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Little story I put together for a set of pieces made by Emikochan

I tried to include some science behind it while mixing it into the story… Let me know what you think!

Your body has warning signs of danger and should rarely be ignored. Panic, pain, difficulty acting, moving or even breathing. Your body has these warning signs to help keep you alive and to warn you of danger, but for some this is just a hinderance for a spell.

It had taken months of practice and play to get to the point she was at. To iron out that annoying panic signal her brain always gave off the moment she started to run out of air. To ignore the light headedness the lack of air brought for the sweet release that came after. To ignore the pain that was washed away the moment that warmth flooded her body.

She thought she was safe; she had practiced for months, used something thin and flimsy that could be easily rendered with her teeth, and /knew/ her limits. Well, the problem with limits is you never know what they are until you push them over the edge, and until you break through those limits. Only then are you truly capable of knowing what you can or can not do, but for some that is too little too late.

This had become her almost daily pattern now after coming home from work. Flop on her bed with a toy or not, slip a thin bag over her head and tuck it into her collar before securing the collar. Normally what took her thirty minutes or more to accomplish was done in mere seconds once her air ran out. That though had an inverse affect in it slowly taking longer and longer to accomplish her peak. The more she did it the longer it took, or that much more effort it took just to peak.

After a while of doing this she had learned to ignore her brain’s panic symptoms. She had rid herself of the panic that made her shred so many of the thin plastic bags. She had learned that the release that came after her head became clouded and blank was strong. She had learned to ignore the pain in her lungs since once the release hit her that pain would fade. All she had to do was tear the flimsy bag with a claw, tooth, or even her hand and she would be able to breathe again.

The problem was with every session the time it took grew seconds longer in what used to take mere seconds to peak. Now it was taking her nearly two minutes without air for her body to peak, but it was the only alternative now. She had trained her body in such a way that it was impossible to peak without the danger, and no matter what she used or how hard she tried she could not achieve that release.

Tonight, she had again covered her head, tucked in the bag, taken a deep breath, and secured her collar to her neck. She had opted to simply use her fingers instead of a toy as well since she saw now difference in time required, and her fingers felt that much better to her. As she lied there holding her breath as long as she could she played with herself, working on her labia at first and not touching her passage until the next breath. Always slowly escalating the pleasure with each practiced breath.

The funny thing is with practice and steady breathing even a bag of air no larger than your head could last a while. Your body only brings in five percent of the volume as needed oxygen, and expels the rest on exhale. However, this can only be done so many times before the oxygen in the bag drops below safe levels and can no longer replenish the blood’s supply. When this occurs your head immediately feels light headed and your pulse begins to race, as does your breathing. Your body is trying to stay alive by doing this, but it doesn’t know the bag is preventing fresh air from reaching your lungs and the rapid breathing only worsens the situation.

It would normally be about now that she would peak as her air ran out and her body began to breathe rapidly sucking the bag against her face. She could feel her peak within reach it was so close, her back arched as much as it could and her toes curled. Her eyes rolled back and her fingers thrust into herself as hard as they could. Just a few more seconds she thought, just a few more and that sweet release would hit her, and she could breathe again.

The release did hit her and expended the last of the oxygen in her blood from it, but she still felt that sweet feeling of release. She immediately reached up to tear the bag, but her arm didn’t do what she wanted and merely flopped to her side uselessly. She tried to bite at the bag with her teeth given how tight it was against her face, but her jaw wouldn’t move anymore. She didn’t even have time to realize what was happening because she had blacked out. There she laid a mess on the bed for someone to find much later, as she had merely become another statistic.


Really nice storry, would love to see more like it.
For me personally the part where she realizes her demise is a bit short. No time to accepting her fate or even embrace it.


I have a long story planned for another piece of art, so there is more to come. You can find me on FA by my username.

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