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“Did you see that new assistant in the lobby today?” Max, a small oafish man with curly brown hair, called over his coworker Adam, trying to project over the noise of metal slamming onto the conveyor belt in front of them.

"The blonde? Yeah she was a cutie," said Adam, a taller, lanky man with short black hair. He then went to grab some more junk from the pile behind him to feed the conveyor.

“Yeah. Rumor has it she’s actually working down here in Materials Construction. Really bright girl from the sounds of it,” said Max as he pulled an old tire from out of a bin and added it to the line.

The two techs were stuck working in “Atomic Deconstruction” after a recent mishap with one of the new interns and a teleporter (the scientists are still trying to locate her). Their jobs now consisted of piling recycled junk onto a conveyor belt and running it through a chamber that resembled an airport X-ray scanner. Once in the chamber, objects would be reduced down to their raw atomic ingredients, then stored for later usage in the “Materials Construction” process which was performed by the same device.

"No shit? Can't be too bright if she wants to work around all this shit," joked Adam with a lighthearted tone, while partially straining to lift part of a broken toilet onto the belt.

"It won't be shit once I'm done with it!" said a raised but gentle voice from behind.

Max and Adam looked towards the entrance of the lab where the voice came from and were greeted with a beautiful sight. The new blonde assistant.

She had an angelic face with wide blue eyes, small button nose, and round lips. She wore a short-sleeve white lab coat with the NanoTek logo adorning her breast, and a low-cut light-green blouse underneath. She wore a dark gray pencil skirt underneath that, and dark-green high heels.

Max stared in awe, dropping a chunk of concrete to the conveyor belt with a loud crash, then rushing across the room to shut the machine off after letting it cycle through the rest of the junk.

Adam looked down sheepishly. "Oh, you heard that…"

With the line now clean, Max made his way back over to the others, “So,” he interrupted “I’m assuming you’re the new lab assistant,” acting as if she didn’t.

With a knowing smile she answered, "Your assumption is correct! Hi, I'm Kate. Kate Applebee." She extended a hand to Max.

All Max could think about was how absolutely stunning she was. He politely extended one girthy hand and shook hers. “Nice to meet you ma’am. Max Larson.”

"Likewise Max!" she responded with honest enthusiasm, paying no mind to the grimy feeling of Max's hand from his hauling junk. She then turned to Adam, "And who might you be?"

Adam, still red from his faux pas, cleared his throat and answered quietly, "Adam. Adam Smith."

She shook his limp hand and then said with a grin, "What a wonderfully generic name Adam!"

Adam was taken aback for a second, before he recovered with his own put-down, "This coming from the girl who's named after the worst of the microwave restaurant chains…"

Kate was delightfully surprised. "Oh-ho-ho!" she laughed, "he bites back! Not like I haven't heard that a million times, but still!"

“It seems endearing now but after a forty-hour work week we’ll see what you think of it,” Max jokingly growled, grabbing a rag, moving to clean off the machine. “So what got you stuck down here? For most people this is a punishment.”

Kate's eyes lit up with astonishment. "Punishment?! How could you think that??" She gestured her arms out and slowly twisted her body, "Don't you boys understand the scope of what you're doing down here? This is saving the world! Making it a greener place!"

“Honey, you might be saving the world,” Max said while wiping his hand across his brow, leaving a long line of black grease, “but this trash heap ain’t exactly glamorous.”

"One man's trash is another woman's treasure," Kate said with a wink. "Ooh! Is that it?!" she asked with excitement, looking past both of them at the chamber the conveyor fed to and immediately taking off towards it. Her heels clicked rapidly as she walked swiftly between them, her lab coat billowing behind her revealing the shape of her ass against her pencil skirt.

Max and Adam both sneaked a look as she shot past them, their eyes snapping back up as she suddenly turned around. Although she noticed their obvious stares, she paid them no mind and asked excitedly with wide eyes, “Do you think I can take a look inside?”

Adam glanced over at Max for a beat with some uneasiness in his face, then back towards Kate (finding it hard to keep his gaze on her eyes, and not her body). "I- I don't know… It's pretty dangerous-"

“Well it’s off isn’t it,” she asked in a demeaning tone, looking directly into his eyes, watching them flick back and forth across her body.

Adam gulped. "Yeah but still…" he trailed off.

“W-well Adam,” Max started, tugging at his own collar, “we could probably kick the safety off, and as long as we don’t start it up she should be fine… right?” Max was unsure himself, but didn’t want to tell her no.

