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Sup y'all, I wrote this a while ago. Finally decided to share it here!

Ian Davis sighed, staring at the clock. He had only about 3 hours left being a man. His best friend, Lacey, was turning 15 that day, and it was customary for women to eat a set of cock and balls for their 15th birthday. He hadn’t been allowed to cum for two weeks, and he was constantly horny. He could feel his 13” cock growing in his pants at that very moment. Some women were kind enough to leave one ball and a stub of cock left, but he didn’t think Lacey would be that considerate. His phone buzzed on the couch next to him
Lacey: I might just roast it whole and eat it right off you! I’ve hard great things about the FlavrInjectr 15!
Lacey: Of course, stuffing your sac would make your balls SOOOOO tender!
Lacey: Thank you so much for this, Ian, you really are the best!
Lacey: (picture of her very wet pussy)
Lacey: Look at how WET I am!
Ian: Wow, I’m super happy that I can make you that wet! I can’t wait for you to taste my cockmeat!
Ian: (picture of his hard cock)
Lacey: Yum!
Ian arrived at the party a half hour early, as instructed. “Lacey?” he called, beginning to strip.
“I’m up here!” she called back from her bedroom.
Ian proceeded up the stairs and turned into his friend’s bedroom. She was stark naked, legs spread, and stroking her clit slowly. She pointed to her pussy. “Eat.”
Ian walked over to her bed and got down on his hands and knees. He brought his face close to her cunt, inhaling her aroma. He kissed it, tenderly at first, then with increasing passion until he had engulfed her clit in his mouth. Lacey moaned and arched her back. He’d been eating her pussy for years, and he only got better at it. She would finally let him fuck her for the first time today, just before she ate his cock. She imagined what it would taste like as his tongue worked its magic on her clit. She imagined tenderizing it with her meat hammer. The thought of crushing his cock combined with his oral efforts was too much. She came, wrapping her long, slender legs around his head.

Lacey was wearing nothing but a cooking apron as she prepared the grill in her backyard. Ian was still nude, of course, his cock and balls tied at the base with cooking twine. Lacey’s girl friends all had to admire the meal the lucky birthday girl was getting. They all stroked it and admired it. Pinching here, squeezing this or that. Finally, al the guests had arrived.
“Thank you all for coming to my birthday party! As you can see, Ian here has graciously offered me his cock and balls for the traditional dinner!” She waited for the whooping and applause to die down. “What’s more, Ian here is a virgin! Tonight, I am going to honor him with taking his virginity!” Her friends all whooped and clapped again, whistling and making lewd comments.

Lacey sauntered over to the picnic table and patted it, indicating for him to lie on his back. She climbed on top of him and slowly lowered herself down onto his massive member, sighing in pleasure. Suddenly, Ian felt a cold pinch and pain stabbed through his ballsack.
“Shhh…” Lacey reassured him. “They’re only stuffing your sack for me. Lie back and enjoy your first-“ she paused and smiled. “-only fuck you’ll ever have.”
Ian could feel the stuffing being shoved in through the opening in his scrotum. The pain was intense, but it was far outweighed by the pleasure. He could feel his sac getting more and more packed. He could feel his orgasm approaching, building up more and more. He could barely take any more stimulation when… Lacey got off.
“I-No! Lacey, please!” he begged.
“Now now, Ian, we both agreed. You not cumming would make my meal sooo much tastier,” she chided.
Reluctantly, Ian stood up. One of Lacey’s friends stood there holding a cutting board and a meat hammer. He noticed that all of her friends had ditched their clothes for better access. They stood around him, blatantly masturbating to his cock’s death. He stepped over to the cutting board and laid his cock on it, awaiting the first blow. He closed his eyes and turned away.
The hammer fell heavily onto his shaft. He gritted his teeth, trying not to cry out. The next blow came sooner than he had expected it to, and he let out a small groan.
Ian lost count of the times the hammer fell on his poor, abused cock. Panting slightly, Lacey, set the hammer aside.
Ian felt something cold and metal enter his urethra. It must be the FlavrInjectr that Lacey was talking about earlier. It was going to fill his cock with an herb butter to help with keeping the meat moist. He felt the instrument travel down his cock, eventually reaching the twine separating his cock from the rest of his body. Lacey slowly pushed the plunger down on the syringe-like device, injecting the butter into her dinner’s urethra. Finally, she stitched the end of his cock shut. The grill was hot.
Leading the man by his doomed cock, Lacey brought him to it. There was a small tub of sauce there to baste him in as he cooked, and she quickly coated the meat. She grabbed the tongs hanging off the hook next to her and pinched his cock between their tips. “Ready?” she asked him. She didn’t wait for an answer, She pushed the sausage down onto the hot metal, searing it. Ian screamed. He couldn’t help it. His cock bobbed as it tried to cum, but couldn’t. The butter and twine blocked the sperm from ever leaving. She giggled and jumped, her small breasts bouncing underneath her apron. “I can’t wait to eat you! She squealed to Ian. She lifted her apron and began to masturbate slowly, her eyes transfixed on the sight in front of her. His cocksausage slowly cooked on the grill in front of her, thin black lines forming on his shaft, sac, and head. She twisted it as much as she could to get an even cook on it. Finally, it was done. Ian stepped away from the grill, feeling rather shaky. He lay back down on the picnic table, his legs spread so that his friend could sit between them.
Lacey slowly untied the twine. Her mouth was watering at the thought of devouring this delicious sausage. She slipped a finger in his ass and bit down on the head of his cock, pushing up on his prostate at the same time, forcing cum out into her mouth. She closed her eyes and came, moaning loudly. “Oh god,” she moaned. “This is literally the best cockmeat I’ve ever had!” She took another bite, savoring it. “I think I know something that might make it even better, though…” she said with a naughty glint in her eye. She stood up, straddled Ian, and once again, lowered herself onto his cock. She moaned again, the heat nearly burning her pussy as she slid down his cooked sand mangled shaft. “Oh, this is simply the best…” she sighed. “I love how his cock feels with no head…” She rode him harder, bouncing on his cock with wild abandon. One hand rubbing her clit and the other twisting her nipple, she came once more, flavoring the cock with her pussy juice.
Excitedly, she jumped off of him, immediately taking the meat into her mouth again. She bit down, chewed, swallowed. One of her friends had appeared between her legs and her mouth was pressed tight against Lacey’s clit. Finally, she was down to the balls. Steam was still escaping from the small incision in his scrotum. She bent down and bit into that, the crispy skin and the soft stuffing almost melting in her mouth. She bit into one of his testicles and it burst in her mouth like a grape. It was the most delicious thing she’d ever tasted. Ian, only half conscious, groaned softly, feeling the tug on his balls.
“Am… Am I tasty…?” he managed to moan.
The only response he got was one of Lacey’s friends sitting on his face.


Nice story! I'd avoid details such as 13" cock, and simply put massive or huge. Let the reader interpret that in their mind.

Reminds me a lot of the story The French Cook by Charlie B. on link:

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