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I'm unable to sleep, so I wrote a simple vore story. It's short, it's awful, it has vore. Enjoy.

The 30 foot dragon stretched his body out, as the sun shined down on his mountain cave. his red scales smacked together as he stretched and relaxed, and he slid out, his large brown horns curling on either side of his head.

First thing he sees is a maiden tied to a post. She was a curvy woman, looked to be about 16 summers old. Long, pretty gold hair, and dark blue eyes. Large breasts that bounced as she tried to get her get free of the ropes on her arms. The rope was connected to a hook, hanging off a metal post. No matter how much she struggled, she couldn't get freed. She started to scream, and tried to kick her bound legs. She pissed herself as the dragon went over.

"Hmmm! Breakfast!" he purred, looking down at her.

Now, should he roast her? Nah, he hasn't had raw maiden for a while. He wrapped his huge claw around her body, and lifted her up off of the hook.

He was tempted to snap her neck, but decided against it. Instead of chewing her up, he was going to swallow her whole. He loved how they wiggle and fight down his throat, and try to kick his belly when they land.

He opened his great huge maw, the scent of Sulfur washing out over her. The maiden screamed in terror as he lowered her into his stomach feet first. He swallowed her, her body slowly sinking down into his throat. she screamed, she struggled, but could not get freed.

The dragon closed his mouth as her arms disappeared into his mouth. he gulped, enjoying the feeling of the struggling maiden, as she entered his stomach. he sat back, putting one claw on his stomach, feeling her kick and struggle. He could enjoy this feeling all day.

however, they never last for more than a few minutes. Lack of air and stomach acid make quick work of his meal. He could feel her body dissolving, and breaking down. however, he still felt rather hungry.


The dragon looked up, and saw a night in shining armor. The dragon gave an amused chuckle.

"You're too late, sir knight." the dragon said, not bothering to sit up right away. He patted his stomach. "Your beloved now rests in my stomach." he chuckled. "However, if you wait a few hours, I'm sure I can return at least some of her."

The night gave a cry of anguish, and charged at the dragon with his spear. The dragon made no move, until the Knight was in reach of his tail. With a quick flick, he slammed his tail into he knight, sending him flying into a mountain wall. The dragon rolled onto his stomach, and swung around, slamming his tail into the knight again, stunning him good and proper.

The dragon went over to the dazed knight, and flicked the spear away. He picked up the knight, and used the tip of his claw to cut into that cheap armor. he was able to peel it all away, to show a pretty brunette man.

"Well, sir knight." The dragon went. "If you're that deseprate to be reunited with your true love, I'll make sure you do!"

Before the knight could react, the dragon shoved him into his mouth, and swallowed him. With his arms and legs free, the knight fought harder than the maiden could, almost getting stuck. but the dragon just gulped, and got the knight in his stomach.

he touched his stomach, the dragon purred as he felt the knight fighting to escape. He could almost hear him yelling as he pounded his inside. The dragon enjoyed every second, even as the knight was succumbing to his death.

Now, the dragon felt very full. he'll drop off two bags of gold instead of one to the village at the foot of the mountain. Might even throw in a few gems as well.

For now, he settled down, just enjoying his nice and full stomach.


I read this over breakfast! lol. Good fun! Thanks :D


Haha, I usually don't enjoy vore, but I liked it! You have a good writing tone :)


Please tell me I'm not the only one who started singing G-L-O-R-I-A (like in Return to the Forbidden Planet) when the knight shouted?


I have an idea, maybe another version where the maiden didn't die right away, then the knight reunited inside and had sex inside, then dissolved while cumming and the dragon puked out their intact pelvic regions, still mated together and bones are lying around.
Maybe hotter if one of her nip survived as well.


I don't know how to quote people on here. I do not have the stomach for Scat or Vomit, it's weak like that. I prefer 'clean' snuff stories. Plus, vore is a rather strange death fetish…

The red dragon stretched out on a warm rock, rolling onto his back as he stretched his tail. He was trying to get comfortable, but damn it, he felt himself rutting.

It wasn't mating season yet, so there were no females around for him to satisfy himself. Masturbation seemed too much like a human thing, and he didn't want to start doing that. So, he just quietly suffered.

At least, until he heard a maiden screaming again.

'It's too soon for another feeding.' The dragon mused as he went around to where the post was. This time, it was a rather scrawny redhead. Small breasts, small hips, small body.

"Not even good enough for a snack.' he mused to himself. Still, he thought as he took a hold of her, can't let her go to waste.

She started to scream as he hung her over his mouth, and got another thought.

He remembered one of his old friends telling him how he took care of scrawny meals. It 'fed' him and helped with his rutting.

The dragon took her to his warm rock, and laid back on it. The woman was whimpering as he cut the ropes on her legs. He started to rub her between her legs, making the human whimper and wet.

It didn't take much to make females aroused, the dragon mused, as he got the little thing to flush and pant. She was soon squirming on his finger, coming close to an orgasm.

The sight was rather arousing, and the dragon found his dick slide out of his pouch. When it was nice and hard, the female moaned, and came hard, pissing over his finger as she did so. The dragon scowled at that, but at least it made her go limp.

He pinched her legs together, and had them slip into his piss hole first, before he let her go, and took his dick in his claw. The woman was a bit dazed as the dragon slowly pushed her into cock.

Yeah, it hurt at first, being stretched out like that. But very quickly, as his cock squeezed around her, it started to feel good. The woman started screaming as he pushed her hips in. He stopped when she started to struggle, but it just made him feel even better. He forced her arms down, and shoved them in next, so she couldn't pull herself out.

She screamed, and hollered, as she tried to get freed. But the dragon just put his finger on top of her head, and pushed her down into her dick, until only her head was out.

He gave a pleased rumble, and started to rub his cock a bit. he squeezed it and her, enjoying how stuffed he felt. The woman was now whimpering, as she was slowly being crushed.

"Damn, I should had done this sooner." the dragon groaned.

He put his finger to her head, and pushed her into his dick fully. she got one last scream out before she disappeared.

He had to admit, he was worried that she was going to slide out, but he got her in there enough to were she slid all the way to his knot. He could feel her squirming and kicking inside, he could hear her trying to scream as his seed filled up his sack.

The dragon rumbled as his own orgasm approached. the female gave one last kick inside of him, which sent him shooting his seed high up into the air with a roar.

He had half expected the woman to shoot up out of his dick from the force, but she was still safely tucked away in his balls. He could still feel her fighting in his sacks, which made him aroused again. He came seconds later, then a third.

By the time he came a fourth time, the movement in his knot stopped. he sighed as he rubbed himself, feeling better than he had in a long time.

"Well, I know a good cure for a rut, at least.' he mused, laying on his stomach, not caring that he was covered in his seed. He'll probably shoot out the woman soon enough, for now, he was going to have a nice rest.

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