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It was my own stupid fault, running my mouth like I usually do.

Raymond said the old Craymore place was haunted by Craymore’s daughter who killed herself by sitting down on a pool cue. When I asked him how he knew that, he said he’d seen her apparition moaning and walking around naked with half a pool cue sticking out of her ass.

I laughed at him for believing in ghosts and for thinking a girl could die just because she took half a pool cue up her hoop.

“Us girls are tougher than we look.” I said, sticking my jaw out at him.

“Prove it.” he said

“How?” I ask

“Take half a pool cue up your ass.”

“Which half? Pointed or thick?”


“I can do it.”

“Bet you can’t.”

“Bet I can.” I said, and that’s what did it.

So all of a sudden we’re all walking through the storm up the hill to the old Craymore place and I’m thinking I’m a mixed breed of idiot.

“You don’t have to do it, you know.” Cassie says to me on the way as the boys walk ahead of us with Raymond.

“Yeah, I do. I need to shut him up once and for all.” I say.

Did I mention I'm stubborn as well as impulsive?

We all get up in the Craymore’s old billiard room with rain hammering on the roof and dripping through cracks and lightening flashing outside, and Raymond pays me the courtesy of letting me pick out one of the old pool cues. I‘m not stupid, so I pick the shortest one, knowing he’d pick the longest. But even still it looks pretty damned long to me. I figure that half would put over two feet inside me. But I learned in biology that the human gut is thirty feet long, so I should be able to take it.

While everyone’s watching, I peel down my jeans and panties and try to figure out how to get it up in there, when Raymond says; “Hold up.”

“What?” I ask him.

“Naked. I don’t want you pulling a fast one and slipping it up the back of your shirt.”

“Fuck you.” I say, but I strip down to my socks - I didn’t want to go barefoot in there, the place being lousy with bugs and rat turds.

As I’m trying to figure out how to get it in me, Raymond says; “Quit stalling.” and I realize I’m scared.

“I’m trying to figure out how to do it.” I say.

“Just put the butt end on the floor at an angle, stick the tip in your bum and back onto it.” he says.

Dammit, I think to myself, that makes sense, so I spit in my hand and make the top half wet, and stick the butt of it against the thick leg of an armchair. I reach between my legs and guide the tip into my butthole, repositioning my feet and arching my back until I get the right angle. It burns a bit going inside but once it’s in there it feels okay.

I take little baby steps, moving backward onto the thing and I am surprised that it feels pretty good. When it gets deeper than I can reach with a finger - (yeah, I do that when I masturbate) - I get this serious squirmy feeling in my lower belly. It’s a nice feeling but a little scary; it’s like a tickle inside me or an itch I’m finally able to scratch. I take more baby steps, shuffling my feet backward really, and the more that thing slides into me the more foreign and invasive it feels. Foreign and invasive in a good way, though. I feel my pussy quivering inside and I’m getting wet, but damned if I’ll give Raymond the satisfaction of knowing that I’m a future candidate for anal sex.

I keep going, even when Carrie says; “We need to stop this.”

and Raymond says; “She bet she could, let her prove it.” and I keep going.

It’s when I can feel it just below my belly button that I feel something stretching inside me. The pool cue is hung up on something and tugging at my insides, actually pulling my butthole up into me. I stop the baby steps and slowly weave my bum back and forth and feel the tip of the cue open something up inside there and it makes my legs go weak and I quiver. The next few inches are easy, with that sweet tickle getting higher as I go.

“Hah. She’s pissing.” Raymond says.

I look down and see that I am dripping. This pool cue is making me feel way too good.

“That’s not piss, stupid.” I hear Carrie mutter and our eyes meet, “Just stop, Rene. You don’t have to do this.”

“Yes I do.” I say and I’m ashamed that my voice is thready and weak. I take three baby steps back and feel it slide deeper up into my belly and oh god, it feels good. My thighs are quivering and my belly clenching. I wonder if the story is true; maybe Craymore’s daughter was frigging herself with a pool cue and her legs gave out when she came, sitting her down on it so deep it killed her.

My legs feel like they’re about to give out on me too, so I need to hurry and get it over with. I keep baby-stepping backward, the feelings inside me getting stronger. I grit my teeth and swallow down a moan and keep going. The further back I move, the less I have to arch my back and the deeper it gets. It’s up near my stomach when I feel that tugging again and weaving my bum doesn’t help, so I just step backward and grimace as I feel a sharp, sick flare of pain in my gut that almost makes me throw up. But it’s free inside me, I can feel i sliding in there no longer tugging at anything. I take two big steps backward and feel the tip press up against my stomach inside me - I can feel my hot chocolate rising in my gullet. I grit my teeth and glare at Raymond. I can’t speak, but what I want to say is; ‘There, asshole. I did it and I’m still alive.’

But I don’t need to. Raymond’s mouth is hanging open and he’s staring at me.

“Holy shit, Rene. You did it. You really did it.”

And that’s when I cum; quivering and shaking, my belly a riot of sensations, my pussy clenching and squeezing more slime out of me that drips down onto my socks and the bugs and rat turds, but my face is locked in that glare at Raymond.

“That’s enough!” Carrie says loudly and gets up, moving quickly to me, “We have to get that out of her.”

I reach out and lean into her, letting her support my weight as I almost fall into her arms. I close my eyes and nuzzle the crook of her neck.

“Get it out.” I whisper, “Please get it out.”

And Carrie supports me, easing me forward as I feel the pool cue slithering out of me, my butthole loose around it. She doesn’t stop until I hear it clatter on the floor, then she guides me to the sofa and helps me sit down.

“We’ll wait for you outside.” Raymond says and leaves with the other boys.

I have trouble catching my breath and my belly aches up high, but with Carrie’s help I get my top back on and a foot in each leg of my jeans. She helps me stand up but when I bend over to pull my jeans up I feel tightness in my abdomen and Carrie has to help. I zip my jeans up but I can’t button them - my belly is tight and swollen - so I just pull my top down over my waist. Carrie helps me get my coat on and guides me down the stairs. We’re almost to the bottom when all the strength goes out of my legs and I slide down to sit on a stair. It feels like the muscles in my legs are all gone and my hips feel dislocated. I can’t move my legs at all.

I feel weak and dizzy, so I lean against the wall. My belly is getting cold and I can hear Carrie saying my name over and over.

“You go ahead. I need to rest.” I say, or I think I say it because I can’t hear my own voice. Now my arms stop working and I hear my jeans unzipping themselves as my belly gets fatter.

I see Carrie run out of the house and it looks like she’s calling Raymond and the other boys back to help, pointing at me and gesturing. But I don’t need help. I feel good. I feel so good - peaceful and sleepy.

I don’t know if the Craymore place really has a ghost, but it’s going to get one in a couple minutes.




Wow, that was surprisingly erotic :)
And also very interesting ending too.


Great story! And also pretty different, which I like. Good job!

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