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This is going to be a collection of stories about a fantasy nation where people find pleasure in killing and dying, but the rest of the world doesn't.

This first chapter is the creation myth, telling the story of the goddess sisters who made the nation that way.

=Katsana and Sayobi, Goddesses of Death and Pleasure (f/f, incest, snuff, a little bit of necro)=

[Katsana is 6'1, deathly gray skin, a cup breasts, short black hair, and is wearing panties, a sheer top, and a transparent train that attaches to the panties at her waist. Sayobi is 6'3, warm tan skin, d cup breasts, long pink hair, and is wearing a skirt and a bra.]

Once, even the gods were young. There were eight gods, each one diametrically opposed to another. Chief among these rivalries was the one between the sisters Sayobi and Katsana, the goddesses of pleasure and death. While there was a goddess of life, she and Katsana existed in symbiosis; life and death need each other, and thus could never bring themselves to hate one another. But the true opposite of death is pleasure, as (how it was back then) after death there could be no more pleasure, and death was as far from pleasure as one could be.

This did not stop the two of them from spending time together. They spent more time in each others’ company than they did with the other gods, despite claiming to hate each other. They often fought, and as sisters their fights were all the more intense, but so was it when they made love. It was not uncommon for the gods to make love with their rivals as animosity quickly breeds passion, but all were envious of the passion of Sayobi and Katsana. Many nights they would fill the sky with hours on end of moans and cries and the sounds of each others’ names, made all the better by Sayobi’s inherent domain over the experience. But both sisters knew that by having sex, they weren’t subduing their rivalry, but rather strengthening it. Katsana was playing into Sayobi’s domain, so she knew there was but one thing to do: to smooth the rivalry out and bring balance to the two of them once and for all, she had to kill her sister.

Katsana made all the preparations and invited her sister to a grand field in the nation of Caedis. She waited under the stars from her sister to arrive, her heart pounding in anticipation. She held a curved knife behind her back, adjusting her grip every few moments as nervous sweat threatened her grip. Soon enough, she knew, Sayobi would crest the hills and come meet her one final time. The thought of driving the knife into her sister’s warm flesh, seeing the shock on her face and feeling the blood pour from her… as the goddess of death, the thought excited her like no fantasy she’d ever had before. She realized with a start she was growing hard beneath her panties, and a slight smile crept across her face. Her body slowly tensed, warmth spreading in her abdomen as her body prepared for what it knew was coming soon.

Soon enough, Sayobi arrived. Her pink hair flowed slowly as if underwater, her divine aura making her just as radiant and beautiful as the moon above her. Something about Sayobi made it so the other gods would do anything to make her happy, gladly throwing themselves at her feet and doing anything she asked. Her presence was so commanding that she could easily be the queen of the gods, and it was only because she didn’t want to be on the throne that she hadn’t long since been ruling the world. Just seeing her strutting across the plain, one leg planted confidently in front of the other, was almost enough to make Katsana reconsider her plan. Almost.

“Why have you invited me here, sister?” Sayobi asked Katsana when she reached her, looking past her sister at the countless stars above. “This field is gorgeous, but it’s rather cold, and I’d much prefer that whatever you want to do happen somewhere more comfortable.”

“Sayobi, could you be patient for once in your life?” Katsana said, running her free hand up her sister’s arm. Sayobi instinctively stepped a bit closer, nodding. As soon as Katsana’s cold fingers touched her skin images of their bodies entwined began to fly through her mind. If Katsana was after a romantic night under the stars… Sayobi could deliver. Even as much as she loathed her sister, she always enjoys warming up that deathly cold body of hers.

“Fine, say what you’re going to say. I’ll give you the honour of my attention for a moment, but make it quick. I have more business to attend to than just spending time with someone I despise.” Sayobi rolled her eyes, making her exasperation known. Of course she’d love to make her sister scream her name, feel her body tense from orgasm after orgasm as she moved her fingers and tongue dexterously across her body, but Katsana could at least get on with it.

