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Chapter 1
Sarah was sitting on her bed frantically trying to find a costume for the Halloween ball in her school. She was thinking about it for hours not, but still didn’t find anything that made her feel excited about it. Of course, finding costumes was easy and she certainly liked a lot, but her goal was not simply wearing it. She wanted to be elected as the Halloween Queen after all. Therefore, she would need a costume that would flash the audience.

She almost decided on giving up as she stumbled over a costume that caught her attention. ‘Living corpse’. She clicked on it and a new site opened with a short description of it and next to it a picture of a model. She really liked it and figured it would be the perfect costume for her, though after reading the description she got frustrated again. She would need utensils she hadn’t gotten and as the ball was tonight there was no time to wait for an order.

Frustrated, she closed her laptop and threw it in front of her bed. It seemed like she wouldn’t even go to the ball. She grabbed her phone to tell her best friend Alex that she wouldn’t come tonight, when she glanced at the door. She had pinned a lot of pictured on it, but also some motivational lines. One said “Life is pain, so live it up while you can.”

She stared at it not knowing why it caused such a strong feeling in her. She needed a bit to get behind it. Everything that had been mentioned in the description of the costume – fake tits that were cut off in the middle and which could be put over your real breasts, a fake cervix you could attach to your belly making it look like as if it was hanging out and fake intestines – she had everything. It just meant that she would have to endure pain. A lot. Though was it worth it?

She basically would destroy her own body, possibly even killing herself just to become the Halloween Ball Queen. Something she had wished to become for her whole life as it meant that she was popular, which she, in all honest, hadn’t been so far. She spent a couple of minutes thinking about it, but eventually got to the conclusion that she would do it. She had gotten the opportunity, now she wouldn’t miss it. She would live up to it.

She put everything what she needed into a bag and then cut some holes in a top where she figured she would do the cuts. Of course, she intended them to be seen, which meant that she also would expose her big tits to the whole school. Well. Half of them.

20 minutes later her best friend Alex rang the bell. She had used the time to write a farewell letter to her parents and her three sisters Amelia, Jackie and Yvonne where she explained everything to them in case she didn’t make it out alive.

She then ran out and hugged her best friend as welcome before they sat down into his car. “Where is your Halloween costume?”, he asked. “You don’t intend to go to school… like this do you..?” he said teasingly before starting the engine. She softly smirked “Of course not, dummy.. I will put it on at the toilet rooms..” He looked at her once before heading off to the school. “What will it be?” he asked curiously, though she just replied “Be patient.. you will see… believe me it will flash you… it will flash all of you..”

Once again he glanced at her. “Oh, a mystery..” he laughs. He had appeared as Dracula, which wasn’t any bit surprising to her. He loved the movies.

About fifteen minutes later he parked the car on a parking slot and they headed out together. Other pupils were gathering in small groups already while others were heading towards the hall. On the way she heard a shout behind them and when turning around they faced Inga. Another good friend of them. Obviously, she was a zombie. “Heey.” Sarah smiled and hugged her feeling how their breasts mashed against each other. Sarah laughed when Inga asked the very same question like Alex “Nooo, I have my costume inside here..” she pointed at her bag. Even though it wasn’t entirely trough, it was fitting enough to make her not lie. “Just be patient..” she added before Inga could ask what it was. Inga just replied “That’s very strange… but intriguing..”

They entered the hall together. Whilst both of them would go into the hall itself, Sarah would turn right to head towards the toilets. They agreed to meet at the bar.

On the way towards the toilets she got some skeptical looks as she wasn’t wearing a costume, but of course that would change in a bit.

5 minutes later she closed the door of a cabin behind her and locked herself in. She put the bag onto the ground and put everything she needed onto the toilet seat. She took a deep breath and then stripped out of her top until she was completely naked. She carelessly threw the piece of clothing over the toilet and then put on the prepared top.

She looked down at her tits. Apparently, she was excited despite what she was about to do. At least, her stiff nipples told it her. She gently cupped her breasts and groped them as she wouldn’t be able to do that anymore soon. She closed her eyes enjoying the feeling as shivers ran down her spine. The touch alone let her getting aroused.

Eventually, she took a deep breath. There was no use pushing it further back. Soon you would have to sign up for the competition anyway. She grabbed the kitchen knife and cupped her left breast. She put the knife against her breast, though then hesitated. Did she really want to do it? She gulped, closed her eyes and then took another deep breath and thought at the quote again. When opening her eyes again, she looked at her chest.

As she wanted it to look perfectly, it was hard to say where she should cut into her breast. Too close to her areola or too close to her chest both might ruin the look, so she had to find the perfect spot. Either she could do it by luck or better, or worse depending on how you looked at it, she had to start closer to the areola slowly cutting more and more off until she was satisfied. Less was more…

If she found the right spot on one breast, she easily could apply it to the other. “I can do it..” she whispered and moved her hand to her nipple and shudderingly pulled her breast at it. She then put the knife against her breast once again where her areola met her tit.

She then started cutting into her breast and bit hardly onto her teeth as she softly winced in pain. “Shiit.” She panted as she stopped. A small of line of blood started to flow down her breast. She had anticipated that it was painful, but it was worse than she had thought.

After a moment, she refocused and started cutting again. She kept whimpering in pain, but didn’t stop this time. The knife bit deeper and deeper into her breast and her nipple slowly peeled away from her chest along the areola.

More and more blood started flowing down her chest. Eventually, her nipple gave away and she suddenly was holding it in her hand. Her eyes widened a bit and she could see how it lost its stiffness. She glanced down at her chest. It looked surreal seeing her left breast without nipple and rather a reddish and yellowish circle.

