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Short story about a one night stand that turned out to be unforgetable.

The Threesome
By ShamefulDesire (01/11/2019)

I picked this guy up in a bar. We went back to my place, and upon entering, we bumped into my roommate. Without missing a second, he invited her to a treesome. I didn't want to seem like a wet blanket, I nodded to her to accept if she wanted to. He was a true stallion. I think both my roommate and I were utterly spent by the end. The entire bed was sticky. His cock was enormous and he was still rock hard when we both had to tap out. He sat up at the bottom of the bed stroking his cock, gazing longinly at my well reamed pussy. I was sat up at the head of the bed, my roommate was face down to my left. She had a small puddle of cum in the small of her back. I think she had fallen asleep.

My roommate's cat jumped up on the bed. She was obviously hungry, well passed her feeding time. The cat purred and started rubbing up agaist him. She put her head under his arm from behind and looked up at him. He started stroking her and talking softly. Realising that the cat was hungry, he offered to feed her. He gripped his massive cock from the base and pointed it at the cat's face. She sniffed the tip for a bit and then started to take some tentative nibbles from the tip. I felt something warm descend into my stomach while watching this. The cat continued to nibble away. I nudged my roommate and nodded towards the foot of the bed. She turned over and sat up. The cat had by now nibbled away the guy's cock head. He continued to stroke the back of the cat's neck. He spoke softly and gave the cat encouragment. My roommate had an enormous orgasm without even touch her twitching pussy. I felt as though the slightest touch of my fully engorged clit would cause me to erupt in concurrant orgasms.

I couldn't bare to touch my pussy, it was just too raw. I stroked my inner thigh and came hard. Juices spilled out. My roommate and I couldn't take our eyes off of the sight of a massive cock being eaten by a cat, at the behest of the man. Soon, the cock was all but gone, and the cat was finally full. The cat wandered off out of the room, to go find a place to sleep off her giant meal. The man cupped his hugh balls in his hands. They were big before, but with the absence of his large cock next to them, they looked even bigger now. He finally looked up at us. My roommate was rubbing her clit furiously now, experiencing intense orgasms almost continuously now. I could feel a steady flow of pussy juices coming out of me and trickling down. My clit felt as though it was about to burst.

"Do you ladies want breakfast?" He asked with a bashful smile.

-The End-


That was quite and evening :)

And you have quite a Gluttonous cat ;)


Thank you Onix, I'm glad you liked my story. I've always enjoyed your 3d art. Are we to have an penectomy pics soon? Any more of the cultural festival perhaps?

Take care!


Short but golden. I hope to read more of poor hungry animals and men that help them…


[consensual] [penectomy]

Short story. The events of Threesome started a fad. A school charity event follows the trend.

Kitten Sanctuary
By ShamefulDesire (9/11/2019)

"We have to come up with an idea for this years charity event." Traci introduced the meeting of the charity committee at her school.

"I heard about this sorority that gave up cock for lent. They had a ceremony where they tossed all of their dildos and boyfriends' cocks into a fire. Maybe we could do that here?" Piped up one of the girls in the committee.

"That was a sorority of really hot bimbos. We are school girls. What can we possible do to persuade them to part with their cocks? We don't have much to offer them." Said another.

"Actually, the bigger the guy, the more eager they are to do kinky stuff like this. We don't have to offer them anything, we just have to make it unique and interesting. We'll make posters, and if it's amusing and novel, we'll get volunteers with huge packages." Traci responded.

"Who are we collecting for this year anyway?" Asked the brunette. "Maybe we should find a way to involve them."

"The kitten sanctuary down the road. They're having difficulty feeding all of the kittens." Said Traci.

"Cats like to eat penis!" Chimed in one the quiet girls. "I heard about this trend where a guy will feed the girl's cat with his penis. They just eat the thing right off the guy's body! I reckon a lot of people would pay to watch something like that. We could also take pictures and make a calendar."

"Great!" Smiled Traci. "I'll get in touch with the sanctuary, you girls make the poster.

"Do you have a big cock?" Read the poster. "Do you want to have it eaten by kittens for a good cause? We have the event for you!"

Traci sat nervously in the director's office waiting for her to come back in. She suddenly realised how weird what she was proposing would sound. Fortunately, as soon as she started speaking, the director knew exactly what she was talking about.

"Yes, we can do that." Said the director. "In fact we get guys come here for that exact thing quite often. We have a special open box with an elasticated double curtain on one side. The two sides overlap and are fastened in place at the top and the bottom. The guy puts his bits through the hole and they cover his belly and legs. The kitten is therefore not spooked by the rest of him."

The days passed, and the day of the event came about. The guys came forward and were eager to volunteer. Traci also managed to talk her boyfriend into taking part. He was very well endowed.

"This is so hot!" Her boyfriend said. "Are you sure you won't miss my fuck stick?"

"Don't worry about it honey bun. It'll be fine. I'm so glad you're doing this for me. I think this is going to be the hottest thing ever!" Traci said trying to contain her excitement.

The guys started to disrobe and oil up their engorged cocks. The director brought in the first kitten. The audience sighed at the site of cute little thing.

"Please don't make loud noises, they scare easily." Said the director as she placed the first kitten in the box. She beckoned to the first guy. He gently pushed his throbbing cock through the curtains and held his breath waiting for the bite.

The kitten sniffed and then started to nibble. The guy's face relaxed as it wasn't nearly as painful as he had imagined. He peered over the divider to watch the kitten eat. Several of the audience members were visibly aroused. Some of the girls had their hands up their skirts while others were trying to hide the fact that they were stroking their twitching pussies. Kitten after kitten, and guy after guy met up at the curtain.

Traci pushed her boyfriend to the curtain.

"I want to make yours extra kinky. I want to handcuff your hands behind your back and blindfold you." Said Traci as she proceeded to do so.

She pushed his enormous cock through the opening and held it at the base. However, the kitten was disinterested. The kitten sniffed but didn't nibble. Traci looked at the director who made an awkward expression.

"This sometimes happens." Said the director. "Unfortunately, all the other kittens are fed. There is a trick we found, but it's rather painful. We found that some kittens prefer the taste of cooked meat. If the boy is OK with it, we can use a blow torch to cook the tip." She brought out a small yellow blow torch.

Traci looked at it and at her boyfriend's cock.

"Do it." He whispered.

Traci lit the blow torch and held it under his shiny cock head. He breathed in sharply, and she moved the flame around to even out the effect. A sweet smell filled the room and many of the girls in the room had powerful orgasms watching this massive cock get cooked.

"Good enough to eat!" Said Traci. "I wish it was for me!"

This time, rather than push his cock through the curtain, she held the kitten in her hand and held it close. Her boyfriends cock stood proudly and erect as the kitten nibbled away. Traci felt her juices run down her thigh. She was so turned on by what was happening.

The kitten was unable to finish his cock and simply fell asleep in Traci's hands.

"Never mind honey, there's always next year!" She said to him as she put the cat down.

-The End-


I wonder if it counts as zoophilia if you feed your penis to the cat LOL

And now Traci has a boyfriend with half-eaten cooked dick ;)


We are legally allowed to feed our skin to so called "doctor fish" in foot spas. Why would this be any different?


I do not mean that I just say if fetish of your dick being eaten by cat can be considered zoophilia as if you find that idea arousing.
Of course that's only for a comedy purpose.


hmm… considering posting my stories to gurochan.

won't be difficult either as they're already up on hentai foundary n tumblr

question is, how much do i want to become known to be on this site as well

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