Katsana’s fingers gripped tight around her sister’s upper arm and forced Sayobi against her, Sayobi grunting as their bodies slammed together. Sayobi’s warmth seeped into her body, and for a moment she just had to close her eyes and savor it. It would be the last time, of course. In an instant their faces were millimeters apart, a slight smirk on her lips as she pressed them against Sayobi’s neck. Sayobi exhaled softly, wrapping her arms tenderly around Katsana’s back. “Sister, if you simply wanted sex, you should have said so from the beginning. Don’t play these games with me.”

That drew a dry chuckle from Katsana’s mouth. She drew her tongue slowly up Sayobi’s neck, eliciting a loud moan from her sister. Her neck was always her weak spot, and Katsana knew that with just a few nibbles and licks she could bring her sister to her knees. Sayobi was already turned on, she could tell. She sucked on the supple flesh, leaving a red mark, the kind Sayobi was extremely familiar with. But this was not the most permanent mark she’d leave on her sister tonight.

Subtly, slowly, she moved the blade from behind her back to out behind her sister’s. Moonlight glinted off the blade, silver for the moment but soon to be dripping golden red with ichor.

“I’m not only going to fuck you tonight, Sayobi. I’m going to kill you.”

By the time she finished the sentence, the knife was already in Sayobi’s back.

Sayobi’s eyes went wide, a moan cut off and leaving her silently agape. This pain was nothing a god had ever imagined experiencing. No god had ever even died before; a tacit rule of the divine rivalries was that to avoid tossing the world into chaos, none would kill the other. Her knees went weak; at first it simply felt like she had been punched, but blood pooled across her back in time with the tears welling in her eyes and she almost lost control of her body. She tried to fall to the ground, but Katsana kept her on her feet with a strong arm wrapped around her back. Sayobi chuckled weakly, but cut herself off by coughing up blood, staining her lips irrevocably golden red.

Katana pressed her lips against her sister’s, running her tongue across Sayobi’s lower lip like she’d done countless times before. The taste of ichor coated her tongue and she let out a deep moan into her sister’s mouth, letting her tongue slip past the lips into her mouth.

Sayobi’s tongue responded in turn, running across Katsana’s eagerly. Katsana could feel a smile growing on Sayobi’s lips as they began to make out, and pulled away in confusion. Sayobi’s eyes were half-lidded, but Katsana was uncertain if it was pain or pleasure they were fogged with.

“I expected you to fight back, Sayobi. Or at least sit there and whimper and cry as I fucked you until the life drained from you, then fucked you long after the life was gone. Why do you kiss me like we’re still lovers?” Katsana asked, moving her arm to brace her by the neck and keep their eyes locked.

Sayobi laughed again, a stronger sound than the weak chuckle from before. “What good would fighting back do? You’re the goddess of death. I couldn’t escape this fate if I enlisted all the other gods. Besides, you stabbed me in the lung; I’m dying already. But I’m the goddess of pleasure; if I must die, it will be on my terms. I’ve converted my pain into a much more familiar feeling. I’m getting off to this now. So please, Katsana. Kill me. Slowly bleed me out, choke me, hurt me, tear me limb from limb. I want to die here in your arms, killed by your violent fury. I couldn’t imagine something that would feel better. Go ahead, feel me. You’ll see I’m not lying.”

She grabbed Katsana’s free hand and guided it beneath her skirt. She closed her eyes with a blissful grin crossing her face as Katsana ran a finger up her pussy, pressing the lips to the side ever so slightly to feel exactly what Sayobi implored her to feel. Katana drew her hand out from the skirt and stood Sayobi back on her feet. She wordlessly nodded, reached behind her, and twisted the knife.

Initially it still felt like pain. But as it spread like lightning across her body it melted into pleasure, coursing through her like waves in the ocean. Her hips jerked involuntarily.

“Aaagkh~!! K-Katsana,” she cried out, more ichor flying from her mouth. “Make it slow…” She knew she could take a lot of punishment from her sister. Gods weren’t immortal, by this point she was well aware of that, but her heart beat ever faster and her body wasn’t growing cold yet; she could go for a long time.