Kate gave Adam puppy dog eyes. "Pwetty pwease?…" she begged playfully, twisting one foot back and forth on its toe and wrapping her fingers together behind her lower back.

Max looked from Kate to a frozen Adam. Jabbing him with his elbow, he gestured his head towards her, trying to snap him out of his trance.

After another awkward moment or two, Adam responded uneasily, "Yeah okay…"

Kate squealed with joy and almost jumped with excitement, quickly throwing her lab coat to the ground.

“Hold on, I don’t even have the safety off yet,” Max said through a chuckle, flipping a switch and opening the metal door blocking the chamber.

Adam almost groaned at the sight of Kate with her lab coat off, revealing more of her lean limber frame. Her sleeveless blouse accentuated her lithe arms, which moved nimbly pulling herself onto the conveyor. As she maneuvered one of her lean legs up her ass pushed hard against her skirt leaving a very defined outline. And for a brief moment, Adam could see right up her skirt…

"Is that a thong??" he whispered to Max.

“I-I believe so. We should head over there just in case she needs any help,” said Max as he gestured towards the end of the belt, hoping to get a better view.

Adam and Max approached while Kate continued lifting herself onto the belt, one leg and her upper body over the edge and now lifting up her other leg - both still donning their heels - while she shifted her body over sideways towards the center of the belt using her petite hands.

"Not afraid to get dirty huh?" asked Adam almost flirtatiously.

She let out a quick laugh. "Hah! Have you seen me in bed?" she joked. She turned to look at the two, seeing Max still looking up her skirt. “And apparently I’m not the only dirty thing in the room,” she said winking to Adam, giving her ass a little wiggle and continuing down the line.

She continued on her hands and knees - Max and Adam watching, with no shame, her body gyrating left and right as she slithered along - until she reached the open chamber door.

She leaned forward, peeking her head inside, and turning it up. "Wow, are those BD-17 Nano Emitters? I thought they had the 15's in here!"

Kate wiggled further into the chamber to get an even better look at the BD-17s. But as her hips crossed the threshold, she bumped something with her elbow. This caused the safety door to close down. And it shut down right on the small of her back, pinning her down on the belt in place.

“Ow! You guys are fucking with me right?” she called out to the two at the end of the line.

“You seemed to have tripped the safety. Don’t worry, we’ll get you out in a jiffy,” Max shouted back, bending over to get a better look up her skirt.

Suddenly, the machine started emitting a low hum. Lights flicked on all around Kate.

“Guys… I think something’s really wrong in here!” she yelled frantically.

Adam was torn out of his hypnotized state staring at Kate's wiggling ass and legs by the sound of the low hum and Kate's muffled yell. "Oh shit! Did it just turn on?! That's impossible!!" yelled Adam, darting off towards the control panel.

“Well it seems very possible from in here!” she shouted from the machine.

Max, ready to play hero, hopped up on the belt and grabbed her by the legs in an attempt to pull her out. "Hang on Kate, I'll getcha outta there!"

Adam ran around to the other side of the machine and up onto the small raised platform that housed the control panel. Above the panel was a porthole looking into the chamber, and visible thru it was Kate's upper body shifting back and forth trying to shimmy her way out. He was able to catch a decent view of her cleavage beneath her blouse. Distracted by her beauty for a moment, he regained his senses and looked down at the panel, trying to find the emergency stop button.

The humming grew louder as the BD-17s sprung to life, and nanobots came pouring down in a sheet of gray at the entrance to the chamber that Kate came in. They immediately swarmed around her waist… and began consuming the waistband of her skirt, sparing her skin for the moment. She felt her skirt completely loosen from around her hips. They continued their march upwards onto her blouse, leaving her soft flesh untouched.

Kate watched as the nanobots swarmed out of the emitters and around her mid-section, almost mesmerized by the way they poured our and navigated thru the air like a flock of birds. But once they started consuming her clothing, she snapped back to reality and realized how serious her situation was.

"This MIGHT be a good time to stop this thing!" she yelled. She felt Max tug her legs on the other side of the chamber door that was pinning her in place.

Adam still was looking for the emergency stop button but was quite flustered by the whole experience - and again was distracted by the sight of Kate's belly and her lower back being revealed as the nanobots broke down the bottom of her blouse.

The nanobots swiftly moved up, consuming the rest of her blouse and her bra underneath and made their way past her shoulders, leaving her top half completely naked. They moved past her head, thankfully leaving her pretty blonde hair untouched, and then froze in place at the back of the chamber.

