
spits out the bloody cock on the floor
goes to torture tables and releases the girl
onto the last room
woman torturing boy's cock & balls, his skull is opened and electrodes are stimulating his pleasure zones so he's totally into the torture rapture
she has his hard cock and balls skinned, testicles hanging exposed, as she's pressing a torch flame against his degloved penis as he's squealing in pleasure
WW busts the door down, woman freaks out and falls down, begging for her life
WW grabs for her and the woman dodges and runs to the door
WW grabs her wrist and yanks, rips arm off at the shoulder
woman falls to ground, screaming
WW goes to boy who's being tortured, busts off the binds
a gang of guards comes running up, machine guns blazing
she deflects bullets around the cell, ricochets avoiding the boy but thunking back into the guards and hitting the woman crawling towards the guards
suddenly the adjoining cell wall smashes apart and an android comes in, all tentacles and jabbers
a pair of tentacles grab WW arms and slam her to the wall
an array of deadly devices unfold and slam into WW
as she twists her armor blocks most but she's suddenly cut with by a whirling bladed tentacle, razors digging into her right breast
she screams in anger and turns but blades are chunked into the meat
she struggles and tears her left arm loose, grabbing the tentacle and tearing the blade out of her, and it starts spinning again, splattering her with blood and bits of flesh
she digs it into the other tentacle holding her
it splits apart in fibrous metal shards and lets her go
she launches forward and drives her knee into the android's head
it detonates in explosive arcs and grinds to a halt
She drops gasping
a slow clap brings her back to the moment
behind a barrier of wild-eyed slaves, a grotesquerie of humans molded into sexual monsters, the master of this island is mocking her
"well done!"
WW's eyes narrow as she eyes her target
"… but you'll never defeat my Rapelings!"
the word excites the gibbering menagerie and they surge forth
the closest is a humanoid with a spiked serpentine penis
it rushes in snapping at her face
WW lurches aside, her brace slamming it's fangs away at the last instant
a spidery thing leaps onto her, eight sexy human legs in stocking and stilletos flailing to grasp and tangle her up
WW pulls her sword free at the last instant cutting upward
the razor edge slices through sexy calves and legs and thighs, slices fall away arcing blood
she ends the motion with a block at her shoulder as the penis dragon's fangs slam into the sword instead of her face
she leaps up and back, chopping across, splitting the serpent in half
the man whose crotch it's jutting out of screams as the serpentine penis writhes, slamming into walls, spurting cum and blood
as she's nearing the arc of her leap a dark mass slams into WW and smashes her into the ceiling
then the stench hits her
WW instantly vomits up the contents of her stomach as she's pounded by fetid flying turds, the stench overwhelming
viscous diarrhea sizzle into her, burning even her Amazonian skin
She drops to the floor gagging, sword clanking to the floor as acidic globs drip onto her from the ceiling
The beautiful woman whose ass provided bombardment turns and smiles at WW, then lowers her red latex skirt
WW is shellshocked by the odor and falls to the floor, dizzy, blacking out
RL nods at gas-masked guards standing by the sidelines
they run up and restrain her with drag WW down the corridor… she passes out

