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Short story inspired by Holly Heart's CFNM Secret by Brazzers. A party planner talks about her most popular series of party toys, the dehumanising boxes.

Party Box
By ShamefulDesire (3/11/2019)

I'm a party planner. I plan parties for teenage girl on the cusp of womanhood and bachelorette parties. The central theme is always cock. Cock on its own, nothing to do with the man attached to it. The girls want to have their pussy lips parted by a large cock, and not have to deal with the drama of the man attached to it. They don't even want to look at him, and definitely don't want him to look at them. It's the reason glory holes exist in the walls between men and women's bathrooms in public places. Women love to play with some cock without having to play with the man. It is in a way, a method of dehumanising the man. Objectifying the penis, and hiding the person. I expanded on the idea by creating a wooden box with a glory hole. I had to install a harness on the inside so that the man would be tightly strapped to the outer wall, and as much of his penis would be pushed through the hole. We don't want him being able to pull his penis in through the hole.

We then decided to install a cutting tool around the hole. We hunted around for a long time to find the type of cutter that would be best for the box. We found a very thin aspect wire guillotine. It has a very wire under great tension. When it's time for it to operate, the wire has a large current passed through it to heat it up to red hot temperature. The tension is released, and it slices through whatever is through the hole. It also cauterizes both sides as it cuts, sealing both sides and avoiding any blood loss. This means that the package does not deflate and can be kept. It also means that we don't have to sew up the man before he bleeds out. This is always a happy ending for the party's festivities.

We soon found that one penis wasn't enough, and that there was demand for three boxes at a time. So we made a triple box. We originally placed a button for each hole, but found that women wanted one button to trigger all three cutters simultaneously. We did once make a larger box for five men, but it proved too difficult to move around, especially after putting the volunteers in. We used it once, and it was a total failure. We set it up in the workshop, and the mother came to see how it would be for her daughter's sweet sixteen. We asked five of the guys who work here to simply pose for her in the machine. We loaded them in for her to see. She then accidentally touched bumped into the side of the box as she walked round it, and the triggers went off! Five cocks hit the top of the box with a dull thud. Nobody moved. Everything was still. We let the guys out and gave them ice packs. We gave her a box for three and a box for two, as there were five volunteers for her daughter's party, but there wasn't enough time to reset the cutters.

As far as bachelorette parties go, none are particularly memorable except for one where the client was actually the volunteer himself. He wanted to give his ex a great present for her wedding, and decided that he also couldn't live without her. He knew that her greatest fantasy was to have sex with a man who was about to die. We made a very special box, made of metal, and lined with asbestos. The hole itself was extremely tight. There was a kerosene canister on the side of the box, and the trigger was inside. When she was pleasuring herself on his cock, he would trigger the device to cremate him on the inside. He asked us to install a window where his face would be, but out of respect for the bride, we covered the window with a towel. She could, if she wanted to, remove the towel and see who was in the box. She did not choose to, but we told her afterwards. She was deeply toughed by his gesture. We collected the ashes and gave them to her in a hollow dildo made of brass.

-The End-


That level of male hating and cock loving is just funny lol :) what great length girls can go :)
Reminds me those pictures when guys invent complex machinery to extract and preserve pussies to be for sex LOL

When reading this I was already planning to comment that if you just cut a dick it will deflate and become useless, but damn, you thought about that already ;)

Nice story but I would love to know more what girls do with those severed cocks later.
I already can imagine some strange perverted things that could be turned into "Shintaro Kago" style picture story ;)


I'm glad you liked my story and look forward to seeing any art inspired by my writings.

As far as the severed cocks go, I just felt that the girls would take them home as mementos of the festivities, display them on the night stand for a few days and then throw them away. In any case, the party planner who is the narrator, wouldn't know. She would more likely be able to tell stories of mothers wanting to sterilise the cock before her daughter lost her virginity, and perhaps she used a blow torch or something caustic which damaged the cock. Sponged it down with bleach and the skin came off. Or perhaps young girls playing rough, or forgotten boxes where a house pet ate the penis before the party guests had arrived.

Take care!

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