In order to buy more time, Adam had interchanged the system from “Sample 1” to “Sample 2”, forcing the process to halt and clear the current chamber. The dust that was Kate’s shirt and blouse was whisked away by the belt, which rubbed against her stomach, burning slightly.

“Ow fuck! You guys get this thing figured out!?” She called from the chamber, unaware of the window, and Adam still frantically moving across the controls on the other side.

The belt continued for another few seconds, taking a small amount of skin from Kate's soft belly with it and leaving behind a good sized rash, before it came to an abrupt stop, again sending a jolt of pain through Kate.

She bit her lip hard. "Nnnng, that stings!!"

"Where the FUCK is this thing?!" shouted Adam, still unable to find the emergency stop, and starting to freak out. He looked thru the porthole.

A red light came on and a tone chimed. And at the opposite end of the chamber from Kate, the nanobot swarm, that was floating by idly, began to creep back towards her. From Adam's perspective he could seem the swarm approach her in profile, getting closer and closer to her squirming upper body, inch by precious inch. "FUCK!!" he screamed in frustration.

Kate watched the swarm move towards her. And realizing that these two idiots weren’t getting her out of the chamber anytime soon, Kate quickly accepted her fate.

'Well fuck,' she thought to herself, her mind now moving at a hundred miles an hour in her final moments. 'I just wanted to to change the world… Well, at least this way I can still be useful.'

Propping herself up on her elbows, her knuckles under her chin, she looked off into the approaching cloud.

'Maybe I’ll be part of the building where they find the cure to cancer,' she thought optimistically, knowing that once the nanobots reach her, she’ll be nothing but a pile of carbon and various other materials. 'I’ll probably get made into infrastructure like a road or something. I might even get turned into some cute kid's new blanket! But then he’d probably drool on me. Gross..'

Her mind started to drift as she looked into her reflection in the metal around her, tits hanging, completely naked, looking rather sensual in her pose. She pouted her lips and tilted her head - makeup and hair were perfect. The nanites still closing their distance - less than a foot away.

'At least I’m going to die on a day where I look cute.' She wiggled her ass lightly, wondering if the boys were looking at it. She felt a slight tingling in her nether regions, as she thought of more 'personal' uses for her remains…

The nanites were now inches away from her face.

She heard Adam slamming on the controls, and Max still helplessly pulling on her legs - his grip slipping and yanking off both of her dark-green heels, which she heard clatter to the floor across the room.

'Guess I really won’t be needing those anymore, huh- OH NO!' Now worried, Kate’s eyes grew wide with terror as her head sprung up, 'These idiots are going to WASTE me! I don’t need to change the world, just don’t throw me away please!! Oh GOD I hope you two are brighter then you loo-!'

And Kate thought nothing more as her mind was completely obliterated…

Max - unaware of Kate's fate - was undeterred. He redoubled his efforts by lodging himself between her legs (paying little attention to how they were now twitching erratically) and getting a solid grip on both of her thighs beneath both of his arms. 'Here I come to save the day!' Max thought optimistically.

Adam, meanwhile, was not feeling quite as optimistic as Max… as he witnessed poor Kate's destruction begin through the porthole - horrified and helpless to do anything else but watch.

Facing her destruction head-on in her cute pose, chin resting on hands propped up on elbows and tits hanging underneath, the wall of nanites swarmed her face first. Adam watched helplessly as the bots erased the front of her head as easy as chalk on a blackboard. They tore through her gorgeous facial features - made-up rosy cheeks, cute button nose, seductive blue eyes, dirty blonde eyebrows, sensual lips - as if they were completely indistinguishable from the dirty toilet they tore through minutes earlier.

On the other end of the swarm, the component molecules of Kate's face, and the front of her skull and brain, ejected out a few inches and fell to the belt as a microscopically fine dust.

Adam continued watching with wide eyes as the nanite swarm continued their programmed job, even upon meeting the resistance her face provided, without slowing down whatsoever.

Her petite hands, her dainty fingers, her wrists and her elbows followed in the path of destruction along with more of her head and brain - scattering her mind to the windless environment inside the chamber. The dust of their component particles settled on the belt alongside those from her face.

Without any support for her propped up body, her upper arms slid sideways along the belt as her breasts, neck, shoulders, and the back of her head came falling down. Tits hit the belt below and were squished on impact by the force of her upper torso behind them - hard nipples slamming into the belt first. Her remaining head, brain and skull fell forward into the wall of death and were shred apart. Her pretty dirty-blonde hair and her long pretty neck were not spared either.

