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Akiko grunted as an elbow pressed against her back. The set was fairly large, a recreation of an expansive Edo period bathing house, but with all the people standing off camera with her there wasn't any room to move without bumping into someone. For a moment she wondered how different it must have been making movies back in the days before the big population change.

According to her history books the retrovirus was originally designed to beat an old affliction called cancer by forcing good cells to split and multiply under certain conditions in order to aggressively starve out the bad ones. Things had gone well in closed clinical trials and so with great promise it was allowed to spread into the general population. Cancer quickly rates began to fall but it was only nine months later that the real consequences became known.

Apparently the presence of two X chromosomes within a recently fertilized egg had the unforeseen effect of triggering the virus and so there was a sudden uptick in the number of triplets, quintuplets and then octuplets appearing in maternity wards. Within a decade nearly every little girl had no fewer than five or six identical sisters to play with.

The increase in population density was unavoidable but Akiko had learned in school that Japan was already experienced with overcrowding and had quickly adjusted to that. The more fundamental change was to female identity. Parents struggled with the difficulty of raising anywhere from six to twelve indistinguishable girls as separate children and when the phenomenon grew to full proportion society as a whole couldn't handle the strain anymore.

That's why Akiko and her seven identical sisters were legally just Akiko Nakamura. Like other sets of girls they'd been raised by their parents as one person. They had passed their high school entrance exam as one person, pursued a career as one person and even dated as one person. For the women of today the idea of having any value or identity that was separate from their sisters had become an alien concept.

And so it was that Akiko, all eight of her, had by the age of 22 become a famous actress and starred in several exciting historical dramas. Right now six of them were working simultaneously on other sets while she was here as an understudy, observing the seventh Akiko perform the pivotal bathhouse scene.

It had begun with Akiko's character, a wandering samurai, giving into the flirtatious advances of an alluring temple maiden played by Rina Sato, a young up and comer. The Rina sisters were still new to acting but their remarkably child like appearance combined with their unquenchable sexual energy made them a darling in today's cinema and a perfect match for Akiko's powerful screen presence.

Rina's sweet cries echoed across the water as she trembled under the touch of an equally nude and wet Akiko. Three fingers had found their way into the petite girl's opening as Akiko's other hand squeezed one of Rina's delightful little breasts. Unable to hold back from so much stimulation the girl's chest bowed upward as she visually and audibly reached a point of absolute ecstasy.

It was a mark of pride and quality that these high value productions never faked what the actresses were experiencing, including the orgasms. Right now the camera perfectly captured Rina's breathless satisfaction as she gazed longing into Akiko's eyes right before that expression morphed into one of naughty mischief.

This is what Rina had been hired for; that unique ability to go from an innocent school girl to a lustful succubus in the blink of an eye and that was indeed all the time it took for her to deftly flip the older woman over and take her place astride Akiko's thighs.

Leaning down her mouth seized Akiko's in a long wet kiss, both actresses clearly taking their time to enjoy the moment before Rina straightened up and began her critical monologue, running her hands provocatively over her own body as she described the depth of her affection and her desire for them to be together forever.

The scene was timed so that it was right before Akiko could give her answer that the polished shuriken cut through the air and embedded itself deeply into Rina's left eye. Slumping to the side the beautiful actress was probably dead before she hit the ground but her body still put on a dramatic performance as it convulsed reflexively while blood poured out of her destroyed eye socket.

The other female bathers screamed and ran for the exit leaving Akiko alone starring toward a tall woman with wild black hair at the other end of the bathing house. Rina's killer smirked and tossed aside her towel to reveal that her large bust was not the only thing it had been concealing. Lifting the hidden sword above her head she charged forward with a murderous cry.

In spite of being unarmed Akiko showed no fear and at the last moment side stepped and knocked her assailant's arm away followed by a second strike to the shoulder that cause the weapon to fall from the woman's grasp. From there the choreographed fight began in earnest demonstrating how despite the assassin being larger and stronger she was no match for the skill and speed of Akiko's character.