Moreover, her breast looked misshapen now. One last time she glanced at her nipple before she let it drop into the toilet. As her breast rather looked ugly now, she moved the knife shivering to her bleeding breast again. As she couldn’t hold her breast at her nipple anymore, she grabbed it at the underside to stabilize it.

Then she cut into her breast again. The pain was a bit more bearable now, still she hissed and panted as she kept slowly cutting into her breast. The knife peeled more and more off of her once beautiful breast.

After about twenty seconds of cutting, the slice of her tit meat came off and she led it drop into the toilet before she could take a look at it. Her breast was aching and pain and a slow blood stream was flowing down her belly.

Though she still wasn’t really satisfied with the outcome. One more cut and it should be fine, she hoped. She took a deep breath and repeated the process. This time she cut off a bit of a thinner slice. Her whimpers echoed through the room and before long she could hear a female voice asking “Everything alright there?”

Sarah winced surprised and almost cut wrongly into her chest. “I am f-fine..” she panted. The girl seemed to think if she really was, but then seemed that there was no use in pushing the matter. “As you say…” she replied and then Sarah heard her stepping into one of the cabins.

She couldn’t wait though and so she repeated cutting into her breast until the last slice came off as well. As she looked down she could see that about half of her breast was missing now and finally she was satisfied.

A pained smile formed on her lips and she shudderingly moved the knife to her other breast using her half-debreasted one as measurement. Once again she grabbed her nipple and then started cutting into her breast. Under whimpers she watched the knife cutting into her tit meat. Up and down it moved biting deeper and deeper into her flesh with each movement. Slowly her breast was coming off until it just was attached to her chest at a thin line of skin. It didn’t take long until it was off completely and she lifted it up with morbid fascination. Blood and a bit of tit fat dropped out onto the ground.

Eventually, she let it drop into the toilet as well causing a ‘splash’-noise. Step one was done and she allowed herself to look at the outcome for a moment. Her breast-stumps were lifting up and down after each pant. It looked fascinating, but also shocking. She had loved her breasts. Now most of them were gone. At the same time she got excited as she wanted to see how the others would react to them. “Please don’t flop…” she panted.
It was time to move on. For step 2 she would have to be careful. One wrong movement could end her life too quickly and she clearly was determined to win the competition before dying. She waited a couple of more moments, so that the pain in her chest subdued a bit more to a bearable level before she moved the knife down between her bellybutton and her pubis.

She moved the tip to the left side of her belly and then took a deep breath once again. Then she pushed the tip of the knife into her body. She gasped as the pain stung hardly. It rubbed her breath and it felt like someone had kicked her into her belly. She pushed the knife one or two inches into her body and blood started leaking the freshly wound.

Before long she pulled the knife sideway. The knife easily ripped through her skin and her muscles and the incision quickly grew to a slit. Eventually, it reached a length of her hand and she pulled the knife away. Quivering, she put it onto the edge of the toilet and then moved both of her hands to her wound. She gritted her teeth as she pushed her fingers into her wound. Pain hit her and she hissed as she pushed her fingers deeper into her body looking for her womb.

Eventually, she found it and pulled at it until it gave away. She gasped as she pulled the upper part of her womb out until her ovaries shifted to her movements over her skin. Her fingers were soaked in blood.

Now one thing just was left and she grabbed the knife once again. She brought it up to her belly and positioned it about 5 cms to the left of her bellybutton. Whatever would happen next most likely decided her fate. One wrong cut or stab and she would die tonight. She still could survive, even though she sacrificed her tits for it.

Deep in her heart she knew that she wouldn’t make it out alive though. She took another deep breath and then pushed the knife into her belly. She gasped as it penetrated her skin and she pushed it a couple of centimeters into her belly before pulling it out again. She moved over to just holding it with her right hand as she came to the conclusion that it would be easier for her, if she made it quick.

Whimpers escaped her mouth and stars exploded in front of her eyes as she quickly stabbed herself five times in a row around her bellybutton. She didn’t know how deep her stabs had been, just that it hurt as hell. Her shirt slowly got soaked with blood. She hadn’t hit an artery. Good.

She almost was done. One more cut and more stab and she could head to the others. She moved her hand to the right side of her belly, where she had cut a small stripe off and positioned the bloody tip of the knife at her skin. She grimaced again as she pushed the tip into her and after a breath she began to make another incision that wasn’t too deep. It also just was a couple of centimeters long, but enough for a loop of her intestines to get pushed out and hang against her belly.

Finally, she put the knife against her bellybutton. With her final effort she rammed it deep into her belly. She screamed loudly as she could feel the knife shredding into her guts. As she had put a bit too much strength into it, the knife got buried into her belly up to the hilt. Though she had to anyway, so that it would stay in that position.

She was finally done. The worst was over. Now she just got to win. Shaking she turned around and opened the door to the toilet. She didn’t care about the mess she had made. There still were enough cabins and soon would get cleaned anyway.

As she stepped out she could see herself in the mirror. Her face was more pale than usual, but a smile formed on her lips as she saw the result. It looked shockingly stunning. Exactly as she had intended it to be. Her heart started to race in excitement as she opened the door and headed off to her friends. A competition was waiting for her.


Hehe, I love her determination.
Although You did not mention if in the end, when she get out of the toilet, she gets elected as Halloween queen or if everyone faints from the image they see and party ends without electing one LOL


Onix - I think you might have overseen 'Chapter 1' at the beginning. This story isn't finished yet and I plan on adding bit by bit to the story.


Glad, you like her determination.


Great so far, looking forward to more.


Can't wait to see what happens next! I'm guessing "extreme" Halloween costumes are not unknown in this world?


Yeah, really did not notice that it is just chapter 1
And now looking at the list of tags I suspect that there will be even more fun in the next chapter.
I wonder if she will be the only one with such "costume" ;)


When can we expect chapter 2? :D



Any update on this?

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