The gray cloud of green technology now worked on converting the rest of Kate's supple arms, limber shoulders, sexy collarbones, and perky tits to their base atoms; such as carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and more - useful for all sorts of potential creations! Useful provided the base atoms weren't just fed to the disposal system that is.

An environmentalist like Kate would be proud knowing how efficient the system was at recycling organic matter - not Kate herself of course since she no longer had a brain to process pride or any other emotion.

The nanobots inched along, consuming her fit waist and mid-back, excreting out dust on the other end. They continued along to her belt-burnt belly, "healing" it by pulverizing it entirely down to powder, along with the sexy small-of-her-back.

And finally, the nanobots stopped. They retreated back into the BD-17 emitters that Kate was so amazed to see moments earlier, leaving the chamber mostly empty save for the small amount of dust that was once Kate's upper body collected on the belt below.

The belt moved the dust into the empty “Sample 2” bin, while the hydrogen, oxygen, and other gasses were stored in tubes off to the side.

Max, unaware of Kate's new status, continued to tug at her legs. “Don’t worry Kate, we’re gonna get you out of there!” he shouted to the now unresponsive legs.

With the process now complete, signaled by the dinging of a bell, the safety disengaged, and the steel door slid open freeing her legs.

With one final pull Kate was free from the machine, slipping out of her pencil skirt due to the lack of a waist band - and a waist. Max got a good view of her undercarriage as it came crashing into his face, knocking him off of the belt.

He sat there for a moment, feeling the damp lace of her light-green thong against his face, and chuckled. “Must have been enjoying yourself in there!” he quipped while enjoying her scent. He saw that the thong had the phrase 'REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE!' written on it along with a stylized version of the universal recycling symbol, rotated 60-degrees so the 'triangle' pointed down instead of up. "You certainly are a green gal!" he added.

He reached around her, placing his hands on her hips, fingers partly wrapped around her ass, and pulled her off of him, setting her down on her ass, and surprised by how light she was.

"There we go- OOH FUCK!!" Max screamed as he finally saw what had happened. Her thong-clad lower-half sat in front of him, her soft milky skin untouched up until the hips, where her L2 vertebrae peeked slightly over a surface of cleanly cauterized flesh. Her cute face, perky tits, and slender figure now gone. Erased. The smell of her pussy now being replaced with the smell of cooked meat.

“A-A-A-Adam. ADAM. ADAM!!” He screamed backing away from the legs, slamming his back into the belt.

Adam walked back from the control panel at a slow, crestfallen pace, looking down sadly as he took each step.

"I… I couldn't find the emergency stop…" Adam admitted dejectedly - purposely not looking at Kate's remaining body just yet.

“We're never getting out of here,” Max said staring at the body. “What should we do with her?” he asked while standing up and slowly approaching the body.

Adam paused for a second, then slowly looked up at Kate's lower body. Sitting there on the floor, as if she were relaxing at the beach, bare feet limp, heels together and toes out. Would be sexy - except for the grisly cauterized flesh found at her hips. The sight of the bit of her backbone made Adam particularly queasy.

He heaved.

Max crouched next to the body. “Should we… like bury her?” he asked, hearing his companion gagging.

Adam recovered slowly, then answered, "We don't have time. The doc is due here any minute." He paused, again finding the strength to look at the former lab assistant's body, and said with reluctant acceptance, "We just need to put the rest of her in there," pointing to the chamber.

“You know, I think she’d be okay with that. Seemed really big on that whole recycling thing,” he said, sheepishly trying to rationalize their actions, while casually lifting the front of her thong to sneak a peek.

"Dude, not cool!" Adam admonished Max for the sneak peek of Kate's pussy, smacking his hand away.

"Now do you want to grab her crispy end or her feet?" Adam asked in an almost matter-of-fact way.

“Don’t act like you weren’t curious,” he muttered, grabbing her by the ass while Adam grabbed her by the legs, and lifted her over to the belt, setting her behind her skirt adjacent to the open safety door. Max walked around the room, grabbing her lab coat and heels, then casually tossing them on top of the skirt.

While he did this, Adam walked over to the control panel and switched the system back to “Sample 1” in order to separate her clothing from the rest of her remains.

