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Ok… i have a thing for hoodies

Of a certain shape and design and form

Of many kinds too

Alot….i want to contain em all in a thing so they look and feel all the great… how do i write?

Not just guro but slimes too…
Cuz… multiple use?


Help i have like 10 mil stories i wanna do hahahaha help help


How do i manage and arrange and stuff on it hahahaha


i mean…
long story short… you fall for a popular star and…your entire life becomes involved with their life…

while trying to get close,
you realize they were never honest and that those precious time of weakness you are waiting for guiltily to become closer is nothing but your own weakness and intent to be connected…you have no love orwhatsoever but really just your own self pity that have so far motivates you

and the end as you parted, you realize you are grown but also ever distant with yourself…

and you repeat meeting them again
and becomes involved again


so, i guess since your crowd is smol you dont need to give your bestest first but rather start from your first worst content and build your audience from there???



/lit/ isn't the board for schizophrenic rambling.

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