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I have been thinking up a story of Pedro the man in charge of the cartels kidnapping, and public relations.

This is set in near future Mexico when the cartel has completely taken over the government. There is actually much less violence, as certain cartels are designated the official governing bodies. Any opposition forces have died horribly.

In the run up to this point during the drug wars, the competition for horrible retaliation videos was on the rise. Every cartel was uploading videos online of rivals dying horrible deaths, beaten, and chopped, up alive.

At the same time there was something terrible happening to people in Juarez. The authorities were finding whole families remains. All with signs of severe torture, and indications that many of them had been partially eaten.

By all accounts most of these people were not involved in the drug, business but were just sleeping in their homes, or were migrants passing through.

It was a huge story on the news, and people were disappearing at such a high rate that the police actually did an investigation for once.

Video evidence showed a van registed to an address outside of town loading a missing family into a van. When the police raided the address, they found a nightmare.

In this crude compound there were over 30 people, and a walk in fridge, and freezer with the remains of many more. Disconcertingly many of the remains were floating in marinades and spices to be eaten. Vats of genitals, babies floating in buttermilk, castrated men dying slowly with their crude sutures.

They also discovered a video production studio, with many older, but pro level cameras and lights. There were rows and rows of tapes. The policemen popped in the first one, and almost puked when it opened right up to a man inserting a stake up a screaming young boys ass, and then cooking him over an open flame while his bound family watched on.

The police lied in wait, and several hours later the van came driving up the dusty driveway. All at once they emerged from cover and took the man Pedro into custody at gun point.

In the back of the van was a traumatized young mother and her 3 children. He had already sodomized them all, but at least they escaped his dinner plate.

When news got out about this man Pedro it was a sensation throughout Mexico, and soon enough many of these videos leaked, soon the dark sides of Mexico's internet were flooded with these TV production quality videos of Pedro torturing and eating people, it was the one story that was big enough to get the cartels out of the news for a time.

The calls were to bring back mob Justice and to lynch Pedro in the town square. Things were so tense outside the jail that the police were scared they would soon be overrun.

The prosecutor went on TV, and decreed that Pedro was soon to be put to death.

Luckily for Pedro that is not what was to happen. He had a secret benefactor. As the tapes leaked out the head of the cartel that was the seize ultimate power, found them captivating.

He couldn't look away as he watched Pedro callusly rape, torture, and eat the people. He had raped, and killed his fair share of people, but Pedro was an artist at it. Extracting the maximum suffering, and really excelling in the psychology of torturing men's egos through cuckolding, and leaving them helpless as he ate their families, and eventually their penises right in front of them.


The cartel boss was in the process of seizing total control. He already had the police, and many corrupt military officials in his pocket. The few people who till we're resisting him, were slowly disappearing.

Some ending up on grainy LiveLeak videos being cut up, as a message. Or even turning up dumped on the street, or hanging from lamp posts in the town squares.

He wanted to send a real message to who was in charge of this region, and looked for everyway possible to embarrass the government.

So it was that confluence of circumstances, plus a few briefcases of cash, and some threats to peoples lives that found Pedro walking out of jail.

The TV cameras were all on, and there was no questions what happened when a rolls Royce pulled up in the modest town, and Pedro was loaded in.

Not only had the cartel freed him, they had hired him.

With millions of dollars in start up funding, and unlimited resources of the cartels, Pedro went from serial killer to one of the most powerful men in Mexico.

His extortion, and kidnapping racket kept the order, and returned on investment 10x over, as his new HD videos started to come out.

Rival gang members watched in HD as their leaders were all taken care of in increasingly elaborate ways.

The final rival to fall had not only his gang, but his entire extended family, and most of his hometown summarily rounded up by the military, and live streamed being eaten alive. The boss threw a banquet full of society people. One by one they all had their genitals grilled, and served to members of mexicos elite.

This was a celebration of Pedro's new state of the art facility, and the lasting peace that the end of the drug war, and transition to total narco state will bring.


Okay so that is how we arrived here in the present

Pedro woke up with a stir. Rolling over he laid eyes on the angelic form of 10 year old Lucita, sleeping peacefully. Her fresh olive skin glowed in the morning light. Not a blemish on her youthful beauty.

He sat up and traced his eyes down her sleeping body from her bee sting tits, past her taut stomach, and down to her crotch nicely on display for him as she cuddled one of the lage stuffed animals on his bed.

He reached out to part one of her smooth butt cheeks and exposed the her small holes, both bright red, and still lightly seeping fluids from the fun he had the previous night taking first her vaginal, and then anal virginity.

His cock stirred as he contmplated sliding into her inviting warmth again.