Adam then activated the machine. The belt came to life, sliding the clothes and then her lower-half inside the chamber, and the safety door came to a close. Through the porthole Adam watched the wall of nanobots - that just brought an end to poor Kate's life moments ago - approach her remaining clothing and heels that lay ahead of her legs, ass and pussy, still partially concealed by her thong.

The nanobots made their first pass, starting from her toes, but once again sparing her flesh. Her thong was quickly consumed, erasing the cute recycling symbol and phrase written on it, and exposing the pink flesh of her shaved pussy, its juices were visible around the edges. The cloud continued, consuming her pencil skirt, her lab coat and her cute dark-green heels, and froze at the back of the chamber as the system once again switched to “Sample 2”.

During this pause Max walked up next to Adam, and looking down he then let out a sad little “Oh…” and reaching down he pressed a button on the control panel. The entire system stopped suddenly came to a halt.

“Found it,” Max said softly, indicating the large, red, clearly marked 'EMERGENCY STOP' button.

Adam face-palmed, realizing what an idiot he was for not finding the clearly marked button Max just pressed.

“Should we like… say a prayer or something, before… you know…” asked Max.

"I-… just-…"Adam let out with an exasperated sigh. "Just turn it back on man…"

“Really? I think we should at least say something… You know what I got it…” Max cleared his throat.

"Well… Kate uhh… Applebee? Yeah, Kate Applebee… Well, we only really knew you for 15 minutes… but… um… you looked pretty fine, and you… you seemed pretty smart. Well except- for- the whole, y'know, climbing into the deadly chamber thing, but… Uhh, and… uh… your pussy smelled pretty great… You know what fuck it, I shouldn’t have said anything. Well amen… I guess. Should I even say amen?… Fuck she was probably atheist.” As Max finished his eulogy he flicked on the machine and the nanobots sprung back to life, resuming their approach.

“We should at least make her something nice… right?” Max asked watching the cloud approach her.

The swarm approached her hips and proceeded to finish off the job on Kate's body that it started earlier. No sense leaving a job half-finished after all.

The nub of her backbone was first, shooting out the backside of the swarm cloud as fine powder.

They proceeded onto Kate's alluring hips, her incredibly tight ass, and her still juicy-wet pussy, and converted them all - churning through them. They offered no resistance as they were obliterated down to atoms. Her legs fell sideways as they finally split without any connection between them.

Adam watched as the nanites made short work of her once again. "I don't know… part of me just wants to send all of her to the waste disposal system. Get rid of all the evidence, y'know?"

“I don’t think she would have wanted that… We should make he into a nice necklace or something, we can use the carbon to make diamonds or something like that.” He suggested, trying to find a way to respectfully use her remains.

The nanobots worked down each of her legs simultaneously, obliterating her creamy white thighs, knees, shins, ankles. And finally her cute petite feet - the nanobots gobbling up each of her adorable toes.

And then Kate was nothing but dust and gas.

The conveyor kicked back, moving the remains down the line into the "Sample 2" bin.

Suddenly the door to the lab flew open, and a very agitated and very wet Dr. Codwell stepped into the room.

"God DAMMIT, it is POURING out there!" she complained out loud while flinging water off her arms, flailing them with each stressed word. "My dress for tonight is ruined!"

Looking up at the two techs her demeanor changed quickly. “Do you two think you can whip something up for me?” she asked politely.

“Of course ma’am,” Max answered, putting on a calm and cheery façade. He turned to Adam and whispered through his teeth “Nice pair of panties?”

Adam smirked and whispered back, "Yep, nice pair of panties. I think Kate would've liked that."

Just as the two got to work, she piped in, “And gentlemen I’ve got a date tonight, so could it be something a little more… risqué”

“You got it ma’am,” Max said turning to look at her.

The doctor then began to shamelessly strip off her red dress in front of the two, with her exposed back turned to them, sliding her the dress off her shoulders.

While the doc was about 15-20 years old than Kate was (before her recent demise that is), she was quite attractive in her own right, with medium-length black hair (currently matted down from the rain), thin hazel eyes, and a slender body.

The red dress continued sliding down her back, revealing her black lingerie bra. The soaked dress got down around her waist, when she shifted her hands to grab it from the top and started push it down the rest of her lower body. As it slid down her legs, the techs got a good view of the doc's ass, partially covered by the pair of black lingerie panties she wore over them.

The dress hit the floor with a wet smack and she stepped out, feet clad in peach-colored heels slinking their way out of the dress and clicking on the floor with each step.

