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She left a trail of clothes through the house. Her shoes and jacket by the door. Her socks in the hallway. Her sweater in the living room. Her bra in the kitchen. Her jeans in the hallway. Finally she dropped her panties on the bathroom floor as she turned on the shower.

She took her time. Enjoying the relaxing, hot water falling across her back and chest. She scrubbed and lathered up her slim frame. As she rinsed she was lost in thought, reliving moments from her date with a guy named Pete earlier that night. As far as dates went for highschoolers, it was a pretty good one. They had seen a local band play at Snead Hall then went for ice cream at Mandy’s Creamery. After that, they made out in his car for a while. He felt her up under her sweater, but she had stopped him from going any further. She had been thinking a lot lately about losing her virginity, but she still felt she wasn’t ready. He had been cool with it, but she felt a little bad because she knew she had probably let him on.

She and a couple of her friends had joined Tinder once they turned 18 to get dates with guys outside of their high school friend groups. They had all agreed that high school boys were just too immature. Her friends had both already had good dates that ended in sex.

Turning the shower off, she wrapped herself in a towel and dried her wavy blonde hair. She saw she had received a text from Pete saying he had a great time. She held off replying, thinking it might make her seem too eager. She overthought things like that a lot, and she knew it, but she also knew she couldn’t help herself.

Rather than texting him back, she scrolled through her photos to pick out a few of her favorite selfies they had taken that night. She figured she might post them later.

She threw on a comfy t-shirt and a pair of floral-print panties. She grabbed a blanket from the arm of the couch in the living room and turned on the tv. She snuggled up into the corner of the couch under the blanket and started the next episode of the sitcom she was rewatching on Netflix.

Her parents had been away visiting her grandparents in Idaho for the last couple of days. They were due back tomorrow morning. She felt a little sad that her time alone was coming to an end.

Her date had gone later that she had expected and she was planning on going to bed after a couple of episodes of the show.

It was only a few minutes into the show, and she realized she was losing herself in thought. Her mind was replaying the moment Pete’s hand slipped up her back and unclipped her bra. He had done it so smoothly she knew he had done it before.

Maybe that was why she had had second thoughts about going all the way right then and there. She found it intimidating, because she had very little experience in that area. But she couldn’t stop thinking about him and she knew she really liked him. He seemed to like her, too.

She was wishing she had asked him to come back with her. She looked at his message again. Maybe if she asked now he would still come over tonight, she thought.

She hesitated then typed: “I had a great time too.”

She considered saying something about him coming over. She hit send instead.

A couple of seconds later he replied: “I’d like to hang out again, if you’re cool with that.”

She typed: “Sounds good, how about now?”

Before she hit send she heard something clatter onto the floor in the kitchen. Her heart leapt into her throat, and she jumped up from the couch, her phone fell onto the floor. Clutching the blanket, she walked toward the noise.

The kitchen was just around the corner from the living room where she was. She flicked on the lights and saw a Tupperware container in the middle of the kitchen floor. She just stood there and breathed for a moment, then she picked up the container and placed it back on the counter. As she did, she noticed something else.

The pantry door was ajar. She was pretty sure it had not been open earlier. She took a step closer, then, happening faster than she could react, the door swung wide open. A large man dressed in all black lunged out and grabbed her by the arm. A glint of steel flashed as he brought a thin bladed hunting knife around in his other hand and, in one sweeping motion, plunged it into the side of her neck. A spray of blood hit the kitchen ceiling and she stumbled back, dropping the blanket and reaching toward the knife gouging into her throat.

The man used the knife as leverage as he spun her around so that her back was to him and forced her to her knees. Little trickles of blood had begun running down her chest, but with the knife still buried in her, she was not bleeding profusely. She was stuggling to breath, though. Pain was ripping though her neck with any movement she made.

She felt warmth in her crotch and realized she was pissing. Urine soaked though her underwear and ran down her inner thighs. A wave of embarrassment flooded over her.

She was compliant as her pushed her forward so that her face hit the cool tile. She felt him pulling her underwear down and situating himself behind her. He bore down on the knife as he pulled her ass back against his hips and his cock slid into her pussy. Her blood dripped out onto the tile floor. She could taste it in her mouth, too.

He fucked her from behind for a few minutes, then he pulled the knife out. Blood flowed freely now. Pooling around her nose and mouth. She was still breathing, but each breath was rattly and ragged.

He rolled her over, legs wide and arms up over her head. She found herself staring up into the face of Pete. She was confused and angry. She tried to say something but all that came out was a garbled moan. He pulled her wet panties the rest of the way off and stuffed them in her mouth. She gagged and arched her back, but she had no control over her body to fight back.

“You’re such a tease, Kylie.” He said, leaning over her, running a hand across her cheek. He pushed her shirt up over her breasts, playing with her nipples and then squeezing them hard. “I should have told you before. I always get what I want.”

He hooked one leg up over his shoulder and began fucking her again. The only sound she made now was a pathetic low gurgle in the back of her throat.

He gave a few more deep thrusts and then came hard, filling her pussy and then shooting the rest across her bare chest and abdomen. A little tremor ran through her body. A final sigh escaped her lips.

“Sorry.“ He said as he stood up and pulled on his pants. “I just don’t take rejection well.”

She was a petite girl but her body looked especially small laying in the middle of the kitchen floor. Her bloody, matted hair was stuck to one side of her face. Her empty unfocused eyes stared toward the ceiling. A corner of her crumpled panties protruded from between her pale lips. Blood had been smeared across the floor and spattered on the nearby white cabinets.

He stared down at the now lifeless body for a little while, a look of satisfaction on his face. He almost felt a pang of regret, seeing her this way. He really had enjoyed himself with her tonight. In the end, though, he felt it was worth it.


Great story, the stabbing, the rape,the pitiful motive for such a brutal crime. Wonderful!


We need more stories like this on this board. Thanks for posting!

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