“Slow?” Katsana asked with a smirk, her tongue finding its way to Sayobi’s earlobe. She nibbled on it slowly, pondering what her sister was offering. “Did you not just say you wanted to die?” Her voice was a low whisper, the threat of overwhelming pleasure inherent in every word. Her hands ran down Sayobi’s body, wondering what she should do next.

“I—” Sayobi began, but Katsana slapped her across the face with all her strength. Any mortal’s neck would have snapped instantly; Sayobi merely moaned involuntarily, blushing at the response.

“Quiet. I’ll do this on my own terms. Say anything but my name again and I’ll tear your tongue from your mouth.”

An enticing offer. But Sayobi wanted to be able to call for her sister a bit longer, so she bit her tongue, lest Katsana do that for her.

Katsana realized there was so much she wanted to do, but so many of them would make it so she could never try the others. What a shame she could only kill her sister once. She pressed her knee between Sayobi’s legs and grinded it slowly, pressing her lips to her sister’s again to get a taste of what was to come. Her sister was impatient, and she knew this foreplay was driving her mad with the desire for more pain. You can only have a knife in your back so long before it gets boring.

And so after a few minutes she pulled away, blood and drool clinging to her tongue. She stepped back from Sayobi, looked her up and down for a moment, and shoved her down. She screamed in shock and hit the ground hard, the knife hitting the ground before her body and driving deeper into her. With a spurt of ichor the blade pierced all the way through her body, and Sayobi’s scream of shock became one of unadulterated pleasure almost instantly. Her thighs quivered, and she blushed as she realized she was cumming almost entirely untouched. Perhaps she overdid the transfer of sensations a bit. Then Katsana was straddling her, pulling off her skirt and lifting her back off the ground, extricating the knife from her back. Ichor pooled from the wound, soaking the grass and steaming in the cold night air. She gripped Sayobi’s chin and pressed her thumb between her lips, pulling her mouth open. She pressed the knife to Sayobi’s tongue, forcing her to lick it clean.

“Careful, dear sister~” Katsana purred. When the knife was clean she pressed it to Sayobi’s top, slicing the fabric and letting it fall to either side, exposing the ample chest it contained. A few beads of blood welled where she had sliced; she’d pressed a bit too hard, but that just makes it more fun for both of them.

Sayobi reached for Katsana, palming her sister’s bulge. The goddess naturally had a pussy like her own, but as the patron of pleasure she could change that at will, and often gave Katsana a cock when they made love. She had done so last time, and never changed it back; this final time, she was more than willing to have fun with her sister’s cock. “Fuck me, sister. Fill me with your seed as I die.”

Katsana purred at the hand on her cock, but her expression hardened to stone. “I told you I wanted to hear nothing but my name from you,” she said, and sliced her panties off in a flash. Her cock flopped out, pulsing and already dripping with precum, and she grabbed her sister by the neck. “Now I have to silence you.”

She grabbed Sayobi’s hair and pressed the head of her cock to her lips, waiting for her to open them. Diligently she obeyed, and Katsana thrust into Sayobi’s throat. Normally she would start slow and work towards ramming her entire length down her sister’s throat, but this was a punishment and should work as such.

Sayobi gagged almost instantly, a wet gurgle escaping from her throat as Katsana’s hips thrusted back and forth above her face. Meanwhile, Katsana felt her way down Sayobi’s body with her free hand, stopping just below her belly button. As Sayobi’s body slowly began to call out for air she wondered what Katsana’s plan was; was she going to finger her as Sayobi choked on her cock? But then the knife dug into her abdomen and tore slowly through her flesh, and she felt the cold air against a part of her body she never thought would be exposed to the open air. Instantly, she was cumming again; her body rocked beneath Katsana and her hips bucking like a trapped animal. The second orgasm was always more intense than the first for her, even as her one working lung began to pound against her chest for air. Her fingers were growing cold, but she couldn’t tell if it was from blood loss or lack of air; either way, she could feel Katsana’s cock throbbing down her throat and barely had the energy to focus on much more than that.

Just as her eyes were beginning to droop and her body threatened to lose consciousness, Katsana let out an uncharacteristic moan, let Sayobi’s name fall from her lips, and pulled her bloody shaft from her sister’s throat and came all over her face. The warm cum mixed with the ichor on her face and formed a cocktail that Katsana was quick to lick up, leaving both of them panting and messy and breathily begging for one another.