She stood in just her heels and lingerie bra and panties. As she went to reach around back to unhook her bra, she twisted her head back towards the techs. "Oh by that way, I was expecting a new lab assistant today. Cute little blonde thing named Kate. Have you guys seen her?"

“Oh…um,” Max stammered not knowing what to say, his eye shooting up and down her back as she slipped off her bra, unable to keep his eyes off her ass, “We actually saw her in the lobby earlier, I believe she’s… ah… still on her tour.”

“Oh okay, I think you two will like her. She’s a down-to-earth girl, but has a little bit of bite,” she said with a wink, dipping her thumbs into the waist band of her panties, sliding them over her ass, and past her thighs letting them drop to the floor. Stepping out of her panties she walked across the room, naked save her heels, and sat in her office chair with one leg crossed over the other, facing the two staring techs. “Well, are you two going to get to work?”

"Y-yes ma'am!" Adam and Max answered enthusiastically - using all their effort to turn away from the sight of Dr. Codwell sitting completely naked in her chair in only her heels, that almost matched her skin tone exactly.

The two bumbled up to the control panel to start programming the machine (that just took poor Kate's life).

Using the material from Sample 2 (Kate's former body) they began constructing a stylized black lace thong, and a black lingerie bra akin to the one the doctor just took off. Any chemical gaps were filled in by materials from Sample 1 (Kate's former clothing).

The machine finished the two undergarments quickly, depositing them out the other end.

"Fresh underwear off the press ma'am!" shouted Adam as he went to go grab them from the opposite end of the machine and holding them up to present them. "Get them while they're hot!" he added - referring to the thong and bra he held that was once Kate's smokin' hot body minutes earlier.

“Thanks Adam,” she said with a smirk, accepting the garments, and setting them down softly in the chair, again turning her back to them.

She kicked off her heels, sliding Kate over one leg and then the other, pulling her over her thighs, sliding the back between her ass-cheeks. She felt the absurdly soft fabric pressed up against her asshole and tightly hugging her pussy. Next she reached down and grabbed her bra, pulling it over her chest, Kate cupping her breasts. She clipped the back of it and turned back to the boys, looking down at her breasts.

“Do you thing you can cut the dress a little bit lower? This bra really… compliments my figure.”

"Absolutely ma'am, right away!" Adam responded with excitement. "And might I say that, she- er I mean that lingerie looks quite good on you!" he added, hoping she didn't notice his slip of the tongue.

“Thanks. Now hurry up on that dress please, I feel like Kate's going to be here any minute.” The doctor begged, sitting back in her chair.

Although she was in the lab, her mind was in the bedroom fantasizing about where her date was going to lead that night. As a result of this fantasy, yet another article of her clothing got wet, her juices soaking into Kate.

Adam and Max head back to the control panel and get to work programming the new dress.

"What do you think, maybe a nice dark green in honor of Kate?" Adam asked Max, making sure to speak low enough so the half-naked doctor wouldn't hear.

“Yeah, she did say she wanted to make the world a greener place,” Max responded with a grin, his fingers dancing across the commands. The construction process began, and the rest of Kate’s body went into the dress.

After all the material left of Kate in Sample 2 was completely used up, they completed the dress with material from the other sample. The beautiful green dress rolled out of the machine. Max lifted the dress, inspecting it.

“You know Adam, I think this may be our best work yet.” He said holding up the dress like a piece of art.

"Well we did put our all into it - Kate especially!" Adam pointed out with a grin.

While both holding the dress to make sure it didn't brush against the dirty floor (not that Kate was afraid to get dirty), the boys walked back over to Dr. Codwell, who sat in an almost hypnotic state in her chair - eyes closed. She seemed lost in erotic thought, shifting her hips and thighs while moaning softly.

Adam and Max looked at her, then at each other, then back at her. Max intentionally cleared his throat and spoke up.

“Um ma’am?”

Her eyes shot open wide with embarrassment. “Y-yes,” she responded, taking sharp breaths, trying to shake off her fantasy. She looked down at the dress, standing up and taking it in her hands, admiring it. “Oh my god. This is beautiful. Thanks you two!” she said with an elated expression. Folding the dress over her arm she asked, “Where is this girl? That tour should be over now.”

Max shifted nervously from foot to foot, looking to Adam with a concerned expression.

The doctor stood for moment looking perplexed. “She probably just got lost,” she concluded “I’ll just call security and have them bring her down.” The doctor reached for the phone on her desk.

