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Demise of a Princess
Tags:Beheading, Public Execution

The door of the black maria opens. A beautiful young girl is pulled out.
The girl's face is upset and her eyes are dull, but that doesn't affect her beautiful face under long amber hair. She looks like a princess in a fairy tale. Through a rough cotton dress, people still vaguely see the graceful figure formed by dance training, especially the chest with just right size, which seems firmer because of the hands bind backwards. The two protruding points of the chest and the line in the center of her round buttocks, she is as pure and attractive as an elf. Men around eye on her, and swallows.

This is a rare sight in this conservative country. The crowd burst into cheers. It's only 9 a.m., but people have crowded this square in the center of Hdayir. They came to see this rich young girl who once could only be seen in magazines, dressing in gorgeous dresses and glamour. In the middle of the square are several prison vans. Guards armed with guns surround the girl in the center. Opposite her are several local officials, and a reporter with a camera, transmitting real time video to the world.

The girl's name is Anniebelle. Only 20 years old, she is the heir of Ryan family, a military industry giant in the United Provinces. She was sent to the Middle East two years ago as general manager of the local branch, preparing to take over the family business in the future. As a young and beautiful girl from a top family, she soon got fame in the Royal and aristocratic dances balls and achieved several big deals. But a year ago she got a little trouble. The local military tracked a large number of data packets being sent to the servers in the hostile country and then learned that, the "expensive original United Provinces chips " purchased from her were polished cheap chips from other countries, and obviously with back doors on. Memory chips, display screen and other equipments have also been replaced by cheap trash. The advertised high performance was never met. The Mideast country was furious. Anniebelle just went in. Nevertheless, she was bailed after several month’s efforts from the Foreign Ministry. Then she was put under house arrest in a 2150 square meter house on the outskirts of Hdayir, where she spent her days on drawing pictures and writing poems.

However, a month ago, several scandals set off in the headquarters of the company. Although the public relations department immediately ordered websites to delete posts after posts, and waged propaganda campaigns after campaigns, it didn’t work. Soon the domestic netizens got enraged too, and the president tweeted that he would no longer spend any precious diplomatic resources on the case of the Ryans. A few days later, Anniebelle was carried like a chicken back out of her cold and humid mansion, into a spring-like warm prison cell. And after a brief trial, she comes to the square..

An old bearded official looked at Annie, whose sharp eyes made her hair stand. He takes out an envelope, slowly opens it, takes out a piece of paper, puts on his glasses, and then reads, first in Arabic, then in English:

"I, as the chief judge, declare: Miss Anniebelle Ryan, you are sentenced to decapitation for espionage and fraud, according to the sacred law of our country. You will be executed later. If you have any last words, we can pass it to your family. "

Anne's two smooth legs kept shaking: "no, I didn't do it. You can't blame me…"

The judge shook his head. "Sorry, Miss Anniebelle, this is the final decision by jury, based on the fact of, your illegal act."
"You can't kill me…Because Prince Amir and Prince Khalil are my good friends… We met on…" She argued.
"Miss Anniebelle, please respect the law and royal dignity, of the country you are in."
"No… You can't do this…you are violating human rights… "
"If Miss Anniebelle believes that your human rights have been violated, we support you, or your relatives, to use legal instruments to protect your rights, including suing our government." He glances at the watch. "Well, it's time. May your soul be forgiven. "

Annie's mind was blank, and the fear of death dominated her. The guards gathered around, binded her silk like long hair, and put on black blinders. Before being forced by the guards, Annie collapsed onto her knees. She heard heavy steps coming. That must be her executioner. With a swish, a scimitar was pulled out of the sheath.

Her teeth are cackling. A warm and humid feeling comes from the legs, some liquid is flowing by. Although it was hot in the Middle East, the chillness from the scimitar made her shiver, as if it is not in a desert, but in the snowy winter. She curled up, hoping of a little warmth back.

The executioner said a few words. She can't understand. So the executioner patted her on the shoulder and held her by the neck. Annie understood that he wants her to stretch her long beautiful neck and expose her neck spine, just like a goose to butcher. In this way, she can have her head severed in a single slash, and enjoy a swifter, cleaner and less painful death than otherwise.

The crowd excites.
A gust of breeze passes by her ear.
“Daddy, help——
She screamed, but is interrupted before letting it out, only making a vague sound.

The blade is well sharpened, especially for the young lady. She barely feels the cold still by her neck, and the flesh and bones of her neck are separated. A crisp sound of breaking a tree branch, muffled soon by the sound of splashing water. And then overwhelming pain and numbness from her lost torso.

She flys into the air, turns a few rounds, lands on her face, rolls, like a ball, and becomes still.

The hair and the blindfold got loose. Now she could see her headless body a few feet away prone on the ground, with two bloodstreams splashing onto the ground from the incision of her neck. The body is shaking, legs kicking, hips pointing to the sky, hands scratching on the ground in hope to find something. The crowd hissed and laughed. Her struggle is so fierce that she pulled the bottom of her prison garb to the bottom of her thigh, revealing her white buttock, and the sparse hair in the middle. Her body reluctantly accepted her fate. The struggle calms into slight twitches from time to time. Some stinky soil leaks out of her hip.

Anne's lips murmurs for a few words. She wants to cry for pain, but after all, could say nothing without her lovely chest. Her eyes lose focus, and her face, covered with blood, relaxes. Now she looks peaceful.

What she finally fells, is a steady hand holding her hair, lifting her up and showing her to the crowd. A cheering burst out from the crowd.

The judge declared the end of the execution. Some local people went home, while others stayed to watch the guards gathering Annie's remains onto a stretcher, put into the van and drive away. According to the local law, since Anne has committed the crime of espionage, she shall be exhibited on the pillar for three days. However, the mercy king pardons her in particular from further humiliation afterlife, partly out of pity to the young girl, and partly as a goodwill to the United Provinces. And the president never mentioned her again.

Anne goes home in a chiller. When the crystal coffin is opened, everyone frowns. In addition to the awful smell, what a mess she has made. These mideast barbarians have boxed her without basic cleaning. Her stomach fluid, excrement, urine and blood spread all around because of tossing along the way. That’s not a rich princess; but a butchered dog.

The embalmer takes off her bloody clothes, washes her slim body, cleans her intestines, sews her head, combs her hair, puts on new dress, does makeup, and finally turns the scruffy girl back to a beautiful doll. Anne now sleeps in her room, waiting to return to the arms of mother earth.

Mr. Ryan seems very sad to see his daughter in this way. He sends all others out, locks the doors and windows, and spent two days and two nights alone with his daughter's body.

No one knows what happens to Miss Anniebelle meanwhile.

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