“K-Katsana~~” Sayobi moaned between coughs and gasps, her body drinking up the air like it didn’t realize it wanted to die.

Katsana, still hard, slid back down Sayobi’s body, down to the gaping wound that was painting Sayobi’s lower body with slick ichor.

“You’ve cum twice just from the wounds I’ve given you, so let’s see what would happen if I dug deeper inside you, hmm?” She asked, grinding her cock against Sayobi’s waiting pussy and curling one finger at a time around the wound. Without warning she thrusted inside Sayobi, and at the same time plunged her hand into the wound. Sayobi cried out in overwhelming pleasure, so enraptured that she found it cycled back around to pain. She was dying, surely, and she was loved it more than life.

Katsana thrusted quickly, at the same rough pace as before, feeling Sayobi’s body react to each small movement of her hand inside her guts. Her intestines spilled out of the wound, displaced by her hand, and her free hand dropped the knife in favour of groping at Sayobi’s breasts.

Sayobi tightened around Katsana’s cock as she grew closer to yet another orgasm, the cold creeping up her arms and legs as her ichor stained the grass around her a dark, almost black shade of gold.

Katsana knew her sister well, and Sayobi knew hers well too. In just a few moments they were cumming in time with one another, the erratic tightening of Sayobi’s pussy complimenting the throbbing pumps of Katsana’s divine cock. But this cock was gifted to Katsana by the goddess of pleasure, and neither of them were going to stop after just a few orgasms. She was having the most exquisite time of her life, but Katsana needed more, so her hand fell from her sister’s breast and grabbed the knife. Sayobi only barely registered this fact, but knew one thing for certain: she was going to lose count of how many times she came before she finally slipped into the cold embrace of her sister’s domain.

The knife, sharper than anything a human could forge, sliced cleanly through Sayobi’s right arm, cleaving the bone like it was a bird’s hollow bone. Sayobi’s throat was raw at this point, and the only warmth left in her body was her sister’s seed filling her up by degrees, as well as the frantic beating of her heart. “FU~CK!” she cried, what ichor remained in her spurting from the stump of as her severed arm spasmed on the ground.

“Ah, what a shame, sister,” Katsana grunted out between thrusts. “How I wanted your last word to be my name.” She sighed and stretched her arm upwards to Sayobi’s mouth.

“K-Katsana!” She cried hurriedly, and the knife tore through her cheek. Katsana came again, and Sayobi was almost certain this was the last time she would feel her sister fill her up. The blade sliced her tongue off easily, and Katsana withdrew the blade. She could feel her sister dying more and more each time she came, and she knew she had to make these next few moments a fitting end to both the night and her sister’s eternal life. Now elbow deep within her sister’s guts she found the goddess’s heart, wrapping her hand around it slowly constricting each beat. The sensation was alien to Sayobi, her brain unsure how to even process the feeling, but it knew one avenue to handle it: she began to orgasm, harder yet than the half dozen or so before, and it didn’t stop. She tried to cry out, to moan, to make any noise, but only the gurgle of the ichor filling her throat met Katsana’s ears. She was bleeding out, drowning, choking to death, and losing her heartbeat all at once; she was dying four times over in this moment. The goddess of death sure knew what she was doing.

Katsana slowed her thrusts as she came yet again, her sister’s womb now brimming with her endless supply of seed.

“I never truly hated you, Sayobi. I always loved you more than anything else in this world. I couldn’t be happier that you found pleasure and solace in death. I’ll make certain that the humans can continue to find pleasure without you.” She smiled down at her sister, her heart now almost entirely still in her grip. She raised the knife one last time and brought it down on her throat, cleaving easily into the flesh and nearly decapitating her in one clean motion. Sayobi’s weak point was always her neck.

Katsana pulled out of her sister’s pussy and looked at her battered, torn, desecrated corpse. There was still much she could do with it. She lowered herself back down and spread her cheeks, slipping into the other hole. As snow began to fall around her, she made love to her late sister until Sayobi’s body was as cold as her own.

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