'She certainly was lost…' thought Adam. "Why don't you get into your dress before you go calling security? Kate might be closer than you think," suggested Adam politely.

Put off by Adams last sentence, and the growing restlessness from Max, the doctor knew something was up. She sighed, looking at Adam with an irritated expression, “Where is she Adam?”

Adam looked to Max wearing a panicked expression, hoping he had any suggestions.

Max folded under the pressure

“Well… a… she showed up like.. 40? Yeah I’d say 40 minutes ago… and you know… she was really interested in the machine… so…” he ran his hand through his curly hair, “so she asked if she could… you know… take a look inside-“

"Stop," said the doctor, holding up a hand in a stopping gesture with Kate draped over her arm. Still in just the bra and thong, also made of Kate, she continued, "You're telling me she went inside the device. And you let you her??" she asked incredulously.

Max started hyperventilating “Well… she… she-“ Adam cut in, sparing him.

"Y-Yes… and… unfortunately… the nanobots… well…" Adam uttered, shaking his fingers in a scattering motion, then blowing through his lips.

The doctor let out another sigh, getting the message. As a seasoned NanoTek scientist she was used to 'incidents' like these, “What did you do with her remains?” She asked calmly. Luckily for her atomic deconstruction meant for easy disposal; they could mix her into concrete, dump her outside, or mix her into any other material, but with a girl as beautiful as Kate was, the doctor was thinking of more intimate uses for her remains.

Adam rubbed the back of neck uncomfortably. "Well… Ma'am…" He then gestured both hands out, one towards the bra and thong on her body and the other towards the dress she was holding.

“Oh… OH!” The doctor said putting two and two together, then realizing that the thong she had just soiled was Kate. She shifted her weight from one leg to the other, feeling her get even damper.

“Well… I guess I should keep her then,” the doctor said acting as if it was a personal dilemma. “She seemed pretty bright and we wouldn’t want to waste her potential any further. Would we?” she asked the boys with a smile.

Adam and Max looked at each other, both amazed at what they were hearing. Simultaneously, they both turned their heads back to Kate and the doctor and answered, "No ma'am!"

“Good, and better yet: I don’t think she even showed up for work today, because,” she laughed softly, “I haven’t seen her, have you two?”

Adam and Max both smiled and shook their heads. "No ma'am!"


The doctor sat back down in her chair, laying the dress in her lap. She picked up the phone and made a call. “Hello, this is Doctor Codwell. We’re going to need a J13 on a Kate Applebee,” she paused for a moment listening to the voice on the end of the line. “Yes, just like the restaurant, thank you very much… Yes… yeah…” she looked at the boys with a exaggerated smile on her face, rolling her eyes. “You have a good day too, Charles. Bye bye.” She set the phone down on the receiver with a small click. “So how about I put this dress on and we get to work?”

"Yes ma'am!" the boys answered.

"Well snap to it!" she ordered, and the two of them scrambled back to the conveyor, continuing where they left off hauling junk into the same machine that just converted Kate.

As they continued throwing trash onto the belt, the doctor slid into her dress. She slipped it up her tan legs, past her hips and around her waist. The dress was strapless and fit snug against her slender body. And it had a deep V-cut that accentuated the doctor's cleavage.

The doctor and Kate truly were an exquisite piece of work together.

However it wasn't quite complete.

"Oh boys, could one of you come help zip me up?" she called seductively.

Max perked up, "Gladly!" He walked over and helped her with the zipper, “There you are ma’am.”

“Thank you Max,” the doctor responded.

She stepped next to the machine, admiring her hazy reflection in the polished sheet metal. She ran one hand through her hair and the other down her dress, amazed by how soft Kate was. “If you two keep up quality work like this, I might have to find someone else to throw trash on that belt." She thought for a second and continued, "Y'know there’s currently an opening in Material Construction if you two are interested.”


Later that night, Dr. Codwell and her date - along with Kate - attended an awards ceremony for the advancements in the sciences of environmental protection. She happened to win an award and gave a speech about the benefits of NanoTek recycling technology - being able to turn junk into anything!

After the ceremony the doctor and her date went home, where her fantasies became a reality. On their way home they passed by an Applebee's - with elicited a snort from Codwell.

The next morning she stared at the dress, thinking of Kate’s wasted potential. Such a beautiful and smart girl (whom the doctor was planning on seducing), dumped into a beautiful, yet ultimately worthless garment.

She thought of a much better use for Kate.

She brought the dress back into work, and handed it to Adam and Max.