Shaking off those thoughts he rolled over and grabbed his cellphone. Enabling his security measures he first went to his calendar app, custom programmed by a bright kid in the organization. It had a long list of names each with a countdown clock next to them. Each person on the list was a kidnapped person in his facility, and the clocks represented how long the families were given to pay the Ransom. He had everything from babies to, grandmother's in the hundreds of cells, and often entire families of central American migrants, as it took blocks of them to be profitable for blackmailing.

Lucitas name was at the top of the list, and 0:00 was flashing in red next to it. Clicking on it it brought him to a screen listing who her family was, their past 3 years tax returns, and many other financial details aggregated from legal, and illegal tax, and hacked financial services databases.

Here he saw that the family could have pretty easily paid the $200,000 ($USD) they had requested after kidnapping her from outside of her Catholic school a week prior. All they would have to do is sell their home, and they could have their daughter back.

Scrolling down the app, he also read a few breif facts about her family, and discovered that her father was actually a small town politician, and rancher who had resisted going on the cartels payroll. He scrolled through photos showing that the family had 4 other daughters, and his wife looked unbelievable for having 5 children. He paused at a picture of one of her younger sisters, imagining having some fun with the whole family one day.

He then went over to the cartels Bitcoin account set up for receiving of ransom's, and checked one more time to see if any transfers had been initiated this morning. 5 people had dutifly paid, and would be getting their people back in tact with sore wrists from the binds, and maybe a sore vagina or 2.

Unfortunately for little Lucita no money had come in, and her time was up.

Pedro cuddled up to the sleeping girl, and lovingly ran his fingers through her hair, until she stirred awake. Even though he had forced himself on her he had been nothing but sweet to her since he took delivery of her. Setting her at ease even as he slid his thick cock up her immature slit, and made her lick him clean after depositing his load in her tummy. His warm fatherly aura had the girl wrapped around his finger.

Pedro said "good morning sweetheart, I have some good news. You get to leave this place today". She perked up and said "really"? Pedro said "yup, we are just going to play one more game, and you can leave forever" as he smiled down on her.

He helped her to her feet, and helped her down from the bed. She was comically walking a bit bowlegged with her sore little vagina. He lovingly guided her down the hallway until they reached a lage double doorway. He ushered her in, and she was in a stark white room, with almost blindingly bright lights shining from the ceiling.

In the middle of the room was a solid metal gynecological examination chair with solid leather straps on the legs, torso and arm portion. The child got nervous, and tried backing away, but Pedro reassured her that everything was going to be okay.

He patted the chair, and coaxed her to sit down. "We are just going to take a little video, and then you can leave" he reassured her. With some trepidation, she willingly hopped up on the chair.

Pedro had to readjust the chair to fit her tiny proportions, but eventually he had her strapped down with her legs splayed wide open. Her tiny labia still barely parted due to her tightness.

Pedro wheeled over a professional looking medical table where he laid out a few tools. Several lengths/withs of speculums, a large dildo with a blunt tip a mouth guard that had a large circular hole in the middle, and then he went to the mini refrigerator in the corner and pulled out a large Tupperware container holding 15lbs of ground beef.

He then went into his cabinet and produced 2 refillable caulking tubes, and a professional electric caulking gun.

Going into his other cabinet he gathered up a wide assortment of top notch professional camera gear. He then positioned all the many 8k Red cinema cameras to get different views of the young girls body focusing mostly on her nether regions, all in Crystal clear HD.

All the preparations and mental checklists had diminished Pedro's erection. He walked up to the young girls head and with a quick glance to make sure the cameras were rolling presented his flaccid penis to her, which she dutifly sucked into her mouth to nurse on. The little devil in Pedro's mind started whispering things too him as he watched the the small girls soft lips slide down his cock.

After a few minutes he was back to full hardness. He moved down to the bottom of the chair and rubbed his leaking cockhead through her tender folds. He marvelled at the contrast to his thick adult cock, and her tight prepubescent vagina.

He spit on where they were joined and leaned forward, watching as the tip of his penis first pushed in her entire vagina before her lips gave way, and his head found its way up her love canal. He worked slowly at first finding a rythm to allow his cock to slide further up.the girl without hurting her much. He rubbed her little immature clit, and played the girls blossoming sexuality like a Stradivarius.

Soon he was fucking a good 4 of his 8 inches deep inside her cunt. He was bottoming out on her young pussy, and this is as deep as he had gone thus far.

He looked down at the young girl's face, as she was consumed with passion, and then with fire in his eyes started leaning in. Bearing down on the resistance at the back of her pussy blocking his dick. Her face started to contort with pain as first one, then two more inches started to slide in.