she's tied down
in the dark
forearms, legs, neck secured
her eyes dart around
she can see glass concave lens pointing at her, glinting in the dark
she can barely move her wrist inside the restraint but she can turn her head, and there's a bit of play where she can move her thighs…
… her spread open thighs
she peers down … she's nude
she gasps
they couldn't have taken off her braces, right? she couldn't see them inside the restraints, but her armor… how were they able to get that off? The magical clasps were invulnerable to human tools and could only be opened at her command …
… or the command of their creator.
she looked down at her spotless breasts, down her belly, to her hairless mound. Only her boots were on, inside the bounds.
they had cleaned her, removed her armor, and tied her spread-eagled. in bondage. naked.
Oh Hera… what had she got herself into?
a movement in the cell, shifting sounds, and clearing of a throat.
"you know, Aries always said I should make time to visit the human world. I never thought it could be as entertaining as my workshop. But oh, molding humans into new forms…"
the figure comes into the cone of the spotlight… Rapelord
but the cadence of his voice, now that she can hear it… familiar… who…?
the voice shifts pitch as he continues, "breaking them apart," he smiles and eyes her curves… "eliciting such music from screaming crescendos…" his right hand hovers over her perfect breast, already healing from the earlier savaging with drying blood over smooth skin
"I've been repurposing my tools up here, putting them to such good use, tearing bodies open, bleeding meat on metal… but the metahumans… oh they are … such intriguing puzzles…"
the hand closes on her breast and squeezes blood out of the healing gash and WW grits her teeth and struggles with all her might to break free of the bonds. "Hephaestus! I will kill you for this!"
"now now, you can't break free. Who do you think made these restraints?" His brow darkened… "and who do you think, made those wonderful pets, whom you butchered back there?"
the woman whose ass had fired the poop blasts steps into the light and hangs on Rapelord's shoulder.
"well, at least one of my beautiful pets survived. Darling, would you like to know Diana better? do you think she would apprecite your talents? why don't you give her a taste?
at this the girl deftly clambers onto the marble slab holding WW and begins licking between WW's legs, lapping wetly at the thin slit, teasing her tongue inside and tickling WW's clitoral apex
WW struggles in vain as the woman begins spreading her open, eating her most private part with such precision that WW's legs begin quivering before long
"as I thought… even a demigod can feel pleasure…"
his hands fondle WW's breasts, thumbs brushing nipples as the fingers squeeze the supple skin in time to the lapping between her legs, intensifying the sensations ripplings through her bound form until an impending orgasm appears on the horizon, and knowing she cannot possibly have an orgasm in this circumstance, WW's struggles reach a frenetic pace…
but the bounds are inescapable, and the rapidly approaching climax inescapable, and she screams no no No NO as she suddenly clenches and convulses in traiterous orgasm, squirting precious fluids on the villain's tongue
with a smile the girl's snake tongue pulls out from deep inside her vagina and licks its tines up her trembling lips as WW tries to back up the table, moaning in overstimulation, her body shivering, pussy contracting, the clenched breath stabilizing as the female slowly backs off, still rubbing WW's quivering belly and thighs until she relaxes and eases onto the marble slab, eyes fluttering in the aftermath
RL whispers, "well, pleasure for sure… but let's see how you do with pain !"
a scream tears out of her throat an instant after a whip cracks her smoldering pussy and WW cannot shut off the betraying screams
even before she can catch her breath to scream again, the whip slices into her vagina again, and again, and again, harder every time
gasping, blinking through teary eyes she sees the beautiful woman who smiles demurely as she strikes WW's pussy, ass, clit, and belly with a scintillating whip, lashing out a glowing blur, mercilessly whipping her pussy over and over, carving and tearing into her flesh, whip cracking with a blinding green flash at each strike of the supernatural weapon.
Losing her mind to agony, WW suddenly grasps onto the pain and with a huge surge of power torques her body, transforming fear into fury, flexing bodily with all her might and the table suddenly cracks in half!
WW rolls to the side, swinging arm and shoulder, wielding the disintegrating table half attached to each restraint as a weapon, smashing rubble into Rapelord who falls in a shower of marble
the metahuman flips around, exposing her asshole which convulses and shoots massive turds at WW
WW blocks with the table remnant, holding her breath as turds smash into the marble, dissolving the stone and restraint which WW helps to breaks off
freed from her bounds, WW runs up and kicks the woman in her asshole, driving her boot into the putrid gurgling mass and the woman flies into the wall and crumples, doubles up in pain
WW looks around, spots her gear on a nearby table next to torture tools and lab equipment
she grabs her sword and closes in again… the woman rolls her ass back around, powering up a turd which begins to poke out amidst drooling diarrhea and blood
WW rushes forward, stabbing her sword up the womans ass hole
the metahuman gurgles diarrhea all over the blade and as she screams, WW shoves it in and impales her out the mouth
WW lets the hilt go and the sword drops to the floor within her spasming and gurgling body.
WW walks to the villain trapped under the marble rubble, dropping down to look at the mangled legs under the stones
She pokes into the bloody ruin with her dagger-sharp nail, eliciting a heartfelt gasp.
"can you feel that, Hephaestus? are you possessing this body? or is it really you, shape shifted?" as she jabs the fleshy ruins
"it's me, it's me! you can't do this! Aries will avenge me!"
WW laughs
really! you think that fool can help you? I don't think even Zeus would have a problem with me, after what you did."
WW reaches down and rubs the bloody whip cuts crisscrossing her crotch, not wondering why the pain tingles and feels… good
"so… if I kill this body, would you die? or banish back to your workshop? at this point, I don't care much either way. of course it's unbecoming of a … what did you call me? a demigod?"
with a smile WW straddles Rapelord's face, spreading her bloody lips and covering his mouth and nose, a heavenly scent of demigod pussy suddenly filling Hephastsus' brain
"well I did learn something new today, so I have to thank you for that at least… let's see how this feels again…"
her crotch now grinding his face, WW's scent and juices flooding mouth and nose, a bulge grows rapidly in RL's pants
WW notices with a laugh and reaches down, feeling it harden swiftly in her hand, grabbing his pants and tearing them apart to expose his throbbing cock and massive balls as they shift and swell, freed from the cloth
"and since a… demigod… shouldn't consort with mere mortals …. and you're the only other immortal around… let's see how this works…" "
she feels their heft in her hand, amazed that he's so incredibly hard despite his broken legs buried in marble
"oooh… i think i'm beginning to see your point…"
WW's mouth closes around RL's cock and she sucks it sloppily, tongue rolling around the shaft as she throats it deeply, rubbing and squeezing his balls as she grinds her wet pussy into his gasping face until he suddenly spurts and she yanks it out of her face with a wet pop
he moans ecstatically into her pussy as hot cum firehoses her gorgeous breasts
clenching his pumping nuts in a hard grip, lifting her pussy to hear him scream, she clamps her fist with Amazonian strength and busts both testicles in shattering pops
her hips tilt forward and she slams her asshole into his screeching
"here's what I've been wanting to do to all you disgusting, leering, worthless men…"
Pushing out with all her might, WW buries him up to the eyes with a massive hot wet shit
she digs nails into his ballsack, twists and tears off his ruined manhood
flailing as he gasps for air, the last thing he sees is her fantastic asshole and dripping pussy hovering over him as with a last wet shart in his face, WW blinds him
Squatting over him, WW pushes his mangled scrotum into the steaming wet toilet that is now his face
she rises up atop her long legs, lifts her boot, and SLAMS the heel down, driving ball sack into throat and shit into airpipe, stomping until eyes, face, and brain are destroyed under her heel, unrecognized, pulverized.
WW's gaze rolls from the carnage to her boot.
"tsk … what a mess."


At the facility control center, Aries watched WW standing over the corpse on surveillance monitors and sent a fresh wave of attackers to her location. He inhaled deeply, a smile spreading over his lips, basking in the euphoric sensations enveloping him. " I have you now, Diana. At long last… your delicious, murderous Rage is mine. "


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