"Break this down for me, will ya? Make sure it get its own sample."

Mark and Adam looked at each other then back at the doctor.

“What are you going to do with he- I mean it?” Max asked, with a hint of concern in his voice.

"It's for a personal project," she said sternly. But then a small smirk appeared on her lips.

“Oh.. Okay ma’am,” Max said, turning around and giving Adam an exaggerated look, with his eyes wide and his brow raised high.

Adam returned the look.

They loaded the dress on the conveyor, prepped the sample bin, and started up the machine.

Kate once again entered the familiar machine that ended her life and converted her into her current form. And the nanobots once again swarmed her form and broke it down - recycling her once more.

The lovely dress Adam and Max formed from her atoms turned to dust from its lovely V-neck down to its hem.

And the dust, that was once a dress - that was once Kate - fell into the sample bin.

And there it lay until later that evening.

After the lab was empty, the doctor grabbed the sample bin that contained Kate, along with a batch of raw silicone, and some various other materials and got to work with Kate’s remains.

“What a waste,” she scoffed to the container of dust that sat on the desk next to her. “Don’t worry though Kate, I’ll still find a good use for you,” she said as a smile crossed her face, putting a few more inputs into the computer.

Satisfied with her work she stood up and grabbed the silicone and other materials, dumping it all into an empty sample bin. Returning back to the container of dust, she grabbed it and continued speaking to it. “Now, this right here should turn you into a nice silicone blend,” she said while lifting the container and angling it slightly down, as if showing Kate the other raw materials.

“But there is quite a bit of you in here, so I’ll try my best not to waste any.” She then flipped the container over, and Kate poured out quickly, joining the other materials with a puff of dust shooting out of the top of the chamber.

The doctor breathed in some of the dust, causing her to sneeze. "Ooh, I probably should've done that slower," she said letting out a couple of coughs while blowing the dust out of her face. She then shrugged, moved over to the control panel and loaded her program.

And the machine processed Kate once again.

The doctor watched through the porthole as the nanobots went to work moving the dust into shape and solidifying it into reality.

The nanobots finished. The computer verified that the object matched directly to spec. A bell dinged and the safety door opened.

The conveyor moved the object out of the chamber, and the doc went to go retrieve it.

Out the other end rolled a 6-inch flesh-colored dildo. Upon seeing it, a grin shot across the doctor’s face. “See Kate, much better then a dress huh,” she said lifting up the dildo and inspecting it for any errors.

"Perfect. Just perfect," she said, running a finger across Kate's new head.

She put her back down and went over to the sample bin that contained the remaining mixture of powdered Kate and her new ingredients.

She looked at the display above the bin. Not enough to make a second dildo - at least of the same size.

"Hmm," the doctor hummed in thought. "Well no sense making a half-sized dildo. And there's not much else we can make you mixed together like this so… bye!" she said bluntly, then pushing a button that released a hatch at the bottom of the bin.

The bin emptied into the waste disposal system below, and eventually out to parts unknown.

Looking down into the hole the doctor gasped. “Shit,” she said now angry with herself, “probably could have made a butt plug with that. Well…” she closed the opening and picked up her dildo, “this will have to do I guess. C'est la vie, right Kate?” A smile returned to her face.

Setting the dildo made of Kate back down for a second, the doctor started to undress right there - down to the black lingerie bra and black lacy thong that were also made of Kate.

Grabbing the dildo, the doc walked over to the conveyor belt and hopped up on it, sitting on the edge.

She raised the dildo up to her face. "Let's go for a test run, shall we?"

Her pussy wetter than when she first put Kate on, the doctor spread her legs and shifted her panties to the side. She then took Kate and pressed her head against the lips of her pussy, drawing a sharp deep breath.

“Like I said at your interview Kate ‘I think you would be the perfect girl for this position,’” the doctor then slipped Kate through her lips. Her eyes rolled back and she let out a deep moan, as she pushed half of Kate up inside her. “And- Oh my god…” the doctor interrupted herself with a moan, her hips attempting to buck Kate deeper into her. She couldn’t stop herself. Shoving Kate all the way up in her, she closed her eyes. A silent moan passed through her lips, her body twitching erratically.

She then slowly slid Kate out of her, holding the now wet dildo up to her face.

“…I definitely wasn't wrong…”


That was an utterly fantastic story. I loved the "oh well, might as well have fun" along with the light-hearted view of everything. Plus plenty of cheesecake to enjoy. Thank you!

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