Pedro put his heart into breaking in her pussy, pushing deeper, and deeper a outline of his cock clearly visible as he pushed deeper in her guts.

She started wailing in pain after about the 7th inch slid in, and was inconsolable by the time he was balls deep, his cock freely sliding into her womb lubricated by the stream of blood leaking from her ripped cervix.

Suddenly he stopped the brutal rape. Pulling his red cockfrom her pussy with a plop. He walked up to her head and rubbed his cockhead all over her tear streaked face, until she relented and sucked the blood and bits off of his iron hard cock.

She stared up at him with a look of betrayal as she cleaned him.

Once Pedro was satisfied with his cock bath, he returned to he lady bits. Rubbing his cock this time on the small hole on her bottom. It looked so tight he was surprised that she could poop out of it.

With his libido stroked, He was a lot less loving this time. After a little spit he began applying maximum pressure right from the beginning frustrated by the resistance of her anus, as it tried to repel his invading cock. Grabbing her bound hips and leaning in with all his weight he slid past her ring, and began pumping her bowels.

As he stretched her ass, he started fingering her ruined cunt. Feeling his pumping cock through the thin membrane. He stared her right in her eyes as he worked his way to balls deep stopping from time to time to pull out , and look the little hole now gaping from his buggering.

Pedro reached over to the table and grabbed the smallest speculum and cruly jammed it up her vagina, then mercilessly cranked it as wide as it would go obscenely stretching her pussy hole just as his balls started slapping her asshole, as his dick reached deep in her bowels.

As he absolutely jackhammered her ass, he was getting close to dropping his load, as her screams were like music to his ears, and he longed for release. His left brain told him to pull out though since there was plenty more fun to come.

He violently ripped the speculum out of her now gaping pussy and just as he pulled out of her ass he jammed it in and cranked it to the maximum. Without missing a beat he jammed the dildo all the way up her cunt before it could close and really put his back into pumping it all the way up into her continuing to stretch and ruin her pussy hole.

He continued his assault back and forth alternating the soda can thick blunt dildo, and the speculum on her ass and pussy relentlessly for 30 minutes until both holes we gaping 2 inches and slack, her asshole lightly prolapsing.

He was dripping sweat from the his efforts, and took a break to chug a giant bottle of water. He decided since his charge had been such good sport he would return the favor. He grabbed the dental guard off of the table and despite some protesting he managed to get it in place so her mouth was stretched wide open, with a wide tapered pipe leading to the back of her throat.

He lined up his softening dick and pissed just enouh to fill her mouth to the brim. He pinched her nose and held her head still until she relented and swallowed. He continued pissing in her mouth and making her swallow until his dick hardened at the erotic site, and he became frustrated as his hardening dick made piss shoot everywhere.

Ever resilient Pedro simply shoved his cock balls deep thought he convenient hole in the dam, and straight down her throat pinching her nose and luxuriating in emptying his bladder directly into her neck.

After he was done he left his thick cock wedged down her throat, enjoying the increasingly desperate attempts to get air, as her tonsils milked his dick.

Looking at the time he was tempted to.just cum down her throat letting her death throws milk his semen, but ever a slave to his art. He thought her parents deserved a bit better video to rember their little girl.

Reluctantly he withdrew his cock, and she went into a coughing fit as the air filled her lungs.

Pedro moved back to her bottom, and took the dildo out of her pussy. He popped the lid off of the Tupperware full of ground beef. He began taking handfuls of beef and stuffing her hole, using the dildo to jam it into the deepest regions of her reproductive system.

He then repeated the process on her gaping asshole. After they were both mostly full, Pedro slipped on a condom and fucked her newly tight again holes. Fucking the meat deeper and deeper.

Once again the depravity had him close losing his load so he backed off.

Pedro then took the 2 large caulking tubes and filled them with the raw meat. Then slotted one into the electrified gun. He placed the tip in her ass and pulled the trigger.

The motor whirred and the machine pumped her ass full to bursting. He then inserted the second tube and pumped her pussy full to the point that she had a pot belly of meat.

Pedro went up to her head and took out the mouth guard, then cleaned off her face with a towel. He said "you almost ready to leave here baby"? She just nodded tearfully.

Pedro kissed her on the forehead and left the room.

She was left alone with her thoughts and the pain of being impregnated with ground beef in her holes.

Pedro walked back in the room with a onyx black, gigantic 145lb Cane Corso dog. He hadn't fed him in 4 days.

Pedro let him off the leash and walked up by Lucitas head. He stroked her hair as Tyson the dog sniffed the air. Catching the scent of the meat, he followed his nose to her crotch.