Knocking her down beside the pool Akiko yanked the woman's arm around to an uncomfortable angle and with a knee planted in her back forced the woman's head underwater. Despite the actress's struggles she couldn't break the lock and so her legs kicked uselessly as Akiko mercilessly drowned the nameless bit player.

With the hated woman finally dead Akiko's head rose with the camera to reveal a dozen more women arrayed around the perimeter of the building. Despite their different faces and builds they all shared the same unmistakable garb of the Crimson Lotus Society. Wordlessly picking up the fallen assassin's sword Akiko beckoned them to try their luck.

The first two didn't get past their initial charge as all it took was a stab and a slash to quickly dispatch them. The third one was younger and less eager to throw herself straight into it. Being careful she managed to cross steel several time before a surprise kick left her unexpectedly on her knees with Akiko's sword drawing a clean line across her throat.

Seven more girls then died screaming in pain as part of an action packed sequence of death that culminated in a helicopter spin which decapitated two of the actresses in a single blow. The Akiko sisters had practiced for weeks to be sure that they could pull off the demanding move since in a production like this there wasn't room for anything but perfection from its star.

Now there were only two opponents left, one of them had been casually holding back by the wall while the other seemed to understand how big of a mistake she'd made in challenging the legendary samurai.

Trembling she tried to back away with her sword held protectively in front of her but Akiko's character wouldn't have it; still enraged by the loss of her lover she dashed sideways and swung her blade down cutting off both of the girl's arms and then for good measure dropped low and hacked her legs off at the knee causing the newly made quadruple amputee to tumble face down into one of the bathing pools.

Now the final member of the Crimson Lotus Society stepped forward, her high born features showing no concern over the loss of her underlings, not even for the poor girl thrashing helplessly in the blood soaked water. The scripted exchange between them was a mix of the woman's sarcastic praise for Akiko's honor and Akiko's own promise to take the woman's head as a trophy.

Then the real battle began and it seemed that the two of them were very closely matched. Akiko, her braid now loose and her nude body dirtied with the blood of all those women contrasted against the clean silk garments and refined makeup of the noble bearing assassin leader. Sparks flew as steel met steel and they both tried repeatedly to find a weakness in the other's defense.

Off camera Akiko watched as her sister recovered from one failed attack and then raised her sword to block the assassin's quick return. Having practiced this set many times it was obvious which step her sister had missed even with only a split second to catch it. Unfortunately the mistake was a costly one and instead of knocking away the assassin's blade the angle of her sword redirected it, giving the other actress no time to react before her sword had already slipped down and bisected through half of Akiko's stomach.

The director yelled cut and threw down an expensive headset in obvious exasperation. Many groans rang out behind the camera at the realization that the entire sequence had been ruined and they'd have to do it all over again. Crew members immediately got to work resetting the scene but it would probably be hours before they'd be ready to shoot again.

On the ground Akiko choked and sobbed as she desperately tried to pull her ruined guts back inside of herself but it was a lost cause. Annoyed members of the costume department stepped around her as they collected the clothing that would need to be cleaned and repaired so that the sisters of those already killed would have the correct costume to wear.

While glancing around the Akiko who was unharmed spotted the Rina who was also waiting as an understudy. The girl returned her look and gave a come hither gesture before moving toward the dressing rooms. Having spent plenty of time around her the message was clear: Rina wanted to 'practice' the love making portion of their scene before the two of them returned in a few hours to perform the second and hopefully successful take of the scene.


I'd like to know what you thought of it. Any feedback, criticism, praise, analysis or questions are welcome and encouraged.


Great story. I like the casual death


a lovely piece of work. i hope to see more casual and willing snufftoys from you in future, this was very well done


ooh, that was good! it's a neat premise for sure. I had something along those lines in mind when I started writing my Nobles and Clones universe, but just 'not faking the deaths', not them being actual legitmate actors, that's awesome!


Such a great story. I would love to be an actress in this future <3

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