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Tonight is my release, one I’ve been waiting for a very long time - 835 years - so long overdue.

Immortality sounds wonderful at first blush, but as the years and decades and centuries flow past, the horror of endless life sinks in and the bliss of nonexistence begins to look better and better. I have long yearned to quit this world and tonight I will.

I was taken when I was eight years old. I was an odd child, so different than any other boy in my village, so I was ripe for taking. How Xander knew I was so different was a mystery to me until many decades later when I had learned to read people, to see into their souls and truly know them, that I understood what he saw in me. My difference must have shone like a beacon in the night as Xander prowled our village looking for a companion to ease his loneliness, and his search ended when he tapped at my window that night so long ago and asked me to invite him in, and I in my excitement for a companion of my own, I did.

Xander gave me ecstasy when he took me that night and every night after that for a long time, nestled together on the ferns in his cave. Though I was a boy, I had always felt like a girl and he treated me thus. Each night as he held me astraddle his legs and I moaned in my carnal pleasure and bared my throat to him, he would bite and suck and I would know a bliss that throbbed deep in my loins as I felt the blood rushing from my body and my small cock spasming tightly, pulsing my clear ejaculate over both our bellies and again when his thick, stickiness would fill my bowels and he growled in my ear.

One night, as I grew weaker, he promised me eternal life and in my need for our affair to never end I accepted and with the last of my strength as our mutual climaxes receded, I bit his offered wrist and drank from his body. I transformed that night, becoming a creature of darkness, becoming a hunter like Xander, and together we fed on the villagers by night and consumed each other’s lust deep in his cave by day.

I never wanted it to end.

But there came the day we were discovered and the men from the village dragged Xander from our cave under the noonday sun, and me being so much smaller ran and hid deeper in the cave where no grown man could fit. I felt such horror as I listened to his screams and such sorrow when I found myself alone.

For eight centuries I wandered, feeding when I must and always seeking someone like Xander, but he - like me - was an oddity. Many times I contemplated just leaving my dark hiding places and walking into the sunlight to scream and burn, yet it was the hope that one day I might feel that carnal lust once more kept me from it.

At last I have found the one I have sought for so long. He is large and strong and likes children in ways that repulse the living. He was imprisoned for his lusts for many years and upon his release was tormented and beaten near to death by others who knew of his lusts. But his lusts are my lusts.

He didn’t believe me when I told him how long I have existed. He didn’t believe me when I told him what I was - what Xander had made me. He didn’t believe me when I told him of my powers until I showed him my fangs and strength by overpowering and biting him with ease. Then he believed.

The first night after I let him take me, I offered him a bargain; eternal existence for him, paid for by ending mine. Though he wanted us to stay together like I had with Xander, I couldn’t bear the thought of losing another lover, and in time he agreed.

For two weeks I drained him slowly, then fed him from my own body. I taught him how to hunt and feed and hide for the next week until his powers far exceeded those he had when he was mortal, and now …

And now I feel the bliss I once felt with Xander, my new man is inside my body and I savour the rigid presence of him as he moves within my belly, thrusting with a raw brutality that made me love Xander so. He is holding me in his strong loving arms, building us both to our climax. He has the sharpened oaken stake at hand and is ready for my cry of ecstasy to signal him to strike.

I feel him building inside my belly, his rigidness swelling. I feel my own building, the bliss rising hot and throbbing from the root of my sex and up through my belly to my throat. I feel his sudden release inside me and that triggers my own. I cry out loudly in such powerful rapture and euphoria that has been eight centuries in the making, and feel the rushing of my body’s final eruption and in its midst - just at the peak - I feel the stake bite deep between the ribs under my left arm and my heart bursts within me and I am sent to oblivion to rest with Xander forever more.

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