Tysons wet nose rubbed up against Lucitas little clit illiciting a shudder in the young girl. Followed by a deep moan as the wide tongue took its first tentative swipe from ass to clit.

After tasting the meat, Tysons rough tongue then began an assault on her crotch. Jabbing powerfully at her labia, and slurping up the easy to.reach chunks of the beef. Repeating the process on her open ass hole.

Lucita began quivering as tysons tongue began sliding up her cunt, her clit was getting raw from the onslaught, but still she reached her first ever crashing ogasm gripping Tysons tongue with what was left of her kegel muscles.

Tyson seemed to just pick up his pace as her girl cum mixed with the tasty meat. His snout totally buried in her cunt and his tongue slurping out the last of the easy to reach meat.

Tyson was becoming frustrated at not being able to reach the meat deeper up her tube. Pedro reached down and spread her lips and Tyson found another few chunks of meat, and Lucita had another bone shaking orgasm.

Pedro went to a drawer in the corner, and pulled out a sealed surgical scalpel. Popping it out of the bag he walked back and took in the erotic scene of the large dog lapping the young girls cunt, the dogs cock hanging heavily from his belly. Pedro was diamond hard.

Pedro moved Tysons snout out of the way temporarily, and cut a few small incisions in Lucitas holes to open them up for Tyson.

Within seconds of moving out of the way Tyson was back on her. As soon as he tasted the blood from the cuts though it was like a switch flipped, and he rabidly attacked her.

Tyson sunk his powefull jaws right into her crotch. He pulled back with half her pudenda ripped away in his mouth. Lucita screamed as she looked down to see half of her labia now missing. Tyson happily chewed away and swallowed, then bit back in ripping out her fallopian tubes, and right ovaries. Delighting at her tasty lady bits. His next bite ripped her asshole from her skin, and he went about tugging a foot of guts out with it.

While Tyson was gingerly eating the young girls crotch Pedro was up at her face with the camera in his hand capturing all the emotions as she stared down heplessly while she was eaten alive. Her once smooth pussy now being ripped to shreds.

Pedro couldn't take it anymore he needed to cum, he jabbed the scalpel into her side just below her rib cage, cutting a hole a new pussy hole in her side, and started fucking her small torso. Carefully to not let his.long dick get close to where Tyson was doing an admirable job of ripping out her crotch.

He trained the camera on her side with his long dick sliding in and out of her. Within about 2 minutes he couldn't hold it any more and started spurting sticky cum, creampying her lungs, then pulling out and shooting a few ropes over her crotch(which Tyson happily gnawed away with his next bite) , and then a his final spurts on her face.

Panting for a moment he just stood there dick in hand, processing the gravity of the situation. Feeling a slight pang of post orgasm guilt. Until the sudden urge to piss again come over him, and he washed her face with his amber urine. Balls completely drained.

He grabbed Tyson by the neck, and drug him away still holding a chunk of guts in his mouth. And then ushered him out of the room.

Retuneng to assess the situation little Lucita was in a sad state with her cunt and ass completely missing. Tyson had ate past her womb and was approaching her stomach.

Surprisingly she was still totally lucid, and even though she was in shock she had been awake for the whole thing.

He undid all the straps holding her, and helped her down. She was certainly not doing well, but could still shakily stand despite her mortal injuries.

Pedro said "okay baby I am going to keep my promise. You can leave now" while embracing the traumatized little girl.

He placed her in a wheel chair, and went to the entrance of the large compound, leaving a trail of blood behind them in the spotless white hallways. Opening the two heavy doors, to the entryway of the compound, the Mexican sun bore down on them. He helped her up from the chair, kissed her on the cheek, and sent her on her way out into the wastelands surrounding the facility.

As she was shuffling away, Pedro was setting up a tripod framing the shot of the young girl with walking into the scrublands.

He shouted to her "Go! You are free" Then pushed a button on his phone opening a second gate, at which point 10 more Cane Corsos all came galloping out.

She made it 10 more steps before the were on her. Tearing her limb from limb.

Pedro was masturbating at the video captured in perfect HD on his long lense camera, when suddenly his phone buzzed.

He picked it up to read the message. It was from the cartels Bitcoin exchange. A sum of $200,000 had just been deposited into Lucitas account.

He pondered the information, had a little chuckle and shot his cum on the ground.

Later on the family, plus all of their friends, and contacts hacked from their phones, received a copy of the video of little Lucitas final hours playing with Pedro and Tyson. They also received a DHL box with half of their money back, and the half of the girl he could wrestle